When using this electronic device, basic precautions should always be taken, including the following:

1. Read all instructions before using the product.

2. Do not use this product near water (e.g., near a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen sink, in a wet basement or near a swimming pool etc).

3. Use this device when you are sure that player has a stable base and it is fixed securely.

4. This product, in combination with amplifier and loudspeakers may be capable of producing sound levels that could cause permanent hearing loss. Do not operate for a long period of time at a high volume level or at a level that is uncomfortable. If you experience any hearing loss or ringing in the ears, you should consult with otorhinolaryngologists. The product should be positioned so that proper ventilation is maintained.

5. The product should be located away from heat sources such as radiators, heat vents, or other devices (including amplifiers) that produce heat.

6. The product should be connected to a power supply that is described in the operating instructions or are marked on the product. Replace the fuse only with one of the specified type, size and correct rating.

7. The power supply cord should be undamaged and never share an outlet or extension cord with other devices so that the outlet or extension cord's power rating is exceeded. Never leave device plugged be left plugged in to the outlet when it’s not being used for a long period of time.

8. Care should be taken so that objects do not fall into, and liquids would not be spilled through, the enclosure's openings.

9. The product should be serviced by qualified service personnel if:

The power supply cord or the plug has been damaged.

Objects have fallen into or liquid has been spilled on the product.

The product has been exposed to rain.

The product has been dropped or the enclosure damaged.

10. There are some areas with high voltage inside, to reduce the risk of electric shock do not remove cover of the player. The cover should be removed by the qualified personnel only. No user

serviceable parts inside.


Before you start

What's in the box

Hints on installation

Disc, flash disc formats

Controls and connections

Front panel

Rear panel

IR remote control

Batteries changing

Settings and functions

Tuner functions

CD/USB/SD functions



Tuner section

CD/USB/SD section













What’s in the box

The accessories which are included in the box are:

Remote control

Instruction manual

Power cable

Hints on installation


Use in a well-ventilated room.

Place on a solid, flat, level surface, such as a table, shelf or stereo rack


Use in a place exposed to high temperatures or humidity, including near radiators and other heat-generating appliances.

Place on a window sill or a place where the player will be exposed to direct sunlight.

Use in an excessively dusty or damp environment.

Place directly on top of an amplifier, or other component that becomes hot in use.

Use near television or monitor as you may experience interference-especially if the television uses an indoor antenna.

Use in a kitchen or other room where the player may be exposed to smoke or steam.

Use on a thick rug or carpet, or cover with cloth-this may prevent proper cooling of the unit.

Place on an unstable surface, or one that is not large enough to support all four of the unit’s feet.

Do not use or store batteries in direct sunlight or other hot place, such as inside car or near heater. This can cause batteries to leak, overheat ,explode or catch fire. It can also reduce the life or performance of batteries.

Disc, flash disc formats

You can play following disc formats: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, it does support CDDA (CD

Text) as well as ISO 9660 CD-ROM’s. Compressed audio files are supported from

USB/SD drive as well as from CD.

Front Panel

1. Power ON/OFF switch

2. USB slot

3. CD/USB/SD Display

4. Folder skip button

5. Track skip button

6. Repeat

7. Program button

8. CD/USB/SD selector

9. Speed control

10. SD MMC slot

11. Tuner display

12. Station preset buttons

Rear Panel

13. Add number 10 to radio stations

14. Jump through 10 radio stations

15. Memory button

16. CD slot

17. STOP button

18. PLAY/ PAUSE button

19. EJECT button

20. LED indicator for IR remote control

21. Station search button (down)

22. IR detector for IR remote control

23. LED indicator for IR remote control

24. Station search button (up)

1. FM antenna input

2. Tuner audio output

3. Priority audio output

4. CD/USB/SD audio output

5. Power socket and AC fuse holder

IR remote control

1. IR remote buttons which are assigned to control

CD/USB/SD player only.

2. IR remote buttons which are assigned to control both

CD/USB/SD player and radio tuner. In white color are marked functions for the CD/USB/SD player, in red – functions for the radio tuner.

3. IR remote buttons which are assigned to control radio tuner player only.

4. This function identifies which part of the player CD/USB/SD or Radio tuner will be active.

Batteries changing

1. Open the battery cover.

2. Insert the 2*AAA batteries in accordance with marks in the remote control battery compartment.

3. Close the battery cover

Tuner Functions


This function is designed for adding radio stations in the presets.

After pressing “Memory” button the preset number starts flashing. Set the preset number by using number keys and press “Memory” to save the preset. At this moment the displayed frequency will be memorized in the selected preset (from 1to 30). After 5 seconds of inactivity memory mode shuts off automatically.


Auto tuning starts after pressing “UP” or “DOWN” button for more than 1,5 sec

When “UP” or “DOWN” button is pressed for a short time manual search mode is activated,

Every time when “UP” button is pressed, the FM frequency is increased by 50kHz. Every time when

“DOWN” button is pressed, the FM frequency is decreased by 50kHz.


Press M-DOWN or M-UP buttons in order to scroll through radio stations which are recorder in presets.


This key jumps 10 steps through the preset station list. For example: If preset 2 is selected, after pressing +10/-- button preset No. 12 will be selected. if +10/-- button will by pressed one more time preset No. 22 will be selected. Press this button more than 1,5 second ant the station number can be added using the numbers‘ key.


To jump between the 1 and 10 presets stations press “10/0” button.


The radio tuner automatically turns off after terminated time if the sleep mode is active. The sleep time begins from 90 seconds and changes cyclically 90 → 80 → 70 → 60 → 50 → 40 → 30 → 20

10 → OFF with every push the SLEEP key when the sleep time is in the display.


This is auto searches function. Press “AMS” button more than 1,5 seconds and the tuner automatically finds all available radio stations and stores it in the presets.


This function allows to set radio stations frequency by using the number buttons. Press this button once, then use the number buttons to input the station frequency, again press “DIRECT” key to confirm the frequency and the tuner will jump to this station. If the input frequency is beyond the range, the tuner will display “ERROR”.


This key is useful to change RDS functions

* cyclically PS → PTY → RT → CT

PS – program service (call letters or station identity name will displayed)

PTY - program type (allows easily to find similar program by genre News, Drama, Rock music…)

RT - radio text (textual information, usually title and artist of the currently playing song)

CT - clock time


RDS functions* - the RDS information and functions depend from radio station broadcasting.


Press “Mute” button to mute audio output, to disable mute press “Mute” again.


Press “MO/ST” button to set mono or stereo mode for the radio tuner.


This function allows jump to the next radio station of the radio station presets.


This function allows jump to the previous radio station of the radio station presets.


This function together with “CD” and “TUNER” LED identifies which part of the player

CD/USB/SD or FM tuner is ready to receive IR remote control commands.

CD/USB/SD Functions


By pressing this key when CD is stopped, play starts after track search.

When this key is pressed during playing the CD mode is changed in to pause.

When this key is pressed during CD is paused, it switches back to play mode.


Stops CD USB CD player.


This button is designed for audio source selection. (CD/USB/SD)


In stop mode this key changes starting track (file) in ascending order, and automatically goes to first track if it is in the last track.

Single pressed in play mode or program mode changes to next track, in random mode skips to random track.

By pressing longer than 0,7 sec. switches to fast forward mode.


In stop mode this key changes starting track (file) in descending order, and automatically goes to the last track if it is in first track.

Single pressed in play mode or program mode changes to previous track (file).

By pressing longer than 0,7 sec switches to fast reverse mode.


In stop mode this key skips the starting play folder to next folder, and automatically switches to first folder if current folder is last. In the program entry mode this key switches to next folder’s first file, if the folder is last it switches to first folder. In normal play mode this key skips the playing file and switches to next folder’s first file.


In stop mode this key skips the starting play folder to next previous, and automatically switches to last folder if current folder is first. In the program entry mode this key switches to previous folder’s first file, if the folder is first it switches to last folder. In normal play mode this key skips the playing file and switches to previous folder’s first file.


This key switches PLAY mode like shown below:


While audio file is playing push A-B key ones to add a first repeat point in the track and press one more time to enter second repeating point. The payer repeats track between these points till cancel this function.


By pressing this key once, the player will play until the end of track and stops. Pressing the key again the function will be cancelled and the LCD will indicate OFF.


This key allows change information on LCD in this order:


This function allows adjust playing speed when audio plays from CD, USB or SD. Use “SPEED –“ key to slow down music or “SPEED +” to speeds up the music.


This key resets playing speed to normal. In order to reset speed without the remote control, press

“SPEED” knob located in front panel.


By pushing this key CD is ejected.


This key is used for programming.

All program is cleared when STOP key is pushed in the programming mode.


Priority output incorporates signal from CD USB SD payer and FM tuner. If music from CD, USB or SD stops playing audio signal from the FM tuner automatically appears on this output.


This is stereo audio output from CD USB SD player.


This is stereo audio output from FM tuner.


This connector is designed to connect main power to the music player. Connector is combined with fuse holder. Please use T630mA, 250V fuse only.

Contact with qualified service if fuse blows up constantly!

Disconnect main power cable before replacing fuse!



1. FM tuner

2. CD/USB/SD player with compressed audio files support.

3. 30 preset for FM station memory.

4. CD with mechanical and electronic anti-shock, CD, CD-R, CD-R/W, USB, SD/MMC available.

5. Input:

6. Output:

FM 75 ohm unbalanced antenna terminal.

USB port, SD/MMC port.

Stereo RCA output for FM tuner and CD/USB/SD player.

230V AC 50Hz

50 VA


482mm x 44mm x 250mm

7. Power supply :

8. Power consumption:

9. Weight:

10. Dimension:


1. Output level:

2. Tuning Frequency range

3. Sensitivity

4. S/N ratio

5. Image rejection

6. THD

7. Audio channel separation

-5 dBu

87,5 – 108 MHz

10 μV

55 dB

45 dB

0,1 %

35 dB


1. Output level:

2. Output level difference between channels

3. Frequency response

4. Audio channel separation @ 1 KHz

5. THD

6. S/N ration

+4dBu (± 2dBu)


20 Hz 20 KHz

60 dB

0,1 %

70 dB

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