Section 10: Features & Benefits , , & NTS2507

Section 10: Features & Benefits , , & NTS2507
Section 10: Features & Benefits
Section 10: Features & Benefits
NTS2507, NTS2509, & NTS2511
Cat. I & II 3-point hitch option,
QH adaptable
Fits a wide variety of tractors. Also fits Land Pride Quick Hitch for easy one person hook-up
to tractor. Cat. I works with NTS2507 without Native Seedbox only.
Pull-hitch option
Allows for easier hook-up to tractor and is adaptable to smaller tractors. Rear tires help
support seeder weight.
7 ft., 9 ft., & 11 ft. widths
Provides high productivity over wide areas on flat or gently sloping terrain.
Machine weight
Heavier unit weight provides for better spike penetration and seed-to-soil contact.
Lift hooks
Lift hooks mounted on end of each seedbox for lifting and supporting individual seedboxes.
Lift hooks on end of grass seedbox can be used with spreader bar for easy loading and
unloading of the machine.
Large seedbox capacity
Keeps filling to a minimum and increases productivity.
Water-tight seedbox
Keeps moisture and rodents out of the seedbox.
Easy seedbox clean-out
Simply moving the flute lever to the proper position allows for easy clean-out and removal
of all of the seeds in the seedbox.
Heavy duty seedbox lids
with stay open support
Precision fit to keep water and rodents out and HD construction with integral prop support
keeps lid from slamming shut in windy conditions.
Seed splash guards
Prevents seed from being spilled out between the lid and seedbox during hopper filling.
Wind Guarded Seed Drops
Protects seed from blowing away and ensures uniform seed distribution across the full
width of the seeder.
Grass seed cups
Proven fluted seed cups for highly accurate seed delivery.
Grass seed agitator
Prevents bridging and keeps seed flowing evenly to grass seed cups.
Native seed agitator
Aggressive paddle style agitator to keep fluffy native grass from bridging.
Powdered metal in fluted
Helps dissipate any heat buildup from fluted area and plastic seed cup housing.
Seed rate charts on underside
of seedbox lids
Conveniently positioned as large durable decal under the seedbox lids for handy
calibration reference.
Easy seed rate adjustment on
grass and native seedbox
Proper seed rate adjustment lever positioning is conveniently indicated on the seed rates
chart for ease of setting and adjustment with a high level of confidence.
#40 Roller Chain Drive
Provides for smooth and quiet running with a high degree of reliability. Adjustable idlers
and slotted take-ups help keep the drive chains allow for chain take-up.
High/low speed change
sprocket for grass seedbox
A simple and easy repositioning of seed drive sprockets allows for an expanded range of
grass seed drive settings.
4-Speed transmission for
Native seedbox
Easy and fast speed change, saves time from removing chains.
Spring loaded lock in/out pins
on seedbox drive sprockets
Spring loaded lock in/out pins make it easy to lock each seedbox out that is not in use. Just
pull out on lock in/out pin and turn it a quarter of a turn to disengage individual seedbox
drive. Turn lock in/out pin another quarter of a turn to engage individual seedbox drive.
All Seeds Drive Sprocket
with Patent Pending
Lockout Clutch
Lockout clutch protects all seed cups from damage caused by turning backwards and while
backing up with rear roller on the ground. Its spring loaded lock in/out pin makes it easy for
the operator to engage and disengage power to all seedbox drive sprockets without
engaging / disengaging individual seedbox drive sprockets.
Crab Action Spiked Front
Two 8" diameter front rollers can easily be angled from 0-18 degrees providing for more or
less aggressive dethatching action or soil cultivation and seedbed preparation.
Mounted rear packer roller
Full length rear rollers come with cast steel and notched packer type rollers for maximum
down pressure and seed to soil contact.
Ground driven metering
The rear roller serves as the primary seed meter drive providing a very high degree of
accuracy, low maintenance costs, and long component life.
Mud scrapers
Reduces build-up of mud and debris on rollers when working in wet, sticky, or trashy soil.
Acre Meter Option
Allows operator to see how many acres have been seeded.
NTS2507, NTS2509, & NTS2511 NTS Seeder 313-629M
Section 11: Troubleshooting
Section 11: Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Chart
Check for plugging in seed cup.
Uneven seed spacing or uneven stand.
Reduce ground speed.
Check for trash or mud buildup on rollers.
Soil is too wet and is sticking to rollers.
Seed cup drive shaft not turning
Spring loaded lock in/out pin is not engaged. Engage pin to start shaft turning.
Actual seeding rate is different than
Seed treatment will affect seeding rate if the chemicals buildup in seed cup.
Unless cleaned regularly, this buildup can cause breakage of the seed cup shaft.
Feed cup sprocket locked up or twisted
feed cup drive shaft.
Check for foreign matter lodged in seed cup sprocket.
Rollers not turning freely.
Check for trash or mud buildup on roller end.
NTS2507, NTS2509, & NTS2511 NTS Seeder 313-629M
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