COM-HFX-700M Hands-Free Expandable Video Intercom Kit Specs

COM-HFX-700M Hands-Free Expandable Video Intercom Kit Specs
HFX‐700R ,,,,,,,,,,,
Video Intercom Kit,,,,,,,
Color Hands‐Free Expandable Intercom Kit with Audio Video Memory Recording (Micro‐SD Card Slot)
Kit Includes: Master Monitor, Door Bell and Power Supply
(micro‐SD card not included)
The HFX‐700R intercom system allows you to identify and communicate with callers at your door, from the security and the convenience of any room in your home or office. Visitors activate the system by pressing call button on the outdoor camera, which will then chime and turn on the internal video monitor. A two‐way intercom then lets you speak with the visitor after visually idenifying them. The video intercom kit includes a master station and an outside camera doorbell unit with a power supply. The unit is capable of expanding up to a total of four indoor monitors and two door cameras. Unit can expand up to eight monitors when using a EX‐HUB. Note: Micro SD card not included in kit.
HFX‐700R ‐ Master Monitor
HFX‐700R Camera Door Bell
700R ‐ Door Camera Identification:
1. White LED Illumination
2. 1/3" Color CCD
3. Microphone 4. Speaker
5. Call Button
6. Screw Cover
7. CCD View Angel Knob
8. Jumper 2 (enable/disable light sensor)
9. Jumper 1 (dry contact or current selection)
10. Wire to door strike
11. Wire to main monitor
Main Monitor Identification:
1. SD Card Socket
2. 3.5: Colot TFT Screen
3. Touch Sensitive Buttons (4 on each side)
4. Speaker
5. In Use LED
6. Monitor LED
7. Intercom LED
8. Speaking Out LED
9. Microphone
10. Cut‐Off Button
11. Intercom Button
12. Monitoring Button
13. Door Release Button
14. Power Switch
15. Bell Volume Tuner
16. Speaker Volume Tuner
Architects' and Engineers' Specifications
Main Menu Identification:
1. Confirm
2. Video & Menu Display Area
3. Tab Right
4. Tab Left
5. Play
6. Setup
7. 1st Doorbell Camera
8. 2nd Doorbell Camera
9. Paging other Monitor
10. Chime Enable/Disable
250 W. Duarte Road Suite B, Monrovia CA 91016
The color video intercom kit shall be Comelit USA's Art. HFX‐700M or approved equal. Monitor(s) shall be mounted flush (or desktop using optional model Art. CDSK). Intercom kit shall be connected using only two (2) looped 'common wires" (twisted or untwisted) and shall not require any selective (point) wires or coaxial cabling. Monitor(s) Art EX‐700H shall include high quality 3.5" ColorTFT screen. Monitors using mirrors or other non‐flat type screens or coaxial cables shall not be acceptable. Monitor(s) shall feature electret condenser microphone for exceptional fidelity. Handsets that include carbon transmitter or other voice technologies are not acceptable. Monitors shall have a textured finish. Monitor shall include one (1) door release button, and three (3) buttons for different features. Monitors shall be in white and shall only protude from the wall 1.42" inches.
T: 888-692-9739 F: 626-930-0488
HFX‐700R ,,,,,,,,,,,
Video Intercom Kit,,,,,,,
• System Lay out 1 :
Note: The system is capable of expanding up to a total of 4 monitors (1 Main Video Monitor + 3 Expansion video monitors) and 2 Door Cameras.
Technical Specifcaitons
HFX‐700R Master Monitor
3.5" Digital TFT‐LCD
320 x 240 pixels
Auto Timer (Vistor Call): 30 Seconds Time Out
90 Seconds for Conversation
Auto Timer (Intercom): 20 Seconds Time Out
90 Seconds for Conversation
Operating Temperature: 14° ~ 140°F, Indoor
Dimensions(w/Bracket): 4.65"(L) x 7.0(W) x 1.42"(D)
Power Adaptor:
Input 100~240 VAC 50/60Hz,
Output 23VDC/1A(24W), External
Power Consumption: Standby 3.5W, Operating 11.0W(Maximum)
• System Layout 2 :
Note: The system is capable of expanding up to a total of 4 monitors (1 Main Video Monitor + 3 Expansion Audio Monitors) and 2 Door Cameras.
HFX‐700R Door Camera
Image Sensor:
Camera Lens:
View Angle:
1/3" Sharp CCD
250,00 pixels (NTSC)
F/NO:2.0(120 degrees)
‐6°, o°, 8°,16°
Manually Adjustable
Auto Light Sensor: Enable/Disable Selectable
Operating Temps: ‐13° ~ 140°F, Outdoor
Dimensions(w/Brkt): 3.86"(L) x 5.12"(W) x 1.42" (D)
Power Consumption: Powered by Main Monitor
Remote Control:
For maximum by pass current
(dry contact bridge) of 24V/1A
Remote Control:
Maximum of DC12V/300mA
(direct current output)
Expansion Parts for the HFX‐700M /R Series:
250 W. Duarte Road Suite B, Monrovia CA 91016
Expandable Video Monitor Complete with Power Supply EX‐700A‐
Expandable Audio Monitor Complete with Power Supply
Expansion Camera Door Bell
Metal Cover for EX‐700D
Four Port Home Run Module
T: 888-692-9739 F: 626-930-0488
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