Troubleshooting Harmony

Troubleshooting Harmony
Troubleshooting the
What do you need in a kit to troubleshoot the
Spare headpiece and cable
Spare PowerCel
Access to meaning of LED displays (see next page).
Contact numbers
™ It might also be useful to have a Dri-Aid kit in case the
processor gets wet.
™ A PowerCel charger will give you information as to whether the
PowerCel is charging correctly.
If there is a problem with the PowerCel charger try this link
pages 49 and 50
™ Listening earphones?
Advanced Bionics say that the LED will tell you anything you
need to know. If the LED indicates no problem and the user is
still complaining of problems, it is better to replace the
However, listening headphones may be useful for listening to
the signal through a radio hearing aid.
What if the processor gets wet?
Remove the PowerCel (battery) from the Harmony. Shake out any
excess water. Place the Harmony and headpiece in the Dri-Aid Kit
overnight. If no kit is available, leave to dry at room temperature.
Do not attempt to speed up the drying process by using a hairdryer
or other equipment as this can cause further damage.
If you have no success, contact the implant centre.
What do the lights on the LED display mean?
As soon as you have connected the battery the LED will flash as
Information on the batteries
3 or 4 quick orange
Battery fully charged
2 quick orange blinks
Battery is sufficiently
1 quick orange blink.
Battery is nearly
No light
Check the battery
connection and change
the battery if required
When the headpiece is on the child’s head, the green light (LED)
should flicker in response to loud sounds, indicating the processor is
functioning correctly. If it does not, refer to the table below.
Information on the microphone
Flickers green in
response to loud
Steady green light
Microphone is picking
up good sound.
Empty program slot,
change to another
Information on lock (connection between the processor and
Red blinking light
Ensure headpiece
retention is good. If
still flashing change
headpiece and cable.
Flickers red
Ensure child is wearing
their own processor not
that of another child or
the other ear.
Error condition, fully
remove and reinsert
Steady red light
What else could you try?
• Check the connections, including PowerCel, earhook and
• Check for visible damage to components.
• Check the volume dial.
• Is the headpiece positioned over the implant site?
• Is the PowerCel charged and inserted properly? Try another
• Are you using the appropriate program? Try another program.
• Check the Microphone/System status using the LED.
• Replace the Cable/Headpiece.
• Clean the battery contacts on both your PowerCel and Harmony
• Remove any materials (hat, headband, scarf, etc.) that may be
covering the microphone.
• You could try using an auxiliary microphone or the Direct
Connect earhook interfaced with an audio device (eg.CD/MP3
player) to check performance. However you will need to use
a program that is designated to accept an external audio
source. If there is no problem when using this alternative,
place your processor in the carrying case/Dri-Aid overnight. If
no sound is present the next day, contact your audiologist.
• Contact your audiologist for further troubleshooting if necessary
For further information on troubleshooting refer to the Advanced
Bionics American website
Click on the link below and look at pages 46 -50 for information on
troubleshooting the Harmony:
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