GoToMyPC Reviewer’s Guide

GoToMyPC Reviewer’s Guide
GoToMyPC reviewer’s guide
Citrix GoToMyPC reviewer’s guide
Thank you for evaluating Citrix GoToMyPC. This guide will introduce you to the current
GoToMyPC functionality and help you effectively evaluate its capabilities. The guide leads you
through the processes for setting up and using GoToMyPC and concludes with information
about features, administration tools, security and performance.
Reviewer’s roadmap
To see GoToMyPC in action, we suggest you set up a complimentary account, install the
software on your PC or Mac and try accessing your computer from various devices, including
remote computers, smartphones and tablets.
Please be sure to also download the free mobile app for your iPad, iPhone or Android device,
so you can see how GoToMyPC supports today’s mobile workstyle.
Citrix GoToMyPC Reviewer’s Guide
Access Your Mac or PC from Anywhere
Citrix GoToMyPC is the fast, simple-to-use and secure remote access service that lets you
instantly connect with your PC or Mac from any Internet connection—including from your
iPhone, iPad or Android device. With GoToMyPC, employees can access office computers at
home or on the go, so they can get work done from wherever they need to be.
GoToMyPC created the category for web-based remote access when it was first introduced in
the United States in 2001, and it continues to be the market leader.
Key benefits
As you evaluate GoToMyPC, you are likely to discover the following benefits:
Ease of use: GoToMyPC makes remote access fast, seamless and easy to use so that
you can work remotely from anywhere just as if you were in the office.
Productivity and flexibility: Using GoToMyPC to access files, programs, email and
network from any Internet-connected device, employees can significantly increase
productivity while improving their work/life balance.
Simple setup: No additional hardware or software is required to set up GoToMyPC. The
GoToMyPC plug-in automatically launches, installs and configures itself. Even novice
users can set up GoToMyPC in minutes, and you do not need to configure your network
or firewall settings to begin using GoToMyPC. There is zero burden on IT.
Cost savings: Because it is sold as a service on a subscription basis, GoToMyPC is an
affordable alternative to other high-cost solutions. Plus, it saves on commuting costs.
High reliability: Supported by multiple datacenters across the globe, GoToMyPC
provides a high degree of reliability, so you can trust that you can access critical
information at any time.
Robust security: GoToMyPC incorporates powerful encryption, authentication and
security measures to ensure data confidentiality. Furthermore, with GoToMyPC you can
leave sensitive data on your secured office computer and avoid losing sensitive data if a
laptop or other device is lost in the field.
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Citrix GoToMyPC Reviewer’s Guide
Evaluating GoToMyPC
Setting up GoToMyPC
Once you have registered for a complimentary GoToMyPC account, you can immediately
download and install Citrix GoToMyPC software. The installation is fast because the download
is small. Please remember that you must be physically present at the computer you want to
access in order to complete the setup process.
How to set up a computer for remote access:
1. Log in to the GoToMyPC website.
2. Click Install GoToMyPC and follow the prompts to complete the download process.
3. Leave your computer turned on and connected to the Internet, with GoToMyPC running
so it can be ready for your remote access request.
Accessing your computer remotely
Once you have GoToMyPC set up and running on your host computer, you can access it
immediately from almost any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet, whether you
are at home, traveling or anywhere else you need to be.
Remote access from another computer:
Log in to the GoToMyPC website.
Select the computer you want to access and click Connect.
Click Run, Always, Allow or Trust to download the GoToMyPC Viewer.
Enter your access code.
You can now work on your host computer remotely just as if you were seated in front of it at the
office. Later, you can set up a shortcut on your remote computer to make it even faster to start a
remote access session.
Remote access from a mobile device:
You’ll first need to download the free GoToMyPC mobile app from the App Store, Google Play
or the Amazon Appstore. Then you’ll be ready access your computer anytime on the go.
Tap the GoToMyPC icon on your mobile device screen.
Enter your email address and password on the Login screen.
Select the computer you want to access and tap Connect.
Enter your access code and tap OK.
At the start of the session, the GoToMyPC mobile app will display key gestures to use to help
you control your host computer from your mobile device.
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Citrix GoToMyPC Reviewer’s Guide
System requirements
Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox 3.0, Google Chrome 5.0 or the latest version of each web
Windows 2000 and above
Cable modem, DSL, or better Internet connection
Minimum of Pentium class 1 GHz CPU with 2 GB of RAM or better
Safari 3.0, Firefox 3.0, Google Chrome 5.0 or the latest version of each web browser
Mac OS X 10.6 and above
Intel processor (1 GB of RAM or better recommended)
Cable modem, DSL, or better Internet connection
iPad 1, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch (third generation) or the latest version of each device
iOS 4.2 or newer
WiFi or “always on” Internet connection
Free GoToMyPC app from the App Store
Android phone or tablet
Android 2.3.3 or newer
1 GHz CPU or higher
WiFi or cellular 4G/3G connection
Free GoToMyPC app from Google Play
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Citrix GoToMyPC Reviewer’s Guide
GoToMyPC features
You may be surprised by how much you can do with GoToMyPC. While it offers many features,
each is designed for maximum ease of use and simplicity.
Basic features
Remote access
Enjoy unlimited access to one or more computers. Easily
work on your files, programs and network from your
mobile device. Use Microsoft Office, ERP, CRM, POS
and other software from your PC, Mac, smartphone or
Fast performance
Powered by our industry-leading technology, you can
connect to your PC or Mac in seconds and enjoy realtime in-session performance that lets you get work done
on the go.
Simple setup and ease of use
No need to type the IP address of your PC or Mac.
Works through firewalls.
File transfer
Quickly transfer files between your host computer and
remote devices.
Guest invite
Invite a guest to view the desktop of the host PC for
sales demonstrations, training, or collaboration. You
need to be at your host PC to invite a guest, and you
may grant view-only or full access to your PC. (PC only)
Remote printing
Print documents located on your host PC to the local
computer printer where you are. (PC only)
Cut and paste
Easily cut, copy and paste text between computers.
Desktop shortcut
Create a special desktop shortcut to provide a fast
connection to a host computer. Security is maintained by
requiring you to enter the access code every time a
connection is made.
Hear your music or voice mail stored on the computer
you are accessing. (PC only)
Multi-monitor support
View the full displays of all monitors connected to your
host computer.
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Citrix GoToMyPC Reviewer’s Guide
Mobile remote access
Today’s workforce is on the go and needs to stay connected anytime, anyplace. GoToMyPC
mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices enable workers to take advantage of time
that would otherwise be wasted – on the train, waiting for a plane, in between appointments –
and become more productive than ever.
Mobile app features
Zoom and pan for detailed work
Zoom up to 300% of your screen size and pan
across the screen by swiping your finger so
you can do detailed work remotely.
Full keyboard
Use special keys like Alt, Ctrl and Tab from
your mobile device so you can use your
programs just as you would on a PC or Mac.
You can use shortcuts like Ctrl + C to
F1 to F12 function keys and Page
Up/Down are also supported.
Voice input
Tap the Mic on the keyboard, speak into your
device and converted text is sent directly to
your computer.
Intuitive gestures and touch controls
Control your PC or Mac using the mobile
gestures and touch controls. Quick visual
reminders of supported gestures are available
on the toolbar.
Connect over 3G, 4G and WiFi
When you connect from your mobile device,
GoToMyPC handles intermittent connections
and smoothly switches between WiFi, 4G and
3G networks.
Bluetooth keyboard
Type on your Bluetooth keyboard and your
keystrokes will be transferred to your host
computer just as if you were there.
Multi-monitor support
View the full displays of all monitors connected
to your host computer.
Precision mouse control
Easily open, close and move files around with
precision mouse control.
Preview text feature
Enjoy fast, auto-corrected typing on your
phone or tablet.
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Citrix GoToMyPC Reviewer’s Guide
Copy and paste
Cut, copy and paste between your computer
and apps on your iPhone or iPad.
On your iPhone or iPad, hear sound coming
from the computer you are accessing. (PC
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Citrix GoToMyPC Reviewer’s Guide
Multi-user accounts
GoToMyPC multi-user accounts are provisioned with an Administration Center which enables
administrators to rapidly deploy and manage multiple GoToMyPC users.
Sign up users (up to the limit on your account) through an easy-to-use email invitation
Add, delete or suspend remote access privileges.
Enable multiple users to access a single host computer.
Monitor remote access usage and generate reports.
Use APIs to integrate GoToMyPC reports with your other systems.
The Administration Center is accessible from any web browser and is secured with 128-bit SSL
encryption. Strong passwords are required.
Deploying GoToMyPC
Rolling out GoToMyPC to employees is easier and faster compared to other remote access
solutions. Because administrators can deploy our solution in minutes, companies can limit the
time and effort required by the IT department. Administration can be accomplished easily, even
by non-tech-savvy individuals in your organization.
GoToMyPC works with existing security and firewalls. No network or firewall configuration is
necessary. Users can start remote access sessions without the hassle of configuring IP
addresses or firewall settings. Network administrators don't need to change or configure firewall
ports, which could potentially compromise security.
GoToMyPC users can be up and running quickly because the GoToMyPC installation is
automatic and requires no pre-configuration. Within minutes, users are ready to access their
computer from anywhere, without any training whatsoever.
Additional security protocols
Corporate accounts have the ability to use additional security protocols to comply with company
regulations and safeguard proprietary information.
Grant or deny access to specific features, such as file transfer.
Enforce one-time passwords or other security settings.
Define times to allow access and authorize exactly which computers can be accessed
and from where.
Integrate with your existing RADIUS infrastructure—compatible with RSA SecurID.
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Citrix GoToMyPC Reviewer’s Guide
Security and architecture
GoToMyPC is encrypted end to end to fully protect your information. Its advanced
communication architecture uses SSL and 128-bit AES encryption so no one but you can view
your information. Plus, with data secured at the office, there is less danger of losing information
when a laptop or mobile device is lost in the field.
Security features
Secure, encrypted access
All data is protected by secure connections
with 128-bit AES encryption. Access to your
PC or Mac is protected by two levels of
authentication: a password and an access
Keyboard locking and screen blanking
Prevent others from using the mouse or
keyboard or viewing the monitor of the
computer while you are remotely accessing it
from your device. (PC hosts only)
Multitasking and inactivity timeout
Use other applications, with GoToMyPC still
open. After a period of inactivity, GoToMyPC
automatically disconnects to save on network
use and to prevent unauthorized access. The
timeout period is customizable for PC hosts.
One-time passwords
Optional one-time passwords provide
maximum security by requiring a third layer of
password security.
GoToMyPC uses proprietary bandwidth-adaptive compression technology that makes it
possible to access your computer using a variety of Internet connections. Overall, GoToMyPC
provides performance that is vastly superior to other, less-sophisticated products. The built-in
security architecture is also designed to ensure that there is no performance degradation,
regardless of Internet-connection speed. Multiple datacenters and the fault-tolerant architecture
of GoToMyPC also provide high reliability and availability.
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Citrix GoToMyPC Reviewer’s Guide
About Citrix
Citrix is transforming how people, businesses and IT work and collaborate in the cloud era. Its
portfolio of GoTo cloud services enables people to work from anywhere with anyone by
providing simple-to-use cloud-based collaboration, remote access and IT support solutions for
every type of business. Learn more at
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