Thermo Scientific Alps 50V Manual ENG

Thermo Scientific Alps 50V Manual ENG
Thermo Scientific
User’s Guide
The following symbols are used in this manual and on the instrument:
Refer to manual to set correct time and temperature
Ensure correct adapter plate is fitted before operating
The information in this user guide including any apparatus, Methods, Techniques and
Concepts described herein, are the property of Thermo Fisher Scientific or its Licensees and may not be copied, disclosed or used for any purpose not expressly authorized
by the owners there of.
Since Thermo Fisher Scientific constantly strives to improve all of its products, we
reserve the right to modify equipment and any user instruction manual without prior
notice. No part of this instruction manual may be reproduced in any form without the
prior consent of Thermo Fisher Scientific.
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2 User´s Guide
Thermo Fisher Scientific
WARNING: If the unit is used in a manner not specified by the manufacturer, the protection provided by the equipment may be impaired.
• The unit is intended for indoor laboratory use only, at an altitude of
less than 2200m above sea level, within a temperature range of 18˚C
to 30˚C and a relative humidity range of 20% to 80% non-condensing. If the instrument is stored outside these ranges, it should be left
to stand until it equilibrates to within the above limits.
• Ensure the voltage selection switch is set to the correct voltage for
the required region (See Fig 1)
• Ensure the correct fuse for the required voltage setting is fitted (see
Specifications section).
• Do not operate the unit outside the rated power supply range specified.
• There are no user accessible or serviceable parts inside the unit. Do
not remove or open the unit’s casework.
• Before using any cleaning or decontamination method except those
recommended by the manufacturer, users should check with the
manufacturer that the proposed method will not damage the equipment.
• Ensure the unit is only connected to an earthed supply.
• Ensure adapter plate is fitted before use.
• Once timer starts, no additional handle pressure is required.
• Adjust time and temperature only for optimum seal.
WARNING: The hot plate can reach temperatures up to 200˚C. Care
must be taken not to touch it or serious burns may occur.
• The unit will remain hot for a considerable time after it has been
turned off and must be allowed to cool down to an acceptable level
before cleaning.
• Foil sealed plates may remain hot for a number of seconds after sealing and should be handled with car
Thermo Fisher Scientific
User´s Guide 3
General Description of Apparatus................................... Page 5
Intended Function of Apparatus...................................... Page 5
Installation........................................................................ Page 5
Types of Consumables...................................................... Page 6
Operating Instructions..................................................... Page 6
Operating Instructions..................................................... Page 7
Operating Instructions:.................................................... Page 8
Cleaning............................................................................ Page 8
Specifications................................................................... Page 8
Over Temperature Safety Cutout..................................... Page 9
Switching off the Audible Warning................................. Page 9
Lifting and moving the instrument.................................. Page 9
Warranty Returns............................................................. Page 9
Declaration of Conformity............................................... Page 10
4 User´s Guide
Thermo Fisher Scientific
General Description of Apparatus / Intended Function of Apparatus / Installation
General Description of
The Thermo Scientific ALPS 50V provides a safe, controlled method
of sealing sample plates made from various plastics. The sealer is
adjustable for both sealing time and temperature and gives a visual
countdown display during the sealing process. The ALPS 50V can seal
deep well plates (Bioblocks) with various thermal sealing plastic or foil
films and may be adapted to seal Microplates and PCR plates by using a
suitable plate carrier.
Intended Function of
The ALPS 50V is intended to provide a platform with which to load
and thermally seal biological plates to prevent sample loss at high
temperature or prolonged periods of storage. Various types of plate may
be loaded onto a plate carrier and covered by a thermal sealing medium,
which may be foil or clear plastic. The operator may pre-set a precise
temperature and seal time for the sealing operation. Sealing is initiated
by pulling down a handle which raises the sample plate into contact
with the hot plate. The plate sealer detects when the sample plate is in
the correct position and starts a countdown timer. The countdown is
displayed on a three digit LED display. When the display reads zero, the
operator lifts the handle back to the upright position, which moves the
sample plate away from the hot plate. The plate may then be manually
removed for further processing.
The variable temperature sealer should be removed from its packaging
and all internal packaging removed. The instrument should be placed
on a level surface, away from direct sunlight and drafts ensuring access
to the power switch on the rear of the unit. Ensure that the vents on the
back panel are not obstructed.
Mains inlet selection:
The mains voltage selector switch should be checked to ensure that the
desired voltage has been set (Fig 1) and the correct value of fuse has
been fitted (see FIG 2 and the specification section).
Fig 1
Voltage Selector
Switch Set to 230V
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Voltage Selector
Switch Set to 115V
Fig 2
Fig 3
Fuse Position
Main Power Switch
User´s Guide 5
Types of Consumables / Operating Instructions
Types of Consumables
The ALPS 50V is designed to be used with the following consumables:
Plate Types: (Polypropylene, polyethylene or polystyrene)
• Deep well plates without a carrier.
• PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) plates with carrier AB-0563/1000
and AB-0724.
• Microplate with carrier AB-0827.
Sealing film types:
• AB-0559 Thermo Seal
• AB-0757 Easy Pierce
• AB-1720 Easy Piece 20μm
• AB-0745 Easy Peel
• AB-1797 Clear Seal
• AB-0812 Clear Seal Diamond
• AB-0685 Clear Seal Strong
Product Includes
• 96 well PCR plate adapter (AB-0563/1000)
• BioBlock Adaptor Plate
• US Power Cord
• EU Power Cord
• UK Power Cord
• 3.15A Fuse
• User Guide Manual: For translations in French, Italian, Danish,
Spanish and Portuguese please go to: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Package Note
M9800119: Registration Form ALPS 50V
Operating Instructions
6 User´s Guide
If the instrument has been removed from storage, it should be left to
reach ambient room temperature. For correct operating conditions,
please see specification section. Please refer to (Fig 5) for location of
user interface components and (Fig 3) for the location of the power
switch. When the instrument is first turned on, The LED display shows
the current settings for either sealing temperature or seal time and
the heater on/off status retained from the last seal. Pressing the mode
switch toggles the display between seal time and temperature setting. A
new temperature setting between 125˚C and 200˚C may be set by pressing the up and down arrow keys. The “˚C” mode LED lights to indicate
that the adjustable field is temperature. Seal time is adjustable via the
up and down keys in 0.5 Second increments between 1 – 9 seconds. If
the up or down arrow keys are held for more than 1 second, the key will
auto-repeat. When the desired settings have been set the heat on/off
button may be pressed to begin heating the sealing plate to the set temperature. The heat LED flashes at a slow rate to indicate that the heater
is on but not yet up to temperature. The heater should heat up to the set
point in about ten minutes. When the heater is within two degrees of the
set point, the heat LED will be continuously on and the sealer is ready
to begin sealing plates.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Operating Instructions
Operating Instructions
A Typical operating sequence is:
1. Switch instrument on and set required sealing time and heater setpoint temperature for the desired sealing process, via the keypad and
LED display.
2. Enable the heater by pressing the Heat on/off button.
3. Allow sufficient time for the instrument to reach desired temperature. The Heat on/off LED will flash whilst the sealer is coming up
to temperature and will remain on permanently when the set point
(±2°C) is reached.
4. Load sample-plate onto plate carrier and add the sealing film. Care
should be taken not to touch the heating surface whilst loading the
sample plate.
5. Grasp the handle with one or two hands as appropriate (see FIG 4a).
When appropriate i.e. if one hand is used, ensure free hand is away
from heat source and moving parts.
6. Lower handle to thermally compress sealing film onto sample plate
(see FIG 4b).
7. When correct clamping pressure is achieved an audible warning will
sound (if audible sounder fitted) and the “timer” will count down to
zero. Care should be taken not to apply more pressure to the handle
than is necessary to operate the micro switch.
8. On zero seconds, the display will flash and an audible warning will
sound. Release the heater plate from the sealed sample plate by raising the handle to its upper position and review the seal that has been
made. Failure to raise the handle could ruin the sample plate.
Note: The heater does not turn off when the buzzer stops sounding
9. Remove sealed plate for subsequent processing.
The seal temperature and time may vary with each type of plate. It is
recommended that the temperature and time settings for the sealer are
reviewed empirically to determine optimum seal integrity. The final
determination of whether a seal has been made or not is dependent on
the users processes
Thermo Fisher Scientific
User´s Guide 7
Operating Instructions: / Cleaning / Specifications
Operating Instructions:
Fig 4a Fig 4b
Fig 4c
Fig 5
1. Heat On/Off LED
2. Heat On/Off Button
3. Down Button
4. Up Button
5. Mode Button
6. Set Seal Time Mode LED
7. Set Temperature Mode LED
The instrument is to be cleaned only by wiping with Virkon solution at the manufacturer’s guideline concentration. No parts are to be
autoclaved. Failure to comply with the manufacturers requirements may
cause damage to the function and operation of the instrument.
Equipment Reference:
Model No:
Temperature Set Point Range
Time Set Range
Operating Humidity Range
Operating Temperature
Power Supply
Power Rating
Mains Input Connector
Applicable Standards
8 User´s Guide
125°C to 200°C in 1°C increments.
1 to 9 seconds in 0.5 second increments.
20% to 80% non-condensing.
18°C to 30°C.
W 220 x D 321 x H 425 mm
7.2 kg
100 - 130V AC 50/60Hz or 220 – 240V AC 50/60Hz
350 W Max
100 - 130V - T3.15A (IEC 127) or
220 - 240V - T1.6A (IEC 127)
IEC 320
FCC Class A, CFR 47 Part 15 BS EN 61326:1998
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Over Temperature Safety Cutout / Switching off the Audible Warning / Lifting and moving the instrument / Warranty Returns
Over Temperature
Safety Cutout
The instrument is protected against a fault condition leading to the sealing plate heating up to a temperature exceeding its maximum set point.
Protection is provided by a single use thermal cut out, operating in the
range 235°C to 240°C. In the unlikely event that this cut out should
operate, it would necessitate the sealer being returned to the manufacturer for repair.
Switching off the
Audible Warning
Some units are fitted with a sounder which give an audible warning
at the end of the seal time. The sounder is on by default but may be
programmed to be on or off. To turn the Audible warning off, place
the sealer in Temperature set mode (Set Temperature Mode LED on)
and simultaneously press the Mode button and the Heat On/Off buttons
together (See Fig. The display will show “01” to indicate that the audible warning is ON and both Set Temperature Mode and Set Seal Time
Mode LEDs will be off. Pressing the Down button turns the audible
warning OFF. The display should now show “00”. Pressing the Mode
button will save this configuration so that the audible warning is always
off and the display will return to the Set Temperature Mode. To turn the
audible warning back on repeat this process but instead press the Up
button to display “01”.
Lifting and moving the
WARNING: Before attempting to lift the instrument after
use it should be left for a period of 30 minutes to allow the
dissipation of residual heat in the heater pad, care should be
taken not to touch any of the heated surfaces even after the
cooling period. The instrument should be lifted by holding the
operating handle. Care should be taken when lifting the instrument due
to its weight. Refer to current Health and Safety procedures.
Operating handle
Warranty Returns
Thermo Fisher Scientific
22 Friars Drive
Hudson NH, 03051
(800) 345-0206
The world leader in serving science
Returns will not be accepted without prior authorization:
Prior to the return of equipment please contact Technical Service at
1-800-345-0206; all equipment that may be contaminated with biohazardous materials, potentially biohazardous materials or radioactivity,
must be decontaminated . A form will be sent to you and it must be
return to Matrix Technologies part of Thermo Fisher Scientific with
your instrument or by faxing it to (603) 595-0106.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
User´s Guide 9
Declaration of Conformity
Declaration of
The ALPS 50V has been designed in accordance with, and satisfies
the requirements of, article 11 of the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/
EEC as realigned by 93/68/EEC on the harmonization of the laws of
the Member States relating to electrical equipment designed for use
within certain voltage limits, to the essential requirements of BS EN
The ALPS 50V has been type tested by EMC Projects Limited (a
UKAS and CAA approved test facility and UK appointed Notified
Body), and issued a Certificate of
Compliance No. 6091/06 to the following EMC standard:
BS EN 61326:1998, Electrical equipment for measurement, control and
laboratory use. EMC requirements
Satisfying the EMC Directive(s) 89/336/EEC and 92/31/EEC as realigned by 93/69/EEC.
This instrument has been tested and meets the requirements of the following CSA classes;
USE (Certified to U.S. Standards) and as such bears the CSA logo
Brian Archbold
Director Operations
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Liquid Handling Consumables
22 Friars Drive
Hudson, NH 03051 USA
10 User´s Guide
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Thermo Fisher Scientific
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