6495 Wheelchair Scale Bulletin

6495 Wheelchair Scale Bulletin
M a d e i n U S A
Model 6495
Wheelchair Scale
with Easy-Access Ramp
● 800 lb / 360 kg Capacity ● Optional Wi-Fi for EMR/EHR ● Sturdy Steel Construction ● USA-Made Quality
Bulletin No. C261
The 6495's MedVue® weight indicator
is the clinical industry's most advanced,
featuring EMR/EHR-ready serial, USB,
and optional Wi-Fi connectivity, BMI calculation,
yellow "quick keys" for basic weighing, and a multiline LCD display. The scale is powered by 6 AA
batteries (not included) or optional AC adapter.
● Up to 99 tares (optional) to store wheelchair weights
for efficient patient weighing.
● Hold/Release key to hold a weight after leaving the
scale for better patient care.
● Patient ID Barcode Scanning: Send 14-digit patient ID
to the scale's MedVue® indicator for EMR/EHR records.
● Sturdy steel handrails for patient assurance and safety.
Quality Throughout
the Scale
With Detecto’s 6495 heavy-duty
USA-made wheelchair scale, you
receive digital speed and increased
accuracy. From the scale's load cells to
its durable steel construction to the hightech digital weight indicator, the 6495 is
completely manufactured in the USA by
DETECTO at the company's factory in Webb
City, MO. The scale's ramp with non-skid
surface and padded handrails ease wheelchair or standing patient weighing.
350-Degree Swivel Mounting Bracket
Enjoy freedom of movement
wherever you need to position the
display for the nurse or patient to
easily read with the tilt-and-swivel
mounting bracket.
350-degree ball-pivot mount
This heavy-duty stationary wheelchair scale features a detachable ramp for smooth entry and exit. The 6495 features a padded handrail
for ambulatory patients, and Detecto’s state-of-the-art MedVue® indicator allows height to be entered on the keypad for BMI calculation.
51.2 in / 130.1 cm
35.9 in / 91.2 cm
2.1 in / 5.4 cm
Platform Height
6.2 in / 15.8 cm
1.8 in / 4.4 cm
25 in / 63.5 cm
26.5 in / 67.3 cm
28.6 in / 72.7 cm
3.7 in / 9.4 cm
30 in / 76.2 cm
37.4 in / 95.1 cm
19 in / 48.3 cm
Capacity 800 lb x 0.2 lb / 360 kg x 0.1 kg
Display Weight: 5-digit, 7-segment, 7/8 inch (22.2 mm) high LCD
Height: 4-digit, 7-segment, 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) high LCD
Keypad Membrane type with 19 keys
Connectivity Ports RS232 serial and USB (standard), wired and Wi-Fi Ethernet (optional)
Power 6 AA cell Alkaline, Ni-Cad or NiMH batteries (not included)
OR an optional 12 VDC 1.25A wall plug-in AC power adapter (Detecto part number MV1PWR)
Resolution 5,000 divisions, maximum
Operating Temperature 14º to 104º F (-10º to +40º C)
Indicator Dimensions 6.8 inch H x 7.6 inch W x 1.8 inch D (171.4 mm W x 193.8 mm H x 44.4 mm D)
Platform Dimensions 26.5 inch W x 30 inch D (673 mm W x 762 mm D)
Construction Steel
UPC Code 809161138702
Shipping Weight 187 lb / 84.8 kg (2 boxes)
Detecto Scale reserves the right to improve, enhance, or modify features and specifications without prior notice.
A Division of Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Co.
203 E. Daugherty, Webb City, MO 64870 USA
Ph: 417-673-4631 or 1-800-641-2008 Fax: 417-673-5001
Mobile: m.detecto.com
© Copyright 2013 Cardinal Scale Mfg. Co.
• Printed in USA • CAR/00/0613/C261
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