Brochure: Rosemount E-Series Magnetic Flowmeters

Brochure: Rosemount E-Series Magnetic Flowmeters
Rosemount E-Series
Magnetic Flowmeters
Making a difference for your process
E-Series technology makes the difference
Rosemount E-Series technology really does make a difference
in how you install, maintain and verify your magnetic
flowmeters, allowing you to better manage your process.
Availability is critical to a profitable operation
Keeping the process running and safe is fundamental to a successful
operation. If your flow measurement is unreliable, it can impact your
process and shut down your facility. E-Series makes it easier, so you
know it is ready to perform in your application. In addition, E-Series
diagnostics provide insight into process dynamics and meter health
before they become problems that can shut down your facility.
Improving throughput and quality increases efficiency
Optimizing a process can be difficult if your flow measurement is
uncertain. With E-Series, you get industry-leading performance and
verification that the measurement is right. Confidence in your flow
measurement allows you to tighten your control, reduce process
variability and improve quality.
Reducing maintenance costs improves the bottom line
Resolving issues, maintaining instruments and verifying calibration can be timeconsuming and expensive. With E-Series Meter Verification and diagnostics the
meter will tell you if there is an issue – and what action to take to resolve it.
Reliability improves availability
Superior accuracy for improved process control
Designed for reliability
Inaccurate flow measurement makes process control and
optimization difficult. In addition to reference accuracy,
inadequate straight pipe runs, ambient temperature effects
and digital to analog (D to A) conversion errors all have an
impact on the measurement accuracy achieved in the field.
Keeping your process running safely with reliable measurements is critical. Moisture, vibration and changing
environmental conditions all work to undermine the reliability of your magnetic flowmeter and the resulting
measurement. The Rosemount E-Series is designed to be the most reliable magnetic flowmeter available, and every
meter is tested prior to shipping to ensure it is ready for your application.
Total Magmeter Performance
Ambient Temperature Effect
Analog Output Effect
Robust construction
E-Series magnetic flowmeters are
unaffected by moisture. The transmitter
is designed with dual compartments and
uses local operator interface technology
to keep the electronics moisture-free
and maintain safe local configuration in
hazardous environments. The sensor
is all-welded to eliminate gaskets and
prevent moisture ingress.
Industry-leading installed performance
Every E-series transmitter goes through a
temperature characterization and verification
process to minimize the effects of ambient
temperature changes, D to A conversion, and
repeatability. The result is a dramatic improvement
in installed performance for your application.
High Accuracy
Magmeter Performance
Superior reliability
E-Series magnetic flowmeters are reliable in high
vibration applications. The E-Series transmitter design
passed nine independent vibration test specifications,
including IEC61298-3 High Vibration Pipeline and
US MIL-810. By eliminating extra wiring connections,
E-Series sensor magnetics improve performance and
reliability in applications where vibration is an issue.
The Rosemount E-Series delivers a two-fold
improvement in accuracy over traditional
magnetic flowmeters. E-Series transmitters
feature enhanced circuitry for both the coil
driver and measurement electrodes, as well
as improved sensor magnetics. The result is
standard accuracy of 0.25 % +/- 1mm/s with an
option for 0.15% +/- 1mm/s.
Transmitter testing on vibration stand
2X Improvement in accuracy
High Accuracy
Diagnostics simplify your life
Transmitter LOI
A noisy flow measurement is a common issue in
applications where there is a slurry, entrained gas, or an
active chemical reaction. E-Series high process noise
detection diagnoses these causes and provides a means
to remove the variability from your flow measurement.
When high process noise is detected, simply adjust from
the standard coil drive frequency (5 Hz) to the high coil
drive frequency (37 Hz). This will stabilize readings
without adding dead-time to your control loop, allowing
for tighter set-points and improved process control.
AMS Device Manager
AMS Device Manager
Improve process control signal
Transmitter LOI
Installing, maintaining and troubleshooting a flowmeter can be time consuming. To simplify these
tasks, Rosemount E-Series offers unprecedented diagnostics that let you verify the meter’s
installation and health throughout the life of the meter. If there is an issue, the diagnostics provide
actionable feedback. The diagnostics can be easily accessed through the meter’s local operator
interface, a 475 communicator or AMS® Suite: Intelligent Device Manager software.
Simplify installation
Improper grounding is the most common
installation issue with magnetic flowmeters.
With E-Series ground & wiring fault
detection diagnostic, you can quickly verify
that your installation is correct. Now, no
matter who installs your meter, getting it
right is easy.
Reduce maintenance and troubleshooting
With Emerson meter verification you can confirm
the health of the entire E-Series magnetic
flowmeter - both transmitter and sensor – without
the need for additional external equipment. It’s no
longer necessary to remove the sensor from the
line or use costly and time consuming specialized
equipment to verify a meter’s performance.
AMS Device Manager
Diagnostics when you want them
Simplify access to E-Series diagnostics
With E-Series Magnetic Flowmeters from Rosemount, enabling diagnostics in the field is easy. Every
E-Series transmitter has the capability to field license the advanced diagnostics allowing you to take
advantage of the diagnostics when you need them.
The Rosemount E-Series Magnetic Flowmeters with the Smart Wireless THUM adapter powers
the PlantWeb® digital plant architecture by delivering more advanced field intelligence for better
decision-making to help you achieve unparalleled efficiency and productivity.
Step 3: Electrode Type and Material Selection
Comprehensive magnetic flowmeter offering
E-Series delivers a wide offering of electrode and liner materials,
process connections, and enhanced features to meet the many
needs of the process industries.
Electrode Type
Application Notes
Standard electrode design. Use for most applications, especially where abrasion is a concern.
Has fair resistance to coating which can be improved by properly sizing flowtube sensor.
Use where coating is a concern and no solids are present. Bullet-nose electrode should not
be used in abrasive or slurry applications as the particles will result in increased process noise
on the electrodes.
Electrode Material
Application Notes
316L SST
Standard electrode material. Compatible with most low concentration water based applications.
Avoid using stainless in higher concentration acid applications.
Nickel Alloy 276
Use in medium to high concentration acids where SST is not acceptable. Use in applications with
high chloride concentrations, such as sea water.
Step 1: Sensor Type
Application Notes
Accuracy Option
Line Sizes
Coil Drive Power
Standard process design
0.25% Standard
0.15% High
15 - 900mm
0.5 - 36 inch
Pulsed DC
(80% Platinum, 20% Iridium)
Ideal for liquor applications found in pulp and paper industry. Also ideal as a spare electrode option
to cover nearly every application in a plant. Compatible with nearly every process fluid.
Ideal for high concentration acid flows such as hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids.
Compact light-weight
0.25% Standard
0.15% High
4 - 200mm
0.15 - 8 inch
Pulsed DC
Ideal for high concentration caustic (base) applications such as sodium and potassium hydroxides.
Designed for F&B and life
science, 3-A and EHEDG
0.5% Standard
0.25% High
15 - 100mm
0.5 - 4 inch
Pulsed DC
Best in P&P, M&M slurry flows,
and noisy applications
0.5% Standard
0.25% High
80 - 900mm
3 - 36 inch
Pulsed DC
Step 2: Liner Material Selection
Temp Limits
Type and Line Sizes
Excellent resistance to chemicals and
abrasion. Suitable for any application.
-20 to 350˚F
(-29 to 177˚C)
15 - 350mm 4 - 8mm
0.5 - 14 inch 0.15 - 0.3 inch
More cost effective than PFA. Excellent
chemical resistance, but less abrasion
resistance than PFA.
-20 to 350˚F
(-29 to 177˚C)
15 - 900 mm 15 - 200mm
0.5 - 36 inch 0.5 - 8 inch
Similar chemical and abrasion resistance to
PTFE, but a lower maxium temperature and
more expensive.
-20 to 300˚F
(-29 to 149˚C)
Typically applied to clean water (no
chemicals). Abrasion resistant to slurries
with small particles.
Step 4: Transmitter Selection
Power Supply
User Interface Output
Protocol LOI
Integral or remote mounting
0.25% Std
0.15% High
Global AC/DC
HART®, Foundation™ fieldbus, PROFIBUS
PA optical switch LOI or display only
Remote wall
0.25% Std
0.15% High
Global AC/DC
Dedicated button LOI
High Signal
Remote wall. Compatible only
with 8707 flowtube
0.5% Std
115V AC
Dedicated button LOI
Step 5: Diagnostics and Enhanced Features
15 - 400mm 15 - 200mm
0.5 - 16 inch 0.5 - 8inch
Standard Diagnostics
Transmitter hardware fault; transmitter software fault;
sensor coil fault; tunable empty pipe
With every E-Series
High accuracy option (0.15%)
8732 and 8712
0 to 140˚F
(-18 to 60˚C)
15 - 900 mm
0.5 - 36 inch
Enhanced DI/DO capability
8732 and 8712
0 to 185˚F
(-18 to 85˚C)
80 - 1800mm*
1.5 - 72 inch
Diagnostics suite includes: ground and wiring fault
detection, high process noise detection.
8732 and 8712
Typically applied to water and sea water.
Abrasion resistant to slurries with small
SMART™ Meter Verification
8732 and 8712
Typically applied to mining slurries, abrasion
resistant to larger debris.
0 to 158˚F
(-18 to 70˚C)
80 - 900 mm
1.5 - 36 inch
*Available above 900mm (36 inch) as a special order.
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