Optimizing your equipment and plant asset efficiency

Optimizing your equipment and plant asset efficiency
Optimizing your equipment
and plant asset efficiency
SKF core technologies and services
The Power of Knowledge Engineering
SKF offers a complete approach
Lubricants and
lubrication systems
Industrial operations of every type and size, in every corner of the world, understand
that in today’s business environment, effectively managing assets throughout their lifecycle
can deliver real and on-going value and reduce Total Cost of Ownership. No single company
is better prepared to help you achieve this than SKF.
As the world leader and innovator in bearing technology for
more than 100 years, SKF has a unique understanding of rotating equipment and how machine components and industrial
processes are interrelated, in every major industry worldwide.
This knowledge – coupled with our expertise in sealing
solutions, lubrication systems, linear motion, machinery
maintenance, mechatronics, and services – enables us to
deliver real-world solutions that help maximize mechanical
performance over the entire lifecycle of an asset.
As a result, SKF is your single source for off-the-shelf and
customized technology products, solutions and services.
Global resources, local deployment
SKF is represented in more than 130 countries and
has 15 000 distributor locations worldwide. Our global
footprint provides local access to our extensive range of
technologies and services and ensures that you can
benefit from local support.
Many of the core products and technologies covered in
this brochure are available from your local SKF Authorized
Distributor. Some of our more specialized products, systems
and consultancy services are available by contacting your
nearest SKF representative, or at our expanding network of
SKF Solution Factories. Wherever and however we deliver
them, SKF solutions can help your operation:
• Improve productivity
• Reduce maintenance costs
• Improve energy efficiency
• Optimize design
• Reduce time to market
• Reduce total cost of ownership
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Power transmission
Linear motion
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Delivering added value at each phase of the asset lifecycle
During each phase of the asset lifecycle, SKF technologies and services help customers
to optimize machine design and performance, reduce energy consumption and lower
Total Cost of Ownership.
Bearings, units and housings
Backed by more than a century of bearing expertise, SKF is the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of high performance rolling bearings, plain bearings, bearing units and housings. Our products help companies in
countless industries extend equipment lifecycles, increase uptime, reduce maintenance and cut total operating costs.
For additional information about SKF bearings, units and housings, contact your local SKF representative,
or visit www.skf.com/bearings.
SKF bearings
SKF super-precision bearings
Recognized worldwide for their superior quality and long service life,
SKF ball, roller and plain bearings are the perfect choice for a wide
range of applications. Depending on the bearing type, design and
size, many SKF bearings are available in four performance classes:
Standard, SKF Explorer, SKF Energy Efficient and SKF super-precision.
SKF Explorer bearings
In response to the ever-demanding performance requirements of
modern machinery, SKF developed the SKF Explorer performance
class of rolling bearings. SKF Explorer bearings reduce environmental
impact by enabling downsizing and reducing both lubricant and
energy consumption. Just as importantly, SKF Explorer bearings
can reduce the need for maintenance and contribute to increased
Bearings in the SKF super-precision performance class are designed
and manufactured for machine tools, centrifuges, printing presses
and other applications that require a high degree of running accuracy
and long bearing service life.
SKF units and housings
SKF produces a wide range of ball and roller bearing units and
housings to meet the needs of virtually any application. Bearing
units, which consist of SKF bearings, housings, seals and lubricant,
are pre-greased and pre-assembled for quick and easy installation.
SKF Energy Efficient bearings
To meet the ever-increasing demand to reduce friction and energy
consumption, SKF has developed the SKF Energy Efficient (E2)
performance class for rolling bearings. Bearings within this
performance class are characterized by a frictional moment in the
bearing that is at least 30% lower when compared to a same-sized
standard SKF bearing.
Roller bearings
Ball bearings
Plain bearings
Bearing units and housings
Engineered solutions
SKF also offers unique engineered solutions to solve the problems
typically found in specific types of applications like electric motors or
industries (food and beverage). Some of these include:
Extreme temperature bearings
Developed for applications in which petroleum based lubricants are
either ineffective or impractical, extreme temperature bearings can
be used in either very hot or cold applications. They can also be used
in food and pharmaceutical processing equipment without the fear
of grease contaminating the product.
SKF extreme temperature bearings use graphite, which is baked into
the free space of the bearing to act as a lubricant, protecting the
bearing from contaminants and reducing environmental impact.
High-temperature bearings are also available with graphite paste;
or in the case of ball bearings, with a self-sacrificing graphite cage.
INSOCOAT bearings
INSOCOAT bearings are standard bearings that have been plasmasprayed with a ceramic coating. The coating acts as an
insulator to protect the bearing from the damaging effects of stray
electric currents. The coating is then sealed to protect against the
conductive effects of water and moisture.
Resistance ranges from 50 to 150 MW at a breakdown voltage
between 1 000 and 3 000 V DC.
SKF hybrid bearings
SKF hybrid bearings combine steel rings with silicon nitride rolling
elements. Silicon nitride is an extremely hard, non-conductive
material that provides a number of benefits beyond its insulating
properties. SKF hybrid bearings can accommodate higher speeds,
run better under poor lubrication conditions, resist the damaging
effects of contaminants and last significantly longer than all-steel
Solid Oil
Solid Oil is specially formulated for applications that make
traditional relubrication methods impractical.
Solid Oil reduces maintenance and environmental impact, and can:
• Supply more oil to the bearing than grease
• Keep contaminants out of the bearing cavity
• Eliminate the need for relubrication
• Eliminate the need for seals to retain lubricant
• Resist chemicals
• Withstand high g-forces
Extreme temperature bearings
Solid Oil
INSOCOAT bearings
Hybrid bearings
Sealing solutions
Being the world’s only bearing company with seal manufacturing capabilities, SKF supplies a wide range
of sealing solutions for rotating, reciprocating and static applications to industries worldwide. Innovative
SKF sealing solutions help customers to increase productivity and process reliability as well as to reduce
Total Cost of Ownership.
Based on extensive knowledge and experience in material technology, design and manufacturing
processes, SKF offers standard seals and custom engineered sealing solutions in a broad range of
elastomers, thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers. Our dedicated local teams of experts
are there to solve your challenging application demands.
For more information about SKF sealing solutions, please contact your local SKF representative,
or visit www.skf.com/seals.
Seals for general industrial applications
Seals for heavy industry applications
With a variety of designs and materials, SKF can offer shaft sealing
solutions for almost any power transmission application. Examples
include standard metric rubber
outside diameter seals and lowfriction seals with the SKF
WAVE lip design. SKF also offers
solutions with PTFE sealing lips,
withstanding aggressive environments, high temperatures
and pressures, as well as dry
SKF seals for heavy industry are designed to work under tough
operating conditions, such as high speeds and temperatures, while
retaining the lubricant and
excluding contaminants. Options
include heavy-duty metal-cased
seals, rubber outside diameter
seals with metal inserts or
fabric-reinforcement and allrubber seals.
Fluid power sealing systems
Machined seals and customized sealing solutions
SKF offers a wide range of fluid power seals, designed to
optimally work together in well-balanced sealing system solutions in
a hydraulic cylinder. The assortment includes rod, piston and
wiper seals as well as guides,
O-rings and back-up rings. SKF
fluid power seals are available in
a multitude of materials to provide optimal compatibility with
the various hydraulic fluids
encountered in service.
Independently of improving an existing design or creating a new
solution, SKF can help analyze the application requirements and
then select/create the optimal
sealing solution. Thanks to
SKF SEAL JET manufacturing
processes for machined seals,
customers benefit from high
flexibility and short delivery
times for customized sealing
Designed for hub bearing arrangements typically found on commercial and off-road vehicle axles, SKF SCOTSEAL is a robust, customized sealing unit. All three
different designs – Classic,
Longlife and PlusXL – install
easily and accommodate all
driving conditions.
SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE is a well-proven solution to fix worn shafts
within minutes, providing an excellent sealing surface without
having to disassemble the shaft
or change the seal dimensions.
SKF Mudblock
Metal face seals
SKF Mudblock cassette seals are radial shaft sealing units developed for heavy-duty applications in harsh environments. All SKF
Mudblock seals are designed with an integrated
wear sleeve, but can have any one of a number
of sealing lip and auxiliary lip configurations.
Their geometry provides excellent lubricant retention and optimum protection against water,
dust, mud and other contaminants.
SKF metal face seals HDDF are designed for severe operating conditions at relatively low circumferential speeds. HDDF seals consist
of two identical metal sealing rings and two
similar Belleville washers. Originally developed
for off-road and tracked vehicles, the seals are
also suitable for other applications exposed to
sand, soil, moisture and more.
V-ring seals
SKF Trackstar seals
V-ring seals are all-rubber seals for rotating shafts. Featuring a
conical-shaped sealing lip joined to the body with a resilient “hinge,”
V-ring seals install directly on the shaft and rotate with it, retaining lubricants and excluding
water spray and solid contaminants. They can
also act as a grease valve. SKF offers V-ring
seals in different designs, materials and sizes to
meet most application requirements.
SKF Trackstar seals are track pin seals designed for oil-lubricated,
off-highway track chains. Installed on the pin connecting a pair
of chain links, SKF Trackstar seals feature a
rubber energizer and a polyurethane sealing
ring. There is also a heavy-duty design
including a metal reinforcement ring moulded
into the polyurethane sealing ring, providing
additional rigidity for severe operating
The sleeve combined with an
SKF radial shaft seal provides
an enhanced sealing system,
resulting in a consistent and
increased operating durability.
This improved service life
predictability assists with
maintenance planning. For large shafts, SKF can also offer wear
sleeves for heavy industrial applications.
Lubrication solutions
Did you know that poor lubrication causes about 36% of all premature bearing failures? Along with helping to reduce
premature bearing failures and machine downtime, proper lubrication can increase energy efficiency. At SKF, we can
help you realize the true potential of lubrication.
SKF lubrication solutions range from specialized lubricants to state-of-the-art lubrication systems. Integrated SKF
lubrication solutions combine our expertise in bearings, seals and condition monitoring with our tribology knowledge
– the study of friction, wear and lubrication. You can also count on leading technical support and services, including
management programmes to help with lubricant selection, lubrication planning and lubrication system condition
monitoring – all from a single, reliable partner.
For more information about SKF lubrication solutions, please contact your local SKF representative, or visit
Automatic lubricators
Reflecting decades of research and development in many industries,
the extensive SKF lubricant line includes products formulated for
specific applications or conditions:
From single-point to multi-point units, SKF
automatic lubricators are an easy, cost-effective
and reliable way to improve machine lubrication
and save time on manual lubrication. Aroundthe-clock solutions, such as SKF SYSTEM 24
and SKF MultiPoint, provide consistent, controlled
dosages of SKF lubricants, minimising the risk of
over- or under-lubricating.
• Industrial and automotive bearing greases
• High performance
• Extreme temperatures
• Extreme operating pressures
• Biodegradable bearing grease
• Food compatible bearing grease
Lubrication management tools
Developed to provide applications with the right lubricant
at the right time, SKF lubrication management tools include:
From grease guns and packers to pumps and meters, SKF
manual lubrication tools include everything maintenance
professionals need to help keep bearings supplied with the
precise amount of contaminant-free grease.
• SKF LubeSelect, which assesses bearings and conditions to
determine the optimum grease
Lubrication services and support
• SKF Grease Test Kit, to assess grease condition
SKF offers a wide and growing range
of lubrication services, including
centralized lubrication system
installation, start-up and maintenance, oil and grease analysis and
training. And with SKF Client Needs
Analysis - Lubrication Management, we can identify your
plant’s maturity with regard to lubrication practices and
recommended actions for improvement.
• SKF Lubrication Planner, to develop and manage
a lubrication plan
• SKF LuBase, which provides details about 2 000+ bearing
Manual lubrication
Centralized lubrication systems
SKF centralized lubrication systems feed lubricant from a central
source to the connected points on a machine or machining system.
This solution minimizes friction and wear, eliminates potentially unsafe
manual lubrication and optimizes the amount of lubricant. It also
requires very little maintenance – refilling the lubrication reservoir
and visually inspecting the connected lubrication points are the only
necessary maintenance tasks.
SKF centralized lubrication systems include a comprehensive range
of products for both oil and grease lubrication. All of them can be easily
integrated with condition monitoring systems to give operators a
complete overview of the lubrication system, including pump status
and lubricant levels.
SKF MonoFlex
SKF ProFlex
Type: Single-line lubrication systems
Suitable lubricants: Oil and grease
with NLGI grades from 000 to 2
Application examples: Machine tool, printing,
textile, off-highway, food and beverage
Type: Progressive lubrication systems
Suitable lubricants: Oil and grease
with NLGI grades from 000 to 2
Application examples: Printing and industrial
presses, off-highway, wind turbines, food and
beverage applications
SKF DuoFlex
SKF MultiFlex
Type: Dual-line lubrication systems
Suitable lubricants: Oil and grease with NLGI
grades from 000 to 3
Application examples: Metal working machines,
pulp and paper industry, mining and cement
plants, deck cranes, power plants
Type: Multi-line lubrication systems
Suitable lubricants: Oil and grease
with NLGI grades from 000 to 3
Application examples: Oil and gas industry,
heavy industrial applications
SKF CircOil
SKF LubriLean
Type: Circulating oil lubrication systems
Suitable lubricants: Oil
Application examples: Pulp and paper industry,
metal working machines, heavy industrial
Type: Minimal quantity lubrication
(MQL) systems
Suitable lubricants: Oil
Application examples: Machine tools
SKF Oil+Air
SKF EasyRail
Type: Oil and air lubrication systems
Suitable lubricants: Oil
Application examples: Machine tools,
chain applications, steel industry
Type: On-board lubrication systems
Suitable lubricants: Oil and grease
with NLGI grades from 000 to 00
Application examples: High-speed trains,
regional and commuter trains, locomotives,
metros, light rail vehicles
Linear motion solutions
SKF is at the forefront of linear motion technology. Our extensive experience and knowledge enables us to
offer our customers efficient and reliable linear motion solutions. Whatever your needs in terms of guiding,
driving, actuation and positioning, SKF has a solution for you.
For more information about SKF linear motion solutions, please contact your local SKF representative,
or visit www.skf.com/linearmotion.
Guiding systems
Ball and roller screws
Guiding solutions
Driving solutions
Shaft guidings
Economical and simple, SKF shaft guides offer unlimited stroke,
self-alignment, adjustable preload and high sealing performance.
Corrosion-resistant versions are also available.
Miniature ball screws
SKF miniature ball screws are very compact and easy to mount.
Profile rail guides
Designed for unlimited travel, SKF profile
rail guides can withstand moment loads
in all directions. Units
are ready to mount,
reliable and easy to
load carrying capacity C 0 [N]
Static load carrying capacity C0 [N]
500 000
Precision [µm]
Linear ball bearings
Precision rail guides
n Linear ball bearings
rail guides
SKF precision rail
n Profile rail
n Precision
rail guides
rail guides
guides are available in
a modular range.
Features include different rolling elements cages, high precision,
high load-carrying capacity and stiffness and an anti-creeping
High precision
rolled ball screws
SKF rolled ball screws
feature several recirculating
systems, including long leads
for high speed. Suitable for
most driving requirements,
SKF high precision screws
can also accommodate backlash elimination or preload
Load carrying capacity
n Roller screws
n Ball screws
Ground ball screws
SKF ground ball screws combine high precision,
rigidity and design flexibility.
Roller screws
Exceeding the operating limits of ball screws, SKF roller screws
offer high speeds, fast acceleration and extreme precision and
rigidity. Backlash elimination or preload execution is also available
for increased stiffness.
Actuation systems
Positioning systems
Actuating solutions
Positioning solutions
Linear actuators
Available in a wide range of designs and configurations, SKF linear
actuators can handle industrial or health care applications requiring
high load capacities, high operating speeds or quiet, aesthetically
designed systems.
Miniature slides
Combining compact design, high carrying capacity and high running
accuracy, SKF miniature slides are easy to assemble and offer long
Telescopic pillars
Featuring quiet, robust,
powerful and attractive
designs, SKF telescopic
pillars are available in a wide
range for many applications.
Rotary actuators
Compact but able to produce
high torque, SKF rotary actuators are modular to meet
special design needs. Multiple
motor options are available.
Load capacity
n Standard actuators
n Special actuators
Control units
SKF control units enable application-focused system control,
including connections for foot, hand or desk switches.
Standard slides
Fitted with SKF standard
components, these slides are
available in several driven or
guided versions, and feature
a wide range of strokes and
load capacities.
Load capacity
Precision slides
n Precision slides
Featuring cast iron tops and
n Standard slides
bases, SKF precision slides
are fitted with SKF precision
rail guides that incorporate crossed roller units driven by pre-loaded planetary roller screws. Limit switches are available, and the
slides can be assembled to form multi-axis systems.
Complete systems
SKF can design complete positioning systems using standard
SKF components, or we can tailor custom solutions to meet unique
application requirements.
Power transmission products
Along with linking mechanical moving components, power transmission products play an important role in overall
bearing performance. Backed by deep SKF knowledge about the interplay between bearings and transmissions,
SKF Power transmission products can help customers improve machine maintenance and performance.
For more information about SKF Power transmission products, contact your local SKF representative, or visit
SKF can offer more than other suppliers
– a deep understanding of how bearings and
power transmission products work together. We apply this knowledge to help maintenance teams identify transmission-related
bearing problems, and choose the best
products for a given application.
SKF Power transmission products are
supplied via our own sophisticated worldwide warehousing and logistics system,
ensuring fast, reliable access to 30 000
products. Which means customers can keep
smaller, less costly parts inventories. The
SKF Power transmission product range
includes six main areas:
• Belts
• Pulleys
• Chains
• Sprockets
• Couplings
• Bushings and Hubs
SKF Couplings
SKF Xtra Chains
Suitable for many applications and environments, SKF Couplings
cover a wide range of coupling types, sizes and capacity ratings. For
large, heavy-duty applications, SKF Grid and SKF Gear Couplings
provide optimum contact with the shaft, and can accommodate high
torque values, reduce power loss and minimize the effects of
For most industrial applications, roller chains are one of the most
cost- and energy-efficient ways to transmit mechanical power
between two or more shafts. Robust SKF Xtra Chains improve on
these standard chain benefits by delivering even better performance and longer service life.
SKF Xtra Power Belts
Compared to standard wrapped belts, SKF Xtra Power Belts can
deliver up to 40% more power and up to 40% longer application
service life. The extended service life, combined with reduced
downtime and maintenance, helps cut operating costs.
• Reduced pulley groove wear due to optimized cover fabric
• Up to 97% drive efficiency
• Oil- and heat-resistant, antistatic cover
• One-shot belt tensioning – no retensioning after initial run-in
• Smoother running and lower vibration levels
• Good resistance to shock loads
Available profiles
• SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC (ISO wedge standard)
• 3V, 5V, 8V (RMA standard narrow wedge)
SKF Xtra Corrosion Resistant Chains
Constructed with stainless steel or available with a protective coating,
SKF Xtra Corrosion Resistant Chains deliver superior corrosion
resistance for the most demanding applications, such as food
processing or hygienic applications. SKF Xtra Corrosion Resistant
Chains with zinc or nickel plating will stand up to outdoor applications such as exposure to rain, while dacrotized chains are suitable
for extremely corrosive environments without losing strength.
SKF Xtra Strength Chains
Featuring optimized material hardness, precision component fitting
and larger parts, SKF Xtra Strength Chains deliver long service life
in the most demanding drive conditions. Capable of absorbing
higher shock loads than standard chains, SKF Xtra Strength Chains
are grouped by tensile strength and allowable load into four series:
the H, SH, SPH, and SHH.
SKF Xtra Performance SLR Chains
While they are interchangeable with standard roller chains, SKF
Xtra Performance SLR Chains require no relubrication and can
substantially reduce elongation in many applications. Chain service
life is increased as maintenance demands and costs are reduced.
Bushings and Hubs
Services and related products
Thanks to a century of bearing manufacturing, plus hands-on experience in every major industrial application area,
SKF has unmatched rotating machinery expertise. By combining this knowledge with the latest technologies, we
can offer many specialized services and solutions to help you reduce Total Cost of Ownership, reduce maintenance,
cut energy consumption and reduce environmental impact.
SKF services range from training and logistics to full PdM service contracts with qualified manpower and technology
to help maintain your plant – even remotely. We have expertise in machinery maintenance and asset management,
and we can help you reduce your operation’s energy usage and improve its sustainability. We can work with you to
define where to focus, and how to get the fastest return on your investment.
For more information about SKF service offerings, contact your local SKF representative,
or visit www.skf.com/services.
Asset Management Services
Drawing on 100+ years of manufacturing and rotating machine
reliability expertise, decades of consultancy experience in process
industries and leadership in condition monitoring, SKF Asset
Management Services are helping plants compete worldwide.
The Asset Efficiency
Optimization process
Using tools like our Maintenance Strategy Review (MSR) and the
SKF Client Needs Analysis – Asset Management (CNA-AM), we
begin by identifying plant improvement opportunities and
developing solutions to achieve them. Our consultants work to
understand your business goals, application challenges and plant
culture to create a road map for improving reliability.
Maintenance service contracts
PdM Services: SKF can provide the skilled workforce and associated
technologies to perform Predictive Maintenance Services (PdM) at
your plant.
PRM Services: Want to move from reactive maintenance to a
Proactive Reliability Maintenance (PRM) programme? SKF can
supply all necessary resources and manage the entire process.
SKF IMS: An SKF Integrated Maintenance Solution (IMS) agreement
is a partnership – SKF creates and implements your asset management strategy, collaborating with you to reduce the Total Cost of
Ownership of your assets.
Bearing Remanufacturing Services
Replacing large bore bearings
is an expensive proposition, both
in new bearing costs and lost
productivity. SKF Bearing
Remanufacturing Services
offers a far more affordable,
sustainable alternative.
Throughout our global network
of state-of-the-art service
centres, we routinely take
bearings earmarked for scrapping and remanufacture them to likenew condition for extended service – and substantial cost savings.
Spindle services
Backed by machine tool operating
experience from our own factories, plus our knowledge of highprecision bearings and spindle
engineering, SKF has the expertise to provide many highly
specialized spindle services.
Geared toward a range of
industries and applications,
SKF services include everything from engineering upgrades to
spindle analysis, reconditioning and replacement.
SKF Remote Monitoring Service
With our web-enabled SKF
Remote Monitoring Service,
implementing a world-class
predictive maintenance (PdM)
programme for periodic or
continuous monitoring of critical
machinery is just an Internet
connection away.
SKF Remote Monitoring Service combines SKF condition monitoring
tools to collect data, SKF experts to analyze data and the Internet to
communicate machine health status for informed decision-making.
This service is ideal for plants with limited staff trained in predictive
maintenance techniques, or operations with sites located remotely
from a central facility. Benefits include:
• Capital investment cost savings
• Increased data integrity
• Expert SKF analysis and recommendations
• Global, 24/7 access to reports and data
Mechanical maintenance
Rotating machinery problems –
misalignment, unbalance,
looseness and friction – are all
telegraphed through the bearing.
SKF mechanical maintenance
services can help diagnose,
prevent, and correct these
issues, and include:
• Precision alignment
• Precision balancing
• Lubrication management
• Bearing failure analysis
• Technology advice and machine upgrades
• Bearing installation
SKF training programmes can
give your staff the knowledge
and hands-on experience to help
your operation:
• Achieve higher levels of personnel and machine efficiency
• Determine and fix the root cause of machine and component
• Reduce accidental damage or under-utilization of equipment
• Increase machine uptime and productivity
• Enhance plant safety
SKF Certified Electric Motor Rebuilders
For many companies, electric
motor failures cause a continual
cycle of costly repairs and
unplanned downtime – factors
that can hurt the bottom line.
SKF Certified Electric Motor
Rebuilders apply exacting
standards and specifications to
increase motor reliability,
performance and profitability.
In certain locations, we also offer SKF Certified Pump Rebuilders,
who can help you maintain and get more from your pump assets.
Integrated condition monitoring technologies
With the right machine data – and the right tools to interpret it – you
can optimize your maintenance programme for greater productivity
and more effective asset lifecycle management. SKF has a complete,
integrated range of condition monitoring tools and technologies to
make it happen.
SKF hardware and software is designed to make it easier to collect,
analyze, use and share machine condition data.
• Minimize the risk of unplanned downtime
• Improve operational efficiency
• Reduce maintenance costs
• Optimize manpower resources
Maintenance products
Electric motor monitoring
SKF maintenance products help achieve
maximum bearing service life, optimize
machine performance and improve
machine and operator safety. Products
include pullers, fitting tools, heaters,
instruments, lubricants, lubricators and
oil injection equipment.
Basic condition monitoring products
Designed for experts and novices, this basic
proactive maintenance equipment helps
users spot-check machines and establish
trends to identify problems early before they
result in costly, unplanned downtime.
Portable data collectors and analyzers
The SKF Microlog series of portable data
collectors and analyzers can handle all
tasks needed to perform predictive maintenance on a range of rotating machinery.
Route-based systems are
supported by SKF @ptitude Monitoring
Suite software.
Online surveillance and protection
Ideal for installation in unsafe or hard-toreach locations, the SKF Multilog Series of
on-line monitoring systems automatically
collects vibration and process data 24/7,
transmits data into the SKF @ptitude
Monitoring Suite and alerts plant
personnel to machine condition changes.
Whether your maintenance programme is just getting off the
ground or you are executing an enterprise-wide strategy to take it
to the next level, SKF condition monitoring solutions can help:
SKF/Baker offers a range of products
for static testing and dynamic motor
monitoring to help maintenance
professionals detect electric motor
problems prior to failure.
Shaft alignment tools
Shaft misalignment in rotating equipment
generates loads and vibration that can
damage bearings, seals and couplings, and
increase energy consumption. SKF shaft
alignment tools use advanced technologies
to detect and correct shaft misalignment,
quickly and easily.
Operator Driven Reliability (ODR)
Operations personnel are usually the first to
detect even the smallest changes in process
conditions and machinery health. SKF makes
it easier to implement and run an effective
ODR programme by helping operators record,
report and initiate timely corrective actions for
degrading equipment.
Wireless monitoring
Our market-leading portfolio of wireless
condition monitoring solutions includes
options for WiFi, wireless HART and
Bluetooth. SKF wireless technologies are
ideal for monitoring assets in hard-toreach or hazardous areas, or locations
encompassing large amounts of real estate, such as tank farms and
Energy & Sustainability Management
SKF can leverage more than 100 years of application knowledge gained
from working with customers in every major industry, many of which are
energy-intensive. As a result, SKF can offer a range of services and
technologies to help reduce energy consumption and improve
sustainability, including:
• SKF Client Needs Analysis – Energy & Sustainability
• SKF Energy Monitoring Services
–– Compressed air
–– Pump systems
–– Fans
• Shopfloor awareness cards
SKF Documented Solutions Program
Using web-based software
that calculates the expected
value of a machine solution,
the SKF Documented
Solutions Program lets you
see how SKF technologies
can benefit your unique situation. The program calculates total cost reductions
in areas such as
energy, lubrication, inventory, warranty costs, manpower, machine
life, reliability, output and quality, equipment downsizing and over
250 others.
The program can also generate specific solutions for targets identified by the SKF Client Needs Analysis – a program that compares a
company’s own operating information to global best practices in
order to identify the most promising areas for improvement.
SKF Logistics Services
Once an in-house SKF
unit, SKF Logistics
Services is now a global
logistics services provider
focused on industrial
enterprises. With 15
strategically located
logistics centres and
selected partners worldwide, we provide a range of services and
solutions in more than 170 countries.
Whether your goal is a single on-time shipment, an expansion of
your market or widespread improvements to your current logistics
system, we can make it happen.
Inbound, outbound, around the world or around the corner, SKF
Logistics Services can manage your every logistics detail, allowing
you to focus on your core business. Our service areas include:
• Transportation management
• Warehousing
• Product information and packaging
• IT systems and business consultancy
SKF Authorized Distributors
Our authorized distributor network delivers a valuable mix of resources to SKF customers worldwide. SKF Authorized
Distributors combine local market knowledge, efficient IT and logistics systems and support from expert SKF
application engineers to offer our customers the highest levels of service.
SKF serves its largest group of customers in the industrial and vehicle aftermarkets, both directly and via a global
network of distributors that includes the types highlighted below. For more information, or to locate your nearest
SKF Distributor, contact your local SKF office, or visit www.skf.com.
SKF Authorized Distributors
SKF Certified Maintenance Partners
When you purchase your bearings from an
SKF Authorized Distributor, you can do so
with confidence, knowing that you have
access to expert advice, plus the assurance
that you will avoid the problems associated
with counterfeit bearings. In addition to
supplying genuine SKF bearings, your SKF
Authorized Distributor can provide you with seals, lubrication, linear
motion, services and related products.
SKF Certified Maintenance Partners (CMP)
are SKF Authorized Distributors who have
received advanced machine reliability training
to help you monitor machine operation,
predict machine failures and uncover hidden
cost-saving opportunities. Using a range of
proprietary SKF tools and analysis software,
they collect and analyze much more machinery and process data
than most predictive-maintenance service providers.
SKF Specialized Distributors
SKF Vehicle Service Market Distributors
To better assist end-user customers in
several specialized areas, specialized SKF
distributors include:
• SKF Lubrication Systems Distributors
• SKF Seals Distributors
• SKF Linear Motion Distributors
• SKF Actuation Systems Distributors
Our Vehicle Service Market Distributors
handle the complete SKF line of aftermarket
repair products for both automotive and
commercial vehicle applications.
SKF Solution Factory
By combining multiple areas of product expertise, an SKF Solution Factory is able to provide integrated, value-added
solutions, whether you are trying to solve a chronic equipment failure, or trying to reduce overall maintenance costs.
Whatever your operating challenge may be, an SKF Solution Factory can help you meet it.
For more information about SKF Solution Factories contact your local SKF representative, or visit
To provide our customers with direct access to SKF’s global capabilities,
SKF has created a unique concept: the SKF Solution Factory.
Here, under one roof, we offer a wide range of specialized services
that draw on all of our core competencies and industry-specific
At SKF Solution Factories customers can solve difficult application
challenges, consult with lubrication specialists and have a custommachined seal designed and manufactured on the spot.
They can also receive bearing remanufacturing and spindle repair
services, training and total shaft solutions including expert mounting,
alignment and balancing. Depending on location, customers can
also take advantage of remote condition monitoring and expert
The bottom line? SKF Solution Factories provide integrated, valueadded solutions to optimize your plant asset efficiency and reduce
your Total Cost of Ownership.
Specialist competencies
Service centres
All the knowledge needed to provide truly customized
solutions and to manage your Total Cost of Ownership.
Helping you to maximise the performance of your machinery.
Asset management
Energy and sustainablility
Remote diagnostics
Lubrication management
Bearing remanufacture
Bearing analysis
time to
Project management
Application engineering
Engineering consultancy
Industry knowledge
World-class products are one thing. Knowing how best to use them
is another. Over the last 100 years, we have gathered a wealth of
industrial and application experience together with our customers.
Spindle services
Lubrication systems
Product customization
Total shaft solutions
Electronic repair
and calibration
Core technologies and services
The heart of our offer. Every SKF product, service and
solution is built on one or more of these technologies.
Machine tools
Bearings and units
Pulp & Paper
HPI and Oil & Gas
Mining, minerals
processing and cement
Lubrication systems
Food and beverage
Customized sealing
Linear motion and
actuation systems
Power transmission
D e si g n an d de v el
ti o
The building blocks of knowledge engineering
As the world leader in bearing technology for over a century, we have
developed an extensive range of core technologies and services which
build on our knowledge of rotating equipment and how machine
components and industrial processes are interrelated. These include
seals, lubrication, linear motion, machinery maintenance, asset
management and mechatronics, which combines mechanics and
electronics into intelligent systems.
And through working with customers in every major industry worldwide,
we have wide experience in applying our technologies and services at
each phase of the asset lifecycle, often providing application solutions
that were never previously possible.
With a deep understanding of cultures and regions, we work in close
partnership with our customers, combining our experience and
knowledge to find solutions to their specific challenges. We help them
improve productivity, reduce maintenance costs, improve energy
efficiency, optimize designs, reduce time to market and reduce total cost
of ownership. Ultimately – we make them more successful and profitable.
This is what we call “the power of knowledge engineering”.
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