Shutdown Process: More Critical with XP
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May 04, 2005
Shutdown process: more critical with XP
Early experience with the new SMX and SLX CNCs has shown that the Windows XP Operating
system is more sensitive to having the shut down process done properly.
The process to shut down the SX takes between 15 to 25 seconds. This is 10 to 15 seconds
longer than with the SM and SL and a few seconds longer than with the VM and VL. The screens
during this process also look different.
The following describes the proper shut down process and precisely what appears on the screen
during shutdown.
1. Press the SYS key
2. Press the SHUT DOWN softkey
3. Press the F1 softkey to answer YES to the question “PRESS F1 IF YOU WISH TO EXIT
The shut down screens will now appear in the following order.
1. Our software will shut down and the windows desktop screen will appear. For a second or
2 the following message will appear in a yellow box, “FRONT PANEL DRIVER HAS BEEN
This does what it says and turns off the front panel overlay LED keys.
2. The desktop screen stays up for about 4 seconds. It is very important to not shut
down the power button at this time. At this moment, critical files are saving to the
flash disk. If this saving process is interrupted at this point, these files may become
corrupted and the unit will not work when it is turned on again. Since there is no message
on the screen for a few seconds, impatient customers may shut the power off at this time.
3. The next screen says the following: SAVING YOUR SETTINGS, followed by WINDOWS IS
SHUTTING DOWN. This screen can last for 10 to 15 seconds.
4. The last screen that appears reads as follows: IT IS NOW SAFE TO SHUT DOWN YOUR
COMPUTER. A large windows XP logo will also be on the screen. Now is the time to shut
off power to the pendant.
Please do what you can to get this message to customers so they avoid failures and the
consequence of having to replace the internal flash drive.
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