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Real Time Asset Tracking Device for High Value Assets
GPS based Asset tracker with GPRS Modem
18Ah re-chargeable battery with intelligent
power management
Available with magnetic mount or external
charging connector options
IP66 Water resistant case
Container or Trailer Security and Recovery
High Value Asset and Equipments
Seasonal Equipment (ex: Snowmobile, lawn
movers) Security and Tracking
Hetrac 8 is a real-time monitoring (GPS or AGPS) device dedicated to security and tracking of high value assets such as
containers and trailers. The Hetrac 8 is autonomous and discrete with an integrated GSM/GPRS and GPS functions in a single
robust watertight (IP 66) case. With an integrated GSM and GPS antennas, the data communication can be achieved over SMS,
GSM or GPRS networks. The Hetrac 8 has a 18.9 Ah rechargeable battery, power management circuitry and a motion sensor
that will allow extended duration tracking with a low battery alert. The Hetrac 8 is available in a water resistant packaging with
an optional magnetic mount or external battery charging connector.
Class 12 GPRS, Mobile Station Class B PBCCH support. Coding schemes CS 1-4; Internal antenna
Quadband operation (850/900/1800/1900MHz); PDU, MO/MT cell broadcast
uBlox GPS engine; Fix Times: 30 secs cold start; 1 second hot start
Motion sensor triggered power management circuitry for extended duration operations.
18.9Ah battery (17.6Ah external Li-Ion rechargerable battery + 1.3Ah device battery)
Battery Life Expectency:
9 months @ 1 location update a day w/sleep mode implementation
6 months @ 4 location updates a day.
External wall charger unit included.
Dimensions: 5.51” x 3.58” x 2.67”
Weight: 1.5 Lbs
Mounting: 2 mounting tabs with 0.169” dia holes.
Material: Polycarbonate; IP65 and Nema 4X rated (for fully sealed units only; does not apply to
magnetic mounting or external charging connector options)
Operational Temperature: -20 deg C to +55 deg C
Storage Temperature: -30 deg C to +70 deg C
Ordering Information:
Hetrac 8:
Hetrac 8M:
Hetrac 8E:
Fully sealed
Magnetic base option
External charging connector option
Note: Hetrac 8M and 8E are water tight only. All specifications are subject to change without notice.
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