Spec sheet for Omron

Spec sheet for Omron
Quick Start Guide for Pain Relief Pro
(PM 3031)
Professional T.E.N.S. therapy has never been so simple.
More Choices: 5 pain modes
3 massage modes
10 intensity levels
Yet simpler: Easy to read screen
3 large buttons
The modes are interchangeable and effective
for multiple body parts.
Customize Your Therapy
Step 1
Unit should be off. Insert batteries.
Read complete instruction manual c
to safely and correctly use this p
management unit.
Step 2
Attach the cord to t he bottom of the unit and
to the pads as shown.
1. Select the mode (1 of 8)
2. Choose the intensity level ( 1 to level 10)
Read complete instruction manual carefully to
safely and correctly use this pain management
Feel free to share the Pain Relief ProTM
with others in the family. Make sure each
person has their own pads to prevent crosscontamination from one person to another.
Step 3
Take control and rate your pain before and after
therapy (1 mild pain to 10 most severe pain).
Place pads onto clean, dry, healthy skin.
Manage pain in as little as 15 minutes*
1 Session
15 Minutes
Automatic Shutoff
Maximum Minutes
per Session
30 Minutes or
2 Sessions
Maximum Sessions
per Day
3 Sessions
per Day
Always turn unit off with pads still on.
RATE YOUR PAIN to check your progress,
1 low to 10 high.
Stop therapy session if pain has reduced
or stopped.
Press “ON” button to continue therapy for
another 15-minute session.
Step 4
Push “ON” button. Select any one of the eight
modes that feels good on your pain. Any mode
can be used. Screen shows mode selected.
Step 5
(up) button to increase intensity.
There are 10 intensity levels that will show on
your screen (1 low to 10 high). Set intensity to
reach your pain.
Easy to read screen
Screen shows mode, intensity level and number
of minutes left in therapy. If battery is low,
indicator will show. If one or both pads fall off,
indicator will show.
* Results may vary.
Pain Relief Experts for 20 Years
©11/2013 Omron Healthcare, Inc.
For more info: OmronPainRelief.com | OmronPainRelief.com/blog
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