Student Charter

Student Charter
Students Charter
Rights and responsibilities
The University of Greenwich undertakes to:
Encourage mutual respect, commitment to equal opportunities, courtesy and professionalism
between all university employees and students.
The University of Greenwich undertakes to provide:
• Opportunities for all students to study, be assessed and achieve an award in their chosen
High standards for teaching and student support
• Support for activities, advice and guidance that will enhance students’ employability, health,
well-being, social interaction and personal development
• Encouragement for the continuing professional development of staff
• Opportunities and support for formal student representation and participation so student views
can be represented in academic development, course management and policy development
and review
• Access to library and IT facilities that is clearly defined (through specific opening times and
registration procedures)
• Opportunities for students and staff to provide feedback on all aspects of university life.
The University of Greenwich undertakes to provide each student with the following
• A programme specification (a technical document about the student’s programme providing
details such as educational aims and learner outcomes)
A handbook outlining programme and course details, including assessment criteria, contact
hours, method of delivery for each course, examination arrangements and regulations,
academic guidance and support, appeals procedures and professional requirements (where
• Clearly stated periods of notice for changes to timetables, cancelled classes and re-scheduling
of course content
• Clear deadlines and timeframes for feedback on work submitted by the student
• Guides to student fees, payment options and deadlines, with additional cost estimates
• Annual review, reporting and development of activities linked to student feedback
• Clear instructions on where to find information on feedback and complaints procedures.
Students’ Charter – EK – July 2013
Students at the University of Greenwich undertake to:
• Take responsibility for managing their own learning, ensuring they spend sufficient regular
time in private study, engage actively in their programme and participate fully in group learning
• Treat university staff and fellow students with courtesy and respect
• Attend inductions, participate in timetabled classes and attend meetings with tutors
• Get prior agreement from their School department for any essential absences
• Submit work for assessment by the stated deadlines; they must ensure that they are aware of
these deadlines and must comply with university regulations governing student academic
• Actively participate in feedback, including supporting course representatives in order to
improve learning and teaching, taking part in the annual National Student Survey and, after
graduation, in the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey
Promptly pay all charges applied by the university
• Respect the physical environment of the university, including accommodation, and behave
respectfully towards neighbours.
The Students’ Union University of Greenwich undertakes to:
Support all students to ensure they are treated equally and are aware of their rights and
• Support student participation in quality enhancement activities – especially through the
election, development and training of programme representatives
• Work in partnership with the university to enhance the student experience
• Offer free and independent advice to students with academic and welfare issues
• Represent the interests of students at local and national level
• Help students to participate in the community, especially as part of initiatives for combating
anti-social behaviour
• Provide opportunities to interact and socialise with other students
• Provide opportunities to participate in a large range of student-led activities to aid development
of future skills
Professor David Maguire
Students’ Charter – EK – July 2013
Alex Brooks
President of SUUG
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