Partner Connect Sell Sheet
PartnerConnect™ helps manage your investment.
So your facility can care for patients.
Diagnosis and preemptive services help you solve issues before they
become problems.
PartnerConnect is an innovative feature of the Welch Allyn Partners in Care Services program
that enables remote diagnostics of devices and systems. Software installations, updates, and
upgrades can all be delivered and performed remotely. PartnerConnect also enables preemptive
service capabilities on the Welch Allyn platform, allowing our Partners in Care Technical Support
Center to remotely view your devices and system configurations—with your authorization—in
real time via the Internet to provide:
Enhanced troubleshooting
Installation assistance
Device and system operational support
Software updates and enhanced options
License delivery
How it works.
PartnerConnect Data Center
Welch Allyn Enterprise
Two-Way Communication
(Firewall Friendly™)
Why PartnerConnect?
PartnerConnect delivers complete, accurate troubleshooting and diagnostics with minimal time
and effort on your part. Its automated data transfers allow your staff to focus on critical matters,
while our technicians work to keep your devices and systems up and running. PartnerConnect:
Speeds call resolution and reduces downtime
Helps you schedule required maintenance before devices go down
Helps lengthen device life and reduces total cost of ownership
Lets you install software at your convenience to reduce
patient care disruption
Improves communication between our Partners in Care
Technical Support Center and your IT/biomed department
Enhances learning through troubleshooting
with screen-sharing capability
Just like a browser accessing a website,
PartnerConnect remote access software
communicates with the PartnerConnect server
using your existing network connection—with
the Internet access and network security that’s
already in place, so there’s no impact to your
existing IT infrastructure.
Why it’s secure
Your connection to Welch Allyn is Firewall Friendly™ —with automated, two-way connections to
products deployed at your facility without special firewall rules. All data passed is confidential
and made secure with 128-bit SSL encryption.
PartnerConnect never enters your network. The PartnerConnect agent only sends service data (not
clinical data) out of your network—so you’ll never have to accept any outside connections or open
up ports for PartnerConnect to operate—and addresses are never revealed outside the network.
PartnerConnect agents are configured with FIPS mode enabled, which imposes the stricter security
standards that are often required in government settings.
Remote connections are only established upon your request and approval, and will always be
limited locally at your site. These connections allow real-time diagnostics of nonpatient device
data to help Welch Allyn technical support:
Deliver the appropriate service level, while ensuring that all security measures are in place
Access system event and error logs to define conditions
• Observe workflow to help isolate issues more quickly
Plus, multiple remote connections can be opened to allow other subject matter experts to
connect instantly along with Welch Allyn technical support.
>You call Welch Allyn Partners in Care Technical
Support Center to request assistance
>Service technician logs into PartnerConnect server
through the tech-support portal
>Portal displays a list of devices/systems that the
technician can review
>Technician selects device/system in question from the portal and requests a remote connection to
your selected server or workstation
>PartnerConnect agent on your server or workstation contacts the PartnerConnect server and receives
the connection request
PartnerConnect is compatible with PCs running Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003, 2008, XP, or Vista®
• Your equipment must allow access to server ( over the Internet
on port 443 (SSL)
• You are responsible for providing an existing Internet connection
Sample PartnerConnect
Remote Session:
>PartnerConnect server establishes a secure tunnel connection to your server or workstation
>PartnerConnect server sends information to the
audit log (timestamp, user, device, etc.)
>Desktop server prompts you for permission to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Statement
There are HIPAA regulations that govern access to, and treatment of, patient-specific medical
information. The PartnerConnect* technology is designed to enable compliance with these
regulations, limiting access to protected health information through the following design features:
Firewall protection
Data transmission security through encryption
Username/password access controls
User authentication
User privilege administration
allow Welch Allyn to access the server or
workstation through a remote session
>You grant permission for the session
>Technician supplies a password when prompted
>Technician interacts with the local system through
the desktop server and assists you
>You share the session with the service technician
so you see everything that’s done, just as if the
technician was on-site
>After work is completed, the technician terminates More detailed information regarding security protection is available upon request.
the remote desktop connection
>The PartnerConnect server sends disconnect
information to the audit log
To learn how PartnerConnect can help keep your services and devices up and running, contact your
Welch Allyn representative, call 1.800.535.6663 to speak with a customer service representative, or
Welch Allyn Corporate Headquarters
4341 State Street Road, P.O. Box 220, Skaneateles Falls, NY 13153-0220 USA
(p) 800.535.6663 (f) 315.685.3361
*PartnerConnect was formerly known as Remote Service Delivery System (RSDS).
© 2010 Welch Allyn SM4029 Rev A
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