SHO-ME Installation Manual ELECTRONIC SIREN Model 30.3104

SHO-ME Installation Manual ELECTRONIC SIREN Model  30.3104
Installation Manual
Model 30.3104
+12 Volt Positive
Manufactured in the U.S.A
2 Conductor Wire
100 Watt
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MODEL 30.3104
The 30.3104 siren consists of an amplifier which powers
one 100 watt RMS speaker.
The 30.3104 siren system contains 2 On/Off push button
switches and 2 momentary push button switches. This siren is
capable of producing four sounds commonly known as WAIL,
YELP, PHASER, and AIR HORN. Any of these four sounds may
be selected by pressing the appropriate button.
Select a location suitable for installation of the amplifier.
This area must be free from moisture, heat, and abuse. Take
special care to be certain the siren is not mounted in the deployment area of the air bag! Using the mounting bracket as a template, mark the location of the mounting holes. Drill holes at these
locations to assist in starting the mounting screws provided. Mount
the bracket, then mount the siren to the bracket using the screws
and washers supplied. All installations are the sole responsibility
of the buyer.
Use only one 100 watt speaker with an 11 ohm impedance. Route the 16-2 speaker wire from the siren, to the front of
the car to the speaker. Be careful to protect the wire from abrasion and cuts as it passes through the firewall and other potential
problem areas. Cut off any excess wire, and connect to the
speaker terminals.
Connect the black wire from the siren, to a convenient and
solid ground (-). Connect the red wire to a positive (+) voltage
source capable of supplying 20 amps. To protect the wiring going
to the siren, install an in-line fuse or circuit breaker on the end of
the wire as close to the positive source as possible. The current
draw of the siren during operation is approximately 8 amps, when
supplied by 13.8 volts. The current draw of the siren when power
is applied, but no functions are selected is approximately .03
By depressing the push button switch marked “WAIL”, that
sound will be produced and the “WAIL” indicator light will come on.
Likewise, depressing the push button marked “YELP”, that sound
will be produced and the “YELP” indicator will come on. Any time
the “PHASER” or “HORN” button is depressed, that sound will be
made, and the proper indicator light will come on. These sounds
will over-ride either the “WAIL” or “YELP” functions.
Merchandise returned under warranty shall be subject to
factory inspection and repaired, replaced, or credited at Able 2
Products Company, Inc.’s option. Water, condensation, or
negligence will VOID warranty. This unit’s warranty period is for
2 years parts and labor.
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