SIRIUS -Switching

SIRIUS -Switching
Reliable solid-state switching devices
for frequent switching of resistive or motor loads
Answers for industry.
High switching frequencies, long service life:
Solid-State Switching Devices with Added Value
Multiple individual assembly options:
Switching of Resistive Loads
Maximum reliability in every respect:
Motor Switching
Extended functionality, improved options:
Function Modules
For resistive and inductive loads:
Optimized Control Principles
Variable Connection Technology
Overview table:
The SIRIUS Solid-State Switching Devices Portfolio
Your project in perfect company:
Solid-State Switching Devices in Practical Applications 12
Service and Support
Control room
Press shop
Final assembly
Body shop
Power distribution
Paint shop
In the automotive industry just like in numerous
further sectors, SIRIUS switching devices ensure
reliable operation throughout all automation
Everything. Easy.
SIRIUS Industrial Controls.
For more than 110 years now, we have been developing and manufacturing industrial control products for
you. We have always followed the philosophy to make it easier for you by using innovative industrial controls – whether they are in the electrical cabinet, in the field or directly on the machine. This is the reason
that today we have combined our complete range of industrial controls under just one star – SIRIUS®.
Everything required to switch, protect and start
loads is now in the SIRIUS portfolio. The breath of
products includes those which monitor, control,
command, signal, detect and supply. Combining
our portfolio with higher-level, seamless concepts
such as Totally Integrated AutomationTM, Safety
Integrated® and ECOFAST® enable the user to
create optimized systems.
The result is that you obtain reliable and innovative industrial controls that utilize state-of-the-art
features – for instance, communications and safety
systems are integrated – as basis for leading-edge
and seamless solutions.
The extensive range that we offer for switching motors and equipment is an important part of our SIRIUS
indus­trial controls. Starting with well-proven and reliable contactors through simple-to-handle relays up to
our innovative solid-state switching devices for use
in the most rugged of applications – with SIRIUS, you
simply always switch safely and reliably. With SIRIUS
industrial controls, you can look forward to the future
with confidence.
High switching frequencies, long service life:
Solid-State Switching Devices
with Added Value
To improve the competitiveness of industrial systems and plants, the increasing of productivity
is becoming more and more important. The result: rising switching frequencies, which can
often no longer be mastered by conventional switching devices. A clean-cut case for our
SIRIUS solid-state switching devices – once installed, they offer almost unlimited activity.
Regular time- and cost-intensive device replacements are thus a thing of the past. Using
SIRIUS solid-state switching devices for tasks requiring high switching frequencies is therefore
profitable. See for yourself!
Sustainable improvements –
solid-state switching technology
switching devices
Costs for new devices,
device replacement, etc.
Costs for new devices,
device replacement, etc.
Device replacement
after approx. 3 million
switching cycles
Device replacement
after approx. 6 million
switching cycles
Compared to conventional switching
devices, our SIRIUS solid-state switching
devices stand out with their wear-free
and quiet switching behavior. Despite
the high switching frequencies, these
characteristics are aided by the use of
powerful semiconductors, which means
that the devices do not use any mechanically moving parts. Where conventional
electromechanical devices fail and need
to be replaced after a certain number of
switching cycles, the SIRIUS solid-state
switching devices continue their reliable
Single- and three-phase solid-state
relays for resistive loads
Single- and three-phase solid-state
contactors for resistive loads
SIRIUS solid-state switching devices –
a wide range of advantages
No matter how complex and diversified
your tasks may be: Our seamless and
integrated product range for frequent
switching offers the ideal solution for
all applications. We offer single- and
three-phase solid-state contactors and
relays for resistive loads. For switching of
motor loads, we also offer three-phase
solid-state contactors – as well as solidstate reversing contactors. Furthermore,
we offer function modules which allow
easy and highly flexible responses to
new requirements.
Three-phase solid-state contactors and
reversing contactors for motors
of control cabinets and distribution
boards. Ease of mounting and rapid commissioning provide substantial time and
cost savings.
product standard. In addition, due to the
power semiconductors’ maximum blocking capacity, additional protective circuits
can be eliminated.
Convincing, manifold and proven
Global application
The use of our SIRIUS solid-state switching devices is great for multiple application cases: particularly for the control
of electric heat, the actuation of valves
and motors in conveyor technology or for
reversing applications. Due to their quiet
switching capability, they are suitable for
noise-sensitive areas such as offices or
SIRIUS solid-state switching devices are
equipped with particularly powerful
semi­conductors, thanks to which they
offer an enormous short-circuit rating.
They can therefore be employed in ULcompliant control cabinets without any
problems and offer a high SCCR value
(short-circuit current rating).
Accurate, reliable and cost-effective
Maximum quality
SIRIUS solid-state switching devices are
accurate and reliable. Their compact design assures safe operation up to an ambient temperature of 60 °C (140 °F).
Variable connection technologies and a
wide control voltage range provide for
universal application and variant reduction. The connection technology with removable control terminal further ensures
fast and uncomplicated assembly
The fully automatic production of our
SIRIUS solid-state switching devices forms
the basis for their unique quality. Due
to special carrier materials and selected
semiconductors, the technical data such
as heat transition and power loss is optimized. Therefore, the solid-state relays
can be easily mounted onto diverse cooling surfaces while mastering the rated
currents specified by the EN 60947-4-3
Standardized function modules for
various applications
In addition to UL approval, the SIRIUS
solid-state switching devices of course
also meet all other important standards
and approvals such as IEC, CSA, CCC,
C-Tick and GOST and are thus globally
Multiple individual assembly options:
Switching of Resistive Loads
Even maximum switching frequencies are easily handled by our solid-state switching
devices. In addition to their basic application area, the switching of heaters, they can
also be employed for valves or other inductive loads. Depending on the respective
application, “zero-point switching” or “instantaneous switching” variants are
available. Besides simple on- and off-switching, the load circuits are monitored by
retrofittable function modules, allowing even heating power to be controlled.
SIRIUS solid-state relays
SIRIUS solid-state relays are suitable for assembly on existing cooling surfaces. The
mounting process is completed quickly and easily with only two screws. The power
semiconductor’s special technology ensures a perfect thermal contact with the heat
sink. Depending on the heat sink‘s characteristics, the devices offer a capacity of up
to 88 A for resistive loads. If very many resistive loads have to be controlled, the relays
can be mounted on a large group heat sink. With a dissipation of the power loss to the
outside, the control cabinet’s heating is minimized. For individual adjustments, the
solid-state relays can be extended by various function modules.
3RF21 single-phase solid-state relay
Single-phase versions
Three-phase versions
Solid-state relays 22.5 mm
With its narrow width of 22.5 mm, our
3RF21 solid-state relay saves space. The
logical connection technology, the power
supply from the top and the load connection from the bottom ensure a structured
assembly inside the control cabinet.
With their compact width of 45 mm, the
3RF22 three-phase solid-state relays offer a space-saving and cost-affordable
solution for the operation of three-phase
loads. Depending on the employed heat
sink, loads of up to 55 A can be switched.
You can also choose between two- and
three-phase controlled versions. The twophase controlled version distinguishes
itself as a result of having the lowest
power loss; the three-phase version can
be used when all three phases need to
be switched operationally. Similarly to
the 3RF21 solid-state relays, the power
supply line is connected from the top and
the load from the bottom. The removable
control plug allows for prewiring of the
Solid-state relays 45 mm
The 45 mm standard version 3RF20 offers
a top connection of the power supply
line and the load. This facilitates easy replacement of available solid-state relays
in existing assemblies. As with the
22.5 mm version, the control line is
simply plugged on.
3RF20 single-phase solid-state relay
3RF22 three-phase solid-state relay
SIRIUS solid-state contactors
SIRIUS solid-state contactors
The complete devices consist of a solid-state relay plus an optimized heat sink and
are “ready to use”. Due to the heat sink’s exact matching to the power semiconductor,
defined rated currents are realized. This way, solid-state switching devices which are
accurately matched to the respective load can be selected rapidly and easily. Depending on the version, current strengths of up to 88 A are supported.
Like all of our solid-state switching devices, our SIRIUS solid-state contactors stand
out with their compact and space-saving design. The devices can be mounted closely,
side by side, due to the special design of their terminals which are protected against
direct touch. The insulated mounting foot allows for the devices’ easy snap-on installation on the mounting rail or fitting to mounting plates using fixation screws. This
insulation facilitates the contactors’ application in circuits accommodating extra-low
protective or function voltages in building technology. For other application cases,
e.g. extended personal protection, the heat sink can be grounded by means of screwtype connections.
Optionally, SIRIUS solid-state relays and contactors can be installed in fuseless or fused
load feeders. Our single-phase solid-state contactors are furthermore available in a “shortcircuit-proof” special version. This way, semiconductor protection is also assured in fuseless assemblies. Due to a convenient matching of the power semiconductor to the solidstate contactor’s power rating, short-circuit-proof functionality is attained with a standard
supplementary protector. When combined with a B-type supplementary protector or a
conventional line protection fuse, a short-circuit-proof load feeder is assembled.
3RF23 single-phase solid-state contactor
3RF24 three-phase solid-state contactor
Single-phase versions
Three-phase versions
With seven versions, the 3RF23 singlephase solid-state contactors cover a current range up to 88 A. The 10.5 A and
20 A versions have a narrow width of
22.5 mm. Special versions facilitate the
devices’ application in public mains or
a short-circuit-proof assembly using a
supplementary protector up to 25 A.
The 3RF24 three-phase solid-state contactors are typically used in three-phase
applications. With five versions, offered
in two- and three-phase-controlled versions, a current range from 10 to 50 A is
covered. As with the three-phase solidstate relays, they serve a voltage range
from 48 to 600 V AC and are offered as
“zero-point switching” version. The wide
control voltage range from 4 to 30 V DC
allows for the devices’ operation on digital controls (PLC) or simple temperature
Maximum reliability in every respect:
Motor Switching
Ever increasing productivity requirements are driving an increase in the
switching frequency requirements for motor applications. This challenge poses
no problem for our SIRIUS solid-state contactors for motor switching. With threephase motors up to 7.5 kW (5 hp), they reliably operate even the maximum
switching frequencies. The application of solid-state reversing contactors allows
for a continuous reversal of the motor rotation. The typical application examples
include conveyor belts in parcel distribution systems or palletizing machines.
3RF34 three-phase solid-state contactor
Three-phase solid-state contactors
These two-phase-controlled, instantaneous switching solid-state contactors
embedded in an insulated enclosure are
rated up to 5 A in a width of 45 mm and
up to 16 A in a width of 90 mm. Motors
of up to 7.5 kW (5 hp) can be operated.
Three-phase solid-state reversing
The integration of four current paths
in a reversing circuit accommodated in
a single enclosure turns this device into a
particularly compact solution. Compared
to conventional systems, for which two
contactors are required, the three-phase
reversing contactors facilitate space savings of up to 50 % of the width. Devices
with a width of 45 mm cover motors up
to 2.2 kW (3 hp) and the 90 mm width
design serves motor applications up to
3 kW (3 hp).
3RF34 three-phase solid-state reversing contactor
Systematic combination and mounting
The SIRIUS solid-state contactors and reversing contactors are designed to be easily combined with components of the SIRIUS modular system. Connection with
SIRIUS motor starter protectors, SIRIUS overload relays or current monitoring relays
is effortlessly possible. This saves time in the assembly of fuseless and fused motor
feeders for frequently switching applications.
Fuseless and fused motor feeders
Extended functionality, improved options:
Function Modules
In the industrial world, challenges form part of everyday business. Production
capacities need to be adjusted to the respective requirements with even more
flexibility. This presents a clean-cut case for our SIRIUS solid-state switching
devices for the switching of resistive loads. Combined with standardized function
modules, these devices can be quickly and reliably extended and adapted to
individual requirements.
Simply snap on and work away
Single-phase solid-state contactor
with load monitoring
Three-phase solid-state contactor
with converter
Assembly of our function modules is completed in quickly. By simply snapping them
on, all connections to the solid-state relay
or contactor are established. The plug
connection for the control of the solidstate switching devices can be used. It
could hardly be simpler.
The function extension of the singlephase solid-state relays with a width of
22.5 mm and the single-phase solid-state
contactors by the function modules’ simple plug-on installation supports numerous different applications.
With three-phase applications, the threephase solid-state contactors and relays
can be extended by converters to assemble a simple power control.
For resistive and inductive loads:
Control Principles
Zero-point switching:
Switching of resistive loads, e.g. heating circuits
Instantaneous switching:
Switching of inductive loads, e.g. motors
Version for resistive loads:
“zero-point switching”
Version for inductive loads:
“instantaneous switching”
To assure an optimized control principle
for various loads, the functionality of
our single- and three-phase solid-state
switching devices has been adapted. For
resistive loads, the “zero-point switching”
principle is best. This means: The power
semiconductor is controlled exactly when
the voltage passes through zero.
For inductive loads, such as valves, the
“instantaneous switching” principle is a
better solution. Due to the distribution
of the switch-on point over the complete
sinusoidal curve of the mains voltage,
disturbances are minimized. This version
of the solid-state switching devices is
specifically matched to inductive loads.
Tasks such as the frequent operation of
valves in a filling system as well as the
start-up and shutdown of small drives in
parcel distribution systems are reliably
and quietly completed.
Special version for resistive loads:
Due to a special control circuit, this version of the single-phase solid-state contactor can be used in public mains up to 16
A without additional measures such as
noise suppression filters. Thus, the emitted interference does not exceed the limit
value curve Class B in accordance with
EN 60947-4-3.
Variable connection technology:
Screw-type connection, spring-loaded or ring cable lug
connection: SIRIUS solid-state switching devices offer the
optimum technology for all applications
All SIRIUS solid-state switching devices
are characterized by a large number of
available connection technologies. You
can choose between screw-type connection, the industrial standard for loads up
to 50 A, or the innovative spring-loaded
technology for loads up to 20 A, which
requires no screw connections while
guaranteeing a high vibration resistance.
Another option is the ring cable lug connection technology for safe attachment
of large cross-sections with currents up to
88 A. SIRIUS solid-state switching devices
offer the best suited main current connection for all assembly types including
protection against direct touch.
Overview table:
The SIRIUS Solid-State Switching Devices Portfolio
Frequent switching of resistive and inductive loads
Solid-state relay or solid-state contactor
ƒƒ Operation of individual heating
elements with constant resistance
ƒƒ Operation of valves
ƒƒ Starting and stopping small
single-phase motors
Frequent switching of motors
Solid-state contactor or solid-state reversing contactor,
three-phase units with
two or three phase control
ƒƒ S
tarting and stopping small three- phase motors
– Connection to the 3RV motor starter protector via link module
– Capable of attaching to the 3RB2 solid-state overload relay
Frequent switching and load monitoring
of solid-state relays/solid-state contactors
Solid-state relay or solid-state contactor
plus load or heat monitoring module
ƒƒ Operation of several heating elements with constant resistance
at a solid-state relay or solid-state
ƒƒ Operation and monitoring of
critical heating systems
Control of the heating power through ON/OFF ratio
Solid-state relay or solid-state contactor plus converter module
ƒƒ Distributed autonomous temperature control (the temperature controller directly cooperates with the
SIRIUS solid-state switching device)
Control of the heating power through ON/OFF ratio
(or phase angle control)
Solid-state relay or solid-state contactor plus power controller module
ƒƒ Power control through analog signal
Power control
Solid-state relay or solid-state contactor plus power regulator module
ƒƒ Complex heating systems
ƒƒ Heating elements with temperature-dependent resistance
ƒƒ Heating elements with long-time
ƒƒ Simple indirect temperature control
through power control
Solid-State Switching Devices in Practical Application
Resistive loads
Solid-state relays
Solid-state contactors
Function modules
Future-safe control of plastic
injection machines
Optimized bumper production in the
automotive industry
Easy heating zone monitoring of gluing
robots in the automotive industry
A monitoring option for the individual
heating zones is required for the efficient
control of plastic injection machines. Also
a cost-favorable and space-saving assembly as well as optimum stability, even with
high switching frequencies, represent further crucial aspects.
The retrofit process for bumper production machines amongst others aims at the
target of increased temperature control
quality. For this purpose, conversions
must be realized rapidly, effortlessly and
with minimum cost expenditures.
The ideal devices for these requirements:
SIRIUS solid-state relays 3RF2130 with a
maximum load current of 30 A and a
width of 22.5 mm. As an alternative, the
application of 3-phase solid-state relays
3RF2230 supports even further space savings. With these devices, for example
three loads respectively can be operated
in three-phase circuit with only one solidstate relay – with a width of only 45 mm.
ƒƒ Easy mounting directly on group heat
sink thanks to compact design
ƒƒ Easy plug-on retrofitting of load monitoring modules (e.g. 3RF29) on 1-phase
ƒƒ Virtually unlimited service life for high
system availability
Predestined for application in injection
molding plants: SIRIUS solid-state contactors. These extremely rugged devices facilitate particularly fast switching and ensure the required temperature quality at
all times.
ƒƒ Silent and wear-free switching – even
with high switching frequencies
ƒƒ Immediate applicability – thanks to optimally adjusted heat sink
ƒƒ Improved quality and cycle time reduction from 80 to 54 seconds – thanks to optimized temperature control
ƒƒ Power setting in percentage – conversion of analog into pulse width-modulated digital signals by means of plugon converter module
Hot glue is applied by a gluing robot for disk
mounting. For this purpose, the glue is transported from the drum pump to the dosing
head via a heated line system. During this
process, monitoring of the individual heating
zones is of vital importance. The current limit
value must be easily adjustable.
First choice for this application case: SIRIUS
solid-state contactors 3RF23 in connection
with the function module load monitoring
basic 3RF2920-0FA. Every module is able to
monitor up to six sub-loads per solid-state
switching device. Besides sub-load failure,
the load monitoring also signals mains failure as well as thyristor faults to the control –
at a fault response rate of 100 ms.
ƒƒ Easy and flexible teach-in of the setpoint
current via the teach button
ƒƒ Immediate display of radiator faults or
failures via the load monitoring module
– short response times for prevention of
ƒƒ Easy and space-saving plug-on mounting
of the load monitoring modules on a
SIRIUS solid-state contactor
Motor loads
Heating control SIPLUS HCS300I
Solid-state contactors/reversing contactors
Reliable and precise control of resistive loads:
Modular, easy and flexible
Compact, extremely durable reversing circuit in solar
Whether in automotive production or in the plastics industry:
Heating controls have to ensure the right temperature at the
right location at all times. This necessitates systems which are
characterized by maximum reliability and flexible adjustability to
individual requirements.
The following installation alternatives are available for the
configuration of photovoltaics plants: fixed installation or
tracking of the solar panels in one or two axes. The tracking
of these modules is controlled via solid-state contactors
3RF24. The plant’s automation has to be realized with minimum expenditures. The special maintenance situation calls
for a service-friendly and particularly durable solution.
Together with the solid-state switching devices SIRIUS 3RF2, the
modular heating control SIPLUS HCS300I represents the ideal solution for such applications. The switching devices can be easily
connected to the HCS300I via pre-assembled cables. This considerably reduces wiring expenditures in the control circuit and minimizes mounting times.
Every basic device of the SIPLUS HCS300I is able to control maximally 24 solid-state switching devices via 6-channel digital outputs and to operate four 4-channel temperature detections. The
current and voltage of the loads can be monitored. Communication to the superior control is realized via PROFIBUS DP.
ƒƒ Flexible, modular heating control of resistive loads
ƒƒ Easy integration in existing automation systems
ƒƒ Flexible wiring and commissioning
Further information is available at:
The rugged and compact SIRIUS solid-state reversing contactors represent the perfect solution for these requirements. Thanks to their minimum dimensions, they reduce
space requirements and thus minimize the control cabinet.
ƒƒ Considerably increased plant availability and reduced
service costs – thanks to extremely long service life
ƒƒ Perfect combination options with components from the
SIRIUS modular system (e.g. with SIRIUS circuit breakers
or SIRIUS overload relays)
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