Manufacturing Newsletter 4 (US Version)

Manufacturing Newsletter 4 (US Version)
Industrial Weighing and Measuring
Innovative process optimizations
Realized with checkweighers and counting scales
To the benefit of its customers, the Austrian metal fittings company, Blum,
places great importance on the continuous improvement of processes.
Innovative checkweighers and counting scales from METTLER TOLEDO
are a key factor in increasing operational efficiency, preventing inaccurate
deliveries and eliminating costs incurred from overfilling.
Over fifty years in the business
With over fifty years of continual success,
the Vorarlberg-based company is today a
global player in the manufacturing of primarily kitchen-based hinge, lift and pullout systems. Blum focuses on products and
services that simplify day-to-day tasks for
its customers.
Accurate deliveries
When it comes to the manual order picking of metal fittings, METTLER TOLEDO
scales ensure that customers are supplied
with exactly the products they ordered, thus
significantly reducing the margin of error.
or of the display. The IND449check+ scale
terminal display has color backlighting. If
products are under or overfilled, the display lights up red. Once the target weight is
reached, the backlighting color changes to
gray. In the next operating step, the picked
product is sealed and then packaged into
shipping cartons. Here, it is the turn of
the second scale to ensure that the correct
quantity of packages is shipped per carton,
by counting the packages. As soon as the
correct quantity of packages is contained
within the carton, the backlighting of the
IND449check+ terminal display changes
to green.
And this is how it works: The first scale
checks whether the correct quantity of
metal fittings has been picked. This is immediately visible to the operator by the col-
A worthwhile investment in process
For Blum, METTLER TOLEDO checkweighers and counting scales with color-backlit
Process optimization
displays have proven to be a worthwhile investment in three different areas. Quality
control manager, Mr. Johann Schmidinger,
explains: “Firstly, costs incurred from
overfilling can be significantly reduced;
secondly, incorrect deliveries can be prevented and thirdly, the operational efficiency of users can be maximized.”
The scales can be operated intuitively and
thus greatly reduce the amount of work
involved, as operators no longer need to
stare at illegible digits, but can instead
immediately identify whether the target
value has been reached, even out of the
corner of their eye. This increases the efficiency of costly manual labor.
Continually improving processes
Blum places great importance on continually improving its processes. METTLER
TOLEDO solutions help across the board,
from incoming goods, to production and
storage, right up to outgoing goods.
On automated packaging lines, dynamic
checkweighers from METTLER TOLEDO
reliably check the package is complete and
sort and reject those that are incomplete.
During production, counting scales ensure
that even the smallest of components, such
as o-rings, are counted reliably, accurately
and efficiently. In this case, Blum relies on
a two-scale system incorporating a highprecision analytical scale for reference
purposes and a BBK462 volume-measuring scale. This guarantees accurate quantities, even in the case of extremely small
parts. The large, brightly backlit display of
the BBK462 intuitively guides the operator
The box is full!
Thanks to the high-precision K series weighing platforms from METTLER TOLEDO,
Blum can rest assured that it has the required accuracy to ensure that only the correct quantities are packaged and shipped.
With IP67 protection, the weighing platform is also fully dust-proof and ideally
suited for use in harsh environments.
Yellow – weight below tolerance
Mettler-Toledo AG
CH-8606 Nänikon
MarCom Industrial
CH-8606 Nänikon
Green – the box is full!
Red – weight above tolerance
Subject to technical changes
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Printed in the USA
Completeness checks with colorWeight ® pay for themselves!
Discrete Manufacturing News 4
Best Practice
through the counting application. Both
the detection of new piece weights and the
actual counting procedure can be operated simply and effectively.
Not even high-bay warehouses prove a
problem to the METTLER TOLEDO scales
in ensuring the correct weight. Each pallet
to be warehoused is weighed on the roller conveyor scale and the PTHN process
weighing terminal transfers the weighing
result directly to the warehouse control
system. This integration automatically
ensures that no overloaded pallets are
Service makes it all possible
Employees of Waagen Scheffknecht
GmbH, METTLER TOLEDO’s sales partner, guarantee that Blum is provided
with professional support and the appropriate services relating to the scales. Mr.
Schmidinger explains: “We’re benefiting
from comprehensive support, which is
tailored to our requirements, as well as
from expert installation, calibration and
verification services. Thanks to the convenient location of Waagen Scheffknecht,
we don’t need to worry about the speed of
the service the company provides, for example, if our scales need configuring or
maintenance work or if further training
is required.”
Free online value
Use our free value calculator
to discover how much time
and money you can save with
colorWeight®, the colored
weight display.
Take advantage of the
online calculator now at
Efficient weight inspection prior to storage
100% completeness check with dynamic checkweighers from METTLER TOLEDO
Discrete Manufacturing News 4
Lean Manufacturing
Weighing can make you lean!
Smart weighing solutions for lean production
In challenging times, lean manufacturing and lean management are of utmost importance,
as they can help to minimize costs and maximize efficiency. Benefit from our diverse range
of weighing solutions and continuously improve your production processes.
Wastage should be avoided at all costs, and
this is lean manufacturing's main objective. The advantages of this production
practice include high-quality products,
punctual deliveries, a significant reduction in stock inventories, as well as relieving employees and reducing machining
times and space requirements. So that's
the theory. METTLER TOLEDO offers
practical solutions that will allow you to
optimize your production processes.
to this, colorWeight® can also help to minimize errors. Thanks to its robust design
with IP69k protection, the weighing terminal itself can withstand environments
prone to dust, oil, moisture and severe
vibrations and guarantees long operating periods without incurring problems.
Avoid wastage
Precise, reliable and fast weighing is the
key to avoiding wastage and keeping costs
to a minimum.
Avoid overfilling…
… with accurate counting systems. Order pick parts from an individual piece
weight of 0.001 g and select matching bulk
weight scales up to a maximum capacity
of 12 tons. Our counting specialists will
be happy to show you how to avoid costly
under and overfilling.
Speed up manual processes...
…with the colorWeight® colored weight
display. Increase the efficiency of your
production staff with the coloured tolerance display that quickly and clearly states
whether or not the weight or quantity is
within the permitted tolerance. In addition
Discrete Manufacturing News 4
Use our online value calculator to discover
how much time and money you could save
with colorWeight®.
Avoid errors…
…with user-prompted formulation systems. The generation of formulations and
mixtures is prone to errors, which can
have a costly impact on subsequent production steps. Our weighing systems guide
the operator through the formulation process and can help to minimize mixing errors. All process steps are simultaneously
documented on the PC and/or in paper
form and are therefore easily traceable.
Optimize quality…
…with integrated Statistical Quality Control (SQC). Monitoring the piece weight,
dimensional accuracy, surface structure,
appearance, volumes and other parameters is child‘s play with our modular
PC-based quality control system. Thanks
to integrated measuring stations such as
scales or digital vernier calipers, data can
be recorded online and then analyzed by
the quality software. Should any deviations occur, production can be interrupted
Increase the availability…
…of the scales thanks to their robust design and optimum service. Floor scales in
particular are often exposed to harsh working conditions. It is for this reason that
METTLER TOLEDO floor scales come
equipped with special adjustable rocker
feet, which ensure optimum force transmission to the load cell at all times and
thereby prevent any damage to the load
cell due to lateral shearing forces. Furthermore, up to 15 tons can be transferred over heavy-duty scales, meaning
that the scales themselves can be easily
used by heavy-duty fork-lift trucks. The
expert METTLER TOLEDO calibration and
maintenance service also contributes to
the high availability of the scales.
Optimize quality with integrated
Statistical Quality Control (SQC)
100% piece
weight control
Piece weight
Relieve employees…
…with our modular weighing systems.
With or without the colorWeight® display,
METTLER TOLEDO offers the world's most
extensive range of weighing terminals and
platforms with the most diverse designs,
sizes (including free size for floor scales)
and accessories. Our specialists are always
on-hand to provide you with professional
support, meaning you can provide your
employees with an ergonomic workplace
and thus reap the benefits of efficient
operational procedures.
Continuously improve your
…with flexible weighing solutions.
METTLER TOLEDO scales can be adapted to changing ambient conditions at
any time thanks to their mobility, Plug’n
weigh functionality, modularity and versatile accessories. The pallet scales and elevated floor scales, which are not secured
to the floor, can be used at any location
for a wide range of purposes, and thanks
to the Plug’n Weigh functionality can be
separated as often as required from the
weighing terminal and then reconnected
without the weighing data and calibration
values being lost. This allows the scales
to be moved and the cable length to be
extended by up to 100 metres at any time
without the need for additional calibration work.
Versatility lies in METTLER TOLEDOs
product range. Round off your weighing
station with barcode readers, label printers, roller conveyors and stands available
in various sizes, or develop your weighing
stations into a networked quality control
system that can be fully integrated into
your production systems. What matters to
us is that you are able to continuously improve your processes so that your products
can be supplied on time, in the required
quantity and to the highest quality, while
keeping costs to a minimum.
For more information:
Learn more about
lean production
Would you like to discover how
you can avoid wastage with
intelligent weighing solutions?
Visit one of our free web-based
seminars - "webinars" - on lean
Register at
Discrete Manufacturing News 4
Extensive weighing solutions
Making a measurable impacton
on productivity
Realizing, maintaining and improving the productivity of your
processes requires thoughtful equipment design, proactive care
and dependable partners.
When you are accountable day-in and
day-out to meet internal production targets or make just-in-time deliveries to
customers, you can’t just leave things to
chance. The productivity of your process
depends on the application of the right
weighing equipment, proper maintenance
and verification that your process meets
requirements. The right equipment must
satisfy process accuracy, application, operational and duty-cycle requirements, as
well as size and functional specifications.
The on-going productivity and quality of
your process, even with the perfect equipment, depends on a proactive maintenance and calibration certification plan.
An effective proactive maintenance plan
begins with an evaluation of your business risks associated with potential downtime and inaccuracy. A weighing system
in one process may only need occasional maintenance to ensure its availability,
whereas in another process, the same device may need frequent and specific periodic maintenance to guarantee its uptime.
METTLER TOLEDO is uniquely qualified
to make a correct assessment of the maintenance requirements for your weighing
equipment. We evaluate the risks, use, operational complexity, work environment
and your maintenance budget. Based on
this evaluation we design the right proactive maintenance plan to ensure productivity and quality.
Key benefits
• Properly maintained equipment to ensure productivity
and optimize process performance
• Simplified compliance with industry specific standards
and regulations
• Clear and precise documentation that equipment meets
requirements to reduce the risk of non-compliance
Discrete Manufacturing News 4
With METTLER TOLEDO service, you get
productivity that meets or exceeds your
requirements. Whether you need to satisfy ISO9001/17025 requirements or follow ISO/TS16949 standards, we offer the
required services. Our factory-trained service technicians also know and care about
safety. We adhere to your safety policies
Do your scales
comply to ISO9001,
ISO17025 or
Contact your local
provider toarrange an assessment of your maintenance
and calibration needs.
and procedures with an unparalleled level
of professionalism. And, our service representatives will be there at the right time,
with the right parts, the right tools and the
right skills to meet your needs.
The ServiceXXL portfolio
• Analysisand consultation
• Installation and commissioning
• Calibration and certification
• Proactive maintenance
• Emergency on-site repair
• Modernization and upgrades
• OEM service parts
• Repair center exchange plans
• Guaranteed response
• Training programs
• Comprehensive agreementse
Punctual deliveries that you can rely on
thanks to the integrated counting solution
IND465 weighing terminal with a robust
PBA330-B60 weighing platform,
barcode scanner and label printer.
The Swiss company Gewitec – the clamping and slotted nut specialist –
relies on the efficient and flawless storage of its products. This is where
METTLER TOLEDO weighing systems lend a hand and support Gewitec
in delivering its products punctually and reliably; giving this innovative
company a real competitive edge.
Delivering our customers’ orders on time
is what makes our production profitable.
For products to be delivered across the
globe, there is a need for creative logistics
and shipment solutions. To achieve this
objective, Gewitec relies on an innovative
partner that has years of experience under its belt. The experienced counting specialists at METTLER TOLEDO were able
to meet Gewitec’s requirements in full.
Gewitec’s requirements
Mr. Beat Rüfli, logistics manager at
Gewitec, describes his requirements as
follows: “In terms of the counting solution, we required a reliable, user-friendly
and efficient approach. We have been provided with a comprehensive, intuitive and
easy to operate weighing solution that is
fully networked with Sage, our ERP software system.”
Efficient and error-free storage
The manufactured parts are stored in
standardized containers and their tare
weight is then adjusted within a narrow
tolerance (+/- 5 g). Mr. Rüfli explains,
“We rely on the weight of the containers
being constant where possible, so that the
piece number can be determined reliably
and accurately. Otherwise, the seeds for
count-ing errors will have already been
sown.” The counting procedure itself is
extremely simple: Staff members place
baskets onto the scale and select the
product on the production order using the
barcode scanner. The scale automatically
calls up the saved parameters, such as the
tare weight and the reference weight, and
calculates the piece number. All this takes
just a split second. The system then prints
off two labels with the date, time, product
number, piece number and product name.
The label serves both as documentation
for the storage order and as the container
Intuitive and easy to operate
Thanks to the barcode scanner, all that
needs to be operated at the IND465 weighing terminal is the label printer. The
rest of the system is set automatically.
Mr. Rüfli: “We couldn’t wish for a more
efficient procedure. The work required by
our staff members is kept to a minimum
with the self-explanatory weighing process
and, what’s more, they are always able to
rely on accurate piece numbers for stored
Fully integrated
An additional requirement was to integrate the counting solution into the existing ERP system, so that master data for
products could continue to be managed
centrally. With the SmartManager application and configuration software from
METTLER TOLEDO, product and scale
SmartManager: intuitive and easy to operate
application and configuration software
Discrete Manufacturing News 4
data can be conveniently monitored on
the PC. The software not only enables
the scale to be easily configured, but also
establishes a network with existing product management systems. “By connecting the SmartManager to our ERP system, we are saving the expense of a dual
product management system, assuring
the quality of our master data and at the
same time benefitting from an end-toend and easy to use counting solution,”
explains Mr. Rüfli, who then goes on to
say, “The professional support provided by
METTLER TOLEDO’s counting specialists
has impressed us across the board and
means that we now have a solution that is
better than we could have ever imagined.”
A final word from Mr. Rüfli: “At Gewitec,
our aim is to continuously improve our
processes. Thanks to the counting solution we have now, we will also be able fufil
this objective. The weighing system can
be used flexibly in terms of its location,
be supplemented by a wide range of accessories such as roller conveyors or additional weighing stations and can thus
be adapted to changing ambient conditions in no time at all. Day in day out, our
customers in the automobile and aviation
industry, in mould making and tool manufacturing, and in the wood industry are
benefitting from this flexibility, as they
are always able to count on reliable and
punctual deliveries.”
In an addition to this, Gewitec is now testing the integration of the counting system
into the warehouse management system.
For more information:
An integrated counting solution
ensures efficient and flawless
product storage
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