G650-KIT, G954-KIT or G951-KIT:
G-Force Stream Shaper Replacement
Service Procedure
Tools Required
Pointed pick and a Flat blade X-ACTO® blade, TFT Tool
TG500 or 3/16” Pin Spanner Wrench, (optional – strap
Parts Required
Shaper G650-KIT Fixed Rubber Teeth, G954-KIT Fixed
Metal Teeth, or G951-KIT Spinning Metal Teeth
Kit Contents: Spinning Tooth Shaper, Metal Fog Teeth
Shaper, or Rubber Fog Teeth Shaper, Torlon Balls (3),
#226 O-Ring, Tactile Indicator, Gray, Black, and Blue
Clamp Ring and Tactile Indicator Labels (1/ea), and Dow
112 Grease
Step 1) Using the X-ACTO® blade, remove the G-Force
label from the shaper.
Step 3) Once the ring is loose finish unthreading the
clamp ring by hand. Then, slide the shaper off the front of
the nozzle. Removing the shaper will expose three green
Torlon balls in the shaper guide. Remove the Torlon balls.
Shaper Clamp Ring
Step 2) Using the TG500 or 3/16” pin spanner, insert the
pin in one of the six holes in the shaper clamp ring. While
holding the shaper by hand or with a strap wrench loosen
the clamp ring counterclockwise. This may require a quick
initial jolt to break the ring free
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Step 4) Using your pointed pick remove the o-ring from
the front end of the barrel. Once removed wipe the area
clean with a rag.
Step 7) With the nozzle still on end slide the new shaper
over the barrel. Continue to slide it on until the shaper
covers the Torlon balls.
Shaper Guide
Step 5) With the grease included in the kit lightly grease
the o-ring groove in the barrel, install the new o-ring, then
lightly grease over the o-ring.
Step 6) With the nozzle standing on the coupling end and
the straight stream (SS) indicator aligned with the groove
in the barrel, install a Torlon ball in the hole nearest the SS
indicator into the forward most helical groove in the barrel.
Then install the remaining two balls. The balls should be
flush with the shaper guide when installed properly.
Step 8) Loosely thread the shaper clamp ring onto the
shaper. Set the tactile indicator to the top of the nozzle
and hold in this position. Factory setting; Straight stream
position is shown when tactile indicator is on top; twist the
shaper guide to the full right rotation position. (Proceed to
Step 9)
If you desire the tactile indicator to indicate a
stream angle other than straight stream then water flow
will be required. Hook up the nozzle to a hose line and
flow the desired GPM. Once the desired GPM is achieved,
hold the tactile indicator on top, twist the shaper guide
until the desired stream angle is achieved. Once set, shut
down the operation and remove the nozzle from the hose
Step 9) Hold the shaper with the tactile indicator on top
of the nozzle. Using the TG500 or pin spanner wrench
tighten the shaper clamp ring. To insure the clamp ring
is tight enough twist the shaper to the full fog or straight
stream position. If it is sufficiently tight the shaper will not
continue to twist past the full travel stops. If the shaper
continues to twist past the full travel stops reposition the
tactile indicator in the desired position then tighten the
clamp ring further.
Step 10) Wipe the label area on the clamp ring clean.
Apply the appropriate colored clamp ring label to the
nozzle. This secures the clamp ring in place.
First Ball
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