DYNACORD PowerSub 312 datasheet

DYNACORD PowerSub 312 datasheet
Engineering Data Sheet
PowerSub 312
▪ 12-inch Neodymium Long Excursion Woofer
▪ Integrated 3-channel power amplifier
▪ 1300 W Output Power
▪ Conical Vent Design
The PowerSub 312 active 12-inch subwoofer with an
integrated 3-channel power amplifier provides a total
of 1300 W output power. It has been specially
designed for the quick and easy setup of a subwoofer
satellite system. Two passive loudspeaker systems like
for example Dynacord TS 100 are required as
satellites, which are simply connected at the
designated speakON outputs of the PowerSub 312.
Manufactured from multi-ply wood the PowerSub 312
withstands even the hardest strain during transport
and operation.
The integrated lightweight digital power amp with
800 W + 2 x 250 W output power optimally matches
the integrated Dynacord DND 12S400 woofer offering
highest dynamic and audio performance and at the
same time ensures that the woofer is always operated
in its optimum operating range. Extensive protection
circuitry like Voice Coil Protection, DC/HF-Protection,
Audio Limiter, Back-EMF Protection and Thermal
Protection are employed to securely monitor the
compliance to these operating limits, which
guarantees that the PowerSub 312 provides
outstanding performance even under most demanding
and most unfavorable conditions. Compared to usual
Class AB-operated amps the utilized Class D digital
technology produces significantly less power loss,
reducing thermal stress of all components. The
enclosure is sealed with a scratch-resistant,
hardwearing 2K-lacquer finish. A robust powdercoated steel grille protects the woofer against
mechanical damage. All controls are recessed to
provide optimum protection for the sensitive parts of
the PowerSub 312 even during transportation. Two
stable carrying handles and an integrated threaded
pole-mount flange allow comfortable transportation
and optimum, space saving installation.
Parts included
PowerSub 312
Power cord
User manual
Safety instructions including warranty certificate
Technical specifications
Powered Subwoofer
Amplifier SUB
800 W at 4 Ω
Amplifier MID-HIGH
2 x 250 W at 4 Ω
2 | PowerSub 312
Connector MID-HIGH
2 x NEUTRIK speakON
SPL 1 W/1 m
92 dB
Max. SPL at 1 m
121 dB
Crossover frequency
140 Hz
Components SUB
DND 12S400
Power requirement
220–240 V, 50–60 Hz
In-rush current
< 45 A
In-rush current, after five-second
power cycle
560 mA
Electromagnetical environment
E1, E2, E3
Product dimensions (Width x
Height x Depth)
445 x 380 x 445 mm
Operating temperature
0 °C to +40 °C
Shipping weight
27 kg
Net weight
23 kg
NEUTRIK, speakON and etherCON are registered trademarks of Neutrik AG.
Circuit diagram
3 | PowerSub 312
4 | PowerSub 312
Ordering information
PowerSub 312
1x 12-inch powered Subwoofer, Class-D Amping;
800 W+2x250 W; 4 Ω+4 Ω
Order number F.01U.100.835
Setup example (PowerSub 312 + SUB 112 + 2 x TS 200)
Installation/configuration notes
We expressly point out that the relevant safe-
ty regulations must be observed for “flying”
loudspeaker systems. It is imperative that
qualified expert advice is sought.
This loudspeaker system can permanently
damage hearing! Use extreme care when setting sound pressure levels!
Consult a certified structural engineer before
any attempt to suspend this loudspeaker!
Loudspeaker can fall from improper suspension, resulting in severe injury and damage of
property. Do not suspend or mount any other
product or device from this loudspeaker enclosure! Use grade 5 hardware or better only!
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