PH2TR SolPlinth Thermostatic Remote Instructions

PH2TR SolPlinth Thermostatic Remote Instructions
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PH2TR Electric Plinth Heaters
(Supplied with interchangeable facias.)
The product complies with the European Safety Standards EN60335-2-30 and the European Standard Electromagnetic Compatibility
(EMC) EN55014, EN60555-2 and EN60555-3 which cover the essential requirements of EEC Directives 2006/95/EC and 2004/108/EC
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Electric Plinth Heater
Model : PH2TR
Important Safety Advice
DO NOT COVER OR OBSTRUCT the air inlet or outlet
Do not place heater immediately below a socket outlet.
The supply circuit to the heater must incorporate a
double pole isolating switch.
If the appliance is covered, there is a risk of fire.
Do not use this heater in areas where excessive dust
Do not touch or obstruct the grille area when the heater
is in operation.
Do not use this heater with young children unattended.
This appliance is not intended for use by children or
other persons without assistance or supervision if their
physical, sensory or mental capabilities prevent them
from using it safely. Children should be supervised to
ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
The heater carries the Warning symbol indicating
that it must not be covered.
WARNING: DISCONNECT SUPPLY before carrying out
WARNING: In order to avoid a hazard due to inadvertent
resetting of the thermal cut-out, this appliance must
not be supplied through an external switching device,
such as a timer, or connected to a circuit that is
regularly switched on and off by the utility.
This heater has been designed for fitting in the space behind
the plinth of floor standing kitchen units or other fitted furniture
units. It is recommended that the heater is not installed under
cupboards used for storing perishable goods. It can be
accommodated in plinths with a minimum height of 120mm,
and is suitable for cupboards with a minimum width of
500mm - see Fig. 1.
The installation of this appliance should be carried out by a
competent electrician and be in accordance with the current
IEE wiring regulations.
Before undertaking installation work, ensure the electricity
supply is disconnected from any relevant fixed wiring.
The heater is more easily fitted during the installation of new
furniture units, or on existing furniture units if they can be
temporarily moved from their position against the wall. If an
existing furniture unit cannot be moved, then it may be
necessary to remove the back of the unit in order to gain
access to carry out the wiring installation.
Before installing the unit consider the location with respect
to the following;
The electrical supply and cable length.
Position heater to deliver heat effectively without
causing personal discomfort from overheating while
standing at work surfaces etc.
Minimum plinth height of 120mm and minimum
furniture unit width of 500mm.
1. Cutting the aperture
Cut an aperture in the furniture unit to the dimensions shown
in Fig. 2. This must be positioned so that the minimum
distance from the bottom of the aperture to the TOP surface
of any floor covering is not less than *14mm.
If an overhang above the heater is greater than 75mm, then
a distance of at least 100mm must be maintained between
the overhang and the uppermost part of the heater.
* This dimension must be maintained above the top surface
of any floor covering material. All dimensions in millimetres.
2. Power supply connection
Check that the supply voltage details on the heater are in
accordance with your electricity supply. The appliance is
fitted with 1.4 metres of flexible cable type H05VV-F size 2 x
1.0mm for electrical connection. The cable may be used to
connect the heater to the fixed wiring of the premises through
a suitable connection box. The supply circuit to the heater
must incorporate a double pole isolating switch having a
contact separation of at least 3mm. The power supply cable
should be routed from the furniture unit to the connection
box, ensuring that the cable is left with enough slack to allow
removal of the appliance for maintenance. The cable must
be protected from any sharp edges. The isolating switch
must be accessible after installation of the unit and the
3. Fitting the Rear Support Bolt
The heater is supplied with a rear support bolt - see ‘x’ in Fig.
3. Fit to the back of the appliance with the two nuts supplied
as shown in Fig. 3. The function of the rear support bolt is to
support the rear of the appliance, and the height should be
adjusted accordingly to ensure the appliance is level - see
‘Side View’ in Fig. 1.
4. Marking the Fixing Positions
Slide the heater into position in the furniture unit aperture see Fig. 2. Mark the four fixing holes. Remove the heater and
drill 2mm pilot holes.
5. Mounting the Heater into the furniture unit
When the cable connection has been made and the rear
support bolt adjusted, slide the heater into the aperture
ensuring that it is adequately supported and that the inlet
grilles are not obstructed. Use the four screws provided to
secure the heater to the furniture unit.
6. Remote Control
Insert 2 off 1.5 volt AAA batteries into the remote control
handset. The remote control may be placed when not in use
in the wall-mounted holster provided - see Fig. 5. Screws
and rawplugs for wall fixing the holster are provided.
Switch on electricity supply to the heater and select the ‘Power
On’ neon indicator switch on the front panel - see ‘a’ in Fig. 4.
The heater may now be turned off and on using the remote
O’ to
control . Press the ‘II’ button to activate the heater, and ‘O
turn off.
Note: Infra red technology is used for the remote control link,
the range is 8m in line of sight. If the remote control becomes
lost, switch off the heater at the mains supply.
Operation of Thermostat
1. The heater incorporates a variable thermostat which is
controlled by a knob situated on the right hand side of the
front panel - see ‘b’ in Fig. 4. Lowest setting provides frost
protection level.
2. Turn the thermostat knob to maximum. When the room
has reached the desired comfort level turn back the knob
until the thermostat just ‘clicks’ off. If the knob is left in this
position the room temperature will be maintained
automatically at the chosen level.
If, when the heater is switched on, the room temperature is
above that selected on the thermostat knob the heater will
not operate. This is as it should be, and the thermostat is
performing its function correctly. Should a higher temperature
be required than the one selected, then it will be necessary
to turn the thermostat knob to a higher setting to bring the
heater into operation.
For electrical products sold within the European Community.
At the end of the electrical products useful life it
should not be disposed of with household waste.
Please recycle where facilities exist. Check with
your Local Authority or retailer for recycling advice
in your country.
Thermal Safety Cut-out
The power supply to the heater may be interrupted if one or a
combination of the following abnormal events occur.
Air inlet or outlet grilles are obstructed.
Internal ventilation is impaired due to build up of dust
and fluff.
Blower unit stalls.
In the event that the above events occur the cut-out switches
off the heater automatically. To bring the heater back into
operation remove the cause of the overheating, then turn off
the electrical supply to the heater for a few minutes. When
the heater has cooled sufficiently re-connect and switch on
the heater.
If the cut-out operates repeatedly, contact your supplier.
Procedure for resetting the cut-out;
Disconnect the electricity supply to the appliance either
by switching off at the isolating switch panel or at the
consumer unit.
Determine what has caused the cut-out to operate
and rectify.
(Note : This should only be undertaken by competent
persons with experience of repairing electrical
appliances and in full knowledge of the possible
hazards involved ).
After a short time delay to allow the appliance to cool
down, all that is required to return the heater to normal
operation is to switch the electricity supply back on.
Important Battery Information
Discard leaking batteries.
Dispose of batteries in the proper manner according to
Provincial and local regulations. Any battery may leak
electrolyte; if mixed with a different battery type; if inserted
incorrectly; if all the batteries are not replaced at the same
time; if disposed of in a fire or if an attempt is made to charge
a battery not intended to be recharged.
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SO30 2DF
Cleaning & User Maintenance
WARNING: DISCONNECT SUPPLY before carrying out
General Cleaning
External appearance can be maintained by wiping
occasionally with a damp cloth; for stain removal, a weak
soap solution can be applied, then wiped dry.
Internal Cleaning & Maintenance
To help prevent the build up of dust and fluff in the heater it is
advisable to apply the soft brush attachment of a vacuum
cleaner to the grille occasionally.
From time to time it may be necessary to remove the heater
from the funiture unit so that the heater and the heater
compartment can be cleared of accumulated dust or fluff by
means of a vacuum cleaner.
To remove, unscrew the four fixing screws and withdraw the
appliance from the plinth.
Clean the top and bottom inlet grilles of the hearter using the
soft brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner.
The interior compartment of the furniture unit should also be
cleared of dust and fluff using the vacuum cleaner nozzle.
Remount the heater in the plinth ensuring the rear support
bolt is still adjusted correctly. The electricity supply to the
heater can now be switched back on.
After Sales Service
Your product is guaranteed for one year from the date of
Within this period, we undertake to repair or exchange this
product free of charge (excluding lamps & subject to
availability) provided it has been installed and operated in
accordance with these instructions.
Your rights under this guarantee are additional to your statutory
rights, which in turn are not affected by this guarantee.
Should you require after sales service you should contact
our customer services help desk on 08709 000430. It would
assist us if you can quote the model number, series, date of
purchase, and nature of the fault at the time of your call. The
customer services help desk will also be able to advise you
should you need to purchase any spares.
Please do not return a faulty product to us in the first instance
as this may result in loss or damage and delay in providing
you with a satisfactory service.
Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase.
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