BH 1.200.03

BH 1.200.03
Data sheet
Sheet No.: BH 1.200.03 RevA
Date: October 2010
Actuator storage
For applications where a hydraulic actuator is not put into immediate service
it is recommended the actuator be cycled (i.e. two complete strokes – one
clockwise, one counterclockwise) a minimum of 5 times with regulated clean/dry
pneumatic pressure once a month. Care should be taken to plug all open ports
on the actuator and all controls to keep out foreign contaminates. Some plugged
pressure ports need to be unplugged during each months cycling procedure to
enable un-pressured areas to vent to atmosphere. After each cycling procedure is
complete care should be taken to replace any removed plugs to keep out foreign
contaminates during storage.
Indoor storage, if available, is recommended. Actuators should not be stored in an
atmosphere harmful to resilient seals.
After long term storage the actuator may require the installation of a service kit
before being placed into service.
Note: Not Certified dimensional drawings. Such drawings are available on request. Contact factory with correct model designation and serial number.
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