Expression 2/3 and Express Families

Expression 2/3 and Express Families
Daylight Saving Time Changes for ETC Products
Expression 2/3 and Express Families
Setting clock functions
Key strokes:
Press [setup].
Press [1][4] [Enter]
Selects Setup display
Set time/date
In the following procedure, press [Enter] to scroll
through the fields on the screen. Press [Record] to
Key strokes:
Press [2] [Enter].
Prompt reads: Enter current standard time (12 hour
clock). To start clock, press [Record] - to cancel,
press [Clear]
Enter the current time in hours and minutes (In 24- hour format 930 = 9:30 AM, 1625 = 4:25 PM;
In 12-hour format, use [+] [-] to select AM or PM). Press [Enter].
Enter the day of the month (1-31). Press [Enter].
Enter the month (1-12). Press [Enter].
Enter the year (00-99). Press [Enter].
Enter the day of the week (1= Monday thru 7= Sunday). Press [Enter].
Press [Record] to reset Real Time Clock with the new settings.
Daylight Saving Time
Key strokes:
1. Press [1] [Enter].
Prompt reads:
Select Daylight Saving Time
(1 = daylight time,
0 = standard time)
2. Press [1] [Enter].
Enables Daylight Saving Time.a
a. The clock does not automatically adjust for changes between daylight and standard times.
These must be reset manually. This only adds or subtracts one hour sunrise and sunset times.
b. Also note when setting location you use the + key for west when it’s really a - GST Time.
Daylight Saving Time Changes for ETC Products
12/24-hour clock
Key strokes:
1. Press [3] [Enter].
2. Press [0] [Enter].
Prompt reads:
Enter 12 or 24-hour clock
(0 = 12 hour, 1 = 24 hour)
Sets 12-hour clock.
Express LPC
You can set the time and date configuration of the LPC’s real time clock in one of two ways. Both
require you to attach a video monitor to the LPC. Method one is to attach a Remote Focus Unit to the
LPC. Method two is to take advantage of the LPC autocontrols. You can also set the astronomic clock
when using an RFU, but not when using the LPC autocontrols. Astronomic clock settings, however,
are needed only if your real time programs reference sunrise or sunset.
If you need to set the LPC astronomic clock, you can perform those settings in either an Express
console or in Expression Off-Line. They become part of the system configuration components, which
can then be read into the LPC from a show file. See Reading a showfile, page 7 of the Express LPC
Quick Guide 3.1, for more information about reading a showfile’s system configuration components.
NOTE: Clock settings are retained in the LPC memory even if the power is temporarily removed.
Once set, you should not need to reset the clock, but you may need to revise the setup later if, for
example, power is removed for a long time or you need to set the astronomic clock.
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