Applying the Sun Shield to the Mobile Camera System Monitor

Applying the Sun Shield to the Mobile Camera System Monitor
Applying the Sun Shield to the
Mobile Camera System Monitor
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Applying the Sun Shield
The sun shield applies to the top, left, and right sides of the 5.6" and 7.0" monitors available with the Federal
Signal Mobible Camera System.
To secure the sunshield to the monitor:
1. Make sure the surfaces are clear of any dirt, dust, or grease. Wipe clean the top and the sides of the
monitor to ensure that the adhesive areas of the sun shield bond strongly to the monitor.
2. Peel the red adhesive strip from the top inside surface of the sun shield.
3. Without pressing down, align the adhesive side with the top edge of the monitor and one top corner of
the monitor.
4. After aligning the sun shield, lightly and evenly press down on the top surface of the sun shield to fix it into
position. For a strong bond, press firmly along the top of the sun shield.
6. Peel the red adhesive strip from either the left or right side of the sun shield, and press the adhesive side firmly
along the edge of the the monitor. For a strong bond, press firmly along the side of the sun shield.
7. Repeat step 6 on the other side of the monitor.
Figure 1 Sun shield with adhesive strips
Getting Technical Support and Service
Federal Signal Corporation will service your equipment or provide technical assistance with any problems
that cannot be handled locally. Any product returned to Federal Signal for service, inspection, or repair must
be accompanied by a Return Material Authorization number. The RMA number can be obtained from your
local distributor or Federal Signal. Please provide a brief explanation of the service requested or the nature of
the malfunction. Contact your local dealer/distributor for replacement parts availability or contact the Federal
Signal Service Department (7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, Central Time) at:
Installation Instructions
Service Department
Federal Signal Corporation
2645 Federal Signal Drive
University Park, IL 60484-3167
Ordering Replacement Parts
To order replacement parts, please contact your local dealer/distributor or:
Customer Support
Federal Signal Corporation
Phone: 1-800-264-3578
Returning a Product to Federal Signal
Before returning a product to Federal Signal, call 800-264-3578, 800-433-9132, or 800-824-0254 to obtain
a Returned Merchandise Authorization number (RMA number). To expedite the process please be prepared
with the following information:
Your Federal Signal customer or account number.
The purchase order number under which the items were purchased.
The shipping method.
The model or part number of the product being returned.
The quantity of products being returned.
Drop ship information as needed.
Any estimate required.
When you receive your RMA Number:
Write the RMA number on the outside of the box of returned items.
Reference the RMA number on your paperwork inside of the box.
Write the RMA number down, so that you can easily check on status of the returned equipment.
Send all material with the issued RMA Number to:
Federal Signal Corporation
Public Safety Systems
2645 Federal Signal Drive
University Park, IL 60484-3167
Attn: Service Department
RMA: #__________
800-343-9706 (fax)
Sun Shield for Mobile Camera System Monitor
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