Perform Data Sheet

Perform Data Sheet
Mounting data sheet
PERFORM in general
PERFORM is an environmentally friendly patented material, which can replace lead in any kind of roof
covering applications. The material has got the following properties:
PERFORM is a composite consisting of stretchable aluminium moulded into a special type of
polymer rubber - both are environmentally sound materials
The material is completely stable in shape and self-supporting
Compared with lead, PERFORM is significantly lighter - weighs less than 30%!
PERFORM has a large expansion capacity - up to 60% horizontally
By using PERFORM Adhesive, PERFORM can be assembled with all kinds of metals
PERFORM is available in both black and grey (lead-grey)
PERFORM is delivered in standard dimensions 31x400 cm and 125x400 cm
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Mounting PERFORM
PERFORM acts just like lead and as it also should be treated like lead, the changeover from lead to
PERFORM is very smooth and without obstacles. The following guidelines must be followed:
When the material is shaped during mounting a PERFORM hammer or a regular rubber or plastic
hammer must be used to avoid damage of the material.
When PERFORM is mounted on walls, nails or rivets should be used.
The edge of the material can in advantage be folded to increase strength and in consideration
of the appearance of the finished roof covering. By folding the edge it becomes considerably
stronger and the roof covering is thereby even more stable in form.
Assembling PERFORM
PERFORM is assembled by using PERFORM Adhesive. The joints can in advantage be retained with
PERFORM glue. Afterwards the material is formed with a PERFORM hammer or a rubber hammer.
Finally PERFORM Adhesive is used to seal all joints.
Working with PERFORM Adhesive must be carried out very carefully, because it makes the joints
obtain the demanding strength and it becomes waterproof. Please notice that PERFORM Adhesive
hardens most effectively at a temperature over 5 degrees C.
Mounting data sheet - 2
Construction of an assembly
Assemblies should be constructed correctly in order to obtain the highest possible strength and
durability. Joints made by PERFORM Adhesive should not be assembled edge-to-edge. The glued
surfaces must always overlap each other by at least 3 cm.
Assembly with other materials
Assembly with other materials also takes place using PERFORM Adhesive, which is useable on all metals,
glass and porous materials such as concrete or brick. When gluing on porous materials PERFORM Primer
21 should be applied first. The gluing process can even be done on various pre- or industrial painted
surfaces, specified types of plastic etc. Prior to assembly it is important that the surfaces are thoroughly
cleaned. Furthermore, the surfaces should be dry and free from grease, oil and other release agents and
loose particles. Also, the surfaces should ideally be depolished, which is easily done using a rough
Oriantation of PERFORM
In order to exploit the properties of PERFORMs optimally; the material has to be oriented correctly.
The figure below illustrates the correct orientation on the roof. Theis figure shows the back of the
material where the aluminium is apparent.
Up towards top of roof
Down towards gutter
When PERFORM is stored stacked or rolled it is important to use the enclosed protection foil to avoid
unwa ted conglutination.
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