AN How to replace DOM in NVR3000 while keeping the previous video data

AN How to replace DOM in NVR3000 while keeping the previous video data
How to replace DOM in NVR3000 while keeping the previous video data
Application Notes
This application note will instruct user step by step to upgrade your NVR3000
system to 3.1.0.A03 version by replacing DOM; meanwhile, it can keep your old video
data. The DOM is referred to an USB fresh drive which is preinstalled in the NVR3000.
The purpose of the DOM is used to recover the operation system.
User needs to follow below 7 steps to complete the DOM replacement.
 Step 1: Check HDD status in storage manager
 Step 2: Export configuration
 Step 3: Replace the DOM
 Step 4: Run wizard
 Step 5: Restore the previous RAID
Step 6: Activate the license
Step 7: Import configuration
Step 1: Check storage manager HDD status
 Go to “ VMS Setup” > “Record” > “Storage” to check storage manager
 Please make sure the RAID Status is Normal.
Go to live view page and restart the NVR to check if the NVR can reboot
normally. If NVR fails to reboot, please stop the upgrade procedure and
contact Surveon FAE right away.
Step 2: Export configuration
Insert a clean USB drive in NVR3000.
Go to VMS Setup > Maintenance > Import/Export.
Export “Server Configuration”, “View Configuration”, “E-map Configuration”,
and “Account List” to USB drive.
Following the NVR message to export configuration and click “No” to
In the last export action, click yes to unmount USB drive
Plug out the USB drive
Turn off NVR3000
Step 3: Replace the DOM
Replace it to the new 3.1.0 A03 DOM.
Turn on NVR3000 and make sure there is no USB device inserted with NVR.
Step 4: Run Wizard
In wizard, there is a step to build RAID.
Press “OK” and click “Next, to skip the RAID building step.
Skip to add cameras steps.
The wizard will take around 8 minutes to complete process
Step 5: Restore the previous RAID
 After wizard finished, go to VMS Setup > Record > Storage
 Click Setting > Check. The previous RAID and data will be restored.
Then NVR3000 will restart.
Step 6: Activate the license
 After ensuring the old RAID is restored, please export hardware information.
 Go to Setup > Maintenance > License Settings > select “Browse” and click
Remember to insert a USB device before you select “Browse”.
Please send the exported “.info” file to Surveon FAE. Surveon FAE will send
back a “.lis” file.
Go to “License Settings” and click “Add”. Select the “.lis” document sent
from Surveon FAE. Then the license will be added back.
If the information appears in license Settings, it means you successfully add
the license back.
Step 7: Import configuration
 Go to VMS Setup> Maintenance > Export/Import
 Import “View Configuration”, “E-map Configuration”, “Account List”, “Server
Configuration” (Please import Server Configuration in final as NVR will pop-up
restart message)
If the original FW version is old version, such as 2.5.0.A08, 2.5.0.A10 and
3.1.0.A01, the system might reboot automatically once again within 2
minutes after restart. The above situation is considered normal and under
After restarting, you can see the old configuration applied in NVR
You will see the old video data in playback.
 After upgrading, please check if the default alarm rule is configured in default
setting. If there is no rule in the configuration, please set up one manually.
Email Notification Settings might need to be configured manually after
If you see the network disconnected message in event window after reboot it
could be resulted from the factor that NVR3308 LAN2 doesn't connect to any
network device.
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