HD Series
Frequently Asked Questions
HD Series
What happens if the Limit light is turning on?
When the Limit light is flashing or on, this means that the
amplifier is being pushed a bit too hard. If you see this
happening, turn down the level control immediately until
the Limit stops lighting.
Is it normal for the speaker to "pop" when it is
switched on or off?
It is normal for the HD speaker to emit a slight "pop"
when it is powered up or down. The pop is caused by
electricity left inside the amplifier circuitry discharging
to the speaker.
Will I get output from both the A and B output jacks if
I only have input into the A jack?
In order to get signal out of both the A and B jacks, you
must also have signal going into the A and B Inputs.
If the volume control is at "U" does that mean I am
only getting half power?
The volume control on the HD series speakers is actually
an input sensitivity control. When set to the "U" or Unity,
it is not adding or subtracting any level from the source
audio signal. Most sources such as a mixer will have an
output that will sound best with this control at unity.
When turning it higher than this, you are not gaining
any more power in the speaker; rather you are lowering
the headroom of the amplifier thus making it actually
work harder than it needs to.
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Frequently Asked Questions
HD Series
What is the EQ on the speaker used for?
The integrated 3-band EQ on the HD series speakers is
great for minor adjustments to accommodate for the
particular environment that the speakers are being used in.
If your system is producing less low end in a particular
room than normal, you can make up for it by turning up
the Low EQ a bit. The EQ can also be used when there are
limited EQ options at the audio source.
The speaker hums when I connect something to its
The presence of a 60Hz hum in the speaker only when a
connection is made to another piece of equipment
suggests the presence of a ground loop. Such a loop is
caused by electrical interaction of the signal grounds on
two pieces of equipment, and is not necessarily an
indication of broken gear. If a balanced connection to
the HD speaker is being used, the simplest way to
correct this problem is to lift the signal ground on the
end of the connecting cable closest to the signal source.
NOTE: This is not to be confused with disconnecting the
safety ground on the power plug - this should be
avoided at all costs, as it can present a safety hazard. If
an unbalanced connection is being made to the HD, a
line coupler such as the Ebtech Hum Eliminator can be
used to eliminate the ground loop.
Can I connect this to the speaker output of an
When setting up your HD speaker, it is very important that
you DO NOT connect it to the output of an amplifier. The
inputs of the HD series are made for non-powered
outputs such as the main or aux outputs from a mixer. The
outputs of an amp will easily damage and potentially
cause a fire in just about any powered speaker such as the
HD series.
What is the proper method for flying or
mounting the speaker?
Our engineers have designed the speaker with integrated
fly points to simplify its integration into a permanent
installation. Due to the inherent dangers involved in
hanging or mounting these or any speakers, we strongly
recommend that a qualified professional be employed in
any such installation. The HD Series accepts M-10 eyebolts,
which have a 1.5 mm thread diameter and 20 mm length.
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