CEN Racing CT | Manualzz
1:10 scale radio controlled nitro racing car
(Four wheel drive(3 belt drive train) NN
Ball differentials
Wheelbase 260mm(10.24")
Width 196mm(7.72")
Weight 1900gm(67.80z)
Gear ratio 4.875/6.825(1st/2nd gear)
Ground clearance 8mm(0.31"")
26mm(1.02")width x 65m m(2.56")diameter /
CEN Racing has changed the Nitro Sedan racing world. CEN introduces the all newly designed CT4. This State-of-the-art racing
sedan incorporates months of extensive testing from all parts of the world to bring you the fastest, most reliable car on the market.
This high-performance racing kit comes standard with all the upgrades and hop-up parts that racers demand. The CT4's on-track
performance surpasses all other models in its class. Many tuning options have been built into the chassis design to allow the driver
to adjust to any track conditions.
Please take your time when building this kit. There are many steps that require close attention to small details to ensure correct
assembly. Please build the car as instructed first. Then make changes to the set-up as the track conditions or driving styles require.
There are addition options available to further tune the car available separately from CEN Racing. All these items are available
through your local CEN Dealer.
For information on new products and upgrade parts, please check out our website at www.cenracing.com. If you have any questions
during assembly please feel free to call CEN Racing to answer any questions you may have.
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The following tools are necessary to make assembly & maintenance of your new R/C car. both easier & more enjoyable. For your
safty, exercise care when using any hand tools, sharp instruments, or power tools during construction. Always use safty glasses.
If you have any questions, please consult your local hobby shop or experienced friend.
Hexagon wrench (kit tools supplied) Flat blade screwdriver
1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm,4mm.
Cross wrench (hexagon socket tools)
5.5mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm,
Phillips screwdriver
Hobby scissors
For cutting and trimming the car's body,
Lubrication of gears; reduces friction.
"| Soldering iron (40-50 watts) and a small
amount of solder.
@ Be careful iron is very hot
Glue f \ Liquid dish soap
Use to glue tires onto the wheels;
temporary repairs.
E Always use hand and eye protection
with cyanoacrylic glue.
г: | Needle nose pliers
= ; Clamping parts during assembling and
Threadlock <
For locking screws and nuts to prevent =
| Hobby knife Hand drill
Use for trimming and cutting. a 2mm, 3mm, 6mm.
E This knife cuts plastic and fingers
© with equal ease, so be careful
@® This radio controlled model is not a toy. For yours and others safty, the following guidelines and cautions should be followed carefully.
WARNING: Do not operate R/C car in the following locations:
1. Street
2. Crowded area; keep away from children.
3. Indoors or an unventilated room.
SUGGESTION: Outside in a large open area without obstructions; R/C race track.
@This kit uses many Kinds of small parts, sharp tools, large polybag, and chemical materials. Please keep these and other potentially
harmful items away from children.
@Use only FCC approved ground frequency crystals in the R/C unit.
@®Do not operate a Gas powered car in a residential area. The noise could disturb the peace.
@!If you are operating several cars together, check the frequencies to make sure none are the same. Operating the cars on the same
frequency can cause radio interference and loss of control of the car.
@!If the car is not operating properly, stop immediately and check the condition of the car.
@To avoid damage to the R/C equipment, or losing control of the car, avoid running in or near water.
@To always maintain control of your car and to avoid a jump start, Please do the following:
1. ON - First turn on the transmitter, then the car's receiver. 2. OFF - Turn off the car's receiver, then the transmitter.
@Do not touch the R/C car after operation, as the engine, muffler, electric motor, battery, and speed controller will be very hot! Allow to
cool before handling. While charging your car's battery, it could become hot. Carefully read your battery charger's instructions for
proper use.
®When the R/C car is in operation, do not touch any of its moving parts such as drive shafts, wheel ,etc., as the rotating parts can cause
serious injury.
@After operation of the R/C car, it is necessary to remove the battery for protection of the R/C equipment.
@®Paint and grease are extremely flamable, keep away from sources of ignition. Do not puncture or throw away spray paint cans into
BAGO1 Ball Differential (CTS11) x2pcs
G73901 _
Bearing (*-# ñ
5x8x2.5 Cap Y + bose
E 3/32"
9 2209
— |
+ $ 3 olg o Nut
A Press diff nut all the way
A down into the outdrive.
£ You may need to hold diff
; nut down when you
G70102 A cTS12 assemble the diff.
Diff. Grease / / Main drive pulley
2 / T39
i #
Se Pa
STEP 1-1 a
1. Insert one 5x8x2.5 bearing into the center of main drive pulley. A 7
2. Install all 16 3/32" diff balls into the main drive pulley. A
Diff. Grease |
Outdrive B N
- À,
= \
ench A
alien w
1.50 \
Ball 1/16"
Thrust bearing grease
STEP 1-2
1. Find one thrust bolt and install one thrust washer onto the bolt.
2. Next apply a generous amount of thrust bearing grease G70103 to the top of the washer; the grease will
also help keep the balls in place.
3. Place eight 1/16" balls onto the washer with grease applied. The grease will help hold the balls in place.
4, Finish the step by sliding the second washer on top of the thrust balls.
5. Insert the thrust assembly into the CTS13 outdrive B and temporarily hold in place with 1.5 mm allen wrench
as shown.
STEP 1-3
1. First install one 5x8x2.5 bearing into the outdrive B.
> Diff. ring
+ Diff ring
Outdrive B
Z.Apply à small amount of diff grease G70102 to both outdrives where the diff rings will be placed. This will help hold them in place for easier
. Put one CTS14 diff ring onto each outdrive.
. Next apply diff grease to each 3/32" ball on both sides of the pulley.
. Install the diff spring into the outdrive A followed by the diff nut.
spring bottom out. Next loosen the diff 1/8 to 1/4 of a turn.
. Repeat the following steps for the second differential.
= © En de o
** Using a pair of pliers gently compress the diff spring a couple of times before installing. This helps to "seat" the spring.
. Carefully tighten the entire differential assembly together. Be sure to "work" the differential as you slowly tighten the diff until you just feel the
* After the first or second runs with newly built or rebuilt diffs, re-tighten the diffs and loosen 1/8 to 1/4 of a turn as instructed in step 6. This is
needed, as all the parts will "seat" in place. After this there is no need to re-adjust.
BAGO2 Shocks (G84290) x4pcs
Eclp |
e O()O Harder
A- Fk,
es © (С) ©) мае
E clip
O O) O) Soft
STEP 2-1
1. Install one piston onto the shock shaft using 2 "E" clips.
Shock bod
DO Shock seals ol
STEP 2-2
1. Install two shock seals into the shock body followed by the seal clip.
** Make sure the seals are not twisted and are fully seated.
Lower shock eyelet
STEP 2-3
1. Apply a small amount of shock oil onto the threads of the shock shaft.
2. Carefully insert the shafts through the shock body.
** Be careful not to tear or damage the seals.
3. Thread the shock eyelet onto the shock shaft.
** Make sure to screw the eyelets on equally on all shocks.
STEP 2-4
3. Put the plastic shock eyelet into the shock cap.
the oil out slightly.
Shock oll # 1000
5. Check the shock for smooth action. Make sure the shaft
compresses fully, if not loosen the shock cap and bleed
ь shock
— eyelet Y
Diaphragm т
1. Fill the shock body with the supplied shock oil (670201). Gently work the shaft up and down to work out all the air bubbles. When no
bubbles are remaining add oil to completely fill the shock.
2. Put the rubber diaphragm on top of the oil with the rounded side towards the oil.
4. Screw the shock cap all the way down. Loosen the shock cap about 1/2 turn and push the shock shaft all the way up slowly. When the
shaft in all the way in tighten the shock cap. Hold the shock shaft in until finished tightening the cap.
shock collar
STEP 2-5
4. Repeat three more times, once for each shock.
1. Push rubber "0" ring (A) into the slot on the inside of the threaded shock collar (В).
2. Carefully thread the threaded collar onto the shock body.
** Make sure not to cross thread the collar when threading onto the shock body.
3. Install the shock spring (C) followed by the lower shock collar (D).
Front bulkhead-right
De Main drive belt
a G73907 3-402
В Bearing
— 10x15x4
Frant shock tower(CT506) e
Front bulkhead-left
FFS006 shock tower STEP 3-1 Front End
Ball B5.8 TPBH3x10 1. Install one 10x15x4 bearing into each of the front bulkheads.
2. Slide the differential into the right bulkhead.
3. Install the main drive belt around the differential.
1. Screw 2 ball posts (FFS006) into the 4. Now put the left side bulkhead onto the differential.
shock tower as pictured. 5. Secure the front shock tower to the left and right bulkheads using
two 3x10 screws.
CTS07 CTO29 FF044
FFO06 Pivotballs Cushions Setscrews
Wheel hub |
STEP 3-2 Wheel hub x4pcs
тн 5 Lower J
1. Install two CTS07 pivot balls into each wheel hub.
2. Follow the CTS07 pivot balls with the CT029 pivot ball cushions. Make sure the cushion is installed with the rounded side towards the ball.
3. Install the two FF044 large setscrews with the rounded side towards the plastic cushion. Tighten them down until there is no play and the
pivot balls pivot freely.
4. Repeat for each remaining wheel hub.
5. **Use two hubs for the next set of instructions and the remaining two for the rear suspension assembly.
a Front wheel hub-right A
NN Lower = y
STEP 3-3 Front wheel hub-left
1. Secure one CT00B steering arm onto both front hubs with two 3x10 button screws. The CT006 steering arm ls shown on the left side. Reverse for the right side.
2, Install one SP20 ball stud into the outer hole on each steering arm.
About 5mm
CT003 Г ÓN
Upper suspension arm — < Upper
== earing
/ Shock oil _
#1000 x =
\ About 0.5mm >
stop у
About 6mm
SCrew Sn
/ Front suspension arm-right \
CT003 Front wheel hub 5x11x4
Upper suspension arm
STEP 3-4 Front suspension arm-left
1. Now with the wheel hubs assembled, screw the pivot balls into the upper and
lower suspension arms. Notice the direction of the wheel hubs. Screw the pivot
balls in until you have a 5mm space between the hub and the upper suspension
arm. For the bottom you want a 6mm space between the lower arm and the hub.
2. Install the 4x8 travel stop screw into the lower suspension arms. Tighten down
until .5mm of the setscrew sticks out past the bottom of the suspension arm. \_
3. Install 5x11x4 bearing and 10x15x4 bearing into each hub as shown.
4, Slide one GX511 universal shaft through both bearings and the hub.
Front suspension arm-right
Ball diff. fi ВО
Outdriver EZ
C clip
Arm brace
Hinge pins
46.5mm А.
4 SET4X6 ——
STEP 3-5 Suspension Arms
1. Line up the universal shaft (GX511) with the outdrives.
2. Attach the upper and lower suspension arms to the front bulkhead using 2 hinge pins (CT018). Line up
the arm brace (CT012) with the lower hinge pins.
3. Secure the upper hinge pin with a 3x4 setscrew.
4, Secure the lower hinge pin with a 4x5 setscrew.
5. Find the thin plastic "C" clips/spacers. Install two thin clips in front of the upper suspension arm and one thick one behind the arm.
Match the spacing for the other side.
Front suspension arm-left
Front and
i a ВЫ
STEP 3-6 Anti-Roll Bar = |
1. Secure two sway bar mounts onto the sway bar with Ts e
two 3x4 setscrews. Ns 3 s
2. Clip the plastic sway bar brackets onto the sway bar mounts, CA
then onto the ball molded into the lower suspension arm.
STEP 3-7 Front Bumper
1. Secure the upper bumper bracket to the front bulkhead with two 3x10 screws.
2. Next slide the foam bumper onto the bottom side of the upper bumper bracket.
3. Now install the lower bumper bracket, secure with 2 3x30 screws.
These screws are also used to secure the front body mounts as shown in the
STEP 3-8 Shock BH3x30
1. With the bumper assembly in place, next install your front shocks.
Gently snap the upper and lower shock mounts onto the ball studs.
3x8 Reverse threaded
(wheel side)
Adjusting |
Bearing ws
GX19 5x8x2.5
About 45mm
STEP 3-10 Tie Rod
1. Thread one plastic eyelet and one ball cup onto each tie rod. Thread
the rod in equally on each side. Total length of rod should equal
TRO13 45mm.
STEP 3-9 Steering Assembly
1. Assemble the steering bell cranks as pictured. Make sure
your install the ball stubs in the correct holes.
Front suspension assemt
Main drive belt
STEP 3-11 Front End
1. Secure the entire front suspension assembly
to the main chassis using 6 3x10 screws.
2. Secure the steering assembly onto the
chassis using 2 3x7 screws. Make sure to
install the steering assemble through the
main drive belt.
3. Front suspension should now be finished
and bolted to the chassis.
Main chassis
Steering servo
STEP 4-1 Steering Servo
3. Secure with 3x12 screw and washer,
Neutral position I
SANWA | Servo screw
KO/JR y > TPRH3x12
6X21 E et
Servo saver un
1. Mount the servo to the CT035 servo mounts with two 3x10 screws. Mount the servo in the lowest hole available.
2. Assemble the GX21 servo saver as shown. Center your servo and put the servo saver onto the servo.
About 37mm
STEP 4-2 Tie Rod
1. Thread one ball cup and one eyelet onto the
CTO039 tie rod.
2. Thread both sides on equally to the length of
Y сни
Steering Servo
STEP 4-3 Ch1 Steering Servo
1. Secure the servo to the chassis using two 3x10 screws.
2. Snap the CT039 tie rod onto the ball stud on the steering bellcrank and then onto
the servo saver.
== = т == БН
Roll-over bar
Engine plate
STEP 4-4 Roll-Over Bar
. Secure the roll-over bar mounts to the ba rr
with two 3x4 setscrews.
STEP 4-5 Roll-Over Bar
1. Secure the roll-over bar to the chassis with two 3x7 screws.
2. Secure the GX39 engine plate to the chassis with four 3x7 screws
Notice the direction of the plate. ** Thread lock recommended on
—_ these screws.
/ STEP 4-6 Pulley Stand
j 1. Mount the GX502 chassis post to the chassis using one 3x7 screw.
2. Mount the TRO016 pulley stand to the chassis using two 3x10 screws.
Chassis post |
у TRO16
Pulley stand |
BAGO5 Engine-Fuel Tank
Fuel tank
Y A Ep
e] RC
| CT036 -
— TPFH3X10
BAGO4 Rear End-Main Shaft
STEP 4-7 Fuel Tank
1. Secure the fuel tank to the chassis using
three GX64 rubber "O" rings and three
3x10 screws.
2. Secure the muffler mount with one 3x7
3. Secure the wire to the mount with one 3x4
4. Mount the chassis post with one 3x7
Rear bulkhead
Brake plates
Bolt 3x15 К
STEP 5-1 Brake Pad
1. Install the brake shaft (CT021) into the rear bulkhead (CT001).
2. Insert the brake puck (CT017) into the rear bulkhead (CT001)
making sure it matches up with the flat spot on the brake shaft
(CT021). The flat spot is marked (A).
3. Match up one brake pad to each brake plate. ** Recommend
using CA glue to secure the pad to each plate. Make sure you
glue them on the correct side.
4. Secure the brake pads to the bulkhead with two 3x15 screws.
Don't tighten screws yet, final adjustment will be done later.
** Notice that one screw hole Is slotted, this should be installed
towards the bottom.
Main Shaft
G84313 2-speed Automatic Transmission
| Shoe |
| G84313-05
/ Main Shaft
ad —
STEP 5-4 Clutch Shoes
1.Assemble each clutch shoe as show in the
2.Tighten the 2x12 screw all the way down then
unscrew 31/2 turns out. Do this on both clutch
shoes. These screws are to be threaded into
the opposite clutch shoe.
** Tightening or loosening the 2x12 screws located on each
clutch shoe will allow you to adjust the shift point. Try to
adjust the two screws evenly on each shos.
3.Drop one ball into the center hole on each clutch
shoe. Start the setscrew Just to hold the ball in
place. Final adjustment will be made later.
4 Slide the clutch shoes onto the Main Shaft.
5.Now its time to tighten the 4x5 setscrews. You
want to tighten them down until you see the shoe
lift up slightly off the main shaft. Then repeat for
the other side.
STEP 5-2 STEP 5-3
1.Secure the 42T (Green) Spur Gear to the G84313-04 One-Way 1.Secure the G84313-03 38T (Yellow) Spur Gear
Hub using 3 FH3x5 screws. to the G84313-02 Clutch Gear Hub Bearing
* Thread lock is recommended. using 3 FH2.6x3 screws. G84313-03 16x21x4
*Thread lock is recommended ~~ SpurGearT38
da 2.Next push one 15x21x4 - |
Р = bearing into the G84313-02 =
ве Clutch Gear Hub. yr
a ei
Screws FH2 6x3 “_ 684313-02
FH3x5 684313-04 .8x3_—
= Oo Wir dear iu e Clutch Gear Hub
y TU SA Иер
и „ x -
G84313-01 , P1 ÿScrew
Clutch Shoes/ / 212 » / y
| P2 \
) Screw |
| Spring ñ A
| /_ P—Bal
\ 673906
я Bearing |
Bo FIn2x10 Not included with the pack G84313
STEP 5-5
1.At this point you should have the clutch shoes assembled and mounted on the main shaft.
2.Put the two gear hubs with spur gears together.
3.Next put the gears onto the main shaft.
4.Insert one 2x10 pin into the hole marked "B" on the main shaft.
5.Install one 17T pulley followed by the 5x11x4 bearing. Secure everything with one E clip.
GX47 CTO15 }
Pin2x10 Pulley ye
16T ВЕ
а ны, | =
| Brake Disk — =
— — — Not included with the pack G84313
STEP 5-6
1.Put the entire main shaft assembly through the right rear bulkhead.
2.Put one 2x10 pin into the hole marked "B"
3.Putthe 16T pulley onto the main shaft lining up the pin with the slot in the pulley.
Rear shock tower ~~~ = PRES
1. Screw in 2 ball post (FFS008) onto the rear
shock tower. Notice the hole pictured.
on each side.
2. Secure the rear body mounts with 2 2x8 screw
STEP 5-7 Rear End
1. Install one 10x15x4 bearing into each side of the rear bulkhead.
2. Put the CT011 rear belt onto the 16T pulley. Pulley 16T
3. Put the rear belt around the main diff pulley and insert
diff into the rear bulkhead.
4. Next put the left side bulkhead together with the right side.
5. Secure the rear shock tower to both the left and
right side bulkheads using two 3x10 screws. Сто!
CT001 ;
Rear bulkhead-left
Bearing |
10x15x4 /
и |
/ Bearing
> 10x16x4
7 Rear wheel hub-right N
Wheel hub
Toe-In mount
\_ Lower
Use the remaining two wheel hubs that were assembled earlier for the following steps.
STEP 5-8 Rear wheel hub-left
1. Mount one toe-in mount onto each wheel hub using 3x10 screws. ** Note the direction of the wheel hub.
The long pivot cup goes on top on both the left and the right side.
Rear suspension arm-left About 5.5mm >
Upper ——» <—
shock oil
Rear wheelhub-left
10x15x4 About 0.5mm
CT003 travel
Upper suspension arm “stop
\ About 8mm | /
Rear suspension arm-right TN
Lower suspension arm
STEP 5-9 Rear Suspension Arms
1. Screw the upper and lower rear suspension arms onto the pivot balls. The long pivot cup will be threaded into the upper suspension
arm on both sides.
2. Screw the pivot balls in until you have a 5.5mm space on the upper arms and 6mm space on the lower arm.
3. Screw in one GX25 threaded ball into the upper hole on the lower suspension arm.
4. Screw in one 4x8 setscrew into each lower suspension arm. Screw setscrew down until the screw sticks out 0.5mm.
5. Install 5x11x4 bearing and 10x15x4 bearing into each hub as shown.
6. Put the universal shafts through the wheel hub.
Rear end
Rear suspension
Hinge pins
Universal shaft
Rear suspension arm-left
Rubber ring P4
STEP 5-10 Suspension Arms
1. Insert one 46.5mm hinge pin into each upper rear suspension arm. TPBH3X10
2. Insert one 58mm hinge pin into each lower suspension arm.
3. Put one rubben ring P4 onto each side of both the upper and lower hinge pins.
4. Next put the upper and lower hinge pins into the rear bulkhead lining up the universal shaft with the outdrivers.
5. With the rear hinge pins in place, now put the rear bumper on. Carefully line up the hinge pins and push the rear bumper on.
6. Secure the bumper with two 3x10 screws.
— Swaybar mount
. se
PO: = il il Tim
i Sway bar bracket a” = = way pal | $
` | — SETIX4 / <.
m Эзетаха © = i $
CTO24 ——. ужа
STEP 5-11 Anti-Roll Bar ~~~ ~~~" = =
1. Secure one sway bar mount to each end of the sway bar using 3x4 e
2. Clip one sway bar bracket onto each sway bar mount. STEP 5-12 Shock
3. Snap the lower sway bar bracket to the molded ball studs in the 1. Snap the shocks onto the studded balls on the upper shock
lower suspension arms. tower and the lower suspension arms.
CT034 Ball 6.8mm
About 57.5mm
Reverse threaded marked
STEP 5-13 Tie Rod
CT032 Rod end | 1. Thread two plastic CT032 rod ends, onto each CTS21 tie rod.
| Screw the rod ends, on equally and to the length of 57.5mm.
mon >
Reverse thread mark on
wheel side
A CT031 TPBH3X16
TPBH3X16 = E: >. Rear aluminum
yy brace
Reverse thread mark on
wheel side
STEP 5-14 Rear Toe-In Tie Rods
1. Secure the two toe-in tie rods to the rear bumper using two
3x16 screws,one 3x8 screw and the rear aluminum brace.
2. Secure the other side of the toe-in tie rods to the wheel hub Rear end
using one 3x16 screw on each side. ** If you have optional :
adjustable tie rods they are marked with a little groove by the
hex, put the mark to the same side of the car for easier
STEP 5-15 Rear End
1. Secure the rear end assembly to the chassis using four 3x10 screws.
BAGO6 Chassis-Lay Shaft
GX47 2X10 G73906
5x11x4 —
\ -
\ m | | сто16
a | Lay shaft CT015
A \ Pulley
\ STEP 5-16 Lay Shaft
1. First put one 2x10 pin into the pinhole near side "A" of the lay shaft. The pinhole on side "A" is further from the end of
the shaft then side "B"
2. Next slide one 17T pulley onto the shaft and line up the slot with the pin on side "A".
E3 3. Slide one 5x11x4 bearing onto the shaft and secure with "E" clip.
4. Repeat the previous steps for the other side of the lay shaft except use a 16T pulley instead of the 17T
a E
he Г!
Pulley stand
Main drive belt
Side pulley stand
STEP 5-17 Side Pulley Stand
1. First put main drive belt around the
16T pulley and insert lay shaft into
the TRO16 pulley stand.
2. Put the CT020 side belt onto both
side pulleys. a —C
3. Next mount the TR016 side pulley stand to TPFH3X8 3
the chassis with one 3x10 screw and one 3x8 screw.
ws Bearing
Pulley Stand
жди ка |
STEP 5-18 Tension Parts
1. First put one washer onto the 3x14 screw.
2. Insert the screw with washer through the TRO16 pulley stand.
3. Put the following items onto the post in this order. The post will then be threaded CTO28 it Данной
onto the 3x14 screw on the backside of the TR016 pulley stand. 7"
1. Two 5x10x4 bearings 2. One coned washer A Fo
4. Secure to the backside of the TRO16 pulley stand as instructed. / wa;
Use picture to the right for more detail с Z
*Put only enough pressure on the belt as needed to prevent skipping. Looser belt \ gu
equals less resistance. me
BAGO5 G84312 Centriforce
STEP 6-1 (1)
1. Put two 7x11 shims onto the crankshaft. Adjusting
2. Next slide the coned shaped collet on. Shim
3. Finish this step by securing the flywheel with the pilot nut. 711
a) ©
Pilot Nut
STEP 6-1 (2) G34303-02
1. Put six 5mm balls into holes on the flywheel. Shoe Holder
2. Following the balls, install the shoe holder with ое GB84303-11
the flange facing the clutch shoe. 0
3. Finish this step by installing the spring holder,
then the spring, followed by the threaded
spring nut.
Note: The more tension you put on the spring Prone G34303-04
later the clutch will engage. manos Clutch Shoe Ball 5mm
STEP 6-1 (3)
1. Screw the threaded rod into the crankshaft using a 1.5mm allen wrench.
** Recommend using thread lock. GB4312-12
Screw Rod
— — "иЬ
1.5mm Allen Wrench
STEP 6-1 (4)
1. Thread the 2" gear onto the clutch bell; get as tight as you can.
** Thread lock is recommended**
2. Put a spacer on the bell followed by the 1" pinion gear. Once
again get as tight as you can.
e ti
Thread lock is recommended asa5i2 0e “ 2
Clutch Bell Shim
Ш | 673902
Pinion Gear
G84302-35 T19(standard) STEP 6-1 (5)
FFS015 LD G84302-07 T18
FES014 T G84303-10 T20(not included) 1. Put adjustment shims onto the pilot shaft. Amount of shims will
FFS016 T18 (ot included) G84308-17 T17(not included) vary.
FFS034 T11 (not included) G84309-14 Tialnot included) 2. Insert a 5x10x4 bearing into the clutch bell.
STEP 6-2
1. To adjust clutch, use a 2mm wrench to find
G84312-12 the slot "A" in the threaded spring nut. There
684312-12 a is a hole "B" in the clutch bell that will allow 2mm
Locked Nut 7x8 you to find and adjust the threaded spring nut. Tte
M3 2. How much tension you put on the spring
-© we GW depends on the engine, surface and overall
traction. The more tension you put on the
= - spring will allow the clutch to engage as higher
3x8 по RPM's. The less tensión you put on the spring
the earlierit will engage.
STEP 6-1 (6)
1. Install the second bearing (5x8x2.5) into the outer side of
the clutch bell.
2. Shim clutch bell to reduce slop(The shims may vary).
3. Finish the step with the thrust washer and 3mm lock nut.
Exhaust seal ring
G70349 G70326
CEN NX-15 Silicon coupler
G70352C FF068
STEP 6-4 Tuned Pipe
1. Secure the manifold to the
engine with two manifold
STEP 6-3 Engine Mount ( For CEN .15 engine) springs.
1. Attach the air filter to the black rubber extension. 2, Push the G70326 silicon coupler onto the G70352C tuned pipe.
2. Secure the air filter to the engine using a small tie strap. 3. Next push the tuned pipe with the silicon coupler attached onto
3. Secure two engine mounts to the engine using four 3x12 screws. the manifold.
** Recommend thread lock for these screws. 4. Secure the coupler and pipe using two large FF068 tie straps
STEP 6-5
1. Secure the engine with engine mounts to the
engine plate at shown in the picture.
2. Secure the engine to the plate using four 3x10
screws and washers.
**Thread lock recommended on these screws.
3. Secure the tuned pipe to the pipe mount wire
with one 4x5 screw.
7 7 CAP3X12
! /
STEF 6-6 Only use this step for.12 class engines using CTS09 Engine
1. First slide two 3mm lock nuts into the grooves on each CTS09 engine mounts.
2. Secure the mounts to the engine using four 3x12 cap screws. These screws
: pr] | are going to screw into the 3mm locknuts that were installed into the mounts in
j 9 Er | the previous step. These screws will be tightened down later.
| / / 3. Now install the flywheel and clutch assembly as instructed earlier in steps 6-1.
4 “> =a ws When clutch assembly is installed proceed to the next step.
| | 4. Next attached the engine to the chassis using four 3x8 cap screws and
j | washers.
5. With the 3x12 screws still loose slide the engine into alignment with the spur
CAP3X8 gears. Once you have the engine aligned correctly tighten, down the 3x12 cap
screws from step 2 above.
BAGO6 Chassis-Radio Plate
Radio plate
STEP 6-7 Radio Plate (1)
1. Mount the CT007 battery bracket to the underside
of the radio plate using two 3x10 screws.
STEP 6-7 Radio Plate (2)
1. Secure the CT035 servo mounts to the underside of the radio plate
using one 3x8 screw.
STEP 6-7 Radio Plate (3)
1. Assemble the belt tension set as show in the picture.
Make sure to align the bearings on the tensioner
with the main drive belt before running.
2. Mount the CT028 belt tension set to
the underside of the radio tray
using 2 3x8 screws.
Radio plate
CT028 _—— (873902
Balt tansion | Bearing
. 5x10x4
STEP 6-7 Radio Plate (4)
1. Mount your CT035, СТОО8 switch/transponder mount
to the top of the radio tray using two 3x14 screws.
Radio plate
STEP 6-8 Radio Unit
1. Mount your throttle servo to the radio plate using four
3x10 screws. Notice direction of servo in picture.
2. Secure your switch to the switch mount using the screws
and plate included with your switch.
3. Secure receiver and battery using one large tie strap for
both items.
4, Transponder fits neatly as shown. (Transponder not
included in kit.)
Servo sizes vary from brand and model number. Check and make gure
the carburetor fully opens. If the carburetor hits the servo first loosen
the mounting screws and push servo all the way forward then re-tighten.
If the carburetor still hits the serve you may need to remove one of the
servo mounting screws and do some minor trimming to the servo case.
BAGO6 Chassis-Radio Plate
STEP 6-9 Radio Plate
TPBH3X10 1. Mount the radio plate to your chassis using 6 3x10
screws, and one 3x8 screw and washer
/ uu“ b a
REE oh Tal
BAGO4 Rear End-Rear Chassis Brace
STEP 6-10 Rear Chassis Brace
1. Mount the rear chassis brace using three 3x10 screws,
one 3x16 screw and washer
BAGO7 Radio Unit-Linkages
STEP 6-11 Linkages
1. Turn on and center your throttle servo.
to be positioned horizontally across the chassis.
4. Secure servo horn with the servo screw.
5. Putthe CT021 brake lever onto the brake rod.
6. Thread on the plastic adjustment nut. Final
adjustment will be made later.
7. Put the CT021 brake lever into the hole on
the brake shaft.
8. Secure with one 3x4 setscrew.
9. Thread one ball cup onto the throttle rod.
10. Then assemble as show in the picture.
11. First one collet, followed by the spring, then the
plastic rod mount, a small rubber spacer followed
the ball stud on the carburetor.
13. Next secure the rod mount to the servo horn with
2x10 screw.
* lever
by the last collet. Final adjustments will be made later. '.
12. Secure the throttle rod by snapping the ball cup onto
2. Insert the brake rod into the 3" hole on your servo horn.
3. Put the throttle horn onto the servo. You want the horn
a e ы
ый = /
Adjusting ~~
nut /
1 >
h - ~~
Y e ==
3 % = _— -
Ca a
\ CTO021
. Brake
ar éd
as AB A
¡EA =
Ball cup ;
—— = =
1 Servo screw
ho Ls TPRH3x8
Tube /
SET3X4 3 |
ae ma a is cp ia pie RE
G84401 Molded Racing Insert
"Enforcer” 26mm
Belted Tire (45)
STEP7-1 Wheel x4pcs
1. Insert the inner sponge inside the rubber tire.
2. Put the tire with inner sponge onto the wheel.
3. Apply hobby glue around the tire where it meets
the wheel. Lift the tire up slightly to get the glue
in between the tire and the wheel.
4. "*Check wheel for venting holes. If no holes are
found drill small 2mm hole in wheel.
STEP 7-2
1. Install one 2x10 pin into the universal shaft as shown.
2. Slide the wheel stopper onto the axle lining up the slot with the pin.
3. Secure the axle, 2x10 pin, wheel stopper, and wheel with one 4mm lock nut.
2X10 FF079
STEP 7-3
1. Line the body up how you want it to sit on your chassis.
Make sure you center it from left to right and the wheel sp32
opening line up with the tires. Antenne
2. Use a felt tip marker to put ink on the tip of each body mount. pipe
This will help you mark where the hole should be made.
Do the rear two holes first, and then do the front two.
3. With the body mounted correctly in place, make a hole
for the antenna tube to stick through.
4. Finish your body by cutting a large hole in the windshield
for fresh air to cool your engine. Make additional holes
for your glow igniter and carburetor adjustments.
*Some bodies have marks to indicate where to put the
holes. Before using these holes make sure they are
where you need them. Bodies fit many different
models of cars and may not be marked for your
particular model.
| @
Throttle linkage for CT-4 R
Now you need to do the final adjustments to your throttle linkage. You should have your linkage on the car as instructed in
step 6-11. Turn on your radio gear and proceed with the following steps. Leave the servo in neutral unless instructed to do
1. Loosen collet "C" and push the carburetor all the way closed (Push towards the rear of the car). Holding the carburetor closed
push the collet up against the rubber tubing, leave about 1-2mm gap and tighten the setscrew to secure the collet.
2. Loosen and adjust collet "A" and slide the collet to compress the spring. Compress the spring just enough to push the carburetor
all the way closed when the servo is in neutral.
3. Test your work by pulling full throttle, make sure the carburetor is completely opening up. Let go of the trigger the servo will go
back to neutral. Now push the brake, the carburetor should not close anymore. If it does then adjust using either the throttle trim
or put more pressure on the spring that pushed the carburetor closed.
4. Now with the throttle linkage setup adjust the drag brake using the adjusting nut at the end of the brake rod. Amount of drag brake
varies from driver to driver but start out with very little or no drag brake at all. Adjusting nut
\ E
1. Attach for first piece of fuel line from the carburetor to the fuel fitting next to the primer pump on the fuel tank.
2. Take a second piece of fuel tubing close to 12 inches long and connect it to fitting on the pipe then onto the pressure fitting on the
fuel tank.
3. Your finished car should look similar to the model pictured.
a \
* GX61
Fuel Tube
Number Name Number Name
CT001 Rear Bulkhead G73911 Ball 3/32"(20pes)
CT002 Front Bulkhead G73912 Ball 1/16" (10pcs)
CT003 Suspension Arm G84245 Wheels(5 Spokes)
CT004 Rear Bumper G84246 Wheels(6 Spokes)
CT006 Wheel Hub Horn G84259 Wheels(16 Spokes)
CT007 Plastic Bracket G84260 Wheels(10Y Spokes)
CT008 Plastic Body Post G84290 Threaded Aluminum Shocks
CT009 Chassis G84302-32 Spur Gear T42
CTO11 Belt 3-177 G84313 2-speed Automatic Transmission
CT012 Arm Brace G84313-01 Clutch Shoes
CT013 Front Bumper G84313-02 Clutch Gear Hub
CTO15 Pulley G84313-03 Spur Gear T38
CTO16 Lay Shaft G84313-04 One-way Gear Hub
CT017 Brake Puck G84313-05 Main Shaft
CTO18 Suspension Hinge Pin G84312 Centriforce Clutch
CTO019 Belt 3-402 G84401 "Enforcer" 26mm Belted Tire (45)
CT020 Belt 3-171 G84402 Molded Racing Insert
CT021 Brake Cam Shaft GX19 Steering Horn
CT022 Roll-over Bar GX21 Servo Saver
CT024 Anti-roll Bar GX25 Ball Screw B5.8-L
CT025 Foam Bumper GX37 Brake Pad
CT026 Screw Set GX38 Vented Brake Disk
CT028 Tension Parts GX39 Engine Plate
CT029 Pivot Cushions GX47 Pin 2x10
CTO31 Rear Brace GX61 Fuel Tube
CT032 Rod End B6.8 GX64 Oil Ring #3
cTO34 Ball B6.8 GX66 Flange Nylon Nut
CT035 Controlled Linkage Parts GXS02 Chassis Post
CT036 Muffler Mount GXS11 Universal Swing Shaft
CT038 Caster Spacer SP20 Ball Studs B5.8-8
CT039 Tie Rod M3x20 SP23 Ball end B5.8
CT040 Engine Mount (CEN NX-15) SP32 Antenna pipe
CTS04 Graphite Upper Deck SP49 Large cable tie
CTS05 Graphite Rear Chassis Brace SP50 Small cable tie
CTS06 Graphite Shock Tower SP51 R snap pin
CTS07 Aluminum Pivot Ball B8-M5 TRO13 Steering post
CTS09 Engine Mount TRO16 Pulley stand
CTS11 Ball Differential ** TUNING PARTS**
CTS12 Pulley T39(Ball Diff.) CT010 Aluminum Upper deck
CTS13 Diff. Outdrive Hub CTS03 Steering Linkage
CTS14 Diff. Drive Ring CTS08 Titanium Hinge Pins 46.5mm
CTS15 Ball Diff. Small Parts CTS16 Aluminum Pulley T16
CTS21 Aluminum Turnbuckle M4x25 CTS17 Aluminum Pulley T17
FF006 Wheel Hubs CTS18 Titanium Hinge Pins 58mm
FF012 Teflon Clutch Shoes CTS20 Titanium Lay Shaft
FF044 Set Screws M9 FF080 Fiber Brake Disk (CT4-8)
FF068 Middle Cable Tie G70314 Air filter (CT-45)
FF079 Wheel Stopper G70349 Engine CEN NX-15 (CT-45)
FFS006 Ball B5.8x11 G70349-18 Exhaust Seal Ring (CT-48)
G70102 Ball Diff. Grease G70351C Manifold (copper) (CT-48)
G70103 | Thrust Bearing Grease _G84262 | Titanium Adj. Rod M3x20
G70201 Shock Oil #1000 G84288 | Street Tire(block)
G70301 Rubber Ring #4 G84269 Street Tire(V)
G70315 Fuel Tank GXS18 Aluminum Wheel Stopper
G70352C | Tuned Pipe (copper) CTS23 Front One Way Shaft Set
G70326 Silicon Tube CTS24 One Way Joint Cup
G73901 Ball bearing 5x8x2.5 CTS25 One Way Hub
G73902 Ball bearing 5x10x4 CTS26 Pulley 39T
G73906 Ball bearing 5x11x4 CTS27 Solid Shaft Set
G73907 Ball bearing 10x15x4 CTS28 Solid Shaft
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