Milestone XProtect Enterprise datasheet

Milestone XProtect Enterprise datasheet
Milestone XProtect™ Enterprise
top performance IP video surveillance with a
comprehensive feature set.
XProtect Enterprise is the right product for larger installations or multiple sites that need robust
surveillance software with the full functionality of advanced management, flexible scheduling, fast
searching, analysis, and integration with other systems. Controlling unlimited numbers of cameras,
multiple servers and multiple sites, XProtect Enterprise interfaces with the widest choice of network
video and computer hardware equipment – easy to install and easily scalable for future expansions.
◆◆ Scalable solution: Support for unlimited servers, sites and clients allow you to design the system
to fit your organization.
◆◆ Freedom to choose: Compatible with more than 300 different IP-based video camera and
encoder products, and selected DVRs from over 35 different vendors.
◆◆ Dependable, robust and stable: Proven in daily operation in more than 25,000 customer
installations worldwide.
◆◆ Use existing IP networks effectively: Use effective video compression (MJPEG, MPEG4,
MPEG4 ASP*, H.264* and MxPEG) and bandwidth optimized multi-streaming to leverage existing
IP networks effectively.
◆◆ Cost-optimized archiving: Move your video data to more cost-effective storage media either
locally or on the network.
◆◆ High performance: Achieved on standard computer equipment by utilizing powerful multithreaded technology.
◆◆ Flexible remote access: Reach your video surveillance data from any location at any time using
a desktop computer, laptop or PDA.
◆◆ Open architecture: IP technology, a versatile API/SDK and support for industrial protocols (OPC
Data Access*) provides you endless integration possibilities with e.g. access control systems,
alarms, gate barriers, etc.
◆◆ Licensing per video channel: Grow your installation along with your needs incrementally per
◆◆ Export evidence material fast: Deliver authentic video proof to public authorities or for internal
◆◆ Future-safe: The IP approach is the foundation of tomorrow – available today. Ongoing product
enhancements give you long-term returns on your surveillance investment.
The Open Platform IP Video Software
Milestone Systems
comprehensive video management tools
◆◆ Multi-server and multi-site video surveillance solution:
Unlimited recording of video from IP cameras, IP video encoders and selected DVRs with analog cameras.
◆◆ Automatic camera model detection: Supports more than
300 IP cameras, IP video encoders and selected DVR models
from over 35 different vendors.
◆◆ Unlimited number of recording servers: Supporting
unlimited cameras with up to 64 cameras per server. Continuously recording or activated by motion or event with speed
up functionality.
◆◆ Network and storage optimized: Bandwidth optimized
multi-streaming with new compression methods; MPEG4 ASP*,
MxPEG and H.264*, besides MJEPG and MPEG4. Move recorded video data to more cost-effective storage media locally or
on the network.
◆◆ Built-in Video Motion Detection: Independent of camera
model and supporting up to 64 cameras simultaneously per
◆◆ User initiated start and stop of recording: Based on
access privileges set by the administrator, client users can
manually start recording for a pre-defined recording time.
◆◆ Integration options: Recording Server API/SDK, support for
OPC* Data Access, TCP/IP activated events, and support for
client plug-ins.
◆◆ Live view and playback: From PDA and access clients supporting up to 64 cameras from multiple servers at the same
◆◆ Advanced views layout: Work with private and shared
server-stored camera views containing up to 8x8 layouts,
Hotspot, Matrix and Carousel elements, static and active
HTML maps, all distributed across multiple computer monitors
and windows.
◆◆ Intelligent PTZ: Manual control, presets, go to preset on
event, absolute and relative positioning, patrolling with
multiple schemes, wipe and wash commands, joystick control
and scanning.
◆◆ Virtual Matrix: Control live camera views on remote computers for distributed viewing.
◆◆ Input/Output Event Control: Via cameras or networked I/O
devices for event control, manual event buttons and event list
in recordings.
◆◆ Multi-channel, two-way audio: Listen-in/recording with
instant playback and transmit client microphone input to
remote speakers.
Post recording processing: Smart Search, Digital PTZ with
optional image smoothing (Viewer only), or IPIX post-recording
◆◆ Evidence export: JPEG, AVI, WAV and native database
formats with stand-alone Viewer, data encryption and logs, user
notes and report printing.
◆◆ Authentication: Microsoft Active Directory user accounts, and
XProtect user names and passwords.
◆◆ Authorization: Microsoft Active Directory user accounts and
groups, and XProtect user profiles, all controlling access privileges and allowed actions at camera level.
◆◆ Logging: Stores user actions by time, locations and cameras,
and full system operation.
◆◆ Alerting: Notify users on event or motion detection by sound,
e-mail and SMS.
“With the Milestone software networked approach and Power
Over Ethernet (POE) megapixel cameras from a leading
camera manufacturer, we have great flexibility to scale up our
needs as the business continues to grow,” says Brett Chase,
Vice President, Chase Farms Inc.
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