gfa-2060a pacsystems rx3i cpus datasheet v3

gfa-2060a pacsystems rx3i cpus datasheet v3
Intelligent Platforms
PACSystems* RX3i CPUs
Industrial Internet Ready
GE Intelligent Platforms understands
that equipment builders are
continuously looking for ways to
improve the performance and flexibility
of their equipment while reducing size
and complexity. Fast, easy-to-configure
connectivity to GE’s PACSystems
controllers and extensive range of I/O
options enables scalable machine
automation and highly distributed
modular machine designs. The end
result is high performance automation
for the Industrial Internet.
High performance
Analyze and improve even the most
complex application right at the source.
The latest RX3i CPUs now offer multiple
processing cores, allowing you to do more
with your CPUs. A large working memory in
every high speed RX3i CPU lets you store
more data and access it faster than ever
before. The RX3i offers premier high speed
performance and data handling across any
multi-disciplined control system. Whether
you’re accessing consistent gigabit
data across the backplane or over fiber,
kilometers away, the RX3i CPUs are built
for rapid, reliable performance.
PROFINET advantage
PROFINET I/O solutions from GE provide
productivity and performance advantages
necessary for virtually any type of control
application in a range of industries.
PROFINET supports large amounts
of I/O without compromising system
performance and is able to operate in
high-noise environments. Connect
through a module for advanced
flexibility and performance.
Best availability
Can your process controller keep up
with system demands? Many of today's
controllers take ten milliseconds or more
to switchover in the event of a fault or
other system event. Often controllers are
also limited in real I/O connections due
to bottlenecks in overall data collection.
Eliminate delays by combining RX3i and
PROFINET to get Gigabit speed everywhere
and bumpless (0 ms) switchover. Choose
RX3i High Availability and prevent
unexpected failure and costly downtime.
distributed I/O
•High-speed communication for
real-time control
•Advanced asset management with
Hart pass-thru I/O
Flexibility and scalability
PACSystems provides a vast amount
of I/O, communications, and specialty
modules to handle a variety of process
and discrete applications. It provides one
of the best migration paths in the industry
with the ability to bring Series 90*-30
modules directly into the PACSystems
backplane to save rewiring and space. In
addition, programs move with ease to
the new programming and configuration
environment, Proficy* Machine Edition,
getting applications up and running
in minutes.
•Simple configuration, maintenance
and operation
•Single point of connect no matter
what distance
• Gb communications for faster, higher volume of data for analysis
• Latest CPU offers multi core processor for reduced latency for more precise data or I/O control
• Built in ports and switches reduce application complexity
• Store large amounts of data for better system statistics and analysis
• Store application files right on the control for fast fingertip access to drawings, debug or startup information, operational notes, and more
uilt in media conversion and switches reduces I/O wiring cost and installation time
•Fewer external devices to purchase
and configure, and fewer spare parts
to maintain
• Easy-to-expand I/O system for future options or line capacity expansion
• Broad range of discrete and analog I/O modules for application flexibility
• Open standard for high speed I/O connectivity
• Support for Media Redundancy Protocol for robust operation
• Replace devices without having to reconfigure them for improved uptime
Part No.
(CPU with Energy Pack†)
IC695CPE330 (CPU only)
IC695CPK330 (CPU with Energy Pack†)
(CPU with Energy Pack†)
1G Atom
2+ times faster than CPU320
1G Atom
Redundancy Support
Ethernet Port
1 - 10/100
1- 10/100/1000
1- 2-port switch 10/100/1000
1 - 10/100
Ethernet Communications
SRTP Client/Server
Modbus TCP/IP
OPC-UA Server
SRTP Client/Server
Modbus TCP/IP
OPC-UA Server
SRTP Client/Server
Modbus TCP/IP
OPC-UA Server
USB Interface
1 USB-A 2.0
1 USB-A 2.0
1 USB-A 2.0
Memory Card
1 CFast (Very high speed Compactflash)‡
Other Interface
1 RS-232
0 … 60 °C
1 RS-232
1 RS-485
0 … 60 °C
0 … 60 °C
†Energy Pak provides power during power failure while data is written to NV RAM
‡Available later 2015
tive M
Smart sychronization –
simple, fast and seamless
Multi gigabit speed in PACSystems
keep CPUs synchronized up to 10KM
apart with simple configuration,
minimal impact to application
performance, and bumpless
switchover if a failure occurs.
B Ethe
r 2GB
y (ove
Up to 1GB speed, 1ms updates
Process I/O data over a
wider, faster pipeline
Media friendly, simple to install
Built in fiber or copper for required
distance, no switches needed –
reduces failures
Intelligent Platforms
2500 Austin Drive
Charlottesville, VA, 22911
1-800-433-2682 or 1-434-978-5100
*Trademark of GE Intelligent Platforms.
GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc. is a subsidiary of the General Electric Company. The GE brand and logo are trademarks of the General
Electric Company. © 2015 GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Information
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4.15 GFA-2060A
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