Quick Start Guide for the Quartus II Software

Quick Start Guide for the Quartus II Software
Quick Start Guide
For Quartus II Software
This Quick Start Guide will show you
how to set up a Quartus® II project,
enter timing requirements, and
compile the design into an Altera® device.
Three-Step Design Compilation
in Quartus II Software
Run the New Project Wizard
a. Specify project directory, name, and top-level entity.
b. Specify project design files.
c. Specify Altera device family for the design.
d. Specify device (or specify device information for automatic device selection).
e. Specify other EDA tools to be used for this project.
f. Review project settings.
Run the TimeQuest Timing Analyzer
a. On the Process menu, click Start
Analysis & Synthesis to build a netlist in preparation for TimeQuest timing analyzer use.
b. On the Tools menu, click TimeQuest Timing
Analyzer to launch TimeQuest analyzer.
i. On the Netlist menu, click Create Timing
Netlist and select Post-map to create the timing netlist with timing delay information.
ii. Specify your design timing constraints using the analyzer’s graphical user interface (GUI) or by using the Synopsys Design Constraint (SDC) text editor.
c. On the Assignment menu, click Timing Analysis Settings to specify TimeQuest
analyzer as the timing analysis tool and to add your SDC file to the project.
Quartus II Assignment menu provides all settings and assignments for the project.
Compile the Design
a. Select one of the following methods to compile
the design:
i. On the Processing menu, click Start Compilation.
ii. On the menu toolbar, click .
iii.On the Processing menu, click Compiler Tool
and click Start.
b. When compilation is complete, refer to the Compilation Report window to view information on compiler settings, resource usage, and compilation equations.
Timing analysis is also performed during compilation on the current design, and the Compilation Report window includes the timing information.
Get Quartus II Help and Information
Refer to the Quartus II Help
Press F1 from a highlighted menu command or active dialog box for context-sensitive help
Choose Index (Help menu) to view the index
Choose Search (Help menu) to perform a search
Choose Contents (Help menu) to view the contents
Quartus II Interactive Tutorial
The Quartus II software includes a Flash-based Interactive Tutorial. The modules of this tutorial teach you
how to use the basic features of the Quartus II design software, including design entry, compilation, timing
analysis, simulation, and programming.
This tutorial includes audio and Flash animation components, and is best experienced with a sound card
and speakers and at least 1024x768 display resolution.
Once you start the tutorial, you can jump immediately to any tutorial module by clicking the Contents
button. Once you select a tutorial module, you can click the ShowMe, GuideMe, or TestMe buttons at any
time to jump directly to the tutorial mode that best suits your learning style.
For More Information
Introduction to the Quartus II Software
Quartus II Online Demos
Quartus II Development Software Handbook
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