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Rutland FM910-4 Furlmatic Windcharger
for free power, wherever you want it!
Rutland Windchargers are without doubt one
of the most unique and versatile battery chargers in
use throughout the world.
The Rutland FM910-4 combines our proven furling tail system
and latest 3 phase generator technology with a new
aerodynamically shaped body style. This combination of the
established and the modern means that our customers can be
sure of great power performance and reliability over many
years service. Primarily designed for land based applications,
the Rutland Furlmatic has been used worldwide to provide year
round power generation.
Technical Features and Benefits
Efficient power conversion
Rutland Windchargers generate greater ampere hours in real wind conditions
than turbines of equal and often larger diameter! This is because our unique
high inertia alternator designs maintain momentum between gusts unlike
other designs that stall and have to rebuild up speed. This Rutland “flywheel”
action results in more free power generated into your battery.
Rutland Windchargers are the lowest cost per watt of power generated owing
to our many in-house manufacturing efficiencies and volume of production for
our worldwide customers
More ampere hours are generated because of the Rutlands’ low wind speeds
start up (of just 2.6 m/s) so power is being generated in the most typical wind
speeds as well as being powerful in the strong winds
Automatic ‘furling’ tail fin directs turbine out of wind above 16 m/s for gale
Our low friction 3 phase alternators give a smooth and silent output
Computer designed efficient aerofoil blades. The fine profile blades have a
positive one-way-only fit that have been tested to withstand a loading with a
safety factor 10 times the turbine’s maximum rpm.
EEC directive 89/336/EEC compliance ensures no radiated interference
A low energy remote power site
where a grid connection would
otherwise cost thousands of pounds
Automatic thermostat protection in prolonged gales
Modern, durable materials for excellent reliability and product longevity,
Technical Specifications
Packed Dimensions: 945x344x262mm
Packed Weight: 16kg Net Weight: 13.1kg
Doc No: SB-124 Issue D 14.01.13
Part Nos: CA-02/04 (12) CA-02/05 (24V)
Accessories for Up and Running
Mounting pole for land based systems – the 910-3 can be installed on land using a 6m length of 48mm
outside diameter tube with 41 mm internal diameter. The mounting pole can be fixed into the ground or on
pivot type base for simpler raising and lowering. A minimum height of 6m and of 4 guy wires is
recommended. More details are given in the installation manual. A Land Tower and Rigging kit is available
from Marlec.
Choose from our two Pulse Width Modulation charge regulators. Both models progressively slow down the
turbine when the batteries become full thus reducing long term wear and tear to the turbine. Note that
voltage regulators should always be sited < 1.5m of the battery to minimise voltage losses, ensuring accuracy of regulation.
HRSi Regulator
HRDi Controller
Single battery bank
over voltage
Regulation with LED
indicators for charging
status and battery
Easy to use controller
for charging up to 2
separate battery banks
plus a solar panel input
rated up to 160W. Full
LED display reading
charge currents and battery voltages.
Deep cycle batteries should always be used for wind & solar charging. A good quality range of sealed AGM
(absorbed glass matt) and gel batteries are available from Marlec.
Cable thicknesses are determined by the run of cable distance. For cable runs up o 20m/60ft 2.5mm2 or
13AWG cable is recommended to maximise electrical efficiencies.
Solar panels are a perfect complement to wind power, talk to Marlec about the BP Solar range of
photovoltaic panels to give a seasonal balance of power to your system.
Inverters convert battery power to 230V for appliances such as laptops, TV’s etc. Contact Marlec to discover
the range available.
Tried and Tested Applications
Telecommunications at isolated location
Remote broadband connections
Roadside safety signs (see picture)
Environmental monitoring e.g. water, air etc.
Land based navigation lighting and radio equipment
…… these and many other applications where grid power
is unavailable.
Marlec Wind and Solar systems provide a reliable, cost
effective and environmentally sound solution. Call us today
to achieve the best technical solution for your power needs.
Manufactured in the UK by:
Marlec Engineering Company Ltd
Rutland House, Trevithick Rd, Corby, NN17 5XY
TeL:+44 (0)1536 201588 [email protected]
Doc No: SB-124 Issue D 14.01.13
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