Samsung | SDP-860 | Samsung SDP-860 Document Camera

Samsung SDP-860 Document Camera
Samsung SDP-860
Document Camera
This Document Camera is designed to view
documents placed under the lens, which will
display the paper document to the projector
screen, replacing traditional transparency
projectors. It functions through software on the
PC, using the Doc Cam Viewer icon on the
Useful Instructions:
1. Turn on Document Camera using power
button located on camera base.
2. Open the Doc Cam Viewer software by
double-clicking the icon on the desktop.
3. Use the buttons on the toolbar to
○ Zoom
○ Full Screen
○ Still Capture
○ Video Capture
Other Examples:
Common Issues:
● Black screen in the Viewer:
○ Make sure to remove the lens cap.
○ Power the Doc Cam on BEFORE
opening the software.
● Document is too dim:
○ Press the Lamp button on the
Other Information:
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