Product Datasheet - [Download RVL2250]

Product Datasheet - [Download RVL2250]
See clearly behind your vehicle with this simple to fit,
Heavy duty reverse camera kit.
Ideal for 12 or 24 Volt Buses, Motorhomes, Vans, Trucks, agricultural or Industrial.
The design of some large and small vehicles means that vision to the rear is either significantly restricted, or
non existent. Whether in tight parking spaces, difficult terrain, or just reversing down the drive, reversing always
involves the possibility of damaging one’s own vehicle, other property, or even worse!
A PowerTrain Reverse Camera Kit totally removes the visual problems associated with driving these vehicles.
Power Train reverse systems have been tried and tested in thousands of applications globally on a wide range
of vehicles such as commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural vehicles,
emergency service vehicles and many more...
All of our reversing camera systems have colour cameras, modern colour TFT flat panel monitors and come with
all the cables and brackets necessary to complete an installation, together with full installation and operating
The RVC800 can be connected to an optional DVR recorder (Not included) like the Powertarin DVR100 to view
DVR recordings.
When you need to see what is behind you, A Powertrain reverse camera system is the ideal choice and provides a
safer alternative to relying solely on side mirrors.
• The RVC800 features a large 7” 16:9 anti-glare LCD
screen and can be connected to either 12 or 24 Volt
electrical systems. The screen can be mounted using
either fixing screws or double sided adhesive, both of
which are included.
• Also included in this kit is a high quality wide angle
weatherproof, night vision camera to provide a clear
and crisp image at night as well as during the day.
• Complete with a 20 metre high quality low interference
cable, and heavy duty screw together connectors.
Model No:
Operating Voltage
Display Mode
Screen Size
Screen Resolution
Screen Viewing Angle
RVL2250 (RVC800)
12 Or 24 Volt DC
16:9 LCD
480 pixels(W) X 234 pixels (H)
60 Degrees
Camera Type
Heavy Duty, CCD, Colour
Cable Length
20 Metres
Camera Rating
Camera View Angle
120 Degrees
Camera Night Vision
Available from
• The RVC800 can be connected to an option DVR
• Simple solder free plug and play wiring connections.
Simply plug the camera to 20M cable and the monitor
to the cable, then only 2 other wires to connect.
Making it easy for DIY installation, saving you the
hassle and expense of professional installation.
See simple connection guide below.
Easy to connect
Option 1
Turn on when in reverse gear
Black - to Negative (-) of
Reverse light.
Red - to Postive (+) of reverse light
} Not used unless DVR connected
Option 2
Turn on with switch
Black - to Negative (-) of Vehicle
Red - to Postive (+) of switch from
vehicle ignition or battery
} Not used unless DVR connected
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