How To Convert A Transfer Tube 1.

How To Convert A Transfer Tube  1.
How To Convert A Transfer Tube
All you have to do if you have compression style fittings on either end of your supply tube is to:
1. Determine the length of transfer tube that you will need. (write down this length needed)
2. Unplug your air compressor from power source to prevent accidental start up while
3. Completely drain the air in your tank using your drain cock on the bottom of the tank.
4. Remove the old transfer tube from your air compressor.
5. Remove the outlet compression adaptor from the pump head where the transfer tube
connected and determine the NPT size of the hole. (what pipe size threads into this hole---this is your NPT size) (write down this NPT size)
6. Next, choose the steel braided transfer tube that has the correct NPT fitting that matches
the NPT hole in the head of your air compressor pump head.
7. Remove the brass fitting in the air tank where the supply tube used to connect. (this is the
check valve)
8. Determine the female NPT hole in your tank where the supply tube connected to. (what
pipe size threads into this hole----this is your NPT size) (write down this NPT size)
9. Now we have 3 measurements, length of hose, NPT male fitting on one end of transfer
tube that will screw into your pump head and the NPT size of the whole in your air tank.
10. Let's find a new check valve that will fit into your air tank and will also fit the other end of
your new transfer tube.
11. On the flare style check valve page , choose the correct NPT size, either 1/2" or 3/4"
should be the NPT size of the hole in your tank. If you purchased a transfer tube that has
1/2" MPT x 1/2" female flare swivel. (a 145A if you want a 12" long hose), then you would
choose a CTF5812. (Check valve should be 1/8” larger than female flare)
It's that easy. Now you can order the correct parts that you need. Replace the parts that you just
took off of your air compressor while you wait to receive your order. (make sure to use teflon tape
on the male threads before you screw the parts back in your air tank and pump head)
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