IP65 Non-Corrosive Fluorescent Luminaire Instructions

IP65 Non-Corrosive Fluorescent Luminaire Instructions
IP65 Non-Corrosive Fluorescent Luminaire Instructions
These instructions should be read carefully and retained after installation for further reference and
Before installation, maintenance or lamp replacements ensure that the mains supply to the luminaire
is switched off and the circuit supply fuses are removed or circuit breaker turned off.
It is recommended that a qualified electrician is consulted or used for the installation of this luminaire
and installed to the current edition of the IEE wiring regulations.
Check that the total load on the circuit including when this luminaire does not exceed the rating of
the circuit cable, fuse or circuit breaker.
The maximum ambient temperature at the point of installation should not exceed 30 degrees
This luminaire is of class I construction and must be earthed.
IP65 rated suitable for external applications.
F marked, suitable for installation on to normal flammable surfaces.
230V/240V AC rated. (1x58 watt also available in 110 volt 50hz AC)
CE Approved
Maximum 30 C ambient operating temperature
Remove the diffuser from the base by releasing the clips along each side of the luminaire.
Remove the gear tray by squeezing the retaining clips together.
Select a suitable cable entry point by drilling into the base.
Position and fix the base using only the fixing methods as per the diagram below. WARNING The
warranty will be invalid if these fixing methods are not adhered to:- Use only the fixing
brackets supplied, screws should not be used directly through the base. Only the hook eyes
supplied should be used for suspension by chain or cable.
Enter supply cable into the luminaire through previously selected hole ensuring that a cable gland,
grommet or sealing compound is used to maintain the IP rating of the luminaire.
Terminate the cable into the terminal block mounted on the underside of the gear tray ensuring
correct polarity is observed and the luminaire is earthed.
Replace the gear tray by aligning the holes with the retaining clips on the base and pushing back
until the gear tray is held firmly in position by the retaining clips.
Install the fluorescent tube by sliding into the end caps and twisting through 180 degrees until the
tube clicks into place.
Re-fit the diffuser and secure all the clips.
Stainless steel clips can be supplied as an alternative.
Fixing Brackets Supplied
V2 07/006 PS
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