audio in book

audio in book
 Putting a bunch of audio files into Moodle using the Book tool Prepare all your audio files as .mp3 format on your computer Setting up the Book In your Moodle course turn on editing. Add a resource and select Book. Give it a name and a summary. For the Chapter numbering you can select none, numbers, bullets or indented. Bullets doesn’t seem to do anything. Indented works when there are subpages. Save and return to course. Adding files to the book Click on the name of your book to open it. Enter a chapter title. In the content section enter some descriptive text for the audio file, then click the Moodle media button on the menu bar. Click Find or upload a sound, video or applet. Upload your audio file. Do not be alarmed that it shows up as a string of blue text in the content section. Select all your audio files and make them a bulleted list. This makes them stack closer together vertically. Save changes. Here’s what it looks like on the Moodle page. The red + sign on the left lets you add more pages. The arrows at the right will be your navigation. Here’s the student view of a more complete book with multiple pages in a table of contents at the left and multiple audio files on each page. 
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