NURIT 2085 Fact Sheet
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NURIT 2085
Reliable All-In-One
Payment Solution
The NURIT 2085 delivers a complete payment management
tool in an all-in-one package for fast, hassle-free transactions.
At the heart of the NURIT 2085 lies a fast microprocessor to
rapidly serve customers while securely processing multiple
payment types – such as credit, debit, cash, EBT, check
verification, guarantee and truncation, prepaid cards and
loyalty and gift cards.
It has an easy-to-read backlit display and a simple,
menu-driven user interface fully integrated with the keypad,
eliminating the need for complicated keypad overlays. Its
programmable LCD soft keys and hot key shortcuts provide
one-touch access to customizable functions, reports and
business-specific applications, making daily operations a
breeze and a cinch for new employees to learn. Plus, a
high-speed, built-in, easy-load thermal printer operates
quickly and quietly, eliminating the noise and ribbon
problems commonly associated with impact printers.
Robust functionality for processing multiple
payment options
Simple, menu-driven interface for ease of use
Programmable LCD soft keys and hot keys for
one-touch access
NURIT 2085
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Features & Benefits
Simple, Proven, Dependable
• Fast 32-bit Motorola microprocessor for quick transactions
• Large 2-line x 16-character backlit, easy-to-read graphical
display enhances readability
• 32-key keypad includes programmable LCD soft keys and hot
keys for one-touch access
• Generates customizable transaction reports for cost-saving
accounting and business management
• Fast, quiet, easy-load thermal printer
• Rear accessible ports for connection to multiple
peripheral devices
• Split dial capability for connecting with multiple payment
hosts allows you to choose from among the most
cost-effective processors for any given payment type
• 2-track magnetic stripe card reader (3-track optional)
Programmable LCD softkeys and hotkeys
provide one-touch access to customizable
functions and business-specific applications
Compatibility and Streamlined Management
• Powerful NURIT operating system provides application
compatibility with other NURIT products
Handles multiple card types, such as credit,
debit, EBT, prepaid, loyalty and gift cards
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