The world’s brightest sun tube system. More light for your home, guaranteed.

The world’s brightest sun tube system. More light for your home, guaranteed.
The world’s brightest
sun tube system.
More light for your
home, guaranteed.
Tubular Daylight Systems
Brighter by design
A Solarspot1 is the brightest daylight
tube and will deliver more natural
light to your home than any other
system available on the market
today. Whether it’s the dome on the
roof, the extension tubes and angles
or the ceiling diffuser, every
component of a Solarspot is
designed to ensure maximum
efficiency, so that you get more
daylight into your home.
We are the only manufacturer to
publish the efficiency figures for our
daylight systems. An efficiency
figure is the only way that you, as a
customer, can compare products to
judge which is the best for your
home. Other companies choose not
to make this information available we’ll leave you to reach your own
conclusion why that is.
We won’t make comparisons to
numbers of light bulbs, or try to
bamboozle you with lux and lumen
figures. What we will do is guarantee
that, like-for-like, a Solarspot will
give you more daylight than any
other sun tube system.
Why you should chose Solarspot:
■ Fully guaranteed for 10 years
■ Independently tested
■ Maintenance free
■ No heat loss or heat gain
■ 99.7% reflective – the most
efficient tubing in the world
■ Full range of accessories
■ DIY or dealer installed - installers
■ Patented technologies
■ UV protected - no yellow domes
■ £ for £, more light than any other
Brighten your home
with the world’s
brightest tubular
daylight system –
250mm diameter tubular daylight system
At only 250mm (10ins) in diameter, the Solarspot® D-25 daylighting
system is designed to fit between the closest rafters or joists and yet
will deliver an astonishing amount of light – up to 75% more than that
of its nearest competitors and at least 10 times more than a larger
diameter flexible-duct system.
The Solarspot® D-25 is so efficient that it equals, and even out-shines,
systems in the 300 to 350mm sector.
The Solarspot® D-25 lights spaces up to 12sqm and is ideal for;
● Bathrooms and en suites
● Cloakrooms and shower rooms
● Corridors and lobbies
● Landings and hallways
● Dressing rooms and walk-in wardrobes
The technical bit
Light Coverage
Maximum recommended length
250mm - 10 inches
55% (source CSTB)
12m2 - 130 sq ft
6m - 19ft
375mm diameter tubular daylight system
It’s official, in tests at the independent Building Research
Establishment (BRE) the Solarspot D-38 left the competition in the
shade. The tests demonstrated that the superior patented
technologies of the Solarspot delivered efficiency levels of at least
57%. Compare this to those of the Sun Pipe (44%) and Solatube (40%)
and the Solarspot D-38 is the clear choice for larger domestic
installations like kitchens and living rooms.
At 375mm (15ins) in diameter, the Solarspot® D-38 system is designed
to fit between rafters or joists with a gap of 380mm or more, and will
deliver significant levels of daylight for residential and commercial
spaces. Due to its exceptional levels of daylight delivery, the
Solarspot® D-38 is comparable, if not superior, to systems that have
significantly larger diameters.
The Solarspot® D-38 lights spaces up to 22sqm and is ideal for;
● Bedrooms
● Wider corridors
● Toilet areas and larger bathrooms
● Kitchens and living spaces
● Offices and study areas
● Workshops
The technical bit
Light Coverage
Maximum recommended length
375mm - 15 inches
57% (source BRE)
22m2 - 230 sq ft
11m - 36ft
So what is a tubular
daylight system?
All tubular daylight systems, or ‘sun pipes’, are
basically the same; a protective cover on the roof, a
reflective tube of some description in the middle and
a lens at the ceiling to spread the light. But the
design and materials used for these components
have a big impact on the amount of light that will be
delivered. The difference between the best system
and some lesser offerings can be as much as 2,000%
more daylight.
Using patented
prism technology
to capture and
direct more light
into the tube.
The dome
Solarspot1 is the only system that is proven to have a
dome that actually captures light and harvests it into
the mouth of the tube. This is done with our RIR3
reflector which not only reflects direct light into the
tube but also refracts light from the back of the dome
to maximise the performance on overcast and cloudy
control lens
Prevention against
condensation and
increasing thermal
Convas1 anti-condensation lens
Just beneath the dome is a second lens that seals the
top of the tube to protect against condensation and
to provide additional thermal efficiency.
VegaluxTM extension tubes
Vegalux reflective tubing
To ensure that the maximum amount of captured
light is delivered to the room below, all of the
extension and angled sections of a Solarspot system
are made using Vegalux super-reflective tubing. At
99.7% reflectivity, it is the most reflective material in
the world.
99.7% reflective tubing. No
other system is as efficient
or gives more daylight.
Solarspot diffusers are designed to fit neatly and
inconspicuously into your ceiling whilst providing a
barrier to any heat gain or loss, and distributing the
daylight evenly around your room. They are also UV
safe so you won’t get any fading of carpets or soft
Perlato Diffuser
Evenly distributes the
light whilst protecting
from heat loss or gain
and harmful UV rays.
“The Solarspot daylight system has transformed a dark interior
bathroom space into a room with as much light as any other
room in the house that has an outside window.”
Solarspot1 crystal dome and RIRTM light capture technology.
Capturing more light into the dome so you get more light into your home.
Overhead light
Low-level light
Over-cast days
When the sun is directly overhead, the vast majority of the
light passes straight through the
clear top of the dome and into
the tube. Direct light that hits the
back of the dome is captured
and reflected in by the RIR for
maximum efficiency.
At the beginning and end of the
day, and during winter months,
light hits the dome from a low
angle. The RIR captures this light
to ensure that the system is
delivering the maximum
performance all day long and
throughout the year. The RIR also
has the same effect when the
dome is mounted on a northfacing roof, capturing light that is
lost on other systems.
On cloudy days, light hits the
dome from all angles. Even light
that hits the back of the dome is
captured through refraction.
Contrary to some websites, you
can’t increase the light - we just
capture more than other systems.
The crystal dome and RIR lens
combine to ensure that the
maximum amount of light is
captured regardless of the
conditions helping to guarantee
more light into your home than
any other light pipe system.
Vegalux reflective
In order to ensure that the
maximum amount of light is
delivered to the room below,
you need the most reflective
tubing. All Solarspot extension
tubes are manufactured using
Vegalux, the most reflective
tubing in the world. At 99.7%
reflective, no other material is
more effective at transmitting
light. This means that as the
light is bouncing its way down
the tube, only a tiny 0.3% of
energy is lost each time it hits
the surface. Compare this with
a system that is only 98%
efficient where at least 2% is
lost. After only 20 bounces the
98% efficient tube will have
lost around 33% of its light
compared to around 6% in the
Solarspot. Compare this to a
flexible system and the light
loss over a 2m length will be
around 90%.
Global Efficiency figures - the only comparison you can trust
Solarspot residential systems are independently rated as 55% and 57% (D-25
& D-38). Independent tests of competitor systems include; Solatube 290DS
40%, Solatube 160DS 35%, Sunpipe 450 43%, Velux Suntunnel flexible system
3%, SolaSkylights flexible 1.5%. Source BRE UK & CSTB, France.
What’s included in the kit
All Solarspot systems are custom built using our
modular system components so the kit that we
supply is complete with everything you need.
The starting point for your system will be the
base kit which includes a top tube with crystal
dome, RIR reflector and Convas lens and bottom
tube with white ceiling ring and Perlato diffuser.
It will also include the roof flashing to suit
your roof type.
We will then ask you to tell us the
distance through your loft, or roof
void, so that we can recommend the
best arrangement of straight
extensions and adjustable angles.
Accessories & options
0-30, 0-60 & 0-90 degree angled extensions
Avoid ceiling clutter and use your
Solarspot to double up an electric
light for night time use. The unit is
suitable for any ES lamp rated up
to 75w.
For situations that require a more convoluted configuration these
VegaluxTM adjustable angles allow for almost any installation to be
possible whilst the 99.7% reflectivity ensures that minimal light is lost.
Integrated electric light kit
Daylight dimmers
This electrically operated unit fits into the
Solarspot system to control the amount of
light that is emitted. The damping blade is
controlled by a wall mounted 230v switch.
Manual blind (not
This manually
operated unit is
ideal for using with
systems or those on
sloping ceilings that
can be easily
Regardless of roof type,
there’s a Solarspot®
flashing to suit your
roof. For pitched roofs
flashings are available
in parallel and angled
versions to give you
maximum light delivery.
If you can tell us the
pitch of your roof and
the aspect we can
recommend the best
Rain channels direct
water down and back
onto the roof
One-piece seamless
flashing base for a
guaranteed leak
proof performance
All flashings are formed
as a single section and
guaranteed leak-proof.
1. Spun aluminium
flashing for flat roofs.
2. Angled flashing for
slate roofs (parallel
version also available).
Foam perimeter strips
resist driving wind
and rain whilst also
preventing bird and
insect ingress
Malleable self-adhesive weathering
strip forms to tiles and holds the
flashing base in place
3. Angled flashing for
plain and interlocking
4. Parallel flashing for
plain and interlocking
Authorised Solarspot® Installers
We have a network of installers that cover the majority of the
UK that can do the job for you. Simply call us and tell us your
postcode and we’ll see who we have in your area.
Local trades people and handymen
Solarspot systems are straightforward to install and the work
can usually be done by any professional tradesman, property
maintenance company or handyman. We also offer a full
telephone technical advice service so, even if your tradesman
hasn’t fitted on before, we can advise them before they start.
Why not do it yourself?
Many competent DIY enthusiast opt to fit their Solarspot
system themselves. The top and bottom sections are supplied
as pre-assembled units and come with full fitting instructions.
In most situations systems can normally be put in without any
need for structural alterations. Please do be aware that you
will need to get onto your roof to install this system.
Delivering more light
throughout your home than
any other system…
… and that’s our promise
Call us today for information and prices
0333 772 0137
Calls to 03 numbers cost no more than a national rate call
to an 01 or 02 number and count towards any inclusive
minutes in the same way as 01 and 02 calls.
Solarspot systems are distributed in the UK by
Syneco Limited,
Suite 138/A, The i:Centre, Howard Way, Newport Pagnell MK16 9PY
T: 01908 299117
F: 01908 299124
Tubular Daylight Systems
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