Ultrastar A7K2000 Quick Installation Guide

Ultrastar A7K2000 Quick Installation Guide
Quick Installation Guide
Hitachi Ultrastar 7K2000
System Requirements for Serial ATA
Quick installation procedure
The following are needed to install a Serial ATA
(SATA) drive to a system:
Note: Back up all data before installing drive.
 SATA capable motherboard or controller card
 SATA hard drive
 SATA cable (1 meter or less in length)
Handling precautions
 Set the drive down gently to prevent damage
from impact or vibration.
 Do not open the ESD bag containing the drive
until needed.
1. Turn off the computer.
2. Unplug the computer.
3. Remove the computer cover as instructed by
the computer system manual.
4. Discharge static electricity (see Handling
5. Note the mounting position of existing drives
and cables. If you are replacing a drive or any
cable, remove it now.
6. Remove the drive from the ESD bag.
7. Record the model, the part number, and the
serial number of the drive for future reference.
8. Attach the Serial ATA cable to the drive. Match
key on cable to connector on drive
 Handle the drive carefully by the edges. Do not
touch the exposed printed circuit board or any
electronic components.
Mounting instructions
 Do not press on the top or bottom of the drive.
Note: The mounting hole and connector locations are
shown in figures 1 and 2.
 Before handling the drive, discharge any static
electricity from yourself and your clothing. With
one hand, touch an unpainted metal surface on
your computer chassis, then touch the ESD bag
with the other hand. Remain in contact with the
chassis and the bag for a minimum of two
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Mount the drive securely.
Verify all attachments.
Replace the computer cover.
Plug in the computer.
Turn on the computer.
Verify that the hard disk is recognized by the
BIOS and is reporting the full capacity of the
drive. Instructions for accessing your BIOS can
be found in the computer system manual or in
the motherboard manufacturer documentation.
If the drive is not recognized in the BIOS, set
version 1.0
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
Figure 1: Mounting holes locations (all dimensions are in mm)
Figure 2: Connector location (all dimensions are in mm)
the BIOS options of your computer system to
Auto Detection and LBA mode if available.
Once the drive is recognized correctly in the
BIOS, it is ready to be partitioned and
7. Your operating system setup utility will provide
instructions on how to partition and format your
drive before it installs the operating system.
For additional information see:
The recommended mounting screw depth is 4 mm
maximum for bottom and 4.5 mm maximum for
horizontal mounting.
Drive level vibration test and shock test are to be
conducted with the drive mounted to the table using
the bottom four screws.
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Mounting Recommendations
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The drive will operate in all axes (6 directions).
Performance and error rate will stay within
specification limits if the drive is operated in the other
orientations from which it was formatted.
For reliable operation, the drive must be mounted in
the system securely enough to prevent excessive
motion or vibration of the drive during seek operation
or spindle rotation, using appropriate screws or
equivalent mounting hardware.
The recommended mounting screw torque is 0.6 - 1.0
Nm (6-10 Kgf.cm).
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