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Transport and Logistics Services
Install, Calibrate & Maintain
On-time project completion
Optimized set up & configuration
Effective data integration
Reduced operating costs
Safe & productive operation
Essential Services
for Dependable Performance
Transport and Logistics Services
Accuracy Isn’t Accidental
Our Services Deliver
Proper equipment application
Accurate, safe, effective operation
Optimized uptime and scale life
Compliance with standards
Cost-effective maintenance
METTLER TOLEDO produces the highest
quality Transport and Logistics equipment
– designed for years of dependable operation. However, whatever make of our Transport and Logistics equipment you are using,
to gain maximum benefit it must be properly
installed, calibrated and maintained. Our
qualified and equipped specialists provide
timely local and personal service, backed by
global depth and expertise. You get professional, factory service with superior results,
tailored to your budget and needs
The ServiceXXL portfolio
• Needs analysis and consultation
• Installation and commissioning
• Calibration
• Proactive maintenance
• Emergency on-site repair
• Modernization and upgrades
• Service parts logistic
• Guaranteed response
• Comprehensive agreements
Measurable value
The value of a measurement is proportional
to its accuracy. After you have made your
investment in new equipment, we will ensure
that it is installed, commissioned and tested
in order to provide you with trouble-free start.
Transport and Logistics Services
Proper calibration with traceable results
is the only way to certify accuracy. Working together with your on-site engineers
this service can be accompanied by initial
calibration, operator training and equipment
Calibration, Proactive Maintenance and
Parts Logistics
Increased uptime gives increased revenue.
Proactive maintenance and parts logistics
is essential to increase uptime on your T&L
equipment. To have parts available for proactive maintenance we offers supply chain as
• Spare parts kit on site
• Spare parts in logistic centres
(delivery within 1-2 days)
• Spare parts delivery from Cargoscan
(delivery within 2 weeks)
Our approach to service is not just about fixing a breakdowns, it is also about accurate
results from routine calibration.
• Calibration audits – Pass/Fail check to
relevant tolerances
• Custom calibration (acceptance test)
– Procedures to your specification
Certified Accurate
In Three Steps
Installation, Configuration, and Integration
Our service representatives are specialists on Transprot and Logistics
equipment delivered by METTLER TOLEDO. We make certain that your
equipment is ready for production in a cost effective and timely fashion.
Your Benefits:
• Correctly installed, adjusted and connected equipment
• Functions configured to meet application requirements
• Communications to peripherals and systems tested
• Sequences set to enhance operator productivity
• Operational and user maintenance procedures reviewed
Initial Calibration Documentation
The installation, environment, application and requirements for each of our
equipment are unique and performance must be tested. Our calibration
procedure documentation and custom made acceptance test will ensure
production quality.
Your Benefits:
• Reference results traceable to specified standards
• Tests for accuracy throughout system ranges
• Accuracy checked at multiple positions on the conveyor/table
• Concise and purposeful design of calibration documentation including
use of checklists
Periodic Calibration Maintenance
A Calibration Maintenance Service Agreement provides on-going confidence in your equipment delivered by METTLER TOLEDO. We offer a variety
of calibration and maintenance service plans that are scheduled to meet
your needs.
Your Benefits:
• Confirm equipment performance
• Maintain documented evidence of accuracy
• Avoid non-compliance in quality audits
• Control costs and budget predictability
• Reduce product give-away and/or over-charges
• Lower out-of-specification product liability
Transport and Logistics Services
Target Services
To Optimize Your Resources
ServiceXXL includes an extensive range of services to help you preserve
the value of your investment and meet the demands of your business. The
primary aim of our Service Network with respect to customer care is to meet
world-wide customers uniformly across the globe, giving the same high level
of service quality regardless of location.
Comprehensive Service Agreement
A Comprehensive Service Agreement is tailored to provide services appropriate for the use, duty cycle and criticality of measurements in your operation.
It includes cleaning, preventative maintenance, parts, labour, and travel and
guaranteed response time for repairs. This is your most cost-effective assurance against downtime, low quality results and unbudgeted expense.
Customer Specific Requirements
METTLER TOLEDO is responsible for being thoroughly familiar with the needs
and specific customer requirements on a local basis. It includes needs for
local spare parts stock, special service rapports, customer technical training,
failure analysis, product change approval, interaction with system integrators, work station logbooks and other particulars.
Repair Services
METTLER TOLEDO is your single source for maintenance and repair on
METTLER TOLEDO Cargoscan equipment. In spite of best efforts to prevent
untimely breakdown, there will always be situation where reactive intervention is necessary. We will mobilize and provide services and parts in a
cost-effective manner to quickly get you up and running.
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