864 ST GS2 - Cheat Sheet
864 ST GS2 - Cheat Sheet
The 864 ST GS2 has several new features and characteristics that require special attention during installation and
set-up. This unit uses the new GreenSmart 2 system. Refer to the owner’s manual for full details.
GreenSmart™ 2
This heater has been updated with the 2013 version of GreenSmart™ 2 components from SIT. These components
function in a near identical fashion to the previous 2012 components. The primary differences are:
• The integrated fireplace controller (IFC) now has a built in transformer (household power connected to the IFC).
• When ordering a GreenSmart remote, make sure to order the GreenSmart 2 version (if applicable):
NG 99300693
LP 99300692
• Fuses are built into the fireplace to protect components (see manual for details).
Refer to the owner’s manual for installation details.
Installation Warnings
Install the Insulation when Converting to Rear Vent Configuration The insulation is only used for
rear vent configurations. Failure to properly install the insulation will impede air flow and may create a
safety hazard.
FPX Arched Upgrade Kit (98500686) Required When Using Arched Faces The upgrade kit includes
the mounting brackets and tiling guide. It must be installed prior to installing tile or other facing.
3” (77mm) Clearance Above Vent for First 48” (1220mm) Rise See manual for details.
Top Vent vs. Rear Vent Depending upon top or rear vent configuration, maximum vent configuration
may change. See installation manual for details.
May Use 6-5/8” (169mm) Vent in Top Vent Configuration See manual for details.
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Printed 1/16/14
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