Off factory, the HBD801 monitor and HBD801 outdoor camera are not paired
yet. One outdoor camera can be paired with up to 3 indoor monitors.
To pair one or more monitors to the outdoor camera, use the following
1. Insert the batteries in both the outdoor camera and indoor
monitor(s). Do not connect the power supplies yet.
2. If the monitor(s) is (are) switched ON, first switch it (them) OFF.
3. Push and hold the reset button at the back of the outdoor camera for
at least 5 seconds until you hear one beep. The outdoor camera has
now been reset.
4. Take the battery of the outdoor camera out and put in back.
5. To pair the first monitor, switch the monitor ON, using the power
button. When you see a Welcome message in the screen, press the
power button shortly for a few times, till the monitor shows PAIRING
in the display.
6. Now press the reset button at the back of the outdoor camera 3
times. The indoor monitor will start to beep and will show ALARM in
the display because the raincover is not connected to the camera and
therefore sounds tamper alarm; ignore this alarm.
7. Switch OFF the paired monitor.
8. For additional monitors repeat for every unpaired monitor steps 5 to
9. When all monitors are paired, you can switch all monitors ON. Press
the call button on the outdoor camera once. All monitors must show
image and should ring.
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