Thermal Switch Manual
Solar Star Thermal Switch Installation Instructions
OVERVIEW The Solar Star Thermal Switch will turn off the Solar
Star when the temperature in the attic is below 65° F (18° C) and
will turn on the Solar Star when the temperature in the attic is
greater than 85° F (29°C).
Please read all warnings and instructions before
beginning installation.
Note: The Thermal Switch should be installed prior to roof
1. Thermal Switch (Optional, Sold Separately) (1)
Step 2. Disconnect one lead wire from motor terminal (Diagram
B). Add Thermal Switch to disconnected lead wire. (Diagram C)
Step 3. Align notch in fan hub with motor shaft and replace fan
blade. (Diagram D)
Diagram A
Step 1. Remove the fan blade from underside of roof mount vent.
Pull straight up on fan hub until fan blade is free from the motor
shaft. (Diagram A)
Diagram D
Diagram C
Diagram B
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Fan Hub
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