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Intelligent Platforms
PACSystems RX3i Controller
The PACSystems* RX3i controller
is an incredibly powerful Programmable Automation Controller (PAC)
in the innovative PACSystems family.
The RX3i features a single control
engine and a universal programming
environment to provide application
portability across multiple hardware
platforms and deliver a true convergence of control.
With integrated critical control platforms, logic, motion, HMI, process
control and high availability based on
our Reflective Memory technology,
the RX3i provides the performance
and flexibility to give you an advantage. No matter the challenges your
applications bring, PACSystems RX3i
lets you take control.
PACSystems RX3i Benefits:
The innovative technology of the PACSystems
RX3i enables users to:
• Address major engineering and business
issues, such as higher productivity and
tighter cost control
• Boost the overall performance of their
automation systems
• Reduce engineering and commissioning costs
• Easily integrate new technology into
installed base systems
• Significantly decrease concerns regarding
short- and long-term migration and platform longevity
PACSystems RX3i Features:
• High-speed processor and patented
technology for faster throughput without
information bottlenecks
• Dual backplane bus support per module slot:
- High-speed, PCI-based for fast through
put of new advanced I/O
- Serial backplane for easy migration of
existing Series 90-30 I/O
• Multiple CPU offerings meeting various
performance criteria up to and including an Intel® 1 GHz CPU for advanced
programming and performance with 64
Mbytes memory
• Memory for ladder logic documentation and
machine documentation (Word, Excel, PDF,
CAD and other files) in the controller to reduce
downtime and improve troubleshooting
• Open communications support including
Ethernet, GENIUS*, Profibus™, HART,
DeviceNet™ and serial
• Supports high density discrete I/O, universal analog (TC, RTD, Strain Gauge, Voltage
and Current configurable per channel),
isolated analog, high-density analog,
high-speed counter, and motion modules
• Expanded I/O offering with extended features
for faster processing, advanced diagnostics
and a variety of ­configurable interrupts
• Hot insertion for both new and
migrated modules
High Performance Control on
One Platform:
The PACSystems RX3i provides logic, motion,
HMI, and process control with open communications protocols.
• PACMotion modules can control up to 40
high speed axes in one rack
• PACSystems High Availability solution offers
true dual redundancy data synchronization
and bumpless transfer
• The Control Memory Xchange offers amazing data transfer at a rate of 2.12 Gbaud
Universal Development Environment:
The common software platform across all GE
controllers, award-winning Proficy* Machine
Edition* software provides the universal
engineering development environment for
programming, configuration and diagnostics
for the entire PACSystems family.
• Programming tools such as tag-based
programming, a library of reusable code
and a test edit mode for improved online
• User-friendly environment that can increase
design flexibility and improve engineering
efficiency and productivity
PACSystems RX3i
Networks and Distributed I/O Systems
The CMU310 is a High Availability redundant CPU that is configured
using the MaxON software. The CMU310 has the same functionality
as the CPU310. Synchronization of the CMU310s is via an Ethernet link.
The RX3i features a variety of communications options for distributed
control and/or I/O. Choose from Ethernet EGD, Profibus-DP, Genius and
DeviceNet. These communication modules are easy to install and quick
to configure.
The RX3i Universal baseplates support hot swap capability to reduce
downtime. Expansion bases are available in 5 and 10 slot versions to
maximize flexibility.
Universal Bases Power Supplies
The RX3i power supply modules simply snap in just like I/O, and they
work with any model CPU. Each version provides auto-ranging so
there is no need to set jumpers for different incoming power levels,
and they are current limiting so a direct short will shut the power
supply down to avoid damage to the hardware.
Discrete I/O Modules
Input modules provide the interface between the PLC and external
input devices such as proximity sensors, push buttons, switches, and
BCD thumbwheels. Output modules provide the interface between
the PLC and external output devices such as contactors, interposing
relays, BCD displays and indicator lamps.
Analog I/O Modules
GE offers easy-to-use analog modules and HART analog modules for
control processes such as flow, temperature and pressure.
Specialty Modules:
The RX3i features a wide range of Specialty Modules to address
specific application requirements. These modules include:
• Millivolt and Strain Gage I/O
• Thermocouple I/O
• Resistive I/O
• Temperature Control
• Power Transducer
RX3i Pneumatic Module
This output module provides 11 pneumatic outputs and five 24 VDC
sourcing outputs. For each pneumatic output, the module contains
an internal 3-way solenoid-actuated valve and an associated output
fitting. Solenoid power is supplied from an external 24 VDC source to
the“DC Outputs” connector on the front panel.
Expansion Modules for Local and Remote I/O
The RX3i supports various expansion options for local and remote
I/O to optimize configurations. The RX3i can be expanded up to 8
expansion bases using local remote expansion module. The RX3i also
supports Ethernet remote I/O using the RX3i Ethernet Network Interface module (IC695NKT001) Series 90-30 Ethernet Network Interface
module (IC693NIU004) for more distributed I/O.
Motion Control
The PACMotion controller is a versatile 4-axis servo motion controller that provides the scalability and flexibility to cover a full range
of motion applications from small material handling applications to
complex multi-axis machines and electronic line shaft applications.
PACMotion provides real-time synchronization of all axes in an RX3i
rack. A separate RX3i fast logic scan enables fast deterministic event
response and synchronization, and the demand driven data exchange
model between the RX3i CPU and PACMotion module many significantly reduce scan time impact. The 4-axis servo motion controller is
built on a high performance hardware platform, with a new enhanced
motion engine, operating system, and open standard integrated
programming paradigm.
PACSystems RX3i
Servo Control
High Speed Counters
Our advanced line of Digital Servo Motion (DSM) control integrated into
the RX3i fosters high performance point-to-point applications. Motion
Control modules can be flexibly applied to a variety of digital, analog,
and stepper motion applications and support centralized, distributed
or hybrid control system architectures. They are easy to program and
configure and include extensive built-in diagnostics.
The High Speed Counters can be configured for a wide range of
counter types (Types A, B, C, D, E, Z, and user-defined types of
counters), generate Controller interrupts and Camming/PLS
(Programmable Limit Switch).
Ordering Information
Part Number Description CPUs
IC695CPU320† 1 GHz CPU, 64 Mbytes of memory, two serial ports
IC695CPU310† 300 MHz CPU, 10 Mbytes of memory, two serial ports
(requires 2 slots)
C695CHS012 Universal Backplane, 12 Universal Slots
C695CHS012 Universal Backplane, 12 Universal Slots
Expansion Bases
IC693CHS393 Base, Remote Expansion, 10 Slots (700 ft.)
IC694CHS392 Base, Expansion, 10 Slots
Universal Base
IC695PSA140 Multipurpose Power Supply, 120/240 VAC, 125 VDC 40 Watts
Power Supplies
IC695PSA040† Power Supply, 120/240 VAC, 125 VDC, 40 Watts (requires 2 slots)
Remote Base IC693PWR332 Power Supply, 12 VDC, Standard, 30 Watts (Use with Expansion Base)
Power Supplies
Expansion IC694PWR321 Power Supply, 120/240 VAC, 125 VDC, Standard, 30 Watts Power Supplies
(Use with Expansion Base)
IC694PWR330 Power Supply, 120/240 VAC, 125 VDC, High Capacity, 30 Watts (Use with ­Expansion Base) IC694PWR331 Power Supply, 24 VDC, High Capacity, 30 Watts (Use with Expansion Base)
Discrete Input Modules
IC694MDL230 120 VAC Isolated Input (8 Points)
IC694MDL231 240 VAC Isolated Input (8 Points)
IC694MDL240 120 VAC Input (16 Points)
IC694MDL241 24 VAC/VDC Input (16 Points) IC694MDL250 120 VAC Isolated Input (16 Points) IC694MDL260 120 VAC Input (32 Points)**
IC694MDL632 125 VDC Input (8 Points)
Discrete Output
IC694MDL310 120 VAC Output, 0.5 Amp (12 Points) Modules
IC694MDL330 120/240 VAC Output, 1 Amp (8 Points)
IC694MDL340 120 VAC Output, 0.5 Amp (16 Points) IC694MDL350 120/240 VAC Output, 2 Amp (16 Points)
IC694MDL390 120/240 VAC Isolated Output, 2 Amp (5 Points)
IC694MDL732 12/24 VDC Output, 0.5 Amp, Positive Logic (8 Points)
IC694MDL734 125 VDC Output (6 Points)
Relay Output Modules
IC694MDL930 Relay Output, Isolated, 4 Amp (8 Points)
IC694MDL931 Relay Output, 8 Amp Form B/C contacts, Isolated in 2 Groups of 4 (8 Points)
Analog Input Modules
IC694ALG220 Analog Input, Voltage/Current, (4 Channels)
IC694ALG221 Analog Input, Current, (4 Channels) IC694ALG222 Analog Input, Voltage (16 Single ended /8 Differential Channels) IC694ALG223 Analog Input, Current, (16 Single Channels) IC695ALG600†** Analog Input, Universal, Voltage/Current/RTD/TC/Strain Gauge, (8 Channels)
IC695ALG608†** Analog Input, Voltage/Current, Configurable, (8 Channels)
IC695ALG616†** Analog Input, Voltage/Current, Configurable, (16 Channels)
Analog Output Modules IC694ALG390 Analog Output, 2 Channels, Voltage IC694ALG391 Analog Output, Current (2 Channels) IC694ALG392 Analog Output, Voltage or Current (8 Channels) IC695ALG808†** Isolated Analog Output module, voltage/current, (8 Channels)
Mixed Analog Modules
IC694ALG442 Analog Combo Module (4IN/2OUT)
Temperature Control IC693TCM302 (8) T/C, (1) RTD and (8) 24 VDC Output Serial Communications
IIC695CMM002**Two Isolated Serial Ports. Supports Modbus Master/Slave, Serial Read/Write, DNP 3.0 Master/Slave and Custom protocols.
Motion Control
IC695PMM335** PACMotion Controller, 4 Axes Digital Servo (Fiber Optic Interface to Amplifiers)
IC693APU305 I/O Processor Module
IC694APU300 High Speed Counter (HSC)
IC695HSC301†**High Speed Counter 1.5 KHz (4 counters)
Part Number IC695CRU320†
Redundant High Availability bumpless 1 GHz CPU,
64 Mbytes of memory, two serial ports
Redundant Hot Standby 300 MHz CPU, 10 Mbytes of memory,
two serial ports
Universal Backplane, 16 Universal Slots
Universal Backplane, 16 Universal Slots
Base, Expansion, 5 Slots
Base, Remote Expansion, 5 Slots (700 ft.)
Multipurpose Power Supply, 24 VDC, 40 Watts
Power Supply, 24 VDC, 40 Watts (requires 1 slot)
Power Supply, 48 VDC, Standard, 30 Watts (Use with Expansion Base)
Redundant Power Supply Base with 0.5 meter cable to connect to
Power Supply Adapter Module (Use with Expansion Base)
Redundant Power Supply Adapter (RPSA) Module; replaces
power supply on expansion base and connects to a
Redundant Power Supply Base. (Use with Expansion Base)
24 VDC Input, Neg/Pos Logic (8 Points)
24 VDC Input, Neg/Pos Logic (16 Points)
24 VDC Input, Neg/Pos Logic, 1 msec Filter (16 Points)
5/12 VDC (TTL) Input, Neg/Pos Logic, (32 Points)
24 VDC Input, Neg/Pos Logic, 1 ms, (32 Points)
24 VDC Input (32 Points)**
Input Simulator Module (8 Points)
12/24 VDC Output, 0.5 Amp, Positive Logic (16 Points)
12/24 VDC Output, 0.5 Amp, Negative Logic (16 Points)
12/24 VDC Output, 1 Amp, Positive Logic (16 Points), Fused
5/12/24 VDC (TTL) Output, Negative Logic, (32 Points)
12/24 VDC Output, Positive Logic (32 Points)
12/24 VDC Output w/ ESCP, 0.75 Amp (32 Points)**
IC694MDL940 Relay Output, 2 Amp (16 Points)
IC694MDL916 Relay Output, 4 Amp (16 Points)
IC695ALG628†** Analog Input with HART Communications, Voltage/Current,
Configurable, (8 Channels)
IC695ALG626†** Analog Input with HART Communications, Voltage/Current,
Configurable, (16 Channels)
IC695ALG106†** Isolated Analog input module, configurable for voltage and current
(6 Channels).
IC695ALG112†** Isolated Analog input module, configurable for voltage and current
(12 Channels).
IC695ALG508†** Isolated RTD and resistance input channels. Supports 2, 3, 4 wire RTD
or Resistance, (8 Channels) .
IC695ALG306†** Isolated Thermocouple Input, Supports type J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N, or C
and Voltage: ±150 mV or ±50 mV. (6 Channels)
IC695ALG312†** Isolated Thermocouple Input, Supports type J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N, or C and Voltage: ±150mV or ±50mV. (12 Channels)
IC695ALG704†** Analog Output, Voltage/Current, (4 Channels)
IC695ALG708†** Analog Output, Voltage/Current, (4 Channels)
IC695ALG728†** Analog Output with HART Communications, Voltage/Current,
(8 Channels)
IC693TCM303 Extended Range, (8) T/C, (1) RTD and (8) 24 VDC Output Modules
IC695CMM004** Four Isolated Serial Ports. Supports Modbus Master/Slave, Serial Read
Write, DNP 3.0 Master/Slave and Custom protocols.
IC694DSM314 Digital Servo Motion Controller, 1-2 Axis of Digital Servo or 1-4 Axis Analog Servo
IC694DSM324 Digital Servo Motion Controller, 4 Axis (Fiber Optic Interface to Amplifiers)
IC695HSC308†** High Speed Counter, 1.5 KHz (8 counters)
PACSystems RX3i
Power Transducer
Pneumatic Module
Networks and Distributed I/O Systems
Expansion Modules
Terminal Blocks
Programming and Troubleshooting Tools
120/240 VAC, 1 Point, 0.5 meter Interface cable
IC693MDL760 RX3i Solenoid Module
IC694BEM331 Genius Bus Controller (Supports I/O and Datagrams)
IC694DNM200† DeviceNet Master Module
IC695PBM300† Profibus Master Module
IC695PBS301† Profibus Slave Module
IC695LRE001† Local Expansion Module (requires no universal slots)
IC695NKT001 Ethernet Remote I/O Expansion Kit
IC694TBB032 High Density Terminal Block Box Style (36 Terminals)
IC695FTB1B032 PACMotion Fiber I/O terminal block with screw terminal headers
IC695FTB1S032 Part Number Description Part Number IC693ACC302 High Capacity Battery Pack (mounts externally)
IC693CBL300 Rack to Rack Expansion Cable, 1 Meter
IC693CBL301 Rack to Rack Expansion Cable, 2 Meters
IC693CBL302 Rack to Rack Expansion Cable, 15 Meters
IC694TBB132 High Density 32 Point Terminal Block Box Style with Extended Shroud IC694TBS132
for Large Wiring Bundles
IC695ACC600 RX3i Cold Junction Compensation Kits for Universal Analog Input Module
IC690ACC901 Mini-Converter Kit with cable
IC693ACC307 I/O Bus Terminator Plug
Fiber optic cable for CMX and RMX where 0xx distinguishes different lengths
120/240 VAC, 1 Point, 1.0 meter Interface cable
Ethernet Module, 10/100 base T/TX ports (requires 1 slot)
Control Memory Xchange Module 128Megbytes of user shared memory
RX3i Redundant Memory Xchange syncronization module for RX3i
High Availability redundant controllers.
Ethernet Remote I/O Interface for IC694CHSxxx Expansion Racks
High Density Terminal Block Spring Style (36 Terminals)
PACMotion Fiber I/O terminal block with spring clip terminal headers
Rack to Rack Expansion Cable, 0.15 Meters, Shielded
Rack to Rack Expansion Cable, 8 Meters
Rack to Rack Expansion Cable, 15 Meters, Shielded
Blank Filler Module
High Density 32 Point Terminal Block Spring Style with Extended Shroud
for Large Wiring Bundles
Lithium Battery pack that installs in CPU
RS-485 Port Isolator
Terminal Blocks, 20 terminals
Logic Developer - PLC Professional
Availability varies per module, please check with your GE representative for release dates and availability.
Compatible with IC695CHS 012/016 base only.
**Requires either Box Style (IC694TBB032 or IC694TBB132) or Spring Clamp (IC694TBS032 or IC694TBS132­­) high
density terminal block.
GE offers a wide range of training options that equip you and your
staff with the product knowledge you need to maintain, configure and
troubleshoot your systems—decreasing downtime and increasing
throughput. Our world-class technical training increases productivity
and ensures proper product utilization.
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