ISSUE 2 | 2013
The quarterly trade magazine from Mira Showers
for expert plumbers and shower installers.
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The Best of British Design
Mira design and innovation
New Mira Beam
Designed to shine new light on shower enclosures
New Mira Flight
A stylish new look for our best selling shower tray
Judge Blasts Bristan Group
For copying Kohler Mira design
ISSUE 2 | 2013
The best of
British design
Mira design and innovation.
Mira Beam
Designed to shine new light
on shower enclosures.
Mira Flight
A stylish new-look for our
best selling shower tray.
Win a Mira 360m
Send us your best work to
win a £60 showerhead.
Left or Right inlets
Either way we’ve got it covered.
Judge blasts Bristan
Group for “Copying”
Kohler Mira Design
A Patents County Court judge has found that Bristan
Group copied the design of Kohler Mira’s Azora electric
shower with its Glee, Joy and Smile products.
This was Bristan’s first attempt at creating an electric
shower design. On the evidence before him, His Honour
Judge Birss QC found the Mira Azora to be “a very
significant departure in the field of electric showers when
it was launched in 2006”, making “a significant impact
in the UK market” and achieving “substantial sales”.
Subsequently, it was Kohler Mira’s belief that when the
Bristan Glee, Joy and Smile were launched, the products
infringed its intellectual property (IP) rights, and it
raised its concerns with Bristan in 2011. Damningly,
the judge found that all the similarities which exist
between Bristan’s Glee, Joy and Smile products and
the Mira Azora product arose “because of copying”.
As a consequence of the finding, Bristan is required to
pay damages or account to Kohler Mira for its profits in
connection with past sales of all three of its infringing
products and will pay licence fees going forward.
2010 when it reached an out-of-court settlement
with Triton Showers resulting in the removal of the
Inscriptions shower range from the market.
Kohler Mira’s Marketing Director Craig Baker said:
“Kohler Mira invests significantly in research and
development in the UK; and it’s unacceptable that our
competitors try to acquire the same brand traction as
ourselves on the cheap. One of our guiding principles
is to live on the leading edge of design and innovation,
and it is vital that this is backed with a strong
commitment to enforce our intellectual property. As
industry leader in innovation, we cannot and will not
allow our investment to be misappropriated.”
“Consequently, it should not be underestimated as to how
aggressively we will seek to enforce our intellectual property
rights in the markets in which we operate,” Baker concluded.
The Best of
British Design
Great design is at the heart of everything we do. Getting our products
to look good and perform brilliantly takes a lot of hard work. Fortunately,
we’ve got our very own award-winning Industrial Design and Product
Development teams based right here in Cheltenham.
It’s their job to ensure that we deliver a product that not only
out-performs the competition but also looks great, feels great
and is easy to use. Industrial Design combines the worlds of
art and science in order to improve the look, feel and usability
of a product. The first step they take when designing any
product is to find out exactly what our customers want. They
do hours and hours of research with installers and consumers
to find out what would make each new product perfect.
Our Product Development team is there to make sure that
our products deliver the best possible performance. We have
a team of the UK’s best engineers working hard to bring
you new and innovative technologies that will make your
life easier and delight your customers. They use advanced
techniques like Computational Fluid dynamics – also used
in racing cars – to ensure the flow and blend of water in
our showers is the best it can be. Together, our experts
work tirelessly to develop products that will deliver all the
things our customers want – down to the very last detail.
in our showers (way back in 1936) and the first to launch
a thermostatic electric shower to the UK market.
We’re passionate about innovation. And, it’s this
dedication to developing, trademarking and patenting
exclusive technologies that means we can keep
on bringing you products that you will love!
Our focus on design and innovation isn’t something new
though. We’ve got a long and proud history of developing
shower products stretching back over 90 years. In fact,
since we were established in 1921, we’ve clocked up a
long list of design and innovation ‘firsts.’ For example we
were the first manufacturer to use thermostatic technology
This is the second time Kohler Mira has had to assert
its IP relating to Azora; the last occasion being in
Get in
touch and
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Win a Mira Agile
To celebrate the best of British design, we’re giving away a
fantastic new Mira Agile EV mixer shower worth £270 RRP.
We love to hear
from installers.
These stylish new mixers are the perfect choice for new bathroom installations and come complete with pipe and
tiling templates, 50mm pipe centres for ease of cutting and patented in-valve push-fit connections.
So, whether you’ve got something to say about one
of our products, a funny story to tell about your day
at work, or any hints and tips you’d like to share
about showers, then just drop us an email at
To be in with a chance of winning, simply answer these three questions
(hint: the answers can be found throughout this issue of Hot News!).
1.What pipe centres does Mira Agile fit on?
[email protected]
2.What is the height of the new Mira Beam shower enclosures?
The best email will win £100 worth of Argos vouchers.
And we’ll give £25 worth of Argos vouchers to any story
that we publish in the next issue. So get in touch!
3.How many years are Mira Flight and Flight Low trays guaranteed for?
Mira Azora with Frosted Glass fascia
2 | Mira Showers Hot News Issue 2 2013
Once you know the answers, email them to [email protected] along with your name, address and telephone number. All
the correct answers will be entered into a prize draw where we’ll pick one luck winner. Entries must be received by 31st May 2013.
Mira Showers Hot News Issue 2 2013 | 3
Each door style features mechanisms to ensure trouble-free operation.
Dual-roller bogies (1) ensure smooth and consistent
performance of sliding doors (including quadrants). Bi-fold
models incorporate a planet gear mechanism (2) that correctly
aligns the door, while the adjustable ball catch (3) used on
the pivot door offers additional installation flexibility.
Mira’s own ‘Slide & Lock’ system means there is no need to drill
the frame, so adjustment is easy and simplifies installation.
‘Slide & Lock’ comprises a ‘square U’ wall channel profile that
incorporates an innovative fixing mechanism that allows for
Mira Beam
1. Dual-roller bogies
2. Planet gear
a huge 29mm of adjustment on out-of-true wall. The shower
panel is offered into the ‘U’ and – when square and level – is
secured with a simple quarter-turn from an Allen key.
This same ‘Slide & Lock’ mechanism enables pivot doors to
be hung accurately and quickly because it is incorporated
into the pivot blocks. If the width of the wall channel needs
to be extended, an 18mm filler kit is also available.
All our shower enclosures are built to last and all the
designs have been rigorously tested. Doors are tested
for 32,000 slam cycles – equivalent to 20 years use by
a family of four showering daily. Similarly, every panel
tested to BSEN14428+A1 (2008) which represents the
impact of being hit by a 20 stone person falling over.
Through developing the Beam range of shower enclosures
we now offer the complete enclosure installation package.
Compatible with Mira’s Flight shower trays – by far the most
popular brand in the UK – the new Beam enclosures raise the
bar in terms of affordable style, choice and ease of installation.
3. Adjustable ball catch
4. Unique design detail
Designed to shine new light on enclosures
The Perfect Partner
Designed to complement the rising demand for wetrooms and
low shower trays, our Mira Beam range of semi-frameless shower
enclosures combines both prestige styling and value for money.
With an increased height of 1.9m from the top of the tray,
the enclosures are beautifully designed to look the business
in a contemporary bathroom setting. And, best of all, they’re
tall enough to overcome the problem of having a top frame
that is too low for your customer when a traditional height
enclosure is ‘dropped’ to the floor or set on a low tray.
The up-market appearance of Mira Beam has been achieved
without compromising ease of installation as each wall profile
is adjustable to up to 29mm, while unhanded doors means
you can quickly and easily reverse them for left and right hand
opening. This means you can deliver a clean, professional
installation in a minimum of time and with minimum disruption.
Each enclosure is supplied with all the hallmarks of
quality: a 10 year guarantee; power shower approval;
and the highly polished silver finish demanded by
90% of consumers wanting this type of product.
Combining contemporary styling with practicality and
easy maintenance, our Beam range of shower enclosures
feature easy-clean coated glass and semi-frameless side
panels and includes models to suit every situation and
taste with no fewer than eight different formats including:
pivot doors, bi-fold doors, sliding doors, side panels,
quadrants, pentagon, wetroom divider panels and walk-in.
Made from durable acrylic resin stone, these trays aren’t just super
tough and light, they’re also one of the lowest trays on the market.
At just 40mm instead of the standard 90mm height, they’re
ideal for creating a minimal ‘wetroom’ look for your customers.
Includes BioCote®
Mira Flight Low
Shower Tray
Pivot Door
Sliding Door
Side Panels
Divider Panels
4 | Mira Showers Hot News Issue 2 2013
Infill Panels
• Strong acrylic capped resin stone for a far tougher product
• Scratch, chip and discolouration resistant
• BioCote® to reduce bacteria and mould growth by up to 99.9%
• New modern optional riser kit featuring strong ‘push-fit’
legs for solid floor applications
• Optional integral upstand variants for watertight performance
• 10 year guarantee
Mira Showers Hot News Issue 2 2013 | 5
Step 1
Step 5
Mira Beam is
simple to install
Here, we show you how simple it is to fit a Mira Beam
800 Bi-fold door with a side panel in a corner. The
shower tray is a Mira Flight Low tray (page 5).
Install the shower tray, making sure it’s level and the walls are vertical and square.
Ensure that the tray is protected, then mark the position of the first wall channel on
the handle side, before fitting it and partially tightening the screws. Apply silicone
sealant along the length of the wall before fully tightening the fixing screws.
Step 2
Step 3
Step 6
Push the side panel and the door frame together
until the corner post extrusion engages and locks
together. Drill four 3mm holes in the corner post and
through into the door frame. Install the plastic washer
and the screw and tighten the screws and fit the
plastic concealing caps to secure the corner post.
Step 7
Centralise the door frame within the U-channels,
making sure that the door frame is square.
Step 8
Drill four 3mm holes in the door frame and
through into the wall channel. Install the plastic
washer and the screw and tighten them before
fitting the plastic concealing caps. Repeat
the process for the other wall channel.
Step 10
Step 4
Apply sealant along the inner surfaces of the frames. Temporarily remove
the sealing strips and apply sealant underneath before re-fitting.
Step 9
Position and fit the second wall channel and
partially tighten the fixing screws. Apply
silicone sealant along the length of the wall
before fully tightening the fixing screws.
Position the side panel over the wall channel
making sure it locates correctly.
Install the door frame over the other wall
channel making sure that it locates correctly.
The doors are reversible so you can fit them
to open left handed or right handed.
Fit the plastic covers on top of the extrusions before applying sealant along the bottom
of the door frame and side panel. Wait 24 hours for the silicone sealant to cure.
Remove the protective cover from the tray and clean.
6 | Mira Showers Hot News Issue 2 2013
Mira Showers Hot News Issue 2 2013 | 7
Mira Flight
Great new look to our best selling tray
We launched Mira Flight to be lighter, tougher and easier
to fit than other shower trays. And since its launch it has
become one of the best selling trays on the market.
Obviously times have changed, and so have people’s design
tastes. So we’ve brought the Mira Flight range bang up to date
with a great new, sleek look, whilst retaining all the great
features you love about the product. The new design features a
smooth surface and branded walk-on waste (Fig 1). The result
is a sleek, stylish look that will look great in any bathroom.
January 2013 saw the launch of the stunning new Mira Agile and Mira Adept – the mixers of the future. And to celebrate, we gave installers the
chance to win 2 fantastic futuristic prizes every month between January 1st and March 31st. The prizes included iPads, iPods and digital cameras.
All you had to do was log on to and register for the free prize draw. Well, we’re pleased to announce the winners:
16GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi – Robert Cuthbert
Canon IXUS 240 Digital Camera – Christopher Bird
The range is available in four shapes including
square, rectangle, pentagon and quadrant.
And you can buy them in multiple sizes.
Visit our website for more information –
Winners of Mira Agile &
Mira Adept Mixers Competition
16GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi – Terry Jarvis
32GB iPod Touch 5 – Geoffrey Hadfield
Fig 1. Mira branded walk-on waste
16GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi – Tim West
Ruark Audio R1 DAB Stereo – Lawrence Cartwright
Congratulations to all the lucky
winners. For more information
about Mira Agile and Mira Adept
and to see a step by step video,
Tough acrylic capped ABS surface with BioCote® to
reduce bacteria and mould growth by up to 99.9%
Mixers FAQ
I’ve fitted a pump to a mixer and it seems to cause excessive
vibration through the supply pipework, is this normal?
If the pump is fitted with flexible hoses then these should not be bent more than 30º
from vertical. Installation of additional flexible hoses will provide further acoustic
de-coupling. Ensure that there is a gap around pipework running under floor boards
or through joists. Ideally the pipe should be sleeved with foam insulation to reduce
transmitted noise. Standing the pump on high density material, e.g. a concrete paving
slab, will dramatically reduce transmitted noise through floor boards and joists.
I’ve fitted a mixer and my customer can only get full hot. The shower won’t go cold.
Recycled ABS underside
This could be one of two things. It may be that the inlets are reversed
or that the inlet strainer is blocked. You can correct reversed inlets on
some mixers by simply taking out the cartridge and rotating it before
re‑fitting. If it’s the inlet strainer, just give it a clean or replace.
The mixer I’ve installed on a combi is making a right
racket when it’s used. How can I stop it?
Resin stone filling provides strength
and rigidity but is still incredibly light
8 | Mira Showers Hot News Issue 2 2013
The Flight range still offers the same great
features you know and love, including:
• Strong acrylic capped resin stone for a far tougher product
• Scratch, chip and discolouration resistant
• BioCote® to reduce bacteria and mould growth by up to 99.9%
• New modern optional riser kit featuring strong ‘push-fit’ legs for solid floor applications
• Optional integral upstand variants for watertight performance
• 10 year guarantee
It sounds like you’ve got inlet supply pressures that are either too high or unbalanced.
The maximum maintained pressure for a shower should not be more than 5 bar.
If it is, then fit a drop-tight pressure reducing valve. If the supply pressures
are unbalanced you can fit a PRV just after the incoming mains stopcock.
My customer wants to know if they can insure their Mira shower
against failure or breakdown. Can they do this?
Yes, all our products are supplied with Insurance information but if you or
your customer require further assistance please contact us either via our
website or call us on 0844 571 5000 (UK & NI) for information.
Mira Showers Hot News Issue 2 2013 | 9
Tweet & Win
A 360m Showerhead worth £60
Tweet your best work and win a Mira 360m
Showerhead with Flipstream™ technology.
Don’t forget you can keep up to date with our latest product news, views and offers by following us on Twitter.
We launched our Twitter page back in August last year and since then we’ve had hundreds of
installers post comments and share their work with us. And now, each month, we’re giving
one lucky installer the chance to win a prize. And what better way to celebrate April – the
month of showers – than by giving away a Mira 360m showerhead worth £60!
What’s New?
Get Product information on the go
We’re pleased to announce the launch
of a brand new mobile site.
Now, you can get information about Mira products and services
wherever you are (provided you pay your phone bill of course!)
To be in with a chance of winning, just tweet about your latest Mira job with a picture of the finished shower to
@mirashowers and with the hash-tag #Mirainstaller. We’ll pick one lucky winner each month and prizes will vary
from month to month. So keep your eyes on @mirashowers to see if you’re a winner and to keep track of prizes!
Digital training module now online
Here are some examples of what people are
saying about us at the moment. Thanks to
Jaybe Contractors and CPS for their support.
Why not test your knowledge about digital
showers by trying our latest training module?
It’s even got a short assessment so you can see how you did! To have a go,
visit and click on the “training” section.
Coming soon – New product guide for 2013
If you’ve registered with us as an installer, you’ll soon
be receiving the latest copy of our product guide.
It’s packed full of technical information including pipe centres, water and
cable entry points, flow rates, dimensions and product features.
If you’re not registered with us, or want extra copies, then you
can order by calling 0844 571 0005 (UK&NI).
Use your phone and scan this
code to find us on Twitter
Find out more about our
wireless digital showers.
We’ve got a brand new booklet that will tell you everything you need
to know. To order your copy call us on 0844 571 0005 (UK&NI).
10 | Mira Showers Hot News Issue 2 2013
Mira Showers Hot News Issue 2 2013 | 11
Left or right Entry points
either way we’ve got it covered
and for a great price!
If you need an electric shower that’s flexible to install but at a great, low price then we’ve got the perfect
solution. That’s because until the end of June 2013 we’re offering you the chance to pick up a Mira Zest with
left hand inlets, or a Mira Jump with right hand inlets, for an amazing price at selected merchants!
This great offer means you can cater for either left hand or right hand entry points, maximise
your profit, and give your customer proven Mira quality and performance.
But this offer won’t last forever, so get your
hands on a Mira Zest or Mira Jump today!*
Mira Zest
Mira Jump
8.5 kW Electric Shower
8.5kW Electric Shower
Combines quality, reliability and performance with
great value for money, all from a brand you can trust.
Offers performance at a fantastic price, and its
easy to fit features make it a hit with installers.
*Offer not available in ROI.
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