Mrkt Doc Vizia RF+ Take One

Mrkt Doc Vizia RF+ Take One
The Vizia RF +™ Collection
Dimmers, Switches and Fan Speed Control
600W Incandescent Scene Capable Dimmer for Single Pole, 3-Way or More Applications*,
with LED Locator and Brightness Display
1000W Incandescent Scene Capable Dimmer for Single Pole, 3-Way or More Applications*,
with LED Locator and Brightness Display
1000VA Magnetic Low Voltage Scene Capable Dimmer for Single Pole, 3-Way or More Applications*,
with LED Locator and Brightness Display
600W Electronic Low Voltage Scene Capable Dimmer for Single Pole, 3-Way or More Applications*,
with LED Locator and Brightness Display
15A Scene Capable Switch for Single Pole, 3-Way or More Applications**, with LED Locator
5A Incandescent Scene Capable Switch for Single Pole, 3-Way or More Applications**,
with LED Locator
1.5A Scene Capable Quiet Fan Speed Control for Single Pole, 3-Way or More Applications*, with
LED Locator and Fan Speed Display
Plug-In Modules
300W Scene Capable Plug-In Lamp Dimming Module
15A Scene Capable Plug-In Appliance Module
Plug-In Serial Interface Module RS232 ASCII Interface
1-Button Scene Controller/Virtual Switch Remote 3-Way RF Controller for Multi-Location Control, with LED Locator
4-Button Scene Controller for Multi-Location Scene Control with IR Remote Capability
1-Button Zone Dimming Controller/Virtual Dimming Remote 3-Way RF Controller for Multi-Location Control,
with LED Locator and Brightness Display
4-Button Zone Controller for Multi-Location Control with IR Remote Capability
Handheld Remotes and Programming Software
IR Handheld Remote Controller for Zone and Scene Control
RF Handheld Remote Controller Programmer/Timer
RF Handheld Remote Controller Programmer
ThinkEssentials® Professional Edition Software
ThinkEssentials® Standard Edition Software
ThinkStick™ Z-Wave® USB Adapter
* Use VRCZ1-1L, VP00R-10 or VP00R-1L for 3-way applications.
** Use VRCS1-1L, VP0SR-10 or VP0SR-1L for 3-way applications.
The Vizia +™ products are covered by one or more of the following patents: US D531,137; US D563,326; US D563; US 6,388,399;
CA 116,616; other U.S. and foreign patents pending.
Vizia +, Vizia RF +, Decora Plus and ThinkStick are trademarks and Decora, ControlThink and ThinkEssentials are registered
trademarks of Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Z-Wave is a registered trademark of Zensys Corporation.
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Wireless Home
Inside and Out
Redefining the Beauty and Functionality of a
Wireless Home Lighting Control System
The Vizia RF +™ family captures the essence of “smart” lighting control
with its embedded Z-Wave® radio frequency technology and stylish new
form factor that is compatible with Leviton’s hallmark Decora® design.
Vizia RF + complements Vizia +™ standard dimmers and switches,
expanding functionality to feature wireless communication, 2-way
control, scene and zone control, and remote control operation. Vizia RF +
allows homeowners to program and control lighting, household appliances
and electronics with the touch of a remote. Z-Wave® technology effectively
transforms any component – switches, lighting controls, thermostats,
appliances and more – into an intelligent device
that can be wirelessly controlled and monitored.
You can start small with Vizia RF + in one
location and easily expand into multiple rooms
and outdoors. Best of all, you can automate
your home without new wires by upgrading
your standard wall dimmers and switches
with intelligent Vizia RF + components.
Z-Wave® Chip
Built-in Z-Wave® technology enables control
of individual zones or scenes to illuminate
a room or enhance security.
Suitable for All Housing Types
and Applications
Scene and Zone Control Made Easy
Customize different scenes by presetting and labeling light levels in a given area. For example, control
kitchen light levels by type of mood or activity: Good Morning, Entertain, Clean Up, Good Night.
Ideal for both retrofit and new construction
in all types of residences, from single
family and townhouse to multiple-unit
high-rise, the breadth, functionality and
beauty of the Vizia RF +™ Collection
addresses the performance and aesthetic
expectations of professionals and
homeowners. And, most rewarding,
the Vizia RF + Collection delivers the
reliability and performance of a high-end
custom lighting and control system at
a moderate cost. The all-digital design of
Vizia RF +, coupled with an elegantly
simple user interface, results in an
exceptionally intuitive, easy-to-operate
control. The collection is completely
compatible with Decora Plus™ screwless
4-Button Scene Controller
and standard wallplates. The end result:
a family of lighting controls that provides
a touch of class as well as energy savings.
Dimming lights
this much...
...reduces energy
consumption by...
Zone control delivers the flexibility to control a group of lights across the room or throughout the house.
It can remotely turn on or off all the Landscape lights or the ones in the Kitchen, Living Room or Porch areas.
...and extends
bulb life...
2x longer
4x longer
20x longer
More than 20x
4-Button Zone Controller
Create a lived-in look while you’re away.
Simply schedule interior and exterior lights
to switch on/off at pre-selected times, using
the Vizia RF+™ Programmer/Timer Remote
and appropriate plug-in modules, switches
and dimmers.
LED Brightness Display
■ Seven segments
■ Remembers last light level
■ Can be adjusted for timeout feature
■ Change from a single point LED to
a cumulative LED bar to indicate
brightness level
The Vizia RF +™ Collection
Dim/Bright Bar
■ Press right to increase brightness
■ Press left to decrease brightness
■ Change dimming level when
lights are OFF
■ After a power outage, lights will
return to last setting
Push Pad
■ Short press for ON/OFF
■ Long press for Full Bright
Locator LED
■ Illuminates when OFF
■ Can be set for timeout feature
Advanced Features
■ Energy save mode
■ Minimum brightness adjustment
■ Preset ON level
■ 49 adjustable fade rates
■ Dimmers
■ Scene Capable Switches
■ 1-Button Zone Dimming
■ 1-Button Scene Controller/
■ 4-Button Scene Controller
■ 4-Button Zone Controller
with IR remote capability
with IR remote capability
Virtual Switch Remote
Dimming Remote
■ Fan Speed Control
The Vizia RF +™ Collection features a return-to-neutral
push pad that provides the ultimate in visual and tactile
appeal. And, because all Vizia RF + dimmers use digital
technology, they offer soft fade-on/fade-off, selectable
fade rates and minimum brightness levels.
Vizia RF + Benefits - Includes a new technology that
simplifies the installation process and enhances
the user experience. Designed for new homes and
retrofit applications, the collection includes time-saving,
decorator-requested installation features such as:
■ Lamp Dimming Module
■ Appliance Module
■ IR Handheld Remote Controller
■ No-neutral wires required for basic
Vizia RF + installations
■ Wireless control technology simplifies
3-way and other installation challenges
■ No central lighting control hub
■ Adjustable fade rates
■ Energy save mode decreases the maximum
brightness level to reduce energy consumption
■ Low-noise digital dimmers
■ Z-Wave compatibility with other home devices
including security systems, HVAC, garage doors,
home entertainment, audio-visual electronics,
and more
■ Compatibility with the complete Vizia +™ Collection
of standard and RF lighting controls
■ Scalable, expandable design
Software and ThinkStick™
Controller Programmer (Basic)
for Zone and Scene Control
■ RS 232 Serial Interface Module
■ ControlThink® ThinkEssentials®
■ RF Handheld Remote
Z-Wave® USB Adapter
■ RF Handheld Remote
Controller Programmer/Timer
Vizia RF + wall mounted products are available in boxes with three color options: White, Ivory and Almond (-X) or
White, Ivory and Light Almond (-Z).
Color change kits are offered in 8 high gloss colors:
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