Repair Instructions - Changing out the main video board

Repair Instructions - Changing out the main video board
TC 400D Video Board Change
July 19, 1996
TC400D Video Module Change Instructions
To change the #50004002 Video module, proceed as follows:
Note: Normal electro-static discharge protection techniques should
be observed through this procedure.
1. Disconnect the power cable from the rear of the unit first.
2. Remove the top cover of the TC400D by removing 10 screws on
the top of the unit and 4 along the top edge of the rear of the unit.
Note: There are four nylon standoffs which support the lid. These
standoffs may remain attached to the four screws in the center of the
3. Viewed from the front, the Video module is the board to the right.
Using a scribe or narrow screwdriver pry the two ribbon connectors
up from their sockets on the Video board and out of the socket.
Compress the tabs on the power connector and remove it from the
retainer clip and from the chassis. Remove the ten 6-32x1/4 screws
and two standoffs holding the board to the chassis.
4. Lift the Video board forward and upward, out of the chassis.
Install the new Video board by sliding it into place and fastening it
down with the ten 6-32 screws and two standoffs. Install the power
connector and its metal retaining clip in the chassis. Reconnect the
ribbon cables.
5. If the nylon standoffs remained on the lid when it was removed,
gently remove them from their screws and install them, 2 on each of
the CPU and TBC modules.
6. Re-install the top lid. Note: When tightening the screws into the
nylon standoffs, do not overtighten.
If you have any problems with this procedure or any other questions,
contact Ensemble Designs.
PO Box 993
Grass Valley,
(530) 478-1830
FAX (530) 478-1832
[email protected]
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