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Hitachi interactive whiteboards
Interactive Whiteboard
and Interactive Products guide
Many education and business premises have interactive whiteboard
and projector solutions and these are ideal for teaching, brainstorming,
meetings and with the addition of a camera, can be used to share
information for video conferencing.
There is a growth in the interactive touchscreen panels market, and
some colleges and businesses are replacing their interactive whiteboards
and projectors with high definition large format touch screens.
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Disclaimer: The purpose of this guide is to
give a general overview and acts as a
guideline only. Information, to the best of our
knowledge, is correct at the time of
writing. However, changes do occur with
some models being discontinued whilst
newer models and features come onto the
market. Comparison charts are
available at the websites mentioned. We
accept no liability, therefore, as to the
accuracy of completeness of the information
provided here. E. & O.E.
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Specifications subject to change without notice.
Both these solutions use different technologies, and one advantage to
touchscreen panels is that there are no on-going costs with replacing
projector lamps. As interactive whiteboards are available up to 96-inch
diagonal these may be a cheaper option to a HD touchscreen panel.
The choice is there to suit each application and individual requirements.
The aim of this guide is to give you an overview of interactive
whiteboards and interactive products.
Wedgwood AV Ltd., supply a wide range of whiteboards, projectors and
other interactive products for education, healthcare and businesses,
across the UK. For product comparisons, manufacturers’ brochures and
sales support please visit our website or
call 01754 769967. Contact form.
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Interactive whiteboard and interactive products guide
Interactive whiteboards
chart in use. I thought these had all
but disappeared in favour of interactive
products. We had to copy the notes!
Some of these standard dry-erase
whiteboards evolved further so
that they could be connected to
computers. These then became
known as copyboards. This works by
loading the software that comes with
the copyboard onto your computer.
The copyboard then connects to
one of the computer ports with the
supplied cable. Everything that is
written or drawn on the copyboard can
be saved, edited, printed and emailed.
Hitachi interactive whiteboards with StarBoard software
Overview of interactive whiteboards
and interactive products
This whiteboard and interactive
products guide is mainly
concerned with the latest
interactive technology. Here we
look at copyboards, interactive
whiteboards, whiteboard and
projector systems and even how
to make your existing dry-wipe
whiteboards interactive. We will be
covering whiteboard technologies,
interactive whiteboard software
and alternatives to whiteboards,
namely, adding touch overlays
to LCD monitors and the latest
technology, large LED interactive
monitors for education, training
and corporate applications.
Interactive products cover digital
microscopes, document cameras,
interactive panels and tablets,
interactive voting systems and
using whiteboards for video
A matter of evolution
If there’s one thing you can say about
technology, it never stands still. When
dry-erase whiteboards first came onto
the market these were seen as a big
advancement from blackboards and
chalk. These whiteboards came with
marker pens which did the same job
but looked neater and without chalk
dust all over the place. The drawback
with both of these was that the only
way to save what was drawn or written
was to copy it onto paper.
Flipcharts were another progression,
on which the presenter wrote and
drew on large pieces of paper, so
the presentation notes could be kept
afterwards. These were especially
useful for brainstorming sessions when
ideas brought forward needed to be
saved (or there would be no point
Recently, I attended a training course
in a modern hotel with conference
facilities and was amazed to see a flip
These electronic copyboards look just
like regular whiteboards but have the
ability to print out what is drawn after
the presentation. The copyboard
prints onto A4 paper so that notes
can be handed out whilst delegates or
students are present or emailed after
the event.
Schools, healthcare and many
businesses probably still have standard
dry-erase whiteboards around.
Manufacturers such as eBeam mimio,
and Hitachi came up with a solution to
make these interactive.
A small device is attached to the
dry-erase whiteboard and connects
to a computer. This then makes the
surface interactive (up to a maximum
size) and with some of these devices
you can even attach them to a plain
white wall with Blu-Tack to make
the wall interactive. Some of these
portable whiteboard solutions work
with a projector and computer,
others with just a computer. Included
software and an interactive pen
ensures you write digitally onto a
whiteboard or wall and are an effective
solution for making use of existing
whiteboards at a fraction of the cost of
purchasing an interactive whiteboard.
When interactive whiteboards
appeared on the market, there were
initially two types; resistive which
worked by touch, and electromagnetic
which used a hard surface board, the
interactive technology being in the
special pen. Only one person at a
time, normally the teacher or presenter,
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could use the board. Interactive
whiteboards have developed further and
there are dual-touch boards and multitouch boards where 3 or more people
can use the interactive whiteboard
simultaneously. Other technologies
emerged and these include infrared
(IR) and HD camera in the pen. The
software is important too, with some
manufacturers producing software
educational or corporate markets.
Hitachi StarBoard software, for example,
is sold in 71 countries worldwide, for
both the education and corporate
A projector takes the image displayed
on your computer screen and projects it
onto a large white projection screen or a
dry-erase whiteboard, or an interactive
whiteboard. This allows everything that
would appear on your computer screen
to be seen by everyone in the room. An
interactive whiteboard can replace the
usual projection screen and with the
computer image projected directly onto
it, the system becomes interactive.
When interactive whiteboards first
came onto the market, projectors were
normally ceiling mounted, anywhere
from 1m to 3m away from the board.
This led to Health & Safety issues
with teachers and presenters having
the bright projector light shining into
their eyes. Projector manufacturers’
came up with solutions, namely wall
mounted short-throw and ultra-short
throw projectors. The interactive
whiteboard would be wall mounted
and the short-throw or ultra-short
throw projector mounted just above
the board. Next we saw both these
technologies merged together with the
result being whiteboard systems where
the interactive whiteboard and projector
are installed on a fixed or adjustable wall
frame. The adjustable option allows
for young children, small adults and
wheelchair users to access the board.
eBeam Edge makes
walls and plain boards interactive
Panasonic electronic copyboard
Triumph Board® MULTI Touch interactive
whiteboards in sizes 78” and 89” 6-touch
Large format, energy saving, LED
screens are an alternative technology to
interactive whiteboards and we look at
these further in this guide.
Interactive tablets are small wireless
tablets that allow the teacher or
presenter to annotate on the tablet from
anywhere in the room. The annotations
being displayed immediately on the
interactive whiteboard at the front of the
room. Document cameras, visualisers,
interactive voting systems, interactive
panels, multi-touch tablets and video
conferencing systems are all solutions
that encourage collaborative working
and teaching.
Hitachi ultra short throw projector and Hitachi interactive whiteboard.
Hitachi also manufacture EZ-2 Pen portable whiteboard system and
interactive projectors.
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Interactive whiteboard and interactive products guide
Interactive whiteboards
Triumph Board® multi-touch interactive
whiteboard and ultra short throw projector
Many schools, hospitals and businesses use short throw or ultra short projectors
and interactive whiteboards. Interactive projectors are ideal where you have dry-erase
whiteboards in use, or there are LCD LED interactive touchscreens on the market.
Here we look at some of your choices...
Interactive whiteboards are used
in classrooms, training rooms and
boardrooms every day. Interactive
whiteboards are just big touch
screens, even though you use your
finger or a special pen and the
manufacturer’s interactive whiteboard
software. It’s the software that
comes with them that makes them
useful for classroom, training room or
Let’s look at touch screen mobile
phones first as this is a good place to
look at different touch technologies.
Touch screen phones are used with
your fingers to select button areas
on the screen and these use either
capacitive or resistive touch screen
technology. You might be thinking
‘so what?’, but the experience of
using a capacitive or resistive touch
screen phone is different, so even with
phones you need to get an idea of the
Resistive works by sensing pressure
from your fingers or other objects
such as a stylus or an upside down
pencil. Resistive uses several layers
and pressure on the top layer pushes
against the next layer and then the
screen knows where you are.
There are two main types of capacitive
technology; surface capacitive and
projected capacitive touch. The latter
can operate behind water-resistant
or vandal-resistance glass. Surface
capacitive cannot be used with a
stylus as it requires a bare finger to
do the touching. This is because it
uses the conductive properties of
your finger to know where you are
pressing, rather than using pressure.
Projected capacitive touch uses finger
or stylus. The iPhone, for example,
uses projected capacitive touch screen
technology and you only need a very
light touch when swiping your finger
across the screen.
Now back to interactive whiteboards.
Those that use resistive technology
have a membrane surface which
means you can use your finger to
touch them or other objects, such as
special pens and an eraser that are
supplied with the whiteboard. The
downside is that if the screen gets
damaged, then the board becomes
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a write off as the surface is the touch
screen. These boards are single
Interactive whiteboards that use
electromagnetic technology have
special pens that transmit a signal
to the receiver in the whiteboard.
The downside to this is that because
the pens are electronic, they tend
to be expensive to replace and if
you lose the pens you can’t use the
whiteboards. The plus side is that you
can replace the board surface if it gets
damaged as the electronics are in the
pen and the whiteboard’s surround.
Electromagnetic whiteboards allow
one or two uses at the board at
the same time, depending on the
manufacturer and whiteboard model.
Another two technologies used in
interactive whiteboards are infrared (IR)
and optical sensing (OS). Infrared uses
the same technology as your infrared
TV remote control at home to create
a curtain of light across the board’s
surface. You can either use a finger or
a stylus to operate the board and the
surface of the board can be replaced
if damaged. Optical sensing uses
cameras which read microscopic dot
patterns on the whiteboard’s surface
to know where you are touching it.
Some manufacturer’s models use
a high definition (HD) camera in the
pen, so when you touch the board
with the pen, it knows where you are.
Depending on the manufacturer and
model, the boards can allow single
touch, dual touch or multi-user touch.
SMART Technologies Inc. who
manufacturer SMART Boards,
developed DViT™ (Digital Vision
Touch) technology which uses digital
cameras and sophisticated software to
recognise where your finger, stylus or
pointer is on the whiteboard.
Sizes and
aspect ratios
Interactive whiteboards are available
in a range of sizes and aspect ratios,
ranging from around 56” diagonal up
to 95” diagonal. More common sizes
are 77” or 87”, available in a choice of
aspect ratios; 4:3 (video format); 16:9
(widescreen) and more recently we
have whiteboards with 16:10 aspect
ratios. When using a projector with
your interactive whiteboard it makes
sense to ensure your projector can
project at the same aspect ratio as the
likely to include the ability to create
shortcuts to your favourite tools,
access colour palettes of digital ink
and include templates for teaching
music, sports or teaching primary
children how to tell the time. Some
software packages, such as Hitachi
StarBoard software (v.9) converts
your text into more than 20 languages
with a single click, ideal for bilingual
teaching. Resources are often
available, for example, that have
the ability to access a large number
of images for you to use in your
teaching, with backgrounds and Flash
animations, etc.
Software for corporate customers is
likely to include tools for meetings,
such as the ability to load agenda,
attendance list and tools for
collaborative working.
With interactive whiteboards the quality
of the software that is shipped with
them makes all the difference. You may
find your organisation prefers to use
one make of interactive whiteboard so
that everyone only have to learn one
piece of software. ‘Open platform’
interactive whiteboards let teachers
run many other software programmes
on them.
With the software running, you can
write or draw on the interactive
whiteboard with either your finger or
the supplied pen, depending on the
type of board, and save it onto your
computer. You can open documents
on your computer by using the
supplied pen or double clicking with
your fingers, and then annotate over
images, photographs, drawings and
documents. In a corporate setting or
where a school wants to communicate
with another school using a
professional video conferencing
system or an IP camera over the
Internet, then remote colleagues and
students can view and discuss work
on the whiteboard and make changes
so that everyone can see these.
Interactive whiteboard software may
be tailored for the education market,
the corporate market or generic
software that can be used for most
applications. In addition to allowing
you to write, draw and annotate,
educational software, for instance, is
Most software has built-in Optical
Character Recognition (OCR) software
which means when you write on the
interactive whiteboard the computer
will recognise your handwriting and
turn it into computer text (just like the
text you are reading now).
Wedgwood AV publish an LCD Monitor and Touch Screen
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Whiteboard comparisons
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Interactive whiteboard and interactive products guide
Interactive whiteboard systems
Interactive whiteboard systems
combine an interactive whiteboard
with a short-throw or ultra shortthrow projector mounted on a fixed
or height adjustable wall frame.
SMART Board and Promethean
ActivBoard both manufacturer
interactive whiteboard systems. Each
offers a range of short-throw or ultrashort throw projectors, with pen/touch
and multi-user options. There are also
options for fixed frame, adjustable
frame and mobile systems. Adjustable
frames are ideal where you have
young children and wheel chair users
so that the board can be used at a
comfortable height.
Promethean ActivBoard systems
SMART Board®
Interactive whiteboard manufacturers
Here we look at what manufacturers supply into the education, healthcare, business and corporate markets (to
name a few). Obviously, models do change so please check the website for
current models, competitive pricing, manufacturers’ brochures and quotation requests. Wedgwood AV Ltd offer
you a complete service including pre-sales assistance, supply of hardware, installation and training in the UK.
Triumph Boards
The ULTRA touch whiteboard
series are e3 ceramic steel
surface boards designed to
be used with an interactive
Triumph Boards MULTI
touch series are interactive
whiteboards with a ceramic
steel surface that allow four
people to write, draw or move
objects around, or for two
people to resize and rotate two
objects with two fingers per
object simultaneously.
Triumph Board® MULTI touch whiteboards
Triumph Board comparisons
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Hitachi StarBoards
Hitachi FX-series of interactive
whiteboards for education or business
has a large interactive area and three
simultaneous inputs for collaborative
work. You can use your finger, stylus
or any object to operate. The Magical
Touch function enables you to easily
scroll by motioning with the flat of your
hand, or shrink and expand the display
by motioning your fingers, and you
can control by using multi-touch hand
gestures. The boards also have a low
glare surface to minimise projector
reflection. StarBoard educational
software is included.
Promethean ActivTouch
Promethean ActivBoards
ActivBoard 300 Pro series of interactive
whiteboards, which use a special pen,
combine interactivity with integrated
sound (built-in speakers and amplifier).
In sizes 78”, 87” and 95”, the surface
is durable and the series is available
as a fixed, adjustable, mount or mobile
system with a choice of short throw
or extreme short throw projectors. For
wireless connectivity there is an optional
wireless upgrade pack.
The ActivBoard 500 Pro system has
the same sizes and is both pen and
touch sensitive, featuring dual user
functionality. Up to four students can
work together on a task (Windows 7/8
only). Included software for both series
is ActivInspire Professional Edition or
Promethean ActivOffice. For the 500
Pro series there is also Promethean
Apps. ActivInspire software has open
content and teaching resources, such
as math tools, sounds and templates,
whilst ActivOffice lets you create
PowerPoint® slide shows. USB power
and USB port simplifies connection to
your computer.
ActivBoard Touch gives you touch
manipulation capabilities of Windows
7 and Windows 8. Dual-user
functionality, with pen or touch,
facilities collaborative learning and
you can swipe, punch, zoom and
manipulate gestures that is so familiar
on smartphones and tablets. The
ActivInspire Professional Edition
software is included and you can
access Promethean Planet’s wealth of
online teaching resources.
ActivBoard comparisons
SMART Board® family
Hitachi StarBoard FX-79E1/89WE1 Series
Hitachi interactive projectors
Hitachi’s interactive ultra short throw
projector lets you project onto a dryerase whiteboard or plain white wall
turning it into an interactive surface.
Environmentally friendly, it comes with
Hitachi StarBoard software and an
interactive pen. It is also supplied with
a versatile wall mount.
Hitachi interactive projectors
The family of SMART Boards includes
the 600 series connects to your
projector to display your desktop
on the interactive whiteboard. You
control applications on the screen,
write in digital ink and save your
work. All SMART Boards come with
Notebook software. The 600i system
combines a SMART Board interactive
whiteboard, a projector and control
The 800 series allows two users to
work together. You can use simple,
intuitive gestures to flick, rotate or
zoom in on objects. There is an
advanced pen tray that automatically
detects tool modes. The 800i system
comprises a SMART Board with
choice of short or ultra short-throw
projector for collaborative learning,
whilst the 885ix integrated system
features a widescreen interactive
whiteboard and ultra short-throw
projector. For corporate use the
SMART Board series are available with
Meeting Pro collaboration software
to keep meetings organised and
communicate the outcome. SMART
also have interactive flat screen
panels for education and corporate
SMART Board® comparisons
Hitachi comparisons
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Interactive whiteboard and interactive products guide
Turn your dry erase whiteboards or plain
walls into an interactive surface
eBeam Edge
Portable devices are available on the
market that enable you to turn dryerase standard whiteboards or even
plain walls, into an interactive surface.
Just think how useful this could
be in education or business. For
example, in a classroom where no
interactive whiteboard is available, the
teacher can use the device, which
is a portable interactive whiteboard
solution, to bring interactivity into
lessons, and move it room to room.
In a business scenario where
representatives visit client’s homes to
sell them insurance or conservatories,
all they need have is a computer, a
projector, such as one from Casio’s
Green Slim range, (which is the
size of an A4 sheet of paper and
doesn’t need replacement lamps,
lasting up to 20,000 hours of use),
and a portable whiteboard system
for a complete interactive solution.
Instead of the client, and possible the
rest of the family, huddling round the
representative’s computer to see what
is being demonstrated, the computer
image can be projected onto a wall.
Then by attaching the portable device
to the wall with Blu-Tack, not only
can the client view a larger image
but annotations can be made directly
onto the presentation and saved to
This solution is also ideal for business
people who visit client’s premises to
update them on their products and
services. They are unlikely to know
whether the client has an interactive
whiteboard or projector in their office,
therefore having their own portable
interactive solution could be a major
business asset.
The best known portable whiteboard
systems in the UK are eBeam and
eBeam meeting sharing feature
promotes multiple ways to co-ordinate
collaboration. Remote users and
participants are engaged as everyone
can contribute whether they are in the
conference room or in the coffee shop
at the other side of town.
eBeam also has a wireless Edge
solution and eBeam Engage which
includes a microphone and one-touch
For schools, healthcare and
businesses where downloading
software is not allowed, then eBeam
LiveWire solves this problem. You plug
your eBeam cable into the LiveWire
and it instantly launches the eBeam
For comparisons of portable
whiteboard systems please visit:
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Standard dry-erase whiteboards
A+K sliding rail whiteboard and flipchart system
Dry-erase, single column whiteboards
that move independently, with a
magnetic, vitreous enamel steel
surface, sit between vertical aluminium
columns and their movement up and
down is controlled by counter weights,
making them easy to position at writing
and display height. They are operated
manually or with optional 24v motors.
There are a choice of chalkboard
version boards in various colours, whilst
the whiteboard versions come with
white writing surfaces. Glass boards
are another option for writing, magnetic
and projection applications.
Sahara projector ratio dry-wipe boards
Semi-matt vitreous enamel whiteboards
in projector ratios are suitable for
projecting images onto, especially for
use with short throw and ultra short
throw projectors. These boards reduce
the glare you probably would have
when projecting onto a vitreous enamel
board. They can also be used as dryerase boards, accept magnets, thus
offering a multi- purpose solution in the
classroom or training room. Vitreous
enamel boards are ideal for heavy
usage as dry-wipe boards. Normally
offered with a lifetime guarantee on
the board surface. Also available on
the market are wall rails and dry-wipe
boards to fit the rail tracks that come
with bottom track hanging arms and a
pen tray. You can even have twin track
(rail system) felt notice boards and/
or flip charts to position alongside the
dry-wipe whiteboards. Used with a
portable whiteboard system, dry-wipe
whiteboards can be made interactive.
Dry-wipe and projector ratio
whiteboard comparisons
A+K single column whiteboard
Whiteboard comparisons
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Interactive whiteboard and interactive products guide
Interactive projectors
buy whiteboard systems where the
projector, wall mount and whiteboard
are all in one.
NEC ultra short
throw interactive
Most interactive projectors are
networkable (RJ-45), making it easy
to project your presentations from a
network connected computer via a
local area network (LAN) cable, or if
an optional WiFi module is available
with the projector, wirelessly. A WiFi
module also lets you wirelessly share
text, images and graphics from
devices like computers, smartphones
and tablets.
With an interactive projector, you
use the interactive pen and included
software to control your computer
mouse functions and can write or
draw and annotate over computer
programmes with digital ink.
Depending on the make and model of
interactive projector and the included
software you can create tables and
charts, edit objects and use rich 2D or
3D graphical tools.
An alternative to having a projector
and an interactive whiteboard (or
projector whiteboard all-in-one system)
is to have an interactive projector.
With an interactive projector you can
project onto a standard dry-wipe
whiteboard, a projection screen
or even a large plain wall. These
projectors come with an interactive
pen and software for you to write,
draw or annotate on the board or wall
using digital ink.
Interactive projectors with short-throw
or ultra short-throw lenses are ideal for
use in cubicles, exhibition booths and
mounted above whiteboards.
metre wide image. Wall brackets are
normally adjustable so you can place
the projector in the optimum position.
Ultra short throw projectors virtually
eliminate shadowing and keep the
bright glare of the projector light
out of the presenter’s eyes. Typical
throw distances for ultra short throw
could be as little as 0.3:1 You can
To encourage collaborative learning or
working, some brands of interactive
projectors, for example, Sony, have
dual pen interactivity, allowing both
the teacher and student or presenter
and delegate to write on the screen
For comparisons of interactive
projectors please visit:
SONY interactive projectors
Short throw projectors help eliminate
shadowing and you will typically see
throw distances of 0.48 - 0.65:1
meaning that the projector can be
positioned between 0.48 of metre
and 0.65 of a metre to achieve a 1
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Epson provide a corporate solution with
an all-in-one interactive meeting room
system to enhance collaboration and
productivity by combining ultra-shortthrow projection, interactive whiteboard,
paper flip chart all in one device, with
dual pen functionality. You then project
onto a projection screen or wall and
annotate with the interactive pen.
With this solution businesses can save
presentations and minutes directly to
USB memory and print memos instantly
from the projector.
Epson interactive projector can also be
used on a table top as an interactive
meeting room system for team-based
collaborative project work.
Epson interactive projector is an all-in-one interactive meeting room system
NEC have an interactive solution with
eBeam software for their U and M short
throw series of projectors.
The interactive solution, which fits onto
the top of the U or M series projector,
is suitable for both education and
corporate markets has an online meeting
sharing function that facilitates distance
learning and supports presentations for
meetings via the Internet.
NEC interactive solution
with eBeam software
Epson interactive projector used on a table top for collaborative projects
NEC interactive
solution fits onto the
U or M series projector
Epson have smart information sharing in their interactive
projectors, which give an image size up to 100-inch diagonal, so
that you display content from a range of sources then save as
PDF to USB memory key or network location, print or send via
email. Devices you can connect to in order to display content
can come from a tablet, PC or USB memory stick, and the
interactive projector can print, save or email.
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Projector comparisons
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Interactive whiteboard and interactive products guide
LCD touch screens
InFocus Mondopad
has integrated PC,
MicroSoft Office, Intel
i5 PC running Win7Pro,
HD 720p camera
with 4 microphones
and voice-optimised
speaker bar
Where you have been using interactive whiteboards for
several years, the ceiling or wall mounted projectors may
be nearing the end of their useful life. So do you replace
them, or choose a whiteboard projector system, or opt
for interactive projectors or select from the many LCD
interactive touch screens (flat panels) available...
With so many choices, it can be
difficult to decide. We have already
looked at some of the options in this
guide, so now we look at an alternative
technology, LCD / LED interactive
touch screen displays.
The majority of students in education,
and business colleagues, have smart
phones with touch screens and are
used to using touch to make phone
calls, surf the web, access files and
even playing games.
Interactive touch screen tablets are
really just a larger version of the
screens used on smart phones. Large
format displays (LFD) with interactive
touch (touch screens) are larger
versions of phone and tablet screens,
and therefore, students and business
colleagues alike feel quite at home
using this technology.
Many display manufacturers offer
touch screens (also referred to as
interactive flat panels) in their range.
Some touch screen displays come
with interactive whiteboard software
tailored for the education market.
Amongst these is BenQ’s range
including three years on-site warranty.
There is also an optional extra to
include a SMART Notebook™
Collaborative License giving you
access to learning software for
interactive activities.
Clevertouch includes Lynx software
for interactive classroom activities.
Triumph Boards LED LCD touch
screens include education and
business software.
For the purpose of this Whiteboard
guide, we take a brief look at LCD
touch screens so that you can make
informed buying decisions based on
the technology available and budgets.
For manufacturers’ brochures,
comparisons and prices please
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LED touch screens are LCD touch
screens that have LED back-lights
and in addition to having lower power
consumption and thus saving energy,
their build is of a slim design.
The advantage of using LCD
interactive touch screens is that no
shadow occurs and there is no ongoing cost in replacing projector bulbs.
As the majority of LCD touch screens
offer Full HD (high definition) then
images are clear and bright. These
touch screens are available in sizes
from 15” diagonal up to 84” diagonal
(at time of writing). Image size with
a projector, depending on make and
model could be as large as 100”
diagonal, in some cases up to 300”.
With the introduction of LED/laser
hybrid projector lamps and laser
projector lamps, some makes
and models of projectors need no
replacement lamps and have a life of
up to around 20,000 hours. Again,
depending on manufacturer and
models, there are LCD touch screens
that are designed for 16/7 and 24/7
use. These are ideal in public places
such as airports and large 24 hour
retail stores and restaurants for way
finding and customer interaction, for
example, ordering a catalogue or
selecting menus before moving to the
counter to collect an order.
Collaborative learning and team-based
working appears to be a new ‘buzzword’. With dual touch and multitouch (more than two people using
the touch screen simultaneously), this
encourages collaboration.
BenQ LED interactive display
SMART Table 442i multi-touch for 8 students
Promethean ActivTable multi-touch table or 6 students
TOP-TEC Synergy collaborative tables
Wedgwood AV publish an
LCD and Touch screen
guide, available FREE from:
Hitachi interactive displays
SMART and Promethean both
manufacturer interactive tables to help
young learners grow together socially
and academically allowing them to
learn and play to inspire centre-based
learning and active collaboration.
TOP-TEC Synergy Meeting Spaces,
the Synergy collaborative tables
facilitate team-based interaction
by providing a workspace that
encourages students and colleagues
to share ideas and information
seamlessly. A variety of table tops
are available to focus the team on
discussion or visualisation such as
video conferencing.
For information, brochures
and prices on collaborative
tables please visit:
Triumph Board® MULTI Touch LED LCD
Sharp Big Pad
Clevertouch with CleverLynx software
UK suppliers of audio visual equipment. Telephone: 01754 769967 [email protected] 15
Interactive whiteboard and interactive products guide
Interactive Products
and complementary equipment
Unicol Rhobus Huddle is ideal for small group meetings, for
video conferencing and for promoting your own products at
showcase events and on exhibition stands. For example,
Unicol Huddle was exhibited at ISE 2015 with a 4x4 video
wall. Option to finish in corporate colours. Unicol
Unicol Rhobus Huddle with twin screen stand
Team-based collaboration tables
Learning and teaching is evolving;
modern student-entred active learning
methods provide students with
an engaging learning experience,
a deeper understanding of their
subjects, whilst equipping them with
the collaborative and problem-solving
skills that go forward with them into
the workplace.
With many students and indeed
employees, bringing their own devices,
such as smartphones and tablets, into
learning and working environments,
then products such as Synergy tables,
provides team-based work spaces
for collaboration, with bracketry to
support large format displays or touch
screens and connectivity for charging
laptops, tablets, etc.
Please click the links for comparisons and
manufacturers specification brochures:
Audio conferencing
Interactive whiteboards
Collaboration tables
Digital microscopes
Document cameras
Video conferencing
Interactive products
Whiteboard stands & lifts
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Digital microscopes
Traditional microscopes are used
for viewing microscopic specimens
in a variety of applications including
education, training, medical, research
and scientific.
then accurately measure, crop, resize
and edit your images, save them and
include in your reports or PowerPoint
presentations, or email them to
A digital microscope has a built-in
camera, which means you view and
capture your images to save on your
PC. Using the software supplied
with the digital microscope, you can
Microscopes are available as
monocular (one eyepiece), binocular
(two eyepieces) or with a trinocular
head which has two eyepieces and an
additional top viewing eyepiece.
Motic microscope
For comparisons, brochures and prices please visit
Document cameras / visualisers
A document camera (also referred to
as a visualiser or digital presenter) is
a special video camera designed to
display documents and 3-D objects
onto projector, plasma screen or
monitor. It is called a ‘document
camera’ as you can place documents
such as A4 printed handouts, papers,
magazines or maps underneath them,
so that they are displayed on screen.
Document cameras can also display
small objects such as insects, flowers,
leaves, coins and watches.
A document camera can either
be connected to a projector and
viewed on a projection screen or be
connected direct to a display such
as an LCD monitor, plasma screen
or TV. When you connect your PC
or laptop to the document camera,
images can be saved for editing,
emailing, importing into PowerPoint
presentations, etc.
Microscope attachments are also
available with some document
cameras so that you can display
microscope slides on screen.
Visualisers are available as folding arm
portable models, flatbed models or
ceiling mounted.
A document camera is a powerful tool
for many applications, here are some
• Courtroom jury can observe pieces
of evidence in detail without handling
the actual evidence.
• In the science lab, a teacher can
face the students while explaining
a point with an example, such as
showing an insect or plant.
• Conference centres can connect a
document camera to a large screen
display to present any written material
or graphics clearly to the delegates.
• Ceiling mounted visualisers for
use in hospital theatres. medical
training and for product or cookery
AVer visualisers
Internet, so that documents and 3-D
images can be viewed and discussed.
AVer Tabcam, for example, integrates
with tablets. Lumens, for instance,
also have HD cameras in their range.
In the business world,
images can be fed from a
document camera into a
teleconferencing system.
This could be useful for
companies that have, for
instance, a prototype of
a product, who wish to
point out the benefits with
colleagues over the video
conferencing system or
Lumens HD camera
For comparisons, brochures and prices please visit: Telephone: 01754 769967
UK suppliers of audio visual equipment. Telephone: 01754 769967 [email protected] 17
Interactive whiteboard and interactive products guide
Video conferencing systems
AVer video conferencing systems shown here viewed on an interactive whiteboard
Share work on your interactive whiteboard with remote
colleagues or students through video conferencing systems...
In education and training, you
can share learning using video
conferencing technology. This
is low cost and an easy way to
collaborate over any distance in
the neighbouring classroom or
schools, college or university. In
business you can save thousands
of pounds on transportation and
hotel accommodation by using video
conferencing to hold meetings with
remote colleagues.
An interactive whiteboard is a valuable
complementary tool that you can use
with video conferencing systems.
A video conferencing system can be
an all-in-one easy to use system, such
as AVer EVC130, which comprises
a codec (to make the connection), a
HD camera, microphone, IR remote,
power and cables. A point to point
system means you communicate from
one place to another, for example,
from your boardroom to your client’s
boardroom, or classroom in the UK to
a classroom in Spain. A multi-point
system lets you communicate via
video conferencing with more than one
location at the same time, for example,
a 4-site video conferencing system.
other schools, the same subject via
video conferencing systems.
An issue some schools experience
is when only a handful of students
choose to do particular subjects, for
example, A-Level French. When this
happens a school cannot justify hiring
a teacher especially for this purpose.
Rather than cutting off access
altogether, and disappointing these
students, lessons can still be delivered
by having one teacher teaching small
groups of students in 2, 3 or more
By just plugging in a USB storage
device and then simply pressing a
button, you can easily record your
whole lesson then replay, review with
colleagues and share your lessons at a
later date with other students.
Video conferencing is also ideal for
local authorities to use for inset training
days as it ensures teachers in local
schools have the opportunity to keep
up-to-date with the latest teaching
practices at the time without them
having to travel.
For comparisons please visit:
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Wedgwood AV can arrange no-obligation
onsite demonstrations of Sony video
conferencing systems. Demo site at
Camberley, Surrey. Pease telephone
01754 769967
Audio conferencing
Sony PCS-XG80
Conference phones can be used for
a conference call or in conjunction
with video conferencing systems for
professional sound quality.
a small group of students learning a
foreign language can speak to other
students confidently, knowing that they
can be heard clearly.
Teaching universities and hospitals
around the world use Polycom voice
solutions to deliver interactive distance
learning, improve service delivery
and to innovate in community based
healthcare services.
Conference phones offer choices
including phones with no display,
phones with display or expandable
which has the ability to upgrade with
a microphone kit either side of the
conference phone unit to ensure better
pick-up for longer teaching desks.
Wireless options are also available.
Voice solutions can:
Sony PCS-XG80
• Help students access knowledge
and content, wherever they’re located
• Provide distance learning that is
• Equip your administrators, faculty,
and students to be mobile
• Promote greater interactions,
content sharing, and engagement
among teachers and students
• Be more inclusive in your
community services and more
efficient in your operations
Unlike a desktop speakerphone, a
true conference phone such as the
Polycom SoundStation2 is designed
for groups of up to 10 people. The
conference phone picks up sound
from 360 degrees, whilst also being
capable of ensuring background noise
is actively removed. Teachers and
pupils can speak up to 10-feet away
and still be heard properly even when
speaking at a natural volume level.
AVer EVC130
You can view a demonstration
of Polycom audio or video
conferencing systems and
Revolabs at showrooms in
Bury, Lancashire or Thatcham,
Berkshire, by appointment.
Please telephone Wedgwood
AV 01754 769967.
Audio conferencing
This makes the conference phone
ideal for communication. For example,
Manufacturers such as Revolabs,
specialise in compact conference
microphones for use in boardrooms.
Solutions include HD 4-channel
and 8-channel wireless microphone
systems for conference rooms.
Single/dual channel wireless systems
ideal for video trolleys or small
conference rooms.
UK suppliers of audio visual equipment. Telephone: 01754 769967 [email protected] 19
Interactive whiteboard and interactive products guide
Whiteboard stands, trolleys and lifts
Fully adjustable whiteboard stands,
trolleys and lifts are available to hold
projectors and whiteboards during
your presentations. Also available are
adjustable trolleys and wall lifts for
touch screens.
People with disabilities and special
needs may find using projectors with
interactive whiteboards and other
equipment difficult to use. The height
adjustable trolleys and lifts are ideal as
these can be adjusted either manually
or electronically (depending on make
and model) to suit individual needs.
Obviously, mobile stands (trolleys)
are useful for sharing equipment as
they can be used room to room, and/
or stored away in a lockable location
when not in use.
The Loxit Dipper is fixed height, yet its
base is designed to allow wheelchair
users close access to the whiteboard.
An electronically height adjustable
version is also available.
Unicol Powa-Lift trolley
for touch screen
Whiteboard wall lifts are ideal where
you want a permanent installation, yet
still need height adjustable.
As many of you now use tablets, then
storage and charging is now available
for these. TOP-TEC TabStore, for
example, has TabStore Charge and
TabStore Charge & Sync cabinets that
allow for storage and charging of 16 40 tablets. These are personalised for
use with all tablets.
Loxit projector whiteboard lifts
TOP-TEC TabStore tablet trolley
Whiteboard trolley comparisons
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Touchscreen tablets
Lecterns are designed so that the
person making the presentation can
stand behind them and put their notes
on top. Sometimes a microphone
is attached if presenting in a very
large room. Lecterns can also have
equipment hidden away inside them
to keep the room neat and often are
on wheels for easy placement within
a room. A computer can easily be
hidden in a lectern, which can then be
controlled from anywhere in the room
using a radio mouse and keyboard.
If you install equipment in a lectern,
then you still need power and data
cables. One arrangement is to have
power and cable access points in the
floor wherever the lectern is likely to
be positioned. Some lectern designs
allow a logo to be added.
BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) where
people bring their own smartphones,
phablets and tablets in the workplace
seems to be a growing trend.
You only have to look around
schools and universities to see the
latest technology being using by our
generation of digital natives.
As smartphones seem to be getting
bigger and tablets smaller, were are
now seeing the emergence of the
Phablet (phone and tablet). Samsung
Galaxy Note, for example, is a device
born of these technologies.
Samsung tablets
You can add a portable sound
system to lecterns. Instead of cutting
a hole in the lectern for a microphone,
a wireless base and gooseneck
microphone could be used with a
wireless receiver.
Triumph Board tablets
For comparisons please visit:
Turning Leaf AV lectern
allows integration of a tablet
JM video conferencing cabinet
JM Triton lectern allows your logo
Lectern comparisons
UK suppliers of audio visual equipment. Telephone: 01754 769967 [email protected] 21
Wedgwood AV
Please telephone on
01754 769967 for
brochures and
No obligation onsite
demonstrations on
many brands.
Interactive Whiteboards
SMART Board®
•Intera ractive-whiteb
ctive w
PolyVis werboards, H
SMART , Promethean chi,
, Trium
ph Boa ards,
ctive w
hean A board system
rds, SM s
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, Hitach oard systems
teractiv Triumph Boar
•PRO ltimediapro
, Epso
www.m anon, Casio Optoma,
BenQ, nFocus, NEC ny,
Hitach ic, SMART,
Panas Board, View
Promethean ActivBoards
Epson ultra-short throw projectors
and interactive projectors
ctive pr
Hitachi, enQ, Eiki, Eps
ViewSo Focus, NEC,
interactive projector
Free Repeat Signage Standalone - UK offer
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Repeat Signage™ is truly flexible digital signage software for Windows. It allows pixel-by-pixel control of
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h Solutio
nic, Sha Focus,
uch-scr , SMART, Tosh
www.visu er, Elmo, Epson,
, AV
rld, Lume MART
n, S
ViewSonic touchscreens
Lumens visualiser
Turning Leaf lectern
•ALL audio visual prod
•Special offers
Acer, A
pple, P
•Respo , SMART, View
Genee, e (voting) sys onic
h Board
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