Moog WERKSTAYY-01 User manual

Moog WERKSTAYY-01 User manual
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40 Years
of Yamaha
From the coveted analog sounds of the CS-80,
the revolutionary DX7 and the incredibly realistic-sounding
VL1 to today’s industry-standard Motif Music Production
Synthesizer, Yamaha has always been an innovator of
technology for inspired music-making.
To celebrate our 40th year of making synths, Yamaha is offering
the Premium Contents Pack for Motif XF FREE when you
purchase a Motif XF.
Keyboardists, producers and songwriters know the Motif for its
incredible sound, flexible expandability and deep computer integration.
Now, get Yamaha’s 40 years of synth history in the flagship Motif XF and
take your music to the next level.
The 40th Anniversary Premium Contents Pack contains:
• FL512M Flash Memory
• 40th Anniversary sticker
• 4GB USB flash drive
• Special 40th Anniversary content including
samples and Voices of Yamaha GX-1, CS80
and CS01, a special Acoustic Piano collection
and more!
• 3rd-party 40% coupons from Arturia, FXpansion,
John Melas, Sonic Reality, KARMA Labs and Synthogy
• 40% discount on Motif content a
• Free Film & TV song submission membership
• Rebates on Yamaha products
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MOXF Series
“I recently purchased the MOXF8
for my recording studio here in
Michigan. I'm a singer/songwriter
and guitar player and on occasion use
a keyboard to embellish my tracks.
When I first sat down and played a
few chords and experimented with
the various musical possibilities with
this instrument, I was truly amazed.
I'm recording a local piano player/
songwriter/vocalist right now, and
she absolutely loves this piano. She
thought the play action was great and
the sounds on her tracks sound really
world class.”
– Lynn, Michigan
September 20, 2014
For a full description of this keyboard,
search “MOXF8” on
MOXF Series
A Decade of MOTIF Innovation in Powerful
Keyboard Workstations
Building on the impressive power and playability of the
original MOX Series, Yamaha’s MOXF Series keyboard
workstations offer you an unbelievable palette of productionquality sounds. They provide full support for the complete
lineup of MOTIF XF and MOX sound and sample libraries,
shipping with 741MB of waveforms and new voices such as the
CFIII and S6 grand pianos. They also provide you with very
cool expansion options such as a flash board option slot. That
means there is a world of performance and production options
waiting for you, right out of the box.
You simply have to respect the wonderful collection of sounds
Yamaha packed into the MOXF Series. These include many
modern favorites, such as pianos, electric pianos, synths,
orchestral sounds, guitars, basses, and drums. As you can expect
from Yamaha, each of these sounds was expertly crafted down
to the finest detail, so you can call up any preset you like and
never have to worry about tweaking your tone. Add to that a full
complement of VCM-based effects and processors, and you’ll
never run out of creative possibilities. And if you need more
sounds, you can always pick up an aftermarket flash board
expansion, such as Inspiration In A Flash or the CP1 piano, for
up to 1GB of additional wave ROM.
Performance modes and arpeggiators make it easy to create
music of all styles with your MOXF keyboard, and an onboard
sequencer lets you get creative, without your computer. When
you do connect to your Mac or PC, further options abound.
The MOXF Remote Editor lets you define custom controller
configurations for total DAW integration, and a full suite of
software is a sweet bonus. MOXF models come with either 88
fully weighted or 61 semi-weighted keys.
Specs: 88-/61-key • Poly: 128 notes • Sounds: 1,152 • 741MB ROM • 1 flash
expansion slot (up to 1GB) • In: 2 x TS • Out: 2 x TS, 1 x TRS, headphone •
32.9 lbs./15.7 lbs.
88-key Synth Workstation........List 1999
61-key Synth Workstation.........List $149900
ONLY $64/mo.
For more info call or go to
Free 40th Anniversary Premium Content Pack!
Powerhouse Keyboard Workstations
Rock a Motif and get free software, upgrades, and bonus goodies! From January 1,
through July 31, 2015, purchase a Yamaha Motif XF from Sweetwater and get a free 40th
Anniversary Premium Content Pack when you register your product on Yamaha’s website!
When Yamaha designed their MOTIF XF Series, they set out to raise the bar for
workstation keyboards everywhere. This unbelievably feature-packed instrument comes
loaded with an impressive collection of music tools — everything you need to produce
and perform the music you love. Building on the long legacy of Yamaha MOTIF keyboards,
the MOTIF XF ups the ante, with 2GB of onboard flash memory and an enormous
741MB of waveforms — that’s twice the size of the MOTIF XS and nine times the size of
the original! It’s a colossal music-making tool. There are loads of voices (1,664+), an
awesome arpeggiator (7,000+ patterns!), a high-quality keybed, scores of high-tech effects
made to sound like vintage gear, and remote control DAW integration.
The Yamaha MOTIF XF offers everything from acoustic sounds to vintage synths to
modern tones for hip-hop production. And with the new OS, complete with tap tempo,
automapping, and a customizable user interface, the MOTIF XF is more powerful yet
easier to use than ever. A 16-track Integrated Sampling Audio/MIDI Sequencer combined
with 128MB of onboard sample RAM and direct-to-USB recording lets you turn your ideas
into finished songs — entirely within the XF. The XF even has a cool iPad editor that lets
you tweak your XF’s parameters right on your iPad’s touchscreen!
MOTIF XF keyboard workstation models are available with 88, 76, or 61 keys. An
expansion card and additional flash boards are also available.
Specs: 88-/76-/61-key • Poly: 128
notes • Sounds: 1,152 • 741MB
ROM • 2 flash expansion slots (up to
2GB) • In: 2 x TS • Out: 4 x TS, 1 x
TRS, headphone • 63.7
lbs./37.92 lbs./33.29 lbs.
88-key Workstation...............List $403900
76-key Workstation................List $353900
61-key Workstation...............List $299900
FireWire Expansion Card ..........List $29900
MotifXF1GB 1GB MOTIF XF Memory ...........List $39900
MotifXF512MB 512MB MOTIF XF Memory .....List $19900
ONLY $135/mo.
Korg instruments have played a
vital role in my musical career and
the bond has thrived from the time I
was a product specialist at the company back in 1988. I was lucky to be
involved with the development of the
groundbreaking M1 synthesizer, a product I feel was the beginning of a new
generation of instruments. The world
of playing keyboards changed forever
when the M1 combined sampled waveforms with synthesized waveforms.
My dream was that there would eventually be one instrument that could
give me all the sounds and control I
need for my live performances - an
instrument that would offer me all of
the musical power I need for a seamless live performance. Now that vision
has come to full fruition with the New
Korg Kronos.
The New Korg Kronos is the culmination of Korg’s amazing history of
building comprehensive, cohesive
musical instruments from the ground
up with a world class team of passionate artists and technical experts
(many of whom I call friends).
The sonic range of Kronos is mind
blowing (see photo below)! The latest
model has an expanded piano engine,
improved touch panel navigation and
set list mode, and the redesigned
exterior is an added bonus. I can
perform a three-hour concert with
Dream Theater in which I traverse
from the most tremendous orchestral
layer to the heaviest sounds emanating from any keyboard that you
have ever heard. I can trigger crazy
sound effects and a moment later I’m
rocking the most brutal organ sound
ever. I can journey back comfortably to
where it all started for me - at the piano - with an inspiringly beautiful piano
sound and playing experience, all from
this one instrument.
My last world tour with the Kronos
was the happiest I’ve ever been as a
performing keyboardist. With Korg’s
New Kronos, my next round of recording and touring will surely carry
me to musical nirvana. I invite any
keyboardist to take a journey with
the Kronos. You will not be
Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today to find out more about the
new Korg Kronos. (800) 222-4700 | SWEETWATER.COM
For more info call or go to
Kronos Series
Kronos, Reloaded
Since its introduction, Korg’s Kronos has been the weapons-grade workstation of
choice for keyboard A-listers such as Jordan Rudess and Derek Sherinian, as well as
the no-compromise synth mavens here at Sweetwater. Now Korg ups the ante with the
re-voiced and revamped Kronos Series. Under the hood of this beast, a new System
3.0 OS enhances functionality while juicing your workflow. The beefed-up SGX-2 piano
engine boasts, in addition to its renowned German and Japanese grand pianos, a killer
9GB Berlin grand, as well as ultra-expressive sympathetic resonance and una corda
samples you can tweak to taste. Available with 88, 73, and 61 keys, Kronos workstations
also feature a sleek aluminum body, a mesh back panel, and lacquered wood end cheeks.
More than just an amazing performance keyboard, the Korg Kronos is a complete
32-track music-creation workstation. In addition to a robust 16-track sequencer, Korg
Krome Series
Next-generation Korg workstations with ultra-realistic sounds from the acclaimed
Kronos keyboard! When you power up the Korg Krome-88 workstation, you’ll have an
incredible assortment of lifelike pianos, drums, EPs, and other instruments under your
fingers, plus a streamlined interface with a powerful 16-track sequencer — everything
you need to make memorable music fast. The Krome-88 uses sounds from Korg’s
respected Kronos workstation, plus an amazing range of arp patterns and drum grooves.
The Krome-88 is packed with inspiration, whether you’re using it with your DAW in
plug-in mode or navigating it with the intuitive full-color touchscreen.
When you get your hands on the Krome-88’s Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH)
keybed, you’ll be surprised at the piano-like response. The action of the keys has a
heavier touch in the lowest registers that becomes progressively lighter as you get
higher. And you can fine-tune the response to your exact playing style, with three levels
of Key Touch Control. That means no matter how you play, every nuance of your playing
will translate to a moving, dynamic performance.
For a more compact alternative, check out the Krome-73 or the Krome-61. These
73- and 61-key versions offer Korg’s Natural Touch velocity-sensitive semi-weighted
keybed, plus all of the sounds, arp patterns, drum grooves, and workstation mojo of
the Krome-88. No matter which model you choose, you’ll have everything you need to
produce stellar music.
Specs: 88-/73-/61-key • Poly:
Variable per engine • Sounds: 512
• In: 2 x 1/4" • Out: 6 x 1/4" • Dig
I/O: USB, S/PDIF • MIDI I/O • 53.13
lbs./46.52 lbs./31.53 lbs.
88-key Workstation..................List 4650
73-key Workstation...................List $420000
61-key Workstation...................List $375000
ONLY $139/mo.
Kross Series
The Korg Legacy Continues
Specs: 88-/73-/61-key • Poly: 120
notes • Sounds: 640 • Out: 2 x 1/4",
headphone • MIDI I/O • 32.41
lbs./18.08 lbs./15.87 lbs.
gave Kronos the capacity to record up to 16 audio tracks as well — all in studiostandard 24-bit/48kHz quality! What’s more, Kronos gives you an entire studio rack
full of effects to enhance your music. Korg raised the bar again by loading Kronos with
hands-on controls. Starting with the large 8" TouchView display, you’ll find navigating
through the Kronos environment to be absolutely intuitive. Kronos also provides you
with an entire dedicated control surface, complete with channel-strip-style sliders, knobs,
and buttons. Plus, you get great performance controls, including a ribbon controller and
one of Korg’s fantastic vector joysticks.
88-key Workstation..................List 2309
73-key Workstation...................List $174999
61-key Workstation...................List $146999
ONLY $62/mo.
Truly Portable Korg Keyboard Workstations
From the classic Triton to the flagship Kronos, countless musicians worldwide love the
sound, feel, and vibe of creating music on a Korg workstation. If you’ve ever wished
you could have that in a completely portable keyboard, here’s your chance! Korg’s
incredible Kross series keyboards boast a powerful EDS-i sound engine, an analog-style
step sequencer derived from the Electribe, and a full-on 16-track MIDI sequencer. You
get an extensive set of editing capabilities, so it’s amazingly easy to create quality results
right onboard. These outstanding workstations even include a stereo audio recorder
— complete with mic and line inputs. Want effects? These workstations deliver! The
EDS-i engine lets you use a total of seven effects simultaneously: five insert effects plus
two master effects. You get essentials such as delay, reverb, chorus, flanger, and rotary
speaker, but there’s also amp modeling powered by Korg’s REMS modeling technology.
There’s even a robot voice vocoder! With 134 different high-quality effects onboard, you’ll
never run out of sonic inspiration.
What sets your Kross series keyboard apart from other workstations is that you can create
on it at the park, on your back porch, or pretty much anywhere else. It can run on just
six AA batteries, and you can export your sequences as audio or MIDI via USB to your
computer. Kross workstations are available in the light and affordable 61-key Kross 61
or the fully weighted 88-key Kross 88. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today and
get all the details!
Specs: 61-/88-key • Poly: 80 notes
• Sounds: 512 • In: 1 x 1/4", 1 x
1/8" • Out: 2 x 1/4" • MIDI I/O • 9.5
lbs./27.3 lbs.
ONLY $27/mo.
61-key Workstation....................List $98000
88-key Workstation...................List $129999
(800) 222–4700
“The Roland FA-08 workstation is the
epitome of brilliance, stability, sound,
features, and feel. For all of you piano
players out there, you will really
appreciate the excellent action of the
Ivory G keyboard on the FA-08. Roland
seems to always come through on
the feel of their keybeds, and this
workstation is no exception. There’s
a large, color display window that is
very easy to read, so this will make
your programming, editing, or just
browsing through various patches and
parameters much more pleasant!”
– Brandon, Ohio
April 29, 2014
For a full description of this keyboard,
search “FA08” on
FA Series
Incredible Workstation Capabilities plus SuperNATURAL Sounds
No single piece of gear Roland has introduced since their
Fantom Series keyboards even comes close to offering
you the no-holds-barred music-production power of the
FA-08 keyboard workstation. It all starts off with the
sounds — a collection of over 2,000 patches taken from the
flagship Integra-7 sound module, including the complete
SuperNATURAL synth engine. Add to that an absolutely
astonishing set of effects and processors, and you’re still just
getting started. Powerful onboard sequencing and sampling
let you build up your tracks creatively and intuitively, while
killer performance options make playing on the FA-08 a
blast. Top it off with an awesome user interface, total DAW
integration, and a great-feeling 88-note Ivory Feel-G Keyboard,
and you’re in business! When you sit down in front of your
FA-08, it’s not the overwhelming experience of interfacing
with some monolithic workstation — it’s like stepping up to a
studio full of high-tech gear that’s all wired to work together
flawlessly. The FA-08 is the answer to all of your gigging needs.
Powerful real-time performance options such as D Beam
modulation, arpeggiation, looping, and step sequencing make
performances fun and exciting, and the fact that all of these
functions are easy to get to and intuitive only makes it better.
Back in the studio, you’ll be impressed by how easily the
Roland FA-08 keyboard workstation folds into the rest of your
setup. With the push of a button and a simple USB connection,
your FA-08 becomes the centerpiece of your studio, acting
as your audio interface, MIDI keyboard, control surface, pad
controller, and more. Also, you can connect your FA-08 to your
Apple iPad via the Camera Connection Kit, providing you with
even greater production power when you have to take your rig
on the road. Want even more portability? The 61-key FA-06 is
also available.
Specs: 88-/61-key • Poly: 128 notes • Sounds: 2,000+ • In: 1 x TS, 1 x 1/8" • Out: 1
x TRS, 2 x TS • MIDI • 36.6 lbs./12.6 lbs.
ONLY $68/mo.
88-key Workstation..................List $209900
61-key Workstation...................List $139900
A $768 VALUE!
For a limited time, when you
purchase a Kurzweil PC3K from
Sweetwater, you’ll receive an
exclusive Sweetwater Sound
library, a KORE 64 ROM card,
a ribbon controller, and a gig
bag — all FREE.
PC3K Series
Revolutionize Your Stage and Studio Music Creation Experience
Kurzweil’s PC3K Series keyboards combine more than a
decade and a half of K2000 and K2500 legacy sample libraries
with the PC3’s super-powerful Dynamic V.A.S.T. synthesis
engine. This lets you explore completely uncharted possibilities
of sound development. It also gives you excellent new features,
including a USB host port that lets you plug in standard USB
thumb drives so that you can quickly store and retrieve data
as well as load OS updates. PC3K Series keyboards also feature
128MB of nonvolatile user-sample memory. Made possible by
a breakthrough in sample flash technology, this nonvolatile
user memory adds a new level of stability to the PC3 platform.
Sample flash memory also allows PC3K Series keyboards to
retain user samples after a power cycle as well as to power back
on with zero sample load time, picking up right where you left
off. If you’re looking for the very best performance sounds from
a super-stable keyboard, you’ll find them with a Kurzweil PC3K
Series keyboard! A fully weighted 88-key model is available, as
are semi-weighted 76- and 61-key models.
Specs: 88-/76-/61-key • Poly: 128 notes • Sounds: 900+ • Out: 4 x TRS • Dig I/O:
USB, S/PDIF • MIDI • 54 lbs./39.35 lbs./30.86 lbs.
88-key Workstation..................List $419900
76-key Workstation...................List $330000
61-key Workstation...................List $289500
ONLY $132/mo.
An Analog/Digital Crossover for a New Generation
A tiny, mighty powerhouse, the Roland JD-Xi analog/digital crossover
synthesizer gives you a true analog synth engine, along with Roland’s famous
SuperNATURAL synth tones, a 4-track pattern sequencer, and more. Onboard,
you’ll also find pads, strings, brass, and other essential sounds. It may be
small, but the JD-Xi doesn’t skimp on features or versatility!
The JD-Xi’s monophonic analog synth engine gives you saw, triangle, and
square waveforms with pulse-width modulation and an analog filter, along with an independent sub-oscillator, providing you with massive low-end
power. On top of that, the JD-Xi’s dual digital synth engines give you 128-voice polyphony and a plethora of top-notch SuperNATURAL synth tones.
A gooseneck mic and vocoder expand your performance options, and AutoPitch lets you achieve vocal sounds that are common in modern pop
and EDM. What’s more, you can use the JD-Xi’s Auto Note function to “sing” JD-Xi synth sounds without touching the keyboard! The JD-Xi’s 4-track
pattern sequencer lets you create and perform complete compositions and build exciting loops. There’s even a great collection of preset patterns to
help get you started!
Specs: 37-key • Poly: 129 notes • Sounds: 128 + 1 x analog • In: 1 x DI • Out: 2 x 1/4", headphone • MIDI I/O •
4 lbs. 14 oz.
Massive Sounds in a Compact Synth
Roland’s Flagship Synthesizer, with SuperNATURAL Power
By combining the legendary vibe of the Jupiter-8 with the stunning realism of Roland’s
SuperNATURAL synthesis engine, Roland made the Jupiter-80 a force to be reckoned
with. The Jupiter-80 has warm, rich analog synth sounds as well as a host of hyperrealistic SuperNATURAL instruments with unprecedented expressiveness and depth. The
Jupiter-80 will not disappoint die-hard analog synth fans either, with three separately
programmable sound chains. Each sound chain has its own oscillator, filter, LFO, and
amp, and you can combine up to 10 tones for a staggering 30 oscillators at once. Each
oscillator can utilize one of seven vintage waveforms or one of over 350 PCM-sampled
sounds, for unlimited sound-shaping possibilities. Roland’s KSJ8 is the perfect stand for
the Jupiter-80.
76-key Synth Workstation........List 3999
Jupiter-80 Kbd Stand..................List $59900
ONLY $132/mo.
Specs: 37-key • Poly: 64 notes •
Sounds: 128 (64 preset, 64 user) •
Out: 2 x 1/4", headphone • MIDI I/O
• 9.31 lbs.
ONLY $23/mo.
37-key Synth.............................List 799
SH01patches Bonus Patches...........................................
Hog the Spotlight
Built to give you over 1,000 amazing sounds in the studio, onstage, or wherever you
want to play, the lightweight and compact JUNO-Di can function for up to five hours via
battery power. Its voice engine delivers world-class sounds, including grand and electric
pianos, lush strings, exotic instruments, and much more. There’s also a built-in vocoder
plus a USB memory port and Song Player. Available in black and white.
ONLY $27/mo.
Includes FREE 64-patch
Sound Bank!
See the Demo! Search SH01
Roland Synth Power You Can Take Anywhere
on orders $499 and up.
For more info call or go to
Are you in love with the sounds of the past but equally in love with technology? This is
the synth for you! Roland’s GAIA SH-01 uses a trio of virtual analog engines — each
with its own dedicated oscillator, filter, amplifier, envelope, and LFO — to conjure
massive vintage synth tones. But the cool thing is that this baby is thoroughly modern,
giving you vintage flavor and the conveniences afforded by the latest technology. There
are no digital menus to navigate, just analog-style knobs and faders that drive the
synth engines. Beyond that, the GAIA SH-01 gives you a ton of effects to take your sonic
explorations even further. And with its 64 voices of polyphony, expansive synthing is at
your fingertips. When combined, all of these elements come together to create massive
sound, packed into an extremely lightweight chassis that can run on battery power.
Bonus Patches are available on their own.
Specs: 61-key • Poly: 128 notes •
Sounds: 1,338 • 64MB ROM • In:
1 x 1/4", 1 x 1/8" • Out: 2 x 1/4",
headphone • MIDI I/O • 11.5 lbs.
Specs: 76-key • Poly: 256 notes
• Sounds: 2,560 Live Sets • In: 1 x
1/8" stereo • Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS,
2 x 1/4", S/PDIF, headphone • MIDI
I/O/T • 39 lbs. 1 oz.
37-key Synth.............................List $59900
61-key Workstation, Blk.............List 799
61-key Workstation, Wht.............List $79900
Step out from your cockpit and take center stage with the 49-key AX-Synth and its
powerful built-in sound engine. Thanks to its pitch-bend ribbon controller, D Beam,
and modulation bar, you have tons of expressive control. You can also connect it to your
computer via USB and perform live with your virtual instruments. Be sure to protect
your axe with the SKB Hard Case and Roland ST-AX stand.
Specs: 49-key • Poly: 128 notes
• Sounds: 262 • Out: 2 x 1/4",
headphone • MIDI I/O • USB •
8.63 lbs.
ONLY $38/mo.
49-key Synth, Wht...................List $144900
AxSynthCase 49-key AX-Synth Kbd Case.........List $25749
AXSynthStd AX-Synth Kbd Stand.....................List $6900
Sub 37 Tribute Edition
This Powerful Synth Puts You in Total Control
A limited-edition big sibling to Moog’s highly regarded Sub Phatty,
the 37-key Sub 37 Tribute Edition is much more than a Sub
Phatty with an extra octave of keys! You get more voices and presets,
plus a syncable arpeggiator and step sequencer! The Sub 37 Tribute
Edition gives sound designers, synthesists, and players a huge sonic
playground, thanks to its front-panel array of 40 knobs and 74
switches. You also get a pair of modulation buses (complete with
assignable source and destination). This 2-note paraphonic synth’s
aftertouch-equipped keyboard even allows you to play two notes at a time. Add individual
cuts for the mixer section and a Feedback function, and you’ll be able to dive deep into
sound creation. The Sub 37 Tribute Edition also features modern touches including a
handy plug-in editor, 256-plus presets, and an easy-to-read LED display.
For more info call or go to
Specs: 37-key • Poly: 2 note • Sounds: 256+ presets • In: 1 x TS, 4 x CV/gate • Out: 1 x TS, headphone • MIDI in • USB
OS Update with
New Sounds
and Programs!
Vintage Moog vibe with a modern edge! The 25-key Sub Phatty marries powerful
Moog synthesis with your live or computer-based production rig. An all-analog signal
path, redesigned dual oscillators, a ground-shaking sub-oscillator, and Moog’s legendary
ladder filter all combine to bring you iconic Moog sound. Plus, the MultiDrive control
lets you add anything from a subtle edge to full-on distortion. A free plug-in/standalone
editor unlocks under-the-hood features and DAW automation. We carry a braille version
of the Sub Phatty as well, and a rugged gig bag and road case are also available.
ONLY $38/mo.
25-key Synth.......................List $109900
SubPhattyBRL 25-key Synth, Braille.............List $109900
SubPhattyBag Sub Phatty Gig Bag...................List $6900
SubPhattyATA Sub Phatty ATA Road Case......................
The Compact Moog Synth You’ve Been Waiting For
ONLY $57/mo.
37-key Synth...........................List 1579
Braille version available!
Call for details.
Sub Phatty
Specs: 25-key • Poly: 1 note •
Sounds: 100 presets • In: 1 x TS, 4 x
CV/gate • Out: 1 x TS, headphone •
Minimoog Voyager XL
Minimoog Voyager Performer Edition
Huge Moog Sound and a Performance-friendly Size
When you need a big-sounding synth that’s easy to integrate into your live performance
rig, look to the Minimoog Voyager Performer Edition. You’ll find most of the
features of Moog’s Voyager XL, such as an all-analog signal path, three oscillators with
continuously variable waveforms, and two classic Moog filters. You’ll easily be able to
hit the stage with legendary bass and ripping leads. A molded case and a gig bag are
ONLY $113/mo.
Specs: 44-key • Poly: 1 note •
Sounds: 896 presets • In: 1 x TS, 9
x CV/exp • Out: 2 x TS, 5 x CV/exp •
VoyagerPerf 44-key Synth......................List $329500
Voyager Molded Case.............List $31900
Voyager Dlx Bag....................................
Build Your Own Moog Analog Monosynth
Massively Modular Minimoog
How does a synth pioneer celebrate four decades of analog greatness? They do it by
offering a synth that merges their flagship product with the modular synths that put
them on the map! The Minimoog Voyager XL blends the fat, warm analog soul of
the Minimoog (and all the good vibes that come with it) with a modular patch bay, a
ribbon controller, and a MIDI-synced LFO, creating a tone machine worthy of the Moog
legacy. Everything you’d expect to find is here — a 100% all-analog signal path plus
loads of oscillators, filters, and more.
The Moog Werkstatt-01 is a snap-together synthesizer kit that requires no electronics
experience to build. Originally a project designed for Moog’s synth-building workshop at
MoogFest ’14, the Werkstatt-01 sports a single VCO, Moog’s legendary 4-pole ladder filter,
a modular patch bay, and an onboard 13-note button keyboard in a surprisingly flexible
semi-modular design. If you plan to use your Werkstatt-01 with other CV-based gear,
be sure to pick up a Werkstatt CV Expansion Board, which converts the primitive
patch rail into more universally compatible 1/8" grounded patch points.
Specs: 61-key • Poly: 1 note • Sounds: 896 presets • In: 1 x TS, 10 x CV/exp • Out: 2 x TS, 20 x CV • MIDI I/O/T
Specs: 13-key • Poly: 1 note • In: 5
x CV • Out: 1 x TS, 14 x CV
VoyagerXL 61-key Synth.............................................
ONLY $188/mo.
ONLY $11/mo.
Werkstatt-01..........................List 329
WerkstattCVEB Werkstatt CV Exp Board..........................
(800) 222–4700
Pro 2
Dave’s Next-gen Monosynth
You can’t deny the benefits of borrowing
from the Pro 2’s big brother, the Prophet
12, especially where its overall playability is
concerned. The first thing about the Pro 2 that
struck us here at Sweetwater was how easy it
is to get around, but diving into its controls,
we discovered a world of new possibilities. Highlights Include 4-voice paraphony, a
sequencer with up to 32 steps and 16 tracks, dual vintage analog filters, and loads of CV
connectivity. You’ll also find tons of hands-on controls and modulation options!
Specs: 49-key • Poly: 4 notes • Sounds: 396 factory/396 user • In: 1 x TS • Out: 2 x TS, headphone • MIDI I/O/T
4 CV in/out • 1 gate out • 18.7 lbs.
49-key Synth...........................List 2199
ONLY $75/mo.
Prophet 12
Prophet ’08 PE
This synth is a beast. The Prophet 12 sports 12 voices, each featuring four oscillators,
a sub-oscillator, resonant lowpass and highpass filters, and analog VCAs. The sonic
breadth of this synth’s design is staggering. With 48 oscillators on tap (plus 12 suboscillators), there’s no limit to the sonic damage you can do. And once you’ve created
a patch (or grabbed one of the awesome-sounding presets), you get a universe of deep
modulation and effects options to massage it into something no one’s ever heard before.
The Prophet 5 shook up music production as we know it. The Prophet ’08 PE gives you
that legendary analog tone, with a new level of control. Sporting a 5-octave keyboard, the
incredible Prophet ’08 PE (Potentiometer Edition) represents an evolution of a classic
synth, with even more vintage-style control. That’s because this one sports front-panel
pots instead of the rotary controllers on the original Prophet ’08 — very cool. You also
get an arpeggiator, split and layer capabilities, and a gated step sequencer.
All-new Prophet Powerhouse
Your First-class Ticket to Analog Synth Bliss
Specs: 61-key • Poly: 12 notes • Sounds: 396 factory/396 user • Out: 4 x TS, headphone • MIDI I/O/T • 26 lbs.
61-key Synth...........................List 3299
Specs: 61-key • Poly: 8 notes • Sounds: 256 • Out: 4 x TS, headphone • MIDI I/O/T • 22 lbs.
ONLY $113/mo.
Mopho x4
61-key Synth.................List 2309
ONLY $79/mo.
Mopho Keyboard Special Edition
A Polyphonic Mopho
Incredible Synth Performance from the Mind of Dave Smith
Whether you’re playing live or creating in your studio, you’ll get all the Mopho mojo you
need at your fingertips with this incredible synth. The Mopho x4 boasts 44 velocity- and
pressure-sensitive keys plus 4-voice polyphony. Each voice sports two analog oscillators,
two sub-octave generators, a lowpass filter, three 5-stage envelope generators, four
LFOs, a relatchable arpeggiator, and a 16 x 4 step sequencer, making it a blast to create
behemoth basses, vibrant leads, insane sequences, and celestial pads.
Specs: 44-key • Poly: 4 notes • Sounds: 512 • Out: 2 x TRS, headphone • USB • MIDI I/O • 9.6 lbs.
44-key Synth...........................List 1429
The Mopho Keyboard Special Edition gives you 44 semi-weighted velocity-sensitive
keys, with the Mopho module built right in, for a small-format synth with a huge analog
sound — and an extra octave of keys. This keyboard gives you an analog playground
that includes a pair of oscillators, a classic Curtis filter (switchable 2- or 4-pole), a set of
analog VCAs, three envelope generators, and two sub-octave generators.
Specs: 44-key • Poly: 1 note • Sounds: 384 • In: 1 x TS • Out: 2 x TS, headphone • USB • MIDI I/O • 9.4 lbs.
ONLY $36/mo.
ONLY $49/mo.
44-key Synth..................List $102900
The Classic ‘72 Subtractive Synth, Reborn for 2015
Born in the same era that saw the introduction of performance synths such as the Moog
Minimoog and the Oberheim SEM, the original Odyssey brought the ARP sound to a wider
audience than ever before, firmly securing its place in synthesizer history. What many initially
considered a scaled-down version of the ARP 2600, the Odyssey introduced such breakthrough
innovations as duophonic voicing and complete top-panel parameter access for on-the-fly
sound shaping. It’s little wondering that every since the Odyssey left the market in 1981,
keyboardists the world over have longed for their return.
Fast forward to 2015, where Korg has partnered up with one of the founders of ARP
Instruments, David Friend, to create a new version of the Odyssey. Not only was David one of
the establishing members of ARP, he was the lead designer of the Odyssey and many other
famous breakthroughs in synthesizer technology. At Sweetwater, we’re absolutely thrilled
to be the exclusive source for the new limited-edition white ARP Odyssey, which offers the
full benefits of modern engineering, yet faithfully offers classic synth sound to a whole new
generation of electronic musicians. The new ARP Odyssey is available in limited-edition white
and classic color stylings.
ONLY $38/mo.
OdysseyWTLTD37-key Synth, LTD White.......List 1400
37-key Synth.......................List $140000
S Series
Record and Perform with Real MOTIF Sounds
All the Piano and Synth Sounds You Need to Create and Compose
Yamaha’s MX-61 performance keyboard gives you the MOTIF sounds you want, plus
the tools you need to put on an awesome performance. Packed with over 1,000 sounds
taken right from the MOTIF XS, plus easy split/layer configurations, Performance Mode,
and killer Virtual Circuit Modeling (VCM) effects, the MX-61 keyboard elegantly balances
extreme versatility with simple operation. And when you dive into its advanced functions,
such as DAW and VST plug-in control, it’s easy to see how much value the MX-61 packs.
From realistic acoustic pianos to unique world instruments to classic synths, the sounds
are both fabulous and extremely useful. Rather than offering a dozen horns followed
by scads of similar-sounding strings, the MX-61 keyboard includes all of the breadand-butter sounds you could ask for. And when it comes to spicing things up a little,
Yamaha’s VCM effects are absolutely out of this world! Want the same sweet feature set in
a more compact keyboard? Look to the 49-key MX-49.
Designed for performing keyboardists, with an ear for great piano sound and a passion
for creativity, Yamaha’s S Series keyboards give you amazing sound, incredible feel,
and astonishing tonal versatility. S Series keyboards come absolutely loaded with
over 1,000 quality sounds. In fact, the main piano sound on an S Series keyboard is a
wonderfully simple Yamaha S6. Plus, an exquisitely balanced hammer-weighted-action
keybed gives you the perfect amount of response and resistance. You’ll love how easy it
is to create splits, layers, and drum performances. You can even plug in a microphone
and use your S Series keyboard as your complete sound system. In the studio, S Series
keyboards take on a whole new life. Use a USB thumb drive or the internal memory to
record keys, vocals, and even additional sources via the instrument input. What’s more,
S Series keyboards feature a comprehensive set of hands-on controls you can use to take
over your DAW. Yamaha S Series keyboards are available in 88-key and 76-key models.
Specs: 61-/49-key • Poly: 128 notes • Sounds: 1,000+ • In: 1 x 1/8" • Out: 2 x TS, 1 x TRS, headphone • 10.58
lbs./8.38 lbs.
ONLY $27/mo.
61-key Keyboard.......................List $99900
49-key Keyboard.........................List $79900
Specs: 88-/76-key • Poly: 128
notes • Sounds: 1,088 • 456MB
ROM • In: 1 x XLR/TRS • Out: 4 x
TS, headphone • MIDI I/O/T • 49
lbs./45 lbs.
The Two Voice Returns
Lead A1
Analog Modeling Synthesizer
Create the sounds and leads you need with the Nord Lead A1 analog modeling
synthesizer. Craft huge sonic landscapes with the Lead A1’s 24-voice polyphony and
four simultaneous synthesizer parts. An updated oscillator section houses 47 different
waveforms ranging from analog classics to digital delights. The filter section captures
the response and character of some of the most sought-after units in history. A robust
effects section is loaded with chorus, phaser, flanger, drives, delays, reverbs, and more. If
you want to dive even further into subtractive and FM synthesis, check out the Lead 4.
Specs: Lead A1 49-key • Poly: 24 notes • Sounds: 400 • Out: 4 x TS • MIDI USB • 10.7 lbs. Lead 4 49-key • Poly: 20
notes • Sounds: 396 • Out: 4 x TS •
ONLY $68/mo.
MIDI USB • 11.7 lbs.
NordLeadA1 49-Key Synth......................List $209900
49-key Synth.......................List $259900
88-key Stage Piano..................List 3799
76-key Stage Piano...................List $369900
ONLY $90/mo.
Two Voice Pro
Tom Oberheim’s Two Voice Pro
synthesizer is the modern incarnation of
his classic analog synth of the mid-’70s.
You get the essence of what made the
original Two Voice such a favorite,
including two SEMs (Synthesizer Expander
Modules) with a total of four oscillators,
a bevy of modulation options, and a
mini sequencer that lets you store your
sequences in flash memory.
Like the mid-’70s original, the Two Voice Pro is, in reality, two classic Synthesizer
Expander Modules sharing the same chassis with a 3-octave (C-to-C) aftertouch-enabled
keyboard — giving you four oscillators and enough modulation mojo to whip up
serious tone. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today and find out what the powerful
Two Voice Pro can do for you.
Specs: 37-key • Poly: 2 notes • Out:
headphone • MIDI I/O
37-key Synth................................
ONLY $132/mo.
(800) 222–4700
Innovative, Go-anywhere Synth Workstation
The perfect traveling companion for any synthesist or
sampling fan! Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 synthesizer
gives you a complete sampling and synthesis workstation
(plus a drum machine and a 4-track recorder) that’s no
wider than your laptop.
ONLY $32/mo.
Loaded with 24 voices, eight synth engines, a flexible sequencer, and a 4-track virtual tape machine, the OP-1 gives you
plenty of ways to fuel your creativity. The OP-1 features a machined-aluminum build and a handy onboard rechargeable
battery, so it’s ready to go anywhere. A built-in speaker makes it easy to preview sounds. You’ll also love the stunning
OLED graphics. You’ll also find a number of cool accessories for the OP-1 here at Sweetwater, including a Radio
Antenna, a Crank, a Bender kit, and Brick Shaft adapter, and a wearable Strap Loop.
Specs: 24-button • Poly: 24 notes • Sounds: 128 • In: 1 x 1/8" • Out: 1 x 1/8"
24-button Workstation...............................
OP1radioant OP-1 Radio Antenna...................................
OP-1 Crank................................................
OP1bender OP-1 Bender..............................................
OP1brickshaftOP-1 Brick Shaft........................................
OP1straploop OP-1 Strap Loop........................................
$ 00
$ 00
FREE Sounds and OS Update
Bass Station II
The Bass Station Is Back
Analog-modeled Synth/Vocoder with Great Sweetwater Exclusives
Now you can have the power of an analog-modeled synth and Automap in one unit!
Boasting wavetable synthesis, 14 filter types, six envelopes, a trio of LFOs, and a whole
lot more, the UltraNova is a powerful sound-creation tool. Eight encoders give the
UltraNova an analog-style vibe. The UltraNova’s “Touch” performance system allows you
to trigger envelopes, filters, LFOs, and effects by simply touching the encoders. A vocoder
gives you even more options. The UltraNova even includes a 2-in/4-out audio interface.
This synth comes with the latest OS, 73 new sounds, and more — a Sweetwater exclusive!
Specs: 37-key • Poly: 18 notes •
Sounds: 300 • In: 1 x XLR, 2 x 1/4"
• Out: 4 x 1/4" • Dig I/O: S/PDIF
The Bass Station II 25-key
monophonic analog synthesizer
is a powerful reminder of
Novation’s legacy of synth prowess. As the name implies, the Bass Station II is primed
for gut-grabbing bass sounds, employing two oscillators plus a sub-oscillator for
foundation-shaking sonics. When you use the built-in arpeggiator, you can choose from
up to 32 distinct patterns, with added control over octaves. Play up to four of your own
patterns into the step sequencer, and play them back using one of the 32 rhythms. The
step sequencer also gives you expressive recording options, so you can create on the fly.
Plus, you can seriously mangle your sounds in real time with distortion and FM effects.
Call Sweetwater today and experience this synth powerhouse for yourself.
Specs: 25-key • Poly: 1 note • Sounds: 64 • In: 1 x TRS • Out: 2 x 1/4", headphone • MIDI I/O
ONLY $23/mo.
37-key Synth.............................List $84999
ONLY $19/mo.
25-key Synth.................List 629
Analog Keys
Analog Synthesis, Digital Control, and Incredible Playing Feel
Unlimited Sound-sculpting
Get your hands on the Analog Keys 4-voice synth, and you’ll be in sound-tweaking
heaven, thanks to its incredible sounds, tweakable analog synth, killer effects, and stellar
playability. You get a joystick, Elektron’s acclaimed step sequencer, and incredibly useful
voice-allocation capability. In fact, you can use Analog Keys as a 4-voice poly synth or
utilize four separate monophonic synths! Each voice features a 4-pole lowpass ladder
filter and a 2-pole multimode filter, for flexible sound shaping. This synth’s 37 semiweighted keys provide you with an expressive playing foundation, and its performance
mode makes it a first-rate performer onstage. The Analog Keys also transforms into
a first-class MIDI keyboard controller at the push of a button, and an onboard CV
sequencer with DIN sync lets you to take command of modern and analog gear.
Arturia’s MiniBrute—featuring true VCOs’—puts you in control of a 100%-analog
signal path, complete with a whole arsenal of tone-shaping tools. In addition to a
Steiner-Parker multimode filter, the MiniBrute gives you truly unique components,
such as its exclusive Metalizer and Ultrasaw signal enhancers and Brute Factor analog
saturation. A massively powerful oscillator section lets you blend and shape all six
of its sound sources, including a multiple-waveform oscillator, a noise generator,
and an external source input. Slider controls give you quick access to the envelopes
while providing visual feedback. And the LFO section includes individual knobs for
assigning modulation to several key parameters. The MiniBrute also sports an advanced
arpeggiator as well as control voltage inputs and outputs.
Specs: 37-key • Poly: 4 notes •
Sounds: 4,096 • In: 2 x TS • Out: 4 x
TS, 2 x TRS, headphone
37-key Synth......................List 1749
ONLY $64/mo.
Specs: 25-key • Poly: 1 note • In: 1
x 1/4" • Out: 1 x 1/4", headphone •
ONLY $19/mo.
25-key Synth.............................List $54900
Pulse 2
The Best of Roland, in a Rack Module
The Integra-7 SuperNATURAL sound module gives you immense creative power, both
live and in the studio. The Integra-7 fortifies your keyboard rig with an amazing range
of ultra-realistic sounds (over 6,000 of them), along with dedicated effects engines for
every one of the module’s 16 parts, making CPU-load concerns a thing of the past. With
its USB and MIDI connectivity, the Integra-7 is ready to integrate into your existing rig,
and it even streams audio at rates up to 24-bit/96kHz. The Integra-7 includes sounds
from all the SRX and SRJV expansion boards, and its powerful spatial-processing
capabilities give you a truly immersive sound experience.
Specs: Sounds: 6,000+ • In: 2 x TRS • Out: 2 x XLR, 8 x TRS S/PDIF, headphone (audio/MIDI) • MIDI I/O/T
Sound Module..........................List $239900
ONLY $57/mo.
Fat Analog Sound
Waldorf’s Pulse 2 monophonic analog synth module houses three analog oscillators
and a true analog cascading filter. But Waldorf didn’t stop there, the filter circuits now
give you Highpass and Bandpass modes that the original didn’t have. The Pulse 2 also
gives you analog filter FM and ring modulation, as well as “paraphonic” modes that
allow up to 8-voice chords. You also get a powerful arpeggiator, an 8-slot modulation
matrix, a large LCD display, and USB. And, with 500 fully editable presets onboard the
Pulse 2, you’ll never run out of inspiration!
Specs: Poly: 1 note • In: 1 x TS • Out:
2 x TS, headphone • USB • MIDI I/O
ONLY $29/mo.
Pulse 2......................................List 799
Total String Machine
Since the late ’70s, one of the
most powerful uses for synthesis
is replicating strings. The Waldorf
Streichfett is one of the only
dedicated synth string modules we’ve
seen in decades, and this awesome
machine packs a world of cool sounds. An 8-voice solo section and breathtaking
Ensemble Effect serve up massive sounds, whereas the Animate Effect and continuous
instrument morphing let you create purely fantastical tones. Top it off with killer effects
and a ton of programmability, and the Streichfett is nothing short of genius.
Specs: Poly: 128 notes • Out: 2 x TS,
headphone • USB • MIDI I/O
ONLY $14/mo.
Streichfett Synth Module.............................List 399
Elegant, Versatile Analog-modeling Synth Module
The Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer module combines incredible-sounding analog-modeled
circuitry with the power, convenience, and accessibility of modern digital features. The
elegant chassis is uncluttered and easy to use, with solid aluminum control knobs and
well-placed buttons for accessing parameters and functions in the Blofeld. The large,
easy-to-read display allows you to navigate through the Blofeld’s 1,000-plus sounds
and settings. In addition to its incredible tweakability, you get easy USB connectivity for
editing and management functions on the Blofeld.
Specs: Poly: 25 notes • Out: 2 x TS,
headphone • USB • MIDI in
ONLY $19/mo.
Synth Module.............................List 699
Whether you’re a guitar player, DJ, or
keyboard player, the Waldorf 2-pole
analog filter provides you with a novel
way to twist, mangle, and otherwise
liven up your sound. Featuring an
all-analog signal path with multimode filter, adjustable LFO, and variable envelope
triggering, the 2-pole will revolutionize your music. You can create theatrical, hypnotic
filter sweeps to spice up your live sets. You can use the 2-pole’s envelope follower to enjoy
some sensationally funky wah-wah effects. You can use the 2-pole’s LFO to animate your
pad sounds — the possibilities are endless!
The Rocket is an aggressive
monosynth with a unison mode that
creates up to eight detuned oscillators
for huge chord stabs and leads.
Oscillator shapes are continuously
variable, and intuitive controls, a built-in arpeggiator, and smooth analog filters offer a
wide range of sound design possibilities. Compared to some synthesizers, it may look as
though Rocket has very few controls, but it actually just gives you straightforward access
to the most fundamental aspects of synthesis for fast sound creation.
Revolutionize Your Music
Specs: Filter, Overdrive, Envelope,
LFO • In: 1 x TRS • Out: 1 x TRS
ONLY $13/mo.
2-pole Analog Fltr......................List 349
Must-have for Any
Electronic Music Rig
Specs: Poly: 1 note • Out: 1 x TS,
headphone • USB 2.0 • MIDI I/O
ONLY $12/mo.
Synth Module.............................List $32999
(800) 222–4700
Massive Taurus-style Bass in a Tabletop Format
The Minitaur is a freakishly powerful yet
compact tabletop analog bass synthesizer
module based on Moog’s widely popular
Taurus 3. It gives you the full convenience
of both MIDI and CV control, yet its
monophonic audio signal path is 100%
analog. If you love to tweak your sounds,
then you’re going to feel right at home
with the Minitaur. It gives you complete
hands-on control over every aspect of
your sound. There are no screens to squint at or menus to lumber through — just a
knob-and-button playground that’s totally intuitive. And thanks to the included Editor/
Librarian software, you can access 100 onboard presets plus extra under-the-hood
features on the Minitaur.
ONLY $19/mo.
Specs: Poly: 1 note • In: 1 x TS, 4 x CV/gate •
Out: 1 x 1/4" • MIDI in • USB
Synth Module...............List $53900
Minimoog Voyager Rack
Mount Edition
Put that Legendary Minimoog
Sound in Your Rack!
It’s all here: classic Moog oscillators,
filters, envelopes, and LFOs; flexible
mod busing and CV routing; glorious
sound; and endless sound-sculpting
opportunities. The Minimoog
Voyager Rack Mount Edition is the modern expression of Minimoog mojo, in a
roadworthy rackmount chassis. Its backlit front panel incorporates the controls of its
keyboard-equipped stablemate (minus the touch surface), and all Voyager presets are
usable in the RME.
Specs: Poly: 1 note • In: 1 x TRS, • Out: 3 x TRS, headphone • MIDI I/O • USB
Analog Synth Rack..........List 2795
ONLY $102/mo.
A Modern Synth with Classic Sound
This 100%-analog synth gives you two oscillators, two
envelope generators, one LFO, and one filter, for powerful
true-analog sound design. The SEM Pro features
MIDI-to-CV that lets you not only control this synth
with MIDI but also convert your incoming MIDI to a CV
signal to connect to your other analog gear. The SEM Pro
accommodates virtually any MIDI controller, and it even
has a transpose function to make sure your controller
can cover the full range of this 5-octave synth. You
can even control the VCOs, filter, and VCA with velocity,
control data, or
aftertouch! The SEM
Pro is one seriously
playable synth.
Specs: Poly: 1 note • Out:
2 x 1/4" • MIDI I/T
Prophet ’08 Module
8-voice Analog Desktop Polysynth
A quick cruise through virtually anyone’s record
collection will turn up hundreds, if not thousands, of
Prophet sightings. The Prophet ’08 Module brings the
sound and vibe of the original, boasting an all-analog
signal path, VCA architecture, and 52 knobs. Each
program has two layers for stacking or splitting. There
are four LFOs, three envelopes, and a gated sequencer per
voice, along with a 4-mode latchable arpeggiator.
Specs: Poly: 8 notes • 256 patches •
Out: 4 x TS • Pedal: 2 x TS
Synth Module.............................................
Prophet08mod Synth Module................List 1699
The way-cool Tetra synthesizer from Dave Smith
Instruments gives you that unmistakable 100%-analog
sound, with four voices. You’ve got individual outputs for
each voice, for incredible flexibility. And if you want to go
radical, you can use the Tetra’s Combo Mode to combine
four programs into unison or poly “super patches.” Cooler
yet, you can even polychain Tetras or a Prophet ’08 for
up to 16 voices of polyphony. It’s like having four Mophos
built into one, and at serious thumbs-up value.
Specs: Poly: 4 notes • Sounds: 512 • Out: 4 x TS, headphone • USB • MIDI
ONLY $32/mo.
Synth Module.............................List $92900
Everything you love about the Dave Smith Instruments
Prophet 12 is in the Prophet 12 Module, in a compact
format you can fit in your backpack. It’s got the same
voice board, the same analog filters, and even the same
back-panel connections as its big brother. Enjoy awesome
filters, the unique character section, powerful soundsculpting, syncable digital delays, and much more.
ONLY $59/mo.
Unbelievably Affordable
Multitimbral Analog Synth
Full-size DSI Mojo in a Compact Module
Specs: Poly: 12 notes • 396 patches • Out: 4 x TS • Pedal: 3 x TS
ONLY $45/mo.
Prophet 12 Module
Ferocious Desktop Synth
From the mind of Dave Smith, creator of the legendary
Prophet 5, Wavestation, and the driving force behind
MIDI, it’s called Evolver, and it’s bred for sonic
aggression. This compact, value-packed analog/digital
monosynth module rocks two analog and two digital
oscillators, for a unique, sonic synergy that delivers more
than the sum of its parts. Classic Curtis analog lowpass
filters and real analog VCAs juice the analog section
with fatness and warmth, while tuned feedback, a digital
highpass filter, and digital distortion serve up the sizzle
and grit.
Specs: Poly: 1 note • Sounds: 512 • In: 2 x TS • Out: 2 x TS • MIDI I/O/T
ONLY $23/mo.
Synth Module.............................List $64900
Synth Module.........List 2429
ONLY $83/mo.
Hours of Fun with This Mopho
The monophonic Mopho (MOnoPHOnic, get it?)
measures a mere 7.5" x 5", but it sounds much bigger
than that! The 100%-analog signal path consists of a
pair of oscillators, a classic Curtis filter (switchable
2- or 4-pole), analog VCAs, envelope generators, and
suboctave generators, all of which come together to
create a streamlined synth, reminiscent of the classic
Prophet. Mopho can also be used with a MIDI controller
or external sequencer.
Specs: Poly: 1 note • Sounds: 384 presets • In: 1 x TS • Out: 2 x TS,
headphone • MIDI I/O
ONLY $15/mo.
Synth Module.............................List 439
System 10.1+
A Semi with Room to Grow
Start semi modular and go nuts from there, with the Pittsburgh Modular System 10.1+ analog monosynth. This
tabletop synth gives you a perfect opportunity to explore the flexibility of modular synthesis, without having to patch
everything together if you don’t want to. With four Eurorack-compatible modules, the System 10.1+ lets you deploy
snarling leads, evolving pads, percussive hits, and massive bass tones, right out of the gate. The upgraded MIDI 3
module makes hooking up your music gear easy, and with the extra room provided by the Cell [90] case, you’ll have
ONLY $27/mo.
plenty of room to grow. The System 10.1 is identical,
except it comes in a compact case.
System10-1p Synth Module.......................................
Synth Module.......................................
Specs: Poly: 1 note • Out: 2 x 1/4", headphone • MIDI In
System 90
Hybrid Modular Synth
Pittsburgh Modular’s System 90 gives you a hefty dose of classic modular analog synthesis along with their extremely
cool DNA Symbiotic Waves module — a dual-oscillator digital waveform processor with 16 waveforms per oscillator and
16 waveform combination methods. When you combine that with the System 90’s analog waveform generator, Toolbox
module, lowpass filter, and amazing modulation sources, there’s no end to the exhilarating sounds you can create. And
with both CV and MIDI inputs onboard, it’s easy to integrate your Pittsburgh Modular System 90 with the rest of your
music-creation system.
Synth Module.............................................
ONLY $64/mo.
Specs: Poly: 1 note • Out: 2 x 1/4", headphone • MIDI In
Boomstar SE80
Tap Into Vintage CS-80 Tone
Get the sweet and penetrating sound of the classic
Yamaha CS-80 lowpass filter with the Studio Electronics
Boomstar SE80 analog synthesizer module. Everyone
from David Bowie to The Who used the CS-80, and
electronic musicians from Kraftwerk to Daft Punk have
sought out the sound of its smooth yet cutting filter.
Listen to the Blade Runner soundtrack, and you’ll hear
it in action. If you’ve always wanted to get your hands
on a classic analog synth, but could never justify either
the expense or the potential frustration of making that
happen, then you’re going love the vibe and style of
the Boomstar SE80. This totally analog synth features
a pair of super-flexible oscillators, tons of routing
and modulation options, and a classic CS-80-style
lowpass filter. And thanks to its extensive MIDI and CV
capabilities, it’s easy to add it to your keyboard rig.
Boomstar 4075
Deploy That ARP Mojo
If you’ve been craving that classic ARP sound, you’re
going to get a serious kick out of the Boomstar 4075.
From Zappa to Zawinul, every serious artist of in the ’70s
seemed to own an ARP 2600. Now, the Studio Electronics
Boomstar 4075 analog synth module brings the sound
of the classic 2600 filter to a whole new level
of sophistication. This analog synth features a pair of
wonderfully versatile oscillators, a cornucopia of routing
and modulation possibilities, and a classic ARP 2600-style
24dB lowpass filter that delivers a delightfully bold and
brassy sound, with an organic roundness to its resonance.
Faithfully reproduced in the Studio Electronics Boomstar
4075 module, this LPF will let you craft the vintage synth
sounds you’ve always wanted to create. Generous MIDI
and CV connectivity complete this powerful package.
Specs: Poly: 1 note • In: 1 x 1/8” • Out: 1 x 1/4” • MIDI I/O
ONLY $38/mo.
Fabulously Versatile LFO!
Pittsburgh Modular’s LFO2 uses
two different types of low-frequency
oscillator circuits to give you a
variety of modulation options.
Envelope is a complex multi-stage
Eurorack envelope generator
module with voltage-controllable
rise and fall. Mixer is a flexible,
low-noise four-channel mixer/
attenuator module for audio and
CV that you can use in several ways.
Vibrant and smooth-sounding,
Filter lets you morph between
lowpass, notch, and highpass
modes. Switch it into oscillator
mode, and you’ll have warm sine
wave tones that you can shape and
distort with the Q knob.
EnvelopePM Envelope....................................................
Boomstar 3003
Classic Synth Bass — Plus!
If there’s one analog synthesizer that literally set the tone
for synth bass, it was the Roland TB-303. The sound of
that amazing lowpass filter at work has remained one
of the staples of synth bass to this day. Although you
can’t get an original 303 anymore, this incredible Studio
Electronics Boomstar 3003 synthesizer module can
offer you the same great sound and a whole lot more.
That’s because Studio Electronics built the Boomstar
3003 around a classic TB-303-style lowpass filter,
complete with the gritty resonance and sonic
idiosyncrasies that traditional synth nuts love. On top
of that, you get a wonderful pair of oscillators, excellent
modulation options, an amazing amp section, and
both MIDI and CV connectivity to make integrating the
Boomstar 3003 with the rest of your gear easy.
ONLY $36/mo.
ONLY $36/mo.
Boomstar4075 Synth Module..................................
Specs: Poly: 1 note • In: 1 x 1/8” • Out: 1 x 1/4” • MIDI I/O
Specs: Poly: 1 note • In: 1 x 1/8" • Out: 1 x 1/4" • MIDI I/O
BoomstarSE80Analog Synth w/CS-style Filter.....................
Boomstar3003 Synth Module..................................
(800) 222–4700
Powerful Portable Fun
Small yet powerful, Novation’s MiniNova 37-mini-key synthesizer/vocoder
gives you robust performance controls that let you tweak and warp 256 greatsounding onboard presets — and your voice — in real time. The MiniNova is
endowed with the same sound engine as its big brother, the UltraNova. You get
14 waveforms (square, sine, sawtooth, pulse, and triangle, plus variations), 36
wavetables, and 20 digital waveforms. It also ships with 256 dynamite patches
that you can tweak using five knobs — or completely warp with the MiniNova’s
eight Animate buttons. The MiniNova also sports an onboard voice-tune effect
as well as a classic vocoder. The net result is a powerhouse of a synth in a tidy, trim package. And thanks to its compact size, the
MiniNova is perfect for adding cutting-edge sounds to your existing synth rig.
Specs: 37-key • Poly: 18 notes • Sounds: 256 • In: 1 x XLR, 1 x TRS • Out: 2 x 1/4", headphone • MIDI I/O • 6 lbs.
37-key Synth.............................List 624
MS-20 Mini
The Legendary Analog Beast Is Back
A Versatile and Compact
Step Sequencer
Korg’s SQ-1 sequencer is a modern
version of the famed SQ-10 step
sequencer. This compact unit has 2 x 8 steps, a large selection of I/O, and
a variety of synthesizer modes.
Step edit buttons, similar to the Volca, let you create and craft your
music spontaneously. The flexibility of the SQ-1 lets you control everything from
vintage analog synths tot he newest compact synthesizers. The sturdy metal case of this
compact unit will hold up gig after gig. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for more
information on the Korg SQ-1 Step Sequencer.
ONLY $15/mo.
SQ-1 Sequencer.........................List $15000
Classic analog synthesis is back! The MS-20 Mini is a faithful re-creation of Korg’s
classic semi-modular analog synth, but at 86% of the original’s size. The soundexploration potential is seemingly limitless, thanks to the MS-20 Mini’s patch interface.
This lets you use the built-in
modulators or even external
audio signals to modulate filters,
oscillator pitch, and more.
A custom SKB i Series Case
for the MS-20 Mini is also
Specs: 37-key • Poly: 1 note • In: 1 x
1/8" TRS • Out: 1 x 1/8", headphone
• MIDI I/O • 10.58 lbs.
37-key Synth.............................List 840
3i221710MS20 37-key MS-20 Mini Kbd Case.....List $49999
ONLY $23/mo.
An Affordable Professional Arranger
A Small-sized Synth with Big Sounds
The affordable Korg microARRANGER is a powerful, portable arranger keyboard.
You’ll love its expressive sounds and flexible creation tools. Your fingers will fly across
its 61 velocity-sensing mini keys, and its large LCD display makes it incredibly easy to
use. Onboard, there’s a 16-track sequencer, which lets you simply capture your musical
ideas. Create accompaniment easily by entering the chords to a song you are working on
and then letting the microARRANGER instantly add a backup style of your choice. This
is great for developing material, but also useful for live performances. Now you can have
an entire band with a horn section backing you up at your next gig.
Powerful synthesis is the nature of this beast! The microKORG boasts the same dualoscillator DSP synthesis engine found in Korg’s critically acclaimed MS2000 and offers
a wider selection of waveforms than almost any other modeled synth. In addition, 64
exclusive DWGS waveforms from Korg’s classic DW-8000 enable you to reproduce a broad
collection of imitative sounds that are traditionally difficult to reproduce on an analog
synthesizer with the microKORG. Korg’s microKORG XL+ is a beefed up version of the
extremely popular microKORG XL synth.
Specs: 61-key • Poly: 62 notes • Sounds:
662 • In: 1 x 1/8" TRS • Out: 2 x 1/4",
headphone • MIDI I/O • 9.26 lbs.
ONLY $19/mo.
61-key Arranger..............List 599
Specs: microKORG/
microKORG XL+ 37-key • Poly: 4
notes/8 notes • In: 1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4"
TS • Out: 2 x 1/4" TS, headphone •
MIDI I/O • 4.4 lbs./4.9 lbs.
This Little Analog Synth Gives You Big-time Sonic Possibilities
Arturia’s MicroBrute may be minuscule, but it delivers a staggering range of sonic possibilities. The MicroBrute
features a single VCO with three waveforms you can mix at will, three waveshapers, an overtone generator, a classic
Steiner-Parker filter, and Arturia’s infamous Brute Factor. You also get a step sequencer and a Mod Matrix that gives you
several great modulation options and connectivity with other synths. This is real-deal, hands-on, semi-modular mono
synth mojo at an unbeatable price! With all this going for it, the Arturia MicroBrute makes an ideal first synth.
ONLY $12/mo.
25-key Synth.....................List $34900
Specs: 25-key • Poly: 1 note • In: 1 x 1/4" • Out: 1 x 1/4", headphone
• MIDI I/O • USB • 3.9 lbs.
ONLY $15/mo.
microKorg 37-key Synth/Vocoder................List 560
MicroKorgXLp37-key Synth/Vocoder.................List 609
Drawbars for Your Organ
Ocean Beach Digital’s DB-1 drawbar controller gives
you the real, hands-on organ-style drawbars you need
to perform with your digital keyboard. This amazing,
super-convenient drawbar module connects to your
keyboard via standard MIDI and fits easily on your top
panel wherever you want to position it. Preconfigured
to send native drawbar commands to Nord keyboards,
the DB-1 practically defines plug-and-play simplicity. It
also works with your Korg Kronos, Roland FA model, and
many other keyboards with MIDI drawbar control.
Specs: 9 sliders • MIDI I/O
ONLY $12/mo.
DrawbarDB1. Drawbar Controller............. List $34900
C2D Combo Organ
Portability Meets Tone Power
If you’re of the opinion that no organ is truly complete without drawbars and dual manual keyboards, then Nord’s
C2D Combo Organ is for you. This outstanding keyboard is also incredibly compact and lightweight (only 35 lbs.).
With two complete sets of physical drawbars per manual, along with left-hand preset sections, the C2D gives you
total hands-on control. The upper manual has been tilted, so you get better access and smoother transition when
switching between manuals. Nord’s redesigned percussion model, simulated mechanical key clicks, and rotary-speaker
simulation serve up a classic tonewheel playing experience. Also onboard are Vox and Farfisa transistor organs, plus the
revered sampled Baroque Pipe Organ from Nord’s fantastic C2 Combo Organ. If you’re after the real-deal organ playing
experience, the Nord C2D Combo is for you.
Specs: 2 x 61-key• 2 x 18 drawbars • Sounds: 126 presets • 35 lbs.
2x61-key Digital Organ............List $419900
ONLY $139/mo.
Includes FREE Sweetwater
Exclusive SOUND BANK!
V-Combo VR-09
All the Sounds You Need — in a Compact Performance Keyboard
MIDI Control — Right at Your Feet
If you’ve ever played an organ with bass pedals, you’ve
felt the power of having those low notes under your
feet. The Roland PK-6 gives you that feeling of playing
a real organ with bass pedals — and much more. You
can use it without a keyboard; just hook it up to a MIDI
device and create bass lines, percussion sounds, and even
sound effects. Its MIDI controller mode lets you select
and transmit any MIDI command, including program
changes and control changes, hands free.
Specs: 13 pedals • Velocity sensitive • MIDI I/O
Gig out in style with the ultra-portable Roland V-Combo VR-09. You’ll feel right at home with your VR-09,
whether that’s in the lavish concert halls of New York, the bustling busking scene of Seattle’s streets, or Austin’s latest
honky-tonk joints. Sporting three integrated instrument configurations in one — an organ, a piano, and a versatile
synthesizer — the VR-09 covers all the bases, from gospel to dubstep. Loaded with Roland’s hottest sound engines and
effects as well as powerful performance features and a killer 61-note keybed, the V-Combo VR-09 will absolutely floor
you with its gigging potential.
Combining Roland’s acclaimed Virtual Tone Wheel organ engine with their SuperNATURAL orchestral sound engine
and classic synth sounds, the V-Combo VR-09 will never leave you high and dry on tones. Whether you need a whirling
organ (complete with leakage and click noise), a glossy EP, or an old-school SH-2 analog synth, you’ve got it all! What’s
more, there’s a whole host of cool effects onboard the VR-09 to flesh out your tones, such as overdrive, amp emulators,
phasers, and rotary cabinet emulators, including a cool Twin-Rotary effect.
Specs: 61-key • Poly: 128 notes • Sounds: 200+ • Out: 2 x TRS, headphone • MIDI I/O • 12 lbs. 3 oz.
ONLY $34/mo.
PK6pedals 13-note Pedalboard..................List 1099
ONLY $34/mo.
61-key Digital Organ................List 1165
“After playing the Sk, it is now my number one instrument for everything keyboard I do.
From the Hall & Oates tours to the award-winning Live From Daryl’s House show,
the Hammond Sk covers it all for me.”
Eliot Lewis, Hammond Artist - Sk1 & Sk2
Live from Daryl’s House/Hall & Oates
Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today. I (800) 222-4700
The Hammond XK-1c packs the sonic goodness of the legendary B-3 into a tidy package
weighing just over 16 lbs. This portable organ serves up genuine B-3 tones, replete with
real mechanical drawbars, chorus, vibrato, touch-response percussion, and a spot-on
digital Leslie rotary speaker emulation. The XK-1c also gives you classic transistor organ
combo models, plus a selection of classical pipe organ voices. If you’re looking for
authentic B-3 tones but don’t have a road crew to haul your gear, here’s your chance.
If you’re a gigging musician, you’re going to love the way that Hammond designed the
lightweight XK-3c. But it doesn’t take a gigging musician to appreciate the impeccable
detail and quality engineering behind the XK-3c’s instantly recognizable sound. Built
upon the outstanding features and astounding tonewheel engine of the discontinued
XK-3 keyboard, the XK-3c has many of the most requested advanced features and
effects — never before found on a Hammond keyboard in this price range. From the
waterfall keyboard to the full set of drawbars to the reverse-key presets, this keyboard is
pure Hammond.
A Lightweight Hammond for Musicians on the Go
61-key Organ for the Gigging Musician
When it comes to organ sounds, most purists insist on the real thing. The XK-1c walks like
a Hammond — and talks like a Hammond! The drawbar section is a complete Hammond
organ with all the functions. Two Hammond VASE III digital tonewheel sound generators
deliver voicings so convincing that your audience will be looking around for a hidden
Leslie cabinet. The Hammond XK-1c also gives you extensive customization options,
letting you replicate any vintage of Hammond/Leslie, with all the settings stored with each
patch. With 64 factory patches and 64 user-programmable patches, the XK-1c delivers a
wide variety of Hammond tones to cover a broad range of musical styles.
Specs: 61-key (waterfall) • 9 drawbars • Sounds: 100 presets • 16.5 lbs.
61-key Digital Organ................List $179500
ONLY $57/mo.
For more info call or go to
Deep editing lets you voice each of the 96 digital tonewheels to taste. The XK-3c is loaded
with 12 tonewheel profiles that range from showroom new to heavily road worn, so you
can give your settings instant vibe. You can even adjust the key click and overdrive. As
did the XK-3 keyboard, the XK-3c can function strictly as a single keyboard, or you can
expand it into a B-3-style dual-manual organ setup. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer
for more information on this portable Hammond organ.
Specs: 61-key + 12 preset keys (waterfall) • 20 drawbars • Sounds: 96 presets • 43 lbs.
61-key Digital Organ................List $349500
ONLY $109/mo.
Sk1 Series
Classic B-3 Organs, Pianos, and Much More
If you’re a gigging keyboard and piano player, but the B-3 organ is your bread and
butter, then the Hammond Sk1 series is going to blow your mind. These keyboards come
loaded with every sound you need, from breathtaking grands to soulful EPs and funky
clavs, not to mention the most true-to-life B-3 organ sound you’re likely to get your
hands on, plus a whole lot more. A full set of mechanical drawbars let you literally pull
out all the stops, and, of course, no Hammond organ would be complete without at least
a solid emulation of a Leslie rotary speaker onboard. In all, there are 200 programs
onboard every Sk1 model, and all 200 are totally usable from the moment you plug this
workhorse in. You can even save and recall entire setups, right down to the 10 quick-call
favorites, so moving from gig to gig is a snap. But how do these keyboards feel? After
all, great organ sound without the action will leave you deeply dissatisfied and nursing
sore fingers. That’s why Hammond turned to Fatar, one of the world’s leaders in keybed
design, to create keyboards that are equipped with waterfall caps that give you the
response you need. To go with the 88-key Sk1-88 model, Hammond chose a semiweighted action that’s quick enough for organ but resistive enough for grand piano. The
smaller 73-key Sk1-73 and 61-key Sk1 both have the more springy feel of a traditional
organ. But even the full 88-key model weighs a mere 25.6 lbs. and will comfortably fit in
the back of a Mini Cooper. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer to find out more about
these amazing keyboards.
Specs: Sk1-88/Sk1-73/Sk1
88-key (semi-weighted)/73-key/61key (waterfall) • 9 drawbars •
Sounds: 200 presets • 25.6 lbs./21
lbs./15.5 lbs.
88-key Digital Organ................List $369500
73-key Digital Organ.................List $269500
61-key Digital Organ.................List $229500
ONLY $113/mo.
A Truly Portable Dual-manual B-3
The Hammond Sk2 packs a pair of 61-key waterfall keyboards, so you can play it as
a dual-manual organ or assign the drawbar/extra voice divisions to your choice of
keyboard. With onboard digital Leslie rotary speaker emulation, acoustic and electric
pianos, clavs, wind instruments, and even accordion, the Sk2 gives you far more than
just the B-3 style and sound you demand. Dual manuals let you select two different
tones, so you can play bass/rhythm on the lower manual and have a smooth solo tone
on the top. You can also customize each preset to deliver your ideal organ sound with
17 tweakable parameters.
The drawbar section puts real mechanical drawbars under your fingertips, plus you
get chorus, vibrato, and touch-response percussion in addition to the Leslie speaker
emulation. Hammond’s VASE III digital tonewheel sound generators deliver voicings
so convincing that you’ll be looking around for a hidden Leslie cabinet. The Sk2
is loaded with eight Leslie profiles that range from classic tube designs to popular
solid-state designs.
Specs: 2 x 61-key (waterfall) • 9 drawbars • Sounds: 100 presets • 35.5 lbs.
2x61-key Digital Organ............List 3495
ONLY $109/mo.
(800) 222–4700
CP4 Stage
Yamaha’s Finest Stage Piano Yet
In any setting, the Yamaha CP4 Stage is an exceptional stage piano. Featuring 45 grand
piano sounds from Yamaha’s Premium Collection, plus 47 vintage electric piano sounds,
you’ll never have to settle for a “close enough” piano sound. In addition, you’ll find 341
voices, covering basses, clavs, organs, strings, and pads, based on the acclaimed MOTIF
soundset. But what really sets the CP4 Stage apart from the rest are its playability and
CP40 Stage
portability. The 88-note graded hammer-action keybed with
real wood keys feels superb, and the CP4 Stage weighs less
than 40 lbs., making it easy to transport.
Specs: 88-key • Poly: 128 notes •
Sounds: 433 • USB • 38.5 lbs.
For more info call or go to
88-key Stage Piano..................List $314900
ONLY $87/mo.
Like Having a Portable CFIIIS Grand Piano
An 88-key Stage Piano with Built-in Speakers
Yamaha knows what you need onstage! The CP40 Stage brings you stunning grand
piano sounds based on the Yamaha CFIIIS grand from Yamaha’s Premium Collection.
On top of that, you get 35 vintage electric piano sounds and hundreds of sounds from
Yamaha’s flagship MOTIF workstation. No matter what sounds you choose, you’ll
appreciate the natural feel of the 88-key graded hammer-action keyboard. But what
makes the CP40 Stage such a capable performer is its intuitive interface and compact
design. You’ll be able to create splits and layers fast and easy, thanks to the simple layout
and large lighted buttons. And with a slim design and light weight (only 36 lbs.), the
CP40 Stage is one keyboard you won’t mind taking to every gig.
If you’re in the market for a digital stage piano, you’ll definitely want to check out the
Yamaha P-255. The P-255 packs Yamaha’s Graded Hammer action and Synthetic Ivory
Keytops with the sound of their CFIIIS concert grand piano. Stereo speakers provide
plenty of volume for small venues or as personal monitors, and Sound Boost mode helps
you cut through even the densest live mix.
Specs: 88-key • Sounds: 297 •
USB • 36 lbs.
88-key Stage Piano..................List 2399
Specs: 88-key • Poly: 256 notes • Sounds: 24 • 4 x 7W • Out: headphone • MIDI I/O • 38 lbs.
ONLY $64/mo.
88-key Stage Piano..................List 1999
ONLY $49/mo.
Ready to Play Whenever You Are
This 76-key Digital Piano Is Conveniently Portable
Here’s your chance to bring Yamaha’s high-quality piano sound into your home or
stage setup without spending a fortune. Yamaha gave the P-105 their first-class, fully
weighted graded hammer-standard-action keyboard feel, so the keys respond much like
an acoustic piano’s with a heavier touch in the low end and a lighter response in the
highs. A range of essential sounds is inside: grand pianos to electric pianos, organs to
strings. Practice your rhythm or add an extra element to your live performances with a
collection of onboard grade-A drum grooves. Whether you’re in dual mode or split mode
— or either mode and playing with the drum loops — with 128-note polyphony, you’ll
hear every note. And if that isn’t enough, use the USB MIDI connection to access sounds
inside your computer or iPad! Just turn on the P-105, and you’re ready to play, thanks to
the built-in speaker system.
The NP-31 features a slim design that, along with its light weight (just 12 lbs.), gives
you a truly portable instrument while retaining its large set of 76 graded soft-touch
keys. While technically a non-weighted action, the Graded Soft Touch keyboard is the
first of its kind, bringing different levels of resistance without the extra weight of moving
hammers, so you have real piano action anywhere you need it. When it comes to grand
piano sound, Yamaha’s Advanced Wave Memory format allows the NP-31 to produce
detailed stereo piano sounds that are some of the most popular with accomplished
pianists. The dual voice mode lets you layer any two of the 10 onboard sounds at once,
giving you an expressive and versatile tonal tool.
ONLY $11/mo.
ONLY $23/mo.
Specs: 88-key • Poly: 128 notes • Sounds: 10 • 1-trk seq • 2 x 6W • MIDI I/O • 26 lbs.
Specs: 76-key • Poly: 32 notes • Sounds: 10 • 2 x 6W • Out: headphone • MIDI I/O • 12 lbs.
88-key Digital Piano..................List 999
76-key Stage Piano....................List 399
A Superb Stage Piano and Controller
The Kawai MP11 is a serious stage piano. With triple sensors and let-off, its 88-note
Grand Feel wooden-key action captures the distinctive touch of an acoustic grand piano
with uncanny realism, giving you a smooth, natural playing experience, while the keys’
Ivory Touch surfaces reinforce the illusion.
The MP11’s stunning piano sound is none other than the meticulously sampled sound of
a hand-crafted Kawai concert grand piano, with all 88 keys painstakingly recorded and
faithfully reproduced using Kawai’s Harmonic Imaging XL technology. This proprietary
process accurately re-creates the immense dynamic range of the grand piano, giving
you a truly impressive measure of expressiveness, from ppp to fff. If this were the only
sound onboard the MP11, it would be a fabulous value, but there’s a total of 40 amazing
sounds, including 12 concert, jazz, and pop grand piano sounds, tasty vintage electric
pianos with amp simulations, and more. And to customize your sounds, there are six
reverbs and 129 effects, all tweakable.
With its pitch and mod wheels, expression pedal jack, MIDI, USB, and onboard recorder,
the MP11 also makes a superb master controller for your stage or studio rig. When you
consider how many innovations Kawai has packed into this phenomenal stage piano, it’s
little wonder that the MP11 plays and sounds like a “real” piano. A real fine one, at that.
Incredible feel, sound, and versatility - have it all with the Kawai MP11!
Specs: 88-key • Poly: 256 notes • Sounds: 40 • In: 2 x TRS• Out: 2 x TRS/XLR, headphone • MIDI I/O • USB • 71.5 lbs.
ONLY $105/mo.
88-key Stage Piano..................List 3299
Kawai Quality, Playability, and Feel
Kawai’s Advanced Hammer Action IV-F gives the
ES100 the feel of a real acoustic piano, complete
with graded hammers. The Harmonic Imaging technology and 192-note polyphony
deliver impeccable grand piano sound. In face, the sES100’s tunning piano sound is
none other than the meticulously sampled sound of a hand-crafted Kawai concert grand
piano, with all 88 keys painstakingly recorded and faithfully reproduced using Kawai’s
Harmonic Imaging technology. And with 19 great sounds onboard, including orchestral
strings, electric pianos, organs, vibes, harpsichord, choir, plus Dual and Split modes,
you’ll have everything you need to take the stage. The ES100 also includes a 3-song
recorder, letting you record your performances to internal memory and play them back
at the touch of a button.
Specs: 88-key • Poly: 192 notes •
Sounds: 18 • 2 x headphone • 2 x
8cm/7W • MIDI • 33 lbs.
ONLY $30/mo.
88-key Digital Piano..................List 999
Incredible Value in a Masterful
Stage Piano
Kawai’s MP7 is a superb stage piano, with
hundreds of amazing sounds, class-leading
action, and outstanding real-time control. It sports Kawai’s amazing 88-note Responsive
Hammer II weighted action with let-off, so it feels like a real grand. It’s also loaded
with 256 Harmonic Imaging XL sounds that are simply mouth-watering. Sculpt your
masterpiece patches with six onboard reverbs and 129 effects.
The MP7 is also a masterful controller keyboard, with four MIDI zones, traditional DIN
ports, USB to host, pitchbend and mod wheels, an expression pedal jack, and an onboard
USB recorder. Kawai has been crafting fine pianos since 1927, and they pour their
considerable knowledge and experience into every digital piano they produce. If fabulous
feel, sound, and versatility are on your must-have list, the Kawai MP7 delivers.
Specs: 88-key • Poly: 256 notes • Sounds: 256 • In: 2 x TRS •
Out: 2 x TRS, headphone •
MIDI I/O • USB • 46 lbs.
MP7kawai 88-key Stage Piano....................................
ONLY $68/mo.
Choose a Stage Keyboard
That Helps You Perform Better
You can expect exceptional performances every time with
the Kurzweil Forte digital stage piano. From its outstanding
sound library to the amazingly expressive response of its
88-note fully-weighted Italian hammer-action keyboard with
aftertouch, you’re in for a memorable playing experience. With
new German and Japanese concert grand piano sounds, plus
Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clav, Harpsichords, KB3 ToneReal Organs,
and a wide range of classic Kurzweil sounds too, you’re well
equipped to lead any song in any style. The Kurzweil Forte is
an ideal stage piano because it gives you ample control over
your sound right from the front panel.
When you need to tweak settings or modify your sound, you
won’t need to go searching through endless menus. You can
access your 10 favorite sounds with one button press, and
an array of programmable physical controls makes it easy to
quickly customize your sound to fit any musical arrangement.
Even better, a dedicated master compressor and 3-band EQ
make it easy to optimize your sound in any room or venue. In
short, the Kurzweil Forte provides everything you need when
you’re performing up on the platform. We can confidently say
that the Kurzweil Forte sets a new standard for performancefocused stage pianos.
The Nord Stage 2 88 is a stage piano like no other, and its
wide-ranging sound selection and easy playability make it
a truly expressive instrument. You’ll be able to select from
Nord’s best piano, organ, and synthesizer sounds, and it’s easy
to layer sounds to enhance your fundamental piano sounds.
The dedicated front-panel controls make it easy to fine-tune
your sound for any song. Complete with a comprehensive
effects section, the Nord Stage 2 88 is ready to create
captivating performances.
To get the most out of the Stage 2 88, Nord has equipped it
with an 88-note weighted hammer action keybed designed
for maximum expression. Between the amazingly dynamic
playability, and realistic sonic highlights like string resonance
and dynamic pedal noise, it’s hard to get much closer to the
sound of a real piano than this. If you’re looking for a new
stage piano for your platform that is ready to perform in any
song or genre, you’ll be impressed with the Nord Stage 2 88.
Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today to learn more
about these superb stage instruments from Kurzweil and Nord!
(800) 222-4700
Kurzweil’s Flagship Stage Piano
Performing with the Kurzweil’s flagship Forte 88-key stage piano is every bit as
enjoyable as listening to it. You’ll have an incredible selection of sounds with the built-in
16GB sound library, including new German and Japanese concert grand pianos. There
are updated Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clav, and Harpsichord sounds, and a wide assortment of
sounds from Kurzweil’s acclaimed PC3 and KORE64 soundsets. Equipped with Flash-Play
technology, the Forte loads sounds instantly, and tweaking them using the onboard
sliders and color LCD is effortless.
Specs: 88-key • Poly: 128 notes • Sounds: 256 • In: 1 x 1/8" •
Out: 4 x TRS, headphone • MIDI I/O
• USB • 49.6 lbs.
88-Key Stage Piano.................List 5295
ONLY $150/mo.
A Great Stage Piano with Superb Kurzweil Sounds
Stellar Sounds in a Gigable Stage Piano
Kurzweil’s Artis features an entirely new German 9' grand piano sound, as well as
Kurzweil’s revered KB3 ToneReal organ sounds. You can quickly fine-tune your sounds
via nine sliders and a dedicated front-panel 3-band EQ section. Quick Split/Layer
controls make it easy to create lush combinations of sounds, and Favorites buttons
make it effortless to find your favorite sounds fast. While it’s easy to create your custom
soundset before you hit the stage, it’s just as easy to tweak on the fly.
The Kurzweil Artis7 sets a new standard for incredibly captivating piano sound while
upholding Kurzweil’s reputation for powerful and intuitive performance. The Artis7
features the same German 9' grand piano sound as its bigger brother, as well as its
legendary KB3 ToneReal organ sounds. Nine sliders and a dedicated front-panel 3-band
EQ section give you plenty of opportunities for tweaking your sound. On top of that,
Quick Split/Layer controls let you create lush sound combinations, while Favorites
buttons let you find sounds quickly and easily. Make no mistake, this is an incredible
performance-focused stage piano!
Specs: 88-key • Poly: 128 notes • Sounds: 256 • In: 1 x 1/8" • Out: 2 x TRS, headphone • MIDI I/O • 46 lbs.
88-key Stage Piano..................List $289500
Artis SE
ONLY $83/mo.
Specs: 76-key • Poly: 128 notes •
Sounds: 256 • In: 1 x 1/8" • Out: 2 x
TRS, headphone • MIDI I/O • 28 lbs.
76-key Stage Piano..................List 2295
ONLY $64/mo.
Amazing Tone, Realism, and Expression
Affordable Stage Piano with Flagship Sounds
Following in the tradition of Kurzweil’s Artis and Forte, the Artis SE is a performanceready stage piano that was designed to give you amazing sound quality, dependability,
and user-friendly operation. This stage piano features 88 weighted Fatar TP-100 action,
as well as a complete array of controls that will help you inject your performances with
all of the expressive energy you can muster. Loaded with the best sounds from Kurzweil’s
PC3K and KORE 64 collections, along with vintage electric pianos, clavinets, synths,
strings, guitars, and more, the Artis SE is ready to rock the stage. On top of that, you also
get Kurzweil’s critically acclaimed, stunning new German 9' grand piano! You also have
your choice of award-winning reverbs, delays, choruses, flangers, phasers, distortions,
rotary amplifiers, compressors, and more, as well as a dedicated front-panel EQ.
It’s hard to believe that you can get this much Kurzweil at such an affordable price! The
Kurzweil SP4-8 carries on the legacy of their most popular piano, the original SP76, by
offering you 128 preset programs from their flagship PC3 series workstations, including
pianos, basses, strings, guitars, drums, synths, and more. The SP4-8 stage piano is built
for performance, with features that any live musician can appreciate. You’ll especially
enjoy the way the Kurzweil SP4-8’s keybed feels, offering you realistic piano-style feel.
Setting up zones with splits and layers on the SP4-8 is a snap, and you can quickly
configure up to four separate zones to add exciting depth to your live performances. The
ultra-lightweight SP4-7 features 76 semi-weighted keys and weighs only 24 lbs.!
Specs: 88-key • Poly: 128 notes • Sounds:
256 • In: 1 x 1/8" • Out: 2 x TRS,
headphone • MIDI I/O • 39 lbs.
88-Key Stage Piano.................List $199500
ONLY $57/mo.
Specs: SP4-8/SP4-7 88-key/76-key
• Poly: 64 notes • 128 presets • 2 x
TRS • USB • MIDI • 39 lbs./24 lbs.
ONLY $38/mo.
88-key Stage Piano..................List $159900
76-key Stage Piano...................List $134900
(800) 222–4700
For more info call or go to
Nord Electro 4
Classic Nord Piano and Organ Sounds plus Exceptional Portability
Nord’s Electro 4 keyboards have become modern classics, bringing amazing piano and
organ sounds to the stage in an incredibly lightweight package. You get pianos from
the Nord Piano Library, organs from the Nord C2, compatibility with the Nord Sample
Library, and studio-grade effects. Nord added real drawbars (from the acclaimed C2D
Combo Organ) to the Nord Electro 4D, creating one of the most playable stage pianos
on the market today. You still get 61 great-feeling semi-weighted waterfall keys as well as
gig-friendly portability and build quality. For an extra octave of playability, choose the
73-key Nord Electro 4 SW73, which sports Nord’s original digital drawbars. And for
Nord’s Hammer Action Portable keybed, which feels more piano-like than the smooth
waterfall keybeds, look to the 73-key Nord Electro 4 HP.
Specs: Electro 4D 61-key • 128 program locations • Poly: 18–60 notes • Out: 2 x TS, headphone • MIDI I/O • USB
• 15.3 lbs. Electro 4 SW73 73-key • 128 program locations • Poly: 18–60 notes • Out: 2 x TS, headphone • MIDI I/O
• USB • 18.2 lbs. Electro 4 HP
ONLY $83/mo.
73-key • 128 program locations
• Poly: 18–60 notes • Out: 2 x
NE4DSW-61 61-key Stage Piano.............List $249900
TS, headphone • MIDI I/O • USB
• 24.3 lbs.
73-key Stage Piano..............List 2799
73-key Stage Piano..............List $339900
Nord Piano 2
Great Sound, Realistic Playing Feel
The Nord Piano 2 raises the bar for flexibility in
performance-oriented pianos. This red 88-key beast features
a hammer-action keybed that gives you incredible playing
feel — and lets you easily play, split, and layer grands,
uprights, and EPs from Nord’s Piano Library — with sounds
from the Nord Sample Library, which gives you over 1,000 amazing-sounding samplebased instruments. The Nord Piano 2 comes with Nord’s Triple Pedal, which includes a
dynamic sustain pedal that can re-create natural mechanical damper noises, elevating
your acoustic piano performances to a new level of realism. And the Nord Piano 2 sports
dedicated knobs and buttons for every function, so you can call up your sounds instantly,
even on a dark stage. The Nord Piano 2 HP is also available in a hammer-weighted
73-key version.
Specs: 88-/73-key • 240 program locations • Poly: 16 voices (synth), 40/60 voices (piano)
• In: 1 x 1/8" stereo • Out: 2 x TRS,
headphone • MIDI I/O • USB • 40.3
Piano2HA88 88-key Stage Piano..............List $339900
lbs./24.3 lbs.
ONLY $113/mo.
73-key Stage Piano...............List $299900
Nord Stage 2
Big, Red, and Better Than Ever
Take just one listen to Nord’s incredible new flagship
Nord Stage 2 performance keyboard, and you’ll agree
that this is one astounding performer. The Nord Stage 2
puts performance-oriented sounds and flexibility at your
fingertips. And when you feel the response of the new
custom-designed keybed, you’ll have no doubt that this
keyboard was made for the live stage. Part of what sets the Nord Stage 2 apart from
typical performance-oriented keyboards is the impeccable attention to detail in its
extensive collection of sounds.
If you’re looking for the ultimate live keyboard, you’re going to love the Nord Stage 2.
The Nord Stage 2 is available in 88- and 76-key weighted-key versions as well as in a
compact 73-key model with semi-weighted keys.
Specs: 88-/76-/73-key • 500
program locations • Poly: 18 voices
(synth), 40/60 voices (piano) • Out:
4 x TS, headphone • MIDI I/O • USB
• 41 lbs./36 lbs./21 lbs.
88-key Stage Piano..................List 5099
76-key Stage Piano...................List $459900
Stage2-Com 73-key Stage Piano...................List $399900
ONLY $169/mo.
Vintage Vibe plus Amazing Sounds
The “SV” in the SV-1 stands for Stage Vintage, and that’s what this keyboard
is all about. Discover decades of tape-driven, analog, transistorized, and digital
legends, as well as amazing acoustic piano instruments, for a kind of realism you’ve
never experienced. There are 44 sounds in all: hit-making vintage electric pianos,
soulful organs, string machines, funky clavs, and awe-inspiring grand pianos. Korg
meticulously sampled all of these instruments, and then crafted your playing experience
with their RX (Real eXperience) technology. On top of the excellent collection of sounds,
the SV-1 even re-creates the effects pedals and studio processing that gave the original
instruments their sonic luster. Both the 88-key and the 73-key SV-1 feature Korg’s
graded hammer action.
Specs: 88-/73-key • Poly: 80 notes • Sounds: 44 • In: 2 x 1/4" • Out: 2 x 1/4", 2 x XLR • MIDI I/O • 45.3 lbs./38.5 lbs.
ONLY $64/mo.
88-key Stage Piano..................List $238000
73-key Stage Piano...................List $210000
Perfect for Both
Home and Stage
Korg’s surprisingly
affordable SP-280 gives
you excellent sounds,
exceptional feel, and easy
portability. You get 30
top-notch onboard sounds,
including grand pianos,
EPs, organs, strings, and
more. Plus, you can layer sounds with ease. An impressive 2 x 22-watt stereo sound
system makes playing at home or at small gigs easy.
A Stage Piano with Killer Hands-on Controls
Casio’s Privia Pro PX-5S is a stage piano that also includes an advanced MIDI
controller and a performance synth — right onboard. Powered by Casio’s AiR (Acoustic
and intelligent Resonator) processor, the PX-5S gives you all the sounds any serious
performer could want. You’ll find grand pianos and soulful organs, plus vintage electric
pianos and epic synth tones too. A Tri-sensor, spring-less 88-key scaled hammer-action
keybed gives you uncompromising feel. And, a plethora of assignable controls make the
Casio Privia Pro PX-5S the perfect hub for your keyboard rig.
Specs: 88-key • Poly: 60 notes • Sounds: 30 • 2 x 4"/22W • Out: 2 x 1/4" TS, headphone • MIDI • 42 lbs.
ONLY $27/mo.
88-key Digital Piano, Blk............List $98000
Specs: 88-key • Poly: 256 notes • Sounds: 370• In: 1 x 1/8" TRS • Out: 2 x 1/4" TS, headphone • USB • MIDI I/O
•24 lbs.
ONLY $38/mo.
88-key Stage Piano..................List $139999
Privia PX-150
Privia PX-350
Outstanding Piano Feel, Great Sounds
A Pleasure to Gig With
The feel and sound of an acoustic piano, in a portable, gig-ready format! The Casio
Privia PX-350 has a Tri-sensor scaled hammer-action keyboard for piano-like feel,
and it’s loaded with 128-voice polyphony and 250 amazing sounds, so you can play
each part expressively. And at just 25 lbs., this keyboard is ready to hit the road! Outside
of stage applications, this keyboard is a great choice for lessons: there’s the Casio Duet
Mode, so teacher and student can play the same notes simultaneously on the Privia
PX-350. What’s more, the PX-350’s realistic piano action makes it an ideal USB MIDI
controller keyboard for music software applications.
Weighing less than 25 lbs., the Casio Privia PX-150 is just the lightweight, superbsounding digital piano that gigging players have been dreaming about. It features 88
scaled hammer-action keys, so you’ve got access to the full range of the instrument.
And you’ve got Casio’s best grand piano sound onboard for exceptionally realistic
performances. The PX-150’s built-in 2-track recorder and metronome allow you to
practice any tempo and later listen back to what you just played. It’s perfect for keeping
track of your progress or even capturing song ideas when inspiration strikes.
Specs: 88-key • Poly: 128 notes • Sounds: 250 • 2 x TS I/O • 2 x headphone • 2 x 5"/8W • USB
• MIDI • 25.35 lbs.
88-key Digital Piano, Blk..........List $109999
Specs: 88-key • Poly: 128 notes • Sounds: 18 • 2 x headphone • 2 x 5"/8W • USB • MIDI • 24.25 lbs.
ONLY $19/mo.
ONLY $27/mo.
88-key Digital Piano..................List 899
(800) 222–4700
Great Piano Sound, Feel, and Looks
Powered by Kawai’s prodigious Progressive Harmonic Imaging (PHI) sound engine,
the Kawai CE220 gives you gorgeous grand piano sound in a beautiful satin-black
traditional upright-style cabinet. Play with maximum expression, courtesy of Kawai’s
superb AWA Grand Pro II keyboard action with genuine wooden keys and a full
complement of pedals. With 22 sounds and a generous helping of effects onboard, you’ll
never run out of creative inspiration.
The CE220 is packed with features to spark your creativity, including onboard reverb and
effects, a 2-track/3-song recorder, a metronome, and multiple keyboard split modes. You
can even adjust keyboard touch to suit your particular playing style. If you’re searching
for an ideal family piano, give the Kawai CE220 an audition.
Specs: 88-key • Poly: 192 notes • Sounds: 22 • Out: 2 x 1/4" TS, 2 x headphone • MIDI I/O• 126 lbs.
88-key Digital Piano................List $219900
ONLY $72/mo.
Arius Series
Ideal and Affordable
Home Pianos
The Arius YDP-181 brings
you true piano sound and
feel for an outstanding
playing experience. You can
customize Touch Sensitivity
to suit your playing, and
damper, sostenuto, and soft pedals let you play with maximum expression. The Arius
YDP-162 (available in black walnut or rosewood) offers similar features, without USB.
And the Arius YDP-142 (also available in black walnut or rosewood) gives you most of
the features of the YDP-162, but with a more modest six watts per channel.
Specs: YDP-181 88-key • Poly: 128
notes • Sounds: 14 • 2 x 6.2"/20W •
MIDI • USB (to device) • 110.25 lbs.
YDP-162 88-key • Poly: 128 notes
• Sounds: 10 • 2 x 6.2"/20W • MIDI
I/O • 92.6 lbs. YDP-142 88-key •
Poly: 128 notes • Sounds: 10 • 2 x
6.2"/6W • 83.75 lbs.
88-key Digital Piano................List 2199
88-key Digital Piano, BW..........List $199900
88-key Digital Piano.................List $199900
88-key Digital Piano, BW..........List $149900
88-key Digital Piano.................List $149900
ONLY $64/mo.
Powerful, Full-featured
Digital Piano
The Privia PX-780 features
88 scaled hammer-action
keys, with a responsive feel, for
expressive playing. And you’ve
got Casio’s best grand piano sound onboard, with a total of 250 sounds for expressive
Privia PX-780 performances. And this digital piano is a great choice for lessons: with
the Casio Duet Mode, teacher and student can play the same notes simultaneously The
even more affordable Privia PX-750 with 16-watt sound system is also available.
Specs: PX-780 88-key • Poly: 128 notes • Sounds: 250 • 2 x 4"/40W • Out: 2 x 1/4" TS, headphone • MIDI • 69.45
lbs. PX-750 88-key • Poly: 128 notes • Sounds: 30 • 2 x 4"/16W • Out: 2 x 1/4" TS, headphone • MIDI • 70.5 lbs.
ONLY $38/mo.
88-key Digital Piano................List $139900
88-key Digital Piano.................List $109999
Ideal for Small Spaces
The Roland F-130R digital
piano is an ideal choice for
your apartment or condo, or
for a space-challenged setup
in your church or school.
Perfect for students and
hobbyists as well as more
advanced pianists, the F-130R boasts Roland’s acclaimed PHA-4 Standard keyboard and
SuperNATURAL piano engine. It’s also loaded with skill-building features such as an
onboard metronome, MIDI recorder, and Roland’s Twin Piano feature, perfect for lessons
or duets. The F-130R also works seamlessly with your iPad, letting you display music
scores as well as select sounds, songs, and rhythms via Roland’s Piano Partner app. If
you’re looking for a space-saving, value-packed digital piano with amazingly realistic
feel and sound, the Roland F-130R is for you!
Sonic Elegance
Korg’s classy-looking
LP-380 digital home
piano boasts sounds derived
from the acclaimed Kronos
keyboard workstation! Even
better, the high-output
amplifier system puts out room-filling sound from the built-in speaker system.
Whatever style you play, you’ll feel right at home with Korg’s responsive RH3 (Real
Weighted Hammer Action) keyboard, and nine different temperaments support a wide
historical and cultural range of music. The LP-380 should be perfect for homes, schools,
and churches.
Specs: 88-key • Poly: 120 notes • Sounds: 30 • 2 x 4"/44W • 81.6 lbs.
Specs: 88-key • Poly: 128 notes • Sounds: 316 • 2 x 4.75"/24W • 76.1 lbs.
88-key Digital Piano, Black.......List $149900
ONLY $49/mo.
ONLY $38/mo.
88-key Digital Piano................List $140000
The Most Versatile Backing Band
You’ve Ever Worked With
The magic of the Roland BK-9 76-key
arranger keyboard is how fluidly it can
fill in the holes in your musical vision, helping you go from inspiration to finished
production amazingly fast. Dual LCD screens give you a fast, easy workflow, making it
simple to complete complex projects. And while you already expect great sounds from
Roland, the BK-9 exceeds expectations by including 22 SuperNATURAL sounds for
unprecedented realism. Once you consider the XLR microphone input, a video display
output, iOS compatibility, and more, you’ll see that the BK-9 is a complete, self-contained
music production environment.
Power up the Roland BK-9, and you’ve got access to over 1,700 built-in instrument
sounds and 70 drum kits. From vibrant organs and pianos to all manner of orchestral
and percussion sounds, the BK-9 is equipped for virtually any production. And the 22
SuperNATURAL sounds give you incredibly realistic acoustic instrument sounds that are
amazingly expressive. From modern rock to polka, 540 built-in rhythms are ready to fill
out your arrangement. Best of all, the rhythms have been remastered with the BK-9’s
upgraded soundset and new studio effects, so you’ve got radio-ready sound quality right
from the get-go.
Specs: 76-key • 16-trk seq • Poly: 128 notes • Sounds: 1,700 • In: 1 x XLR, 1 x TS • Out: 2 x TRS, headphone • USB
•16 lbs.
76-key Arranger.........................................
ONLY $94/mo.
Amazing Sounds and Powerful Vocal Processing
A Modern Arranger
The Pa3X offers some of Korg’s most realistic sounds, in a powerful and easy-to-use
arranger workstation format. You get Korg’s Enhanced RX sound engine, providing you
with realistic, vivid sound. The Pa3X sports an amazing selection of sounds, including
pianos from Korg’s acclaimed SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano. Over 400 factory styles add
depth and dimension. The Pa3X features truly amazing vocal processing, with automatic
EQ, compression, and gate settings. Available in both 76- and 61-key versions.
Do you work with a range of different genres? Or do you simply want access to a huge
array of sounds and backup styles? Here’s the arranger for you! Packed with over 400
backup music styles and over 1,100 sounds, the Pa900 gives you a different approach
to creating music. Tell the rhythm section the changes, the style, the feel, and the tempo,
and let it bring your song to life! On top of its great piano sounds, you can use first-class
vocal effects, including harmonies, to transform your vocal sound. Plus, the Pa900’s
large, color 7" TouchView display makes it easy to navigate sounds, settings, and more.
Specs: 76-/61-key • 16-trk seq • Poly: 120 notes • Sounds: 1,100 • In: 1 x XLR, 2 x TRS • Out: 2 x TRS, headphone, S/
PDIF • 38.58 lbs./32.4 lbs.
ONLY $150/mo.
76-key Arranger.......................List $560000
61-key Arranger........................List $532000
Specs: 61-key • 16-trk seq • Poly: 128 notes • Sounds: 1,100+ • In: 2 x TRS • Out: 4 x TS, headphone • 23.72 lbs.
ONLY $72/mo.
61-key Arranger.......................List $265900
A Powerful Arranger with Natural Sound
Easy-to-use Arranger with Outstanding Sounds and Features
A songwriter’s best friend, the Korg Pa600 arranger keyboard combines a compact
design with amazingly natural sounds and a wide range of musical styles. The Pa600
boasts Korg’s enhanced RX (Real eXperience) and DNC (Defined Nuance Control) sound
engine, which give you lifelike sound and incredibly dynamic performances. You get over
360 styles, a large TouchView display for easy navigation, and over 950 sounds.
With Korg’s RX sound engine at its heart and powerful PCM memory onboard, the
Pa300 arranger puts all the great sounds you want right at your fingertips — and
gives you the tools you need to turn those sounds into completed ideas. You get intuitive
controls, a color touchscreen, an onboard sequencer, and more. Built-in effects let you
add character and sheen, while a speaker system provides immersive stereo sound.
Specs: 61-key • 16-trk seq • Poly: 128 notes • Sounds: 950+ • Out: 2 x 1/4" TS, headphone • MIDI/USB• 24.25 lbs.
Specs: 61-key • 16-trk seq • Poly: 128 notes • Sounds: 950+ • Out: 2 x 1/4" TS, headphone • MIDI/USB • 18.41 lbs.
61-key Arranger.......................List $161000
ONLY $44/mo.
ONLY $32/mo.
61-key Arranger.......................List $119000
(800) 222–4700
For more info call or go to
Yamaha’s Flagship Arranger Workstation
Yamaha’s latest flagship arranger, the 76-key Tyros5, lets you build up complex
arrangements easier than ever. With 1,279 voices, 480 XG voices, and 37 drum kits,
you’ll never run out of sounds. Accompaniment styles make arranging a snap, while
studio-grade effects let you add professional polish to your creations. Yamaha gave the
Tyros5 new high-quality effect types such as Real Distortion and Real Reverb, but then
they upped the ante with intelligently designed panel displays with amazingly intuitive
controls that mimic the actual effects devices.
These incredible-sounding effects include Yamaha’s VCM (Virtual Circuit Modeling)
— the very same technology used by the studio-grade processing on the company’s high-
end consoles. With the Tyros5, you get Vintage, Home, Euro, Concert, and Theatre organs,
all superbly reproduced with stunning samples that let you ace any situation an organist
might encounter. Organ World is set to meet the requirements of the most demanding
performers with adjustable effects, a comprehensive set of realistic organ-style controls,
and intuitive operation that lets you tweak your sound in real time while you play. A
61-key version is also available. Complete your setup with a 3-piece speaker system
designed for the Tyros5 keyboards.
Specs: 76-/61-key • 16-trk seq • Poly: 128 notes • Sounds: 1,759 • In: XLR/combo • USB • 35.27 lbs./30.86 lbs.
76-key Arranger.......................List 6799
61-key Arranger........................List $649900
Speaker System for Tyros5...........List $37900
ONLY $207/mo.
This Sound-packed Keyboard Can Even Play Your MP3s
The World at Your Fingertips
The PSR-S950 61-key arranger keyboard sports a high-resolution color display and
even a video output, so you can use an external monitor. Since you can download
text files to it, you can call up lyrics, have them displayed on your big monitor, plug a
mic into the mic input, and host karaoke night — right from your keyboard! Using
Yamaha’s Super Articulation technology, this keyboard re-creates the performance
characteristics of acoustic instruments so realistically that you’ll feel as if you’re playing
the real deal. You’ve got almost 1,200 onboard sounds to explore, and if that’s not
enough, the PSR-S950 also plays MP3s — so you can bring your entire music library
into service as you play. Cool song idea? Just pop in a USB flash drive and record it! The
more streamlined PSR-S750 and PSR-S650 models are also available.
The Yamaha PSR-A2000 arranger keyboard gives you a world of sounds, literally.
Loaded with Arabic, Maghreb, Khaligi, Iranian, Turkish, and Greek styles, the PSR-A2000
is the ideal instrument to accompany you on your world music journey. With its handy
joystick controller and intuitive interface, you’ll find the PSR-A2000 quick to get around
on too. Yamaha has incorporated powerful and innovative scale-tuning functions into
the PSR-A2000 that make short work of composing in exotic tunings. Smart features
such as custom scale tuning and a handy scale-set button make nailing your perfect
scale on the PSR-A2000 fast and effortless. And for recording your creations, the
PSR-A2000 sports an onboard 16-track sequencer with quick, multi, and step recording.
Plus, a built-in FlashROM lets you add voices and styles. Once your song is complete, you
can record it as a quality WAV file using the built-in audio recorder. Fill the PSR-A2000’s
built-in 64MB FlashROM with new voices and styles that can be combined with onboard
voices for an impressive 128MB of ethnic sounds.
Specs: PSR-S950 61-key • 16-trk seq • Poly: 128 notes • Sounds: 1,186 • In: XLR • USB • 25.38 lbs.
PSR-S750 61-key • 16-trk seq • Poly: 128 notes • Sounds: 1,186 • USB • 25.38 lbs. PSR-S650 61-key • 16-trk seq •
Poly: 64 notes • Sounds: 865 • USB • 16 lbs.
ONLY $72/mo.
61-key Arranger.......................List $249900
61-key Arranger........................List $149900
61-key Arranger..........................List $99900
Specs: 61-key •16-trk seq • Poly: 128 notes • Sounds: 1,078 • USB • MIDI • 24.25 lbs.
61-key Arranger.......................List 1999
ONLY $53/mo.
Piano-like Portable Grand
The DGX-650 is Yamaha’s most feature-packed portable grand. The full 88 keys feature
Graded Hammer Standard action for piano-like feel. And with its 533 sounds, the DGX650 can sound like a premium concert grand piano or a number of other instruments.
The DGX-650 comes loaded with Yamaha’s acclaimed Sweet!, Natural!, Cool!, and Live!
voices, which make instruments really come to life. Plus, you get great onboard effects
that let you polish and customize your sounds. Want to record performances or MIDI
songs? Just insert a flash drive into the DGX-650’s USB connector and transfer the files
to your computer. You can also record and play back WAV files on the DGX-650. This
piano’s XG soundset lets you play along with your favorite songs. Though it’s a fantastic
songwriting and practice tool, the DGX-650 is an incredible performance piano as well.
Available in a black or white finish. And don’t forget to pick up a LP7A 3-pedal unit.
Specs: 88-key • Poly: 128 notes
• Sounds: 533 • Out: 1 x TRS,
headphone • 50 lbs.
ONLY $30/mo.
88-key Arranger, Blk.................List 1299
88-key Arranger, Wht................List $129900
3-pedal Piano-style Pedal.............List $8900
YPG Series
Full-sized Keyboards That Are Perfect for Beginners
Great for the classroom or for anyone taking piano lessons. Yamaha’s YPG-535 offers
Graded Soft Touch (GST) action, which is well suited to younger players or anyone
who prefers synth-action keys. Built-in lessons teach you to play songs, and a chord
dictionary helps you identify chords quickly. The 76-key YPG-235 offers many of the
same great sounds and features. A Survival Kit is also available for each model,
providing a key cover, a set of headphones, and other handy accessories.
ONLY $19/mo.
88-key Arranger.........................List 899
76-key Arranger..........................List $51900
Survival Kit D2..............................List $4999
Specs: YPG-535 88-key • 6-trk
seq • Poly: 32 notes • Sounds: 500 •
Out: 1 x TRS, headphone • 37.5 lbs.
YPG-235 76-key • 6-trk seq • Poly:
32 notes • Sounds: 489 • Out: 1 x
TRS, headphone • USB • 18.31 lbs.
PSR-E Series
Practice, Perform, Record
The PSR-E443 gives you 61 organ-style keys plus two control knobs for real-time
manipulation of your sounds. Onboard speakers let you practice anytime, and 755 great
sounds keep your creativity flowing. Check out the PSR-E343 and the PSR-E243 for
lower-priced options. And don’t forget Survival Kit B.
Specs: PSR-E443 61-key • 6-trk
seq • Poly: 32 notes • Sounds: 755
• USB to host • 15 lbs. PSR-E343
61-key • 2-trk seq • Poly: 32 notes •
Sounds: 550 • USB to host • 10 lbs.
PSR-E243 61-key • Poly: 32 notes
• Sounds: 395 • 9 lbs.
ONLY $10/mo.
61-key Arranger.........................List 429
61-key Arranger..........................List $26900
61-key Arranger..........................List $16900
Survival Kit B2..............................List $4999
CTK Series
WK Series
Stage-ready 76-key Arrangers
Feature-packed Portable Keyboards
Packed with hundreds of sounds and loaded with powerful performance-ready features,
the Casio 76-key WK Series portable arrangers let you get creative at home or onstage.
Large graphic displays make patch navigation and setup easy, and you’ll find tons of
effects and other options you can use to create fun and exciting new sounds. A set of
comprehensive top-panel controls, an arpeggiator, and other on-the-fly options make
live performance fun.
Casio packed the CTK Series 61-key portable keyboards with great sounds and features,
so they’re great for everyone. Built-in lessons, facilitated by the graphic screen, are
great for beginners, and a USB port makes it easy to connect your CTK keyboard to your
computer. Premium performance on a budget — that’s the CTK Series! Call your Sales
Engineer and find out more.
Specs: WK-7600 76-key • Poly: 64 notes • Sounds: 820 • 18.29 lbs. WK-6600 76-key • Poly: 48 notes • Sounds: 700 •
17.4 lbs. WK-245 76-key • Poly: 48 notes • Sounds: 600 • 15.2 lbs.
ONLY $17/mo.
76-key Arranger.........................List $79999
76-key Arranger..........................List $44999
76-key Arranger..........................List $29999
Specs: CTK-7200 61-key • Poly:
64 notes • Sounds: 800 • 14.77
lbs. CTK-6200 61-key • Poly:
48 notes • Sounds: 700 • 12.76
lbs. CTK-4400 61-key • Poly: 48
notes • Sounds: 600 • 10.14 lbs.
CTK-3200/CTK-2400 61-key •
Poly: 48 notes • Sounds: 400 • 7.7
lbs./7.5 lbs.
ONLY $14/mo.
61-key Arranger.........................List 599
61-key Arranger..........................List $29999
61-key Arranger..........................List $25999
61-key Arranger..........................List $19999
61-key Arranger..........................List $16999
(800) 222–4700
SL MkII Series
Take Total Command of Your Virtual Instruments
Looking to boost your software workflow? Load up with Novation’s flagship controller,
the SL MkII, and start making music! This MIDI controller features a high-quality
semi-weighted keyboard plus robust control surface capabilities, so you’ll have all the
controls you need to perform and produce MIDI parts. And the SL MkII comes with
Novation’s Automap software, which intelligently assigns controls to your plug-ins. In
all, there are eight touch-sensitive infinite-rotation encoders, eight 270-degree-rotation
encoders, eight touch-sensitive sliders, 32 buttons, eight soft-feel trigger pads, an
Xpression pad, an Xpression stick, and a speed dial. Take your pick from three versions
of the SL MkII, ranging from 61 to 25 keys. Includes free Automap and Ableton Lite DAW
Specs: 61-/25-/49-key • 8 pads • 8
sliders/16 encoders
ONLY $19/mo.
61-key MIDI Controller...............List 749
25-key MIDI Controller................List $49999
49-key MIDI Controller................List $62999
Impulse Series
Complete Control Surfaces and
MIDI Controllers
Novation’s Impulse Series MIDI
controller keyboards let you fully control
your DAW or virtual instruments. In
total, you get eight knobs, nine faders,
nine buttons, and a complete set of
dedicated transport controls. An easy-to-read large LCD screen displays current
control information and values, and eight large multifunctional drum pads allow you to
play with rhythm patterns and warp arpeggios on the fly. Novation’s Automap software
also lets you set up the Impulse as a control surface for use with virtually any DAW or
plug-in, making it easy to control every aspect of your entire recording session. The
Impulse MIDI controller keyboard is available with either 61, 49, or 25 semi-weighted
keys. Includes free Automap and Ableton Lite DAW software.
Specs: 61-/49-/25-key • 8 pads
• 9 sliders/8 encoders(1 slider on
Impulse 25)
ONLY $15/mo.
61-key MIDI Controller...............List 499
49-key MIDI Controller................List $44999
25-key MIDI Controller................List $32999
Exceptional Live
Keyboard Controllers
Novation’s velocity-sensitive, Launchkey
USB/iOS MIDI controllers give you fast,
efficient control over your music-making
process. The 61-key Launchkey 61 and the 49-key Launchkey 49 both pack nine
faders and buttons, eight encoders, dedicated transport controls, and 16 multicolor
velocity-sensitive trigger pads. The Launchkey 25 trades in the faders for an ultracompact design. Powered by your computer or iPad, Launchkey controllers give you
plenty of hands-on control. Includes free Automap and Ableton Lite DAW software.
Specs: Launchkey 61/49 61-/49key • 9 faders/buttons • 8 encoders
• 16 pads Launchkey 25 25-key • 8
encoders • 16 pads
ONLY $10/mo.
Launchkey6161-key USB/iOS Controller....List 299
Launchkey49 49-key USB/iOS Controller..........List 249
Launchkey25 25-key USB/iOS Controller..........List $19999
Advance Series
Access Your Software Instrument Collection Right From Your Controller Keyboard
Take full control over your entire virtual instrument collection with the Akai Professional Advance 61 USB MIDI keyboard controller. Using Akai’s Virtual Instrument Player (VIP)
software, you can switch between your favorite software instruments right from the Advance 61, even if you’re performing live without a DAW! You can easily browse your instruments
for inspiring sounds without losing focus on your instrument. And that’s just the start — using the VIP software, you can even create keyboard splits and multi-layer patches that
combine sounds from different software instruments!
We know that you need precise response and easy navigation when you’re playing live, and that’s exactly what the Akai Professional Advance 61 is designed for. If you love the easy
access to your instruments but need a more compact solution, the Advance 49 and Advance 25 are also available. All
ONLY $23/mo.
come with a 16GB download of sounds from AIR Music Technology, SONiVOX, and Toolroom Records.
Specs: Advance 61 61-key • 8 pads • 8 rotary encoders Advance 49 49-key • 8 pads • 8 rotary encoders Advance 25 25-key • 8 pads • 8 rotary encoders
Advance6161-key MIDI Controller...............List 699
49-key MIDI Controller................List $59900
25-key MIDI Controller................List $49900
MPK Series
Enjoy Exceptional Hands-on Control
The perfect addition to your live- or home-studio setup! For starters, the Akai
Professional MPK261 USB MIDI keyboard controller gives you a full-size 61-key
semi-weighted keyboard. The addition of 16 RGB-illuminated, MPC-style velocityand pressure-sensitive pads adds another dimension of control. Not only can you
perform percussion parts with these great-playing pads, but with the additional
encoders and sliders (eight of each), you also have the ability to control up to
72 different parameters inside your DAW just by MIDI mapping them. A set of
transport controls makes it easy to take command of your DAW. The MPK261 also includes a sizable software package that’s bundled
with the hardware.
For a space-starved studio, choose the 49-key MPK249 or the 25-key MPK225, both with semi-weighted, full-size keys.
Specs: MPK261 61-key • 16 pads • 8 rotary encoders/8 sliders MPK249 49-key • 16 pads • 8 rotary encoders/8 sliders MPK225 25-key • 8 pads • 8 rotary
ONLY $19/mo.
61-key MIDI Controller...............List $59900
49-key MIDI Controller................List $49900
25-key MIDI Controller................List $34900
MPK Series
This 61-key MIDI Controller Has 16 of Akai Professional’s
Famous MPC-style Pads
The perfect addition to your live- or home-studio setup! For starters, the Akai
Professional MPK61 USB MIDI keyboard controller gives you a very high-quality
61-key semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch. You can get as expressive of a
recorded virtual instrument sound as you want. While this alone would make the
MPK61 worth the price, the addition of 16 MPC-style velocity- and pressuresensitive pads adds another dimension. Not only can you perform percussion
parts with these great-playing pads, but with the additional encoders and sliders,
you also have the ability to control up to 72 different parameters inside your DAW just by MIDI mapping them — very cool. For the most portable MPK setup,
there’s the 25-key MPK25. It has 12 encoders and 12 MPC-style pads. Akai Professional also offers the 49-key MPK49, with 12 pads, eight sliders, and eight
Specs: MPK61 61-key • 16 pads • 8 rotary encoders/8 sliders MPK25 25-key • 12 pads • 12 rotary encoders MPK49 49-key • 12 pads • 8 rotary encoders/8 sliders
ONLY $19/mo.
61-key MIDI Controller...............List 699
49-key MIDI Controller................List $59900
25-key MIDI Controller................List $49900
(800) 222–4700
Panorama Series
Bitwig Studio, Cubase, Logic, and Reason Control
Deep integration with Cubase, Nuendo, Bitwig, Logic Pro X, and Reason are big
features in Nektar’s Panorama Series controller keyboards (available with 61 or 49
keys), but there is so much more! A unique and beautiful design, sturdy construction,
an expressive semi-weighted keyboard action, and tons of real-time controls and pads
combine in a flexible and transparent user interface that excels both in the studio and
onstage. Keyboard players can program up to four zones on individual MIDI channels.
Beat makers can quickly set up pad maps using the pad learn function (press a key, hit a
pad to assign) to take advantage of the 12 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads.
Specs: Panorama P6 61-key • 12 pads • 16 encoders • 9 sliders • 1 motorized fader
Panorama P4 49-key • 12 pads • 8 encoders • 9 sliders • 1 motorized touch-sensitive fader
ONLY $23/mo.
61-key MIDI Controller.......List $65999
49-key MIDI Controller........List $59999
Impact LX Series
Powerful Keyboard and DAW Control
Nektar’s Impact LX88 offers surface control of the main functions in your DAW,
giving you an exceptional way to run your production sessions right from the comfor of
your main instrument. A child of the award-winning Nektar Panorama Series, the 88-key
Impact LX88 immediately gives you hands-on control over your session using intelligent
mapping. It comes pre-mapped and configured for Bitwig Studio, Cubase, Digital
Performer, GarageBand, Logic, Reason, Reaper, SONAR, and Studio One. Change tracks,
start recording, tweak your instrument, and perfect your mix, all without reaching for
your mouse. In fact, you can use Impact’s programmable MIDI controller capabilities to
control any MIDI program.
Looking for something more compact? Also available in the 61-key Impact LX61, the
49-key Impact LX49, and the 25-key Impact LX25.
Specs: Impact LX88 88-key • 8 pads • 8 encoders • 9 sliders Impact LX61 61-key • 8 pads • 8 encoders • 9 sliders
Impact LX49 49-key • 8 pads • 8 encoders • 9 sliders Impact LX25 25-key • 8 pads • 8 encoders • 1 slider
ONLY $12/mo.
ImpactLX88.88-Key 8-Pad Controller.................List 0
$ 00
Impact iX61
61-key MIDI Controller................List 229
49-key MIDI Controller................List $17999
25-key MIDI Controller................List $12999
Packs More Control Than You’d Expect
For the Impact iX61, Nektar put the same silky-smooth, piano-style synth-action
keybed in a streamlined, gigable 61-note package without the performance pads and
mixer. The big surprise, though, is that the iX61’s deceptively minimalist appearance
hides cool functionality not found on other controllers in its class.
The 49-key Impact iX49 is also available for an even more space-friendly solution.
Both versions are USB powered, and you can use them with your iPad if you have a USB
adapter cable (not included). And both versions come with PreSonus Studio One Artist
DAW software, so you can start composing right out of the box.
In keeping with Nektar’s DAW-integration mantra, the iX61 gives you sequencer
transport and track-selection control via dual-function Octave and Transpose buttons,
while a single assignable fader gives you command over any MIDI parameter. Pitch and
mod wheels and a footswitch input complete the feature set.
Specs: Impact iX61 61-key • 1 slider Impact iX49 49-key • 1 slider
ONLY $10/mo.
ImpactiX6161-key MIDI Controller...............List $12999
49-key MIDI Controller................List 109
Oxygen Series
Super-playable MIDI Controllers with
Hands-on DAW Control
The Oxygen 61 gives you the full-size, velocitysensitive, synth-action keys you need to play virtual
instruments expressively. But it also features a ton of
hands-on controls, including eight velocity-sensitive trigger pads for beat production and clip launching, as well as eight assignable knobs, nine assignable
faders (one on the 25-key version), and transport controls. Best of all, the Oxygen 61 features M-Audio DirectLink, which means the transport functions and
ONLY $10/mo.
faders will automatically work with your DAW! The 49-key Oxygen 49 and 25-key Oxygen 25 have premium synth$
action keybeds. Includes Ableton Live Lite, AIR Xpand!2, and SONiVOX Twist spectral morphing synth software.
Oxygen-61 61-key MIDI Controller...............List $29900
Specs: Oxygen 61 61-key • 8 pads • 8 encoders • 13 buttons • 9 sliders Oxygen 49 49-key • 8 pads • 8 encoders • 13 buttons • 9 sliders Oxygen 25 25-key • 8
pads • 8 encoders • 4 buttons • 1 slider
49-key MIDI Controller................List $22900
25-key MIDI Controller................List $15900
Keystation Series
Straightforward MIDI Controllers You
Can Count On
M-Audio’s portable and versatile Keystation 61
USB MIDI controller keyboard gives you a 61-key
keybed in a very lightweight and compact unit.
Expressive playing is easy thanks to velocitysensitive, synth-action keys for smooth feel and
expressive playability. You’ll get the most out of
your virtual instruments and software synths with an assignable slider that doubles as a volume control, data up/down buttons, DAW transport controls, pitchbend and mod wheels,
and more. The volume slider offers a bonus — it can be assigned to control any other MIDI value! Use it to add expression or perform a filter sweep while you record a sequence. Add
that to a dedicated set of transport controls and directional keys (so you don’t need to use a mouse), and you’ve got a complete system that’s perfect for minimal setups. The M-Audio
Keystation 61 runs on USB bus power when connected to your computer. And you don’t need to limit the M-Audio Keystation 61 to computer use. Using the Apple Camera Connector,
you can use this compact keyboard with your iPad and your favorite music creation apps. The Keystation 88 sports a keybed of 88 synth-action keys, while the more compact
Keystation 49 gives you 49 synth-action keys. All come with Ableton Live Lite DAW software, AIR Xpand!2, and the
ONLY $10/mo.
SONiVOX Eighty-Eight Ensemble piano software.
Specs: 61-/88-/49-key • 8 buttons • 1 slider
61-key MIDI Controller.....List 199
88-key MIDI Controller......List $24995
49-key MIDI Controller......List $14995
VI Series
Take Complete Control of Your Virtual Instruments
Take in-depth control of your DAW and virtual instruments with the Alesis
VI61. This compact keyboard sports 61 semi-weighted, full-sized keys with
aftertouch. The 16 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads use multicolor
LEDs, so you can color code them for specific uses. Show your plug-ins who’s
the boss with 16 illuminated, assignable knobs and 48 buttons. Dedicated transport controls make recording with your
DAW quick and easy. The 49-key VI49 and the 25-key VI25 also offer a large assortment of programmable controls.
Each controller includes Ableton Live Lite 9 and AIR Xpand2 software. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for more
information on these powerful controllers.
Specs: VI61 61-key • 16 pads • 16 rotary encoders •48 buttons VI49 49-key • 16 pads • 12 rotary encoders •36 buttons VI25 25-key • 16 pads • 8 rotary encoders
•24 buttons
ONLY $11/mo.
61-key MIDI Controller...............List $34900
49-key MIDI Controller................List $29900
25-key MIDI Controller................List $39900
V Series
Compact and Feature-loaded Controllers
In a world of continually shrinking sizes, Alesis presents the V61
Expressive USB Keyboard Controller. Loaded with full-sized, semi-weighted
keys, this keyboard is perfect for using with virtual instruments, plug-ins,
and other applications. You get the feel of large keys with a square front in a compact controller. Eight backlit,
velocity- and pressure-sensitive LED pads let you tap out rhythms, trigger loops, and play synthesizers. A quartet of
assignable knobs and buttons give you the power to map almost any function of your plug-ins to a tactile controller.
Add that to the pitch and mod wheel, and you have a controller that’s ready to take charge of your software. A
single USB cable sends MIDI data and provides power to your keyboard. A 25-key V25 model is also available. Each
controller includes Ableton Live Lite 9 and AIR Xpand2 software.
Specs: 61-/25-key • 8 pads • 4 rotary encoders •4 sliders
ONLY $10/mo.
61-key MIDI Controller...............List $24900
49-key MIDI Controller................List $19900
25-key MIDI Controller................List $17900
(800) 222–4700
KeyLab 61 Bitwig
Producer Pack
The Power to Fuel Your Creativity
When you get your hands on the amazing synth sounds, flexible
DAW environment, and extremely expressive feel the KeyLab
Bitwig Producer Packs deliver, you’re never going to think
about electronic music the same way again. The KeyLab 61, 49, and
25 Bitwig Producer Packs are everything a knob-tweaking electronic musician could ask
for! To get started, this bundle gives you the flexible workflow and impressive synthesis
capabilities of Bitwig Studio’s powerful toolset, the only DAW we’ve ever seen that thinks
like a modular synth. Speaking of modular synths, many of the best synth sounds
on Earth are at your fingertips when you fire up Arturia’s KeyLab, and the KeyLab
instruments make playing and tweaking sounds a blast. And if the 5,000+ presets that
come with KeyLab aren’t enough, Arturia’s also including a full version of their Mini V,
making the KeyLab Bitwig Producer Pack too sweet to pass up.
ONLY $19/mo.
Specs: 61-, and 49-key • 16 pads • 13 encoders • 9 sliders, 25-key • 13 encoders • 9 sliders
KeyLab Series
Arturia’s KeyLab controllers give you a hardware synth with the flexibility of a softwarebased solution. These 88-, 61-, 49-, and 25-key metal-chassis controllers are preassigned
to work with Arturia’s included Analog Lab software, letting you take in-depth control
over 5,000 sounds. They are also superb universal MIDI controllers, compatible with any
third-party software and hardware. MIDI assignments can be customized using the LED
screen or the included MIDI Control Center software. In addition to the included Analog
Lab software, the KeyLab 88 also includes UVI Acoustic Grand Piano and
ONLY $30/mo.
Pianoteq Stage virtual
KeyLab88 88-key Controller.......................List 999
61-key Controller........................List $49900
49-key Controller........................List $39900
25-key Controller........................List $29900
Komplete Kontrol S Series
Total Integration with Komplete Means Total Control of Your Favorite
Tap into the full potential of Komplete software, with Komplete Kontrol S Series
controller keyboards. Each of these amazing instruments (available in 61-, 49-, and
compact 25-key versions) features a Fatar keybed, for superior playing feel and dynamic
control. And since the main parameters are pre-mapped to the hardware, you’ll have
quick and easy browsing across the entire range of your Komplete instruments. You also
get a clean, intuitive control layout, with premium encoders, well-placed buttons, and
ONLY $27/mo.
handy transport controls.
Specs: 61-,49-, 25-key • 8 encoders
• 2 touch strips • Transport controls
KompKS61 61-key Controller.......................................
49-key Controller.......................................
25-key Controller.......................................
KeyLab 49 Bitwig Producer Pack.....List 899
KeyLab 25 Bitwig Producer Pack.....List $79900
VPC1 Virtual Piano Controller
Powerful Controller Keyboards plus Awesome Synth Sounds
Specs: 88-, 61-, and 49-key • 16 pads
• 13 encoders • 9 sliders, 25-key • 13
encoders • 9 sliders
KeyLabBPPk61 KeyLab 61 Bitwig Producer Pack.....List 999
Uncompromising Feel and Elegant Simplicity
Kawai’s VPC1 Virtual Piano Controller gives you the feel of the real deal. Sporting
Kawai’s superbly realistic RM3 Grand II keyboard action with wooden long keys and
moisture-absorbent Ivory Touch key surfaces, grade-weighted hammers, bass key counterweights, realistic seesaw movement with staggered balance pins, triple-sensor key detection,
and let-off simulation. A triple-pedal unit completes the illusion. And with no wheels, knobs,
sliders, or anything else to distract you, the VPC1’s flat, deep top deck is perfect for your
laptop or coffee mug, and the included music rack is ideal for fleshing out scores.
Specs: 88-key
88-key MIDI Controller.............List $214900
ONLY $70/mo.
Motor Series
Keyboards with Motorized Faders
Designed with today’s working songwriter/composer in mind, Behringer’s Motor 61
MIDI keyboard controller provides full control-surface functionality plus a great-feeling
semi-weighted keybed. Built for control, the Motor 61 offers you nine touch-sensitive,
motorized faders, eight rotary encoders, and eight velocity- and pressure-sensitive
performance pads for total control of your virtual instruments and programs. And
dedicated transport controls let you take command of your DAW’s core functions. A
built-in hardware arpeggiator, drum pads, and encoders let you take your creative flow to
the next level in a single unit. Also available in the 49-key Motor 49.
Specs: 61-/49-key • 8 pads • 8
encoders • 9 motorized faders
ONLY $12/mo.
61-key USB/MIDI Controller.......List 449
49-key USB/MIDI Controller........List $37499
TRITON taktile Series
TRITON Sounds in a Controller
Add a boost to any home studio with the Korg TRITON
taktile Series! These powerful keyboard controllers
include 512 sounds from the best-selling Korg TRITON
keyboard workstation. So you’ve got impressive DAW
control, ultra-creative command over your synths and virtual instruments, and tons of iconic Korg sounds right at your fingertips. There’s also a killer arpeggiator onboard, which
offers you six modes as well as 50 rhythmical patterns. Top that off with velocity-sensitive, backlit finger pads, and you
ONLY $14/mo.
can also trigger notes or whole chords with ease. Available in 49- and 25-key versions.
Specs: 49-/25-key • 16 pads • 8 encoders • 8 sliders • 8 buttons • 1 X/Y pad
49-key Controller/Synth......List 490
25-key Controller/Synth.......List $42000
Impeccable Piano Action in a Trim, Roadworthy Controller
Roland’s A-88 USB MIDI keyboard controller gives you Roland’s Ivory
Feel-G keyboard with Escapement, in a trim, roadworthy package that
offers USB and iPad compatibility. If authentic piano hammer action is on
your must-have list, then you need the Roland A-88. The A-49 gives you the same robust performance control as the A-88, with assignable knobs and switches, keyboard split and
layer functions, sustain and expression pedal inputs, a bend/mod lever, and Roland’s innovative D Beam controller in a convenient USB-powered, synth action controller. There’s
also a dedicated SuperNATURAL mode that unlocks a bevy of sound-selection features when hooked up to a Roland
ONLY $38/mo.
SuperNATURAL instrument such as the Integra-7 sound module.
Specs: A-88 88-key • 2 knobs • bend/mod lever • D Beam A-49 49-key • 2 knobs • bend/mod lever • D Beam
88-key MIDI Controller.............List $119900
49-key MIDI Controller, Blk..........List $29900
Major MIDI Control
Beyond having 61 velocity-sensitive keys (the very same ones featured on Roland’s
amazing JUNO-Di synth!) for playing virtual instruments with expression, Roland’s
A-800PRO boasts a total of 45 assignable controls — knobs, buttons, sliders, pads,
and more. You can assign the controls however you want, so you can get your hands
on your mix, play drums on the eight pads, control recording start/stop/playback…
whatever your workflow demands. If you’re choosing your first MIDI controller, you
can’t go wrong here! Roland also offers the A-500PRO with 49 keys and the 32-key
Specs: 61-/49-/32-key • 8 pads • 9 rotary encoders/9 sliders • bend/mod lever
Graphite Series
61-key MIDI Controller...............List $46900
49-key MIDI Controller................List $40900
32-key MIDI Controller................List $34900
ONLY $15/mo.
Carbon Series
A Compact, Versatile Value
Affordable Semi-weighted Controllers with Cool Features
Samson’s Graphite 49 and Graphite 25 work wonders on your desktop, controlling
virtual instruments and handling transport commands for your DAW. These compact
keyboard controllers feature semi-weighted keyboard action plus aftertouch. Use the
Graphites with a Mac, a PC, or an iPad using the MIDI Out and USB connections.
At the heart of the affordable and portable Carbon 61 is its great-feeling semi-weighted
keybed. It even has an integrated stand for your iPad! The same great features
are available in the more compact Carbon 49. Note: requires Apple iPad Camera
Connection Kit (sold separately) for use with iOS devices.
Specs: Graphite 49 49-key • 4 pads • 9
sliders/8 encoders Graphite 25 25-key • 4
pads • 1 slider/8 encoders
Specs: 61-/49-key • 1 slider • 1
encoder • pitch and mod wheels
ONLY $10/mo.
Graphite49 49-key MIDI Controller.....List 259
25-key MIDI Controller.... List $16999
ONLY $10/mo.
61-key MIDI Controller...............List $17999
49-key MIDI Controller................List $12499
(800) 222–4700
APC Mini
Essential Ableton Live Control
APC Key 25
A Compact Controller for Ableton Live
If you enjoy creating music in Ableton Live, then the
APC Key 25 from Akai is the portable keyboard for you.
This compact 25-key controller keyboard combines 25
great-feeling synth-action keys with the same powerful 5
x 8 clip-launch matrix found on the APC40 MKII. Eight
multifunction knobs and a streamlined set of function
buttons provide all the additional control you need
without wasting a millimeter of space.
Get hands-on
control of
Ableton Live
with Akai’s APC
Mini control
surface. This
controller comes
with Ableton
Live Lite and
serves up 64 clip-launch controls arranged into an 8 x
8 matrix that’s perfect for live performance or remixing.
You also get nine sliders that control volume, pan, and
other functions, plus a handy set of soft buttons. Includes
Hybrid 3 and Tool Room Records artist launch packs.
Specs: 64 pads • 9 faders • 17 buttons
Specs: 25-key • 40 pads • 8 rotary encoders •8 sliders
25-key MIDI Controller...............List $19900
64-pad USB Controller................List $19900
The 25-key Launchkey Mini packs tons of functionality
into an ultra-compact keyboard. Synth-action keys give
you two octaves to play with at a time, and you can
use 16 velocity-sensitive pads to trigger loops, launch
samples, tap out drums, and more. Navigation controls
provide advanced integration with Ableton Live. You can
also use it with just about any DAW on your Mac or PC. It
also works great with (and can be powered by) your iPad.
The LPK25 proves that scaled down doesn’t have to
mean scaled back. This 25-key USB MIDI controller is
surprisingly feature loaded for being such a portable,
affordable gadget. The 25 keys have real synth action,
so they’ve got an awesome feel and response. The LPK25
rocks a killer arpeggiator, plus sustain, octave up, octave
down, and tap tempo controls. And all you need to do in
order to use this little controller keyboard is to plug it
in, and the LPK25 will work instantly with your Mac or
PC — plug-and-play compatibility means no fighting
with extra drivers!
Specs: 25-key • 16 pads • 8 encoders
Specs: 25-key
LaunchkeyMini 25-key USB/iOS Controller....List $12499
25-key MIDI Controller...............List $12900
MPKmini2 MPK Mini Mk2..........................List $19900
This Pad Controller Travels Well
Extra-responsive Keys for a Great Low Price
Surprising Flexibility in a Compact Controller
The MPK Mini Mk2 MIDI controller lets you travel
light, without sacrificing control. Akai combined the
best of their super-popular LPK25 keyboard and their
LPD8 drum controller. This ultra-portable unit packs
quality MPC-style pads, encoders, a thumbstick, a built-in
arpeggiator with tap tempo control, and a nice set of keys
into its travel-friendly chassis. Includes MPC Essentials,
Hybrid 3 by AIR Music Tech, and SONiVOX Wobble.
Launchkey Mini
An Ultra-compact Controller
Specs: 25-key • 8 encoders • 8 pads
ONLY $10/mo.
MPK Mini Mk2
If you’re looking for an excellent yet affordable USB pad
controller, then check out the Akai Professional LPD8.
The most obvious and striking thing about the LPD8 is its
size. It’s narrow enough to fit in a laptop bag with plenty
of room to spare, and shallow enough to sit right in front
of your keyboard and still let you reach your track pad
and keys comfortably. But here’s the thing you’re sure to
love: these pads feel simply incredible! And why wouldn’t
they? Akai Professional has been the force behind pad
programming since the early days of the MPC. The LPD8’s
pads have that same responsive feel.
Specs: 8 pads • 8 knobs
8-pad Drum Controller................List $12900
Launchpad Mini
Portable Controller for Musicians on the
Keystation Mini 32
Axiom AIR Mini 32
Ultra-portable USB MIDI Controller
Mini Size, Huge Control Possibilities
The 32-key Axiom AIR Mini 32 gives you eight
trigger pads, perfectly placed buttons and knobs, and
even transport controls for your DAW. You also get
Hypercontrol automatic-mapping technology, which
gives you an even greater level of control over your
instruments and plug-ins. The Axiom AIR Mini 32 comes
complete with Ignite music creation software.
Specs: 32-key • 17 buttons • 8 knobs • 8 pads • USB
AxiomAIRm32 32-key MIDI Controller......List $14995
Create music on the go with the M-Audio Keystation
Mini 32 compact controller. Whether you plug into your
computer, laptop, or iPad, this great-feeling 32-key synthaction controller delivers the playability and portability
you want. You can customize the keyboard sensitivity to
your playing style with highly musical velocity curves.
Four assignable controls, including a rotary knob, let
you control every aspect of your performance. Includes
Ableton Live Lite and Ignite software.
Specs: 32-key • 7 buttons • 1 knob
32-key MIDI Controller....List $9995
The Launchpad
Mini takes the
powerful features of its
big brother, Launchpad
S, and shoehorns them
into an easily portable
package. This little
dynamo houses 64
3-color pads that are
ideal for triggering
samples and effects. The
Launchpad Mini is the perfect addition to your Ableton
Live rig. It works with iPads, Macs, and PCs.
Specs: 64 pads
64-pad USB/iOS Controller....List $12499
The Ultimate Portable MIDI Controller
Micro Keys, Maxi Control
Mini-key Controller with Killer Software
The Korg nanoKEY2 takes the Korg nano series
controllers to the next level. This 25-key compact MIDI
controller features a new and improved design over
previous nano-controllers, making it the ideal MIDI
controller for musicians on the go. The all-new design
sports 25 impressively responsive, velocity-sensitive keys
with octave up and down buttons, plus pitch, modulation,
and sustain buttons for even more expressiveness and
playability! With its rugged build quality, new and
improved keys, and ultra-slim size, you’ll want to bring
the Korg nanoKEY 2 wherever your music takes you!
The most important thing about any keyboard is the feel
of its keys, and the responsive Natural Touch mini keybed
of the microKEY25 feels amazing. You get an expressive
joystick and a handy arpeggiator button. And it’s USB
bus powered, making for streamlined setups, wherever
you happen to be when inspiration strikes. You can also
connect it to your iPad with the optional Apple Camera
Connection Kit (not included). Plus, the microKEY25
comes complete with Korg’s M1Le software, so you’re
ready to rock, right from the get-go.
The Korg microKEY37 fits in your backpack and
takes up almost no desk space. Korg’s velocity-sensitive
Natural Touch mini keybed feels great. You get pitch and
mod wheels. And for streamlined setups, it’s USB bus
powered, so you’re ready wherever inspiration strikes.
You can also connect it to your iPad with the optional
Apple Camera Connection Kit (not included). Plus, the
microKEY37 comes complete with Korg’s M1Le software,
so you’re ready to make music, right out of the box! The
microKEY61, with 61 mini keys, is also available.
Specs: 37-/61-key • pitch/mod wheels • octave buttons • USB
Specs: 25-key • pitch/mod joystick • octave/sustain buttons • USB
Specs: 25 keys/pads • pitch/mod/octave/sustain buttons • USB
25-key USB MIDI Controller, Blk....List 69
25-key MIDI Controller.........List 104
37-key MIDI Controller.........List $11899
61-key MIDI Controller..........List $26599
Infinitely Programmable
From loop-based
DJ rigs to
lighting systems,
the QuNeo puts
all of the controls
you need right at
your fingertips. The
QuNeo gives you 44
pressure-, velocity-,
and position-sensitive controls that communicate via
USB, MIDI, or OSC. Keith McMillen Instruments makes it
incredibly easy to design your own control schemes.
Specs: 16 pads • 9 multi-touch sliders • USB
ONLY $10/mo.
16-pad MIDI Controller...............List $27995
Not your typical controller, the Keith McMillen
Instruments QuNexus controller is a multidimensional,
25-key controller that gives you unbelievable command
of your music. The QuNexus’s Smart Sensor keys
recognize pressure, location, and the velocity of your
playing. You gain control of MIDI, CV, OSC, and USB in
a single device. The illuminated, touch-sensitive keys
give you valuable performance feedback. The QuNexus
has illuminated keys that change color depending on
pressure. This gives you valuable performance feedback
when playing the instrument, no more guessing.
Specs: 25 keys/pads • 8 buttons • USB
iRig KEYS Pro
Specs: 37-key • pitch and mod wheels • USB
iRigKeysPro 37-key USB MIDI Controller....................
37-key USB MIDI Controller....................
ONLY $10/mo.
25-key MIDI Controller...............List 199
Portability, Hands-on Control, Great Sounds
Arturia’s MiniLab is far more than an affordable
controller — it’s a hybrid synth! You get over 5,000
incredible presets from Arturia’s Modular V, CS-80V, Mini
V, Arp 2600V, Jupiter 8V, Prophet V, Oberheim SEM V, and
Wurlitzer V, and the new Matrix 12 V, Solina V, and Vox
Continental V! And with 25 mini keys, 16 encoders, eight
pads (two banks), and ergonomic pitch and mod touch
strips, MiniLab lets you control it all. Compatible with
iPad via the Apple Camera Connection Kit (not included).
Specs: 25-key • pitch/mod strips • 8 pads (x 2 banks)• 16 encoders • USB
Incredibly Sensitive and Expressive
If you write music on the go, then CME’s Xkey controller
belongs in your mobile rig. Surrounded by a sleekly
designed molded aluminum chassis, this controller is
constructed similarly to a chiclet computer keyboard. The
end result is a freakishly slim keyboard that’s only 3.6mm
thick and remarkably playable. Did we mention the keys
are full sized and velocity sensitive, or that they feature
polyphonic aftertouch?
Specs: 25-key • pitch/mod/octave/sustain buttons • USB
ONLY $10/mo.
Full-size Keys on a Compact Controller
The ultra-compact iRig KEYS Pro is one of the
smallest MIDI controllers on the market with full-size
keys. It’s perfect for mobile laptop recording rigs and
even for use with iOS devices. With an iPad and iRig
KEYS Pro, you could create your next masterpiece on
the plane to your next gig. You even get free copy of IK’s
SampleTank 3 SE for your computer plus an iOS version
of SampleTank. The iRig KEYS with 37 mini-size keys
is also available.
Next-gen Keyboard Controller
25-key MIDI Controller...............List $12900
25-key MIDI Controller...............List $12999
Graphite M25
Ultra-portable Control
With 25 mini keys, dedicated transport controls,
pitch/mod strips, and assignable pads and knobs, the
Graphite M25 is a capable tool for working with your
DAW on the go. Want more keys without the knobs and
pads? Choose the Graphite M32. For max portability, go
with the Graphite MD13 pad controller.
Specs: Graphite M25 25-key • 12 buttons • 9 knobs • 4 pads • pitch/mod
strips • USB Graphite M32 32-key • 5 buttons • 1 knob • pitch/mod strips
• USB Graphite MD13 13 pads • 6 knobs • 1 encoder • 1 crossfader
25-key USB Controller........List $12999
32-key USB Controller.........List $11499
13-pad Controller..................List $9999
The latest member of the AIRA family
The MX-1 Mix Performer brings together your synths, drum machines, loops, DAW tracks
and more into a single performance optimized mixing instrument. Combining elements of
a mixer, control surface, audio interface and step-based effector, the MX-1 is designed to
be the nerve center of your electronic music rig. It’s a mixer you can play - and so much more.
The Super UA combines audiophile
sound, premium build quality and low
latency performance in a next-generation
audio interface for Mac and PC. The flexible
4in/4out design places I/O on both the main
unit and the detachable module with XLR
connections for studio mics and monitors. With
support for 1-bit DSD and 32-bit PCM playback, the
Super UA is the state-of-the-art in fidelity. Low-latency
drivers deliver smooth and efficient performance with
your favorite DAW. And its all-metal body, sculpted
controls, and OLED metering make it a pleasure
to use and beautiful to behold.
To learn more, call the experts at Sweetwater today
at (800) 222-4700 or visit
A Mixer That’s Meant to be Played
Whether it’s the TB-3 bassline synth or the VT-3 voice transformer effect, AIRA gear is
built with one thing in mind, and that’s live performance. Despite its numerous functions
and effects, the MX-1 performance mixer follows this same philosophy to the letter. All
of its controls live on the surface, with absolutely no need to dive through menus or deal
with layered controls. At the same time, the MX-1 is capable of acting as a MIDI control
surface, hybrid mixer, or combination audio interface and summing station. And we
haven’t even touched on the most unique aspects of this mixer yet.
The MX-1’s input section alone is noteworthy, combining four analog channels with
digital I/O, including inputs for four AIRA link USB ports, which support audio, MIDI, and
sync, while providing bus power. Three kinds of Beat FX take advantage of the onboard
16-step sequencer, allowing you to filter, duck, and slice each channel in rhythmical
fashion. There are also six master effects, which you can automate via the step sequencer.
Thanks to the DJ-style cue monitoring, you can audition individual channels before bringing them in via six selectable
fader curves, and dedicated Tone/EQ knobs on each channel offer 10 ways to tweak you tones on the fly.
ONLY $300/mo.
AIRA MX-1 Mix Performer.........................
The TR Drum Machine Legacy, Reborn!
There’s no question about it: the jaw-dropping punch of the 808 kick single-handedly established multiple
genres of electronic dance music. And a couple of years later, when the TR-909 came into the mix, the
crack of the snare and hiss of the hats sparked an even greater musical tide. Roland’s AIRA TR-8 Rhythm
Performer doesn’t simply capture the sound and style of these iconic beat machines in all their glory;
it offers modern electronic musicians like you a whole new range of tones, textures, and performance
possibilities. If you’re a high-tech music producer with a love of classic drum machines, this is the groove
box for you!
ONLY $19/mo.
The AIRA TB-3 Bassline synth offers not
only the full range of the TB-303 sound,
but it also uses component modeling to
faithfully reproduce the ’303’s attack,
slide, and tie behavior, plus its instantly
recognizable -18dB/octave ladder filter.
Three additional sound banks and four
oscillators offer a world of extra tones
as well. It’s also super-easy to program.
With its multi-mode, pressure-sensitive
touchpad, you can actually play the TB-3, not just step sequence with it.
It also makes tweaking multiple parameters on the fly easy and incredibly
The AIRA VT-3 Voice Transformer gives you
access to a world of cool vocal effects live and
in the studio. Choose from nine high-quality
vocal effects styles plus extra goodies you can
use to spice up your tone. Two Auto Pitch modes
are perfect for pop, and a VP-330-style setting
delivers old-school vocoder effects. For a touch
of grit, check out the Megaphone and Radio
settings, or turn your voice into a synth. With the
push of a button, you can fire up a classic robot
mono voice, and when you want to get really
crazy, set the VT-3 into
ONLY $10/mo.
Scatter mode and let the
VT3Roland VT-3..........................................................
random chaos ensue!
An Iconic Bassline Synth for a Whole New Generation
Awesome Vocal Effects Workstation for the Stage or Studio
ONLY $12/mo.
SBX-1 Sync Box
With its discrete control sections, this
analog-style synthesizer gives you all
of the hands-on tweakability of an
old-school synth, but under the hood,
the System-1 offers unique features,
such as Plug-out technology. Plug-out
technology lets you upload entirely
new synth types from a growing library
of classic Roland models into your
System-1’s firmware, offering all of the benefits of virtual instruments,
without tying you down to a computer. On top of that, Analog Circuit
Behavior technology delivers sound that’s so tweakable and realistic, you
won’t believe it’s digital.
If your production studio includes a
combination of software instruments,
hardware synthesizers, and drum
machines, then you need the Roland
SBX-1 Sync Box to keep everything
locked to the same clock. With
simultaneous conversion between
MIDI, USB MIDI, and DIN Sync, you
can connect all your gear and use any
individual piece as the master clock
for all of them or use the SBX-1 Sync Box as the master. With built-in CV/gate
outputs, LFOs, and more, the SBX-1 Sync Box makes it easy to lock all of your
music gear together with
ONLY $19/mo.
perfect timing.
An Analog-style Synth with Plug-out Portability
25-key Synth.............................................
Sync All Your Electronic Instruments
ONLY $23/mo.
SBX-1 Sync Box........................List 599
(800) 222–4700
Maschine Studio
The Next Evolution of a Breakthrough Music-production Platform
Native Instruments Maschine Studio (available in black and white) is the natural next step for their amazing
Maschine music-production platform. With its expanded hands-on functions and all-new Maschine 2.0 software,
this hybrid workstation gives you the full power and flexibility of software sequencing and sampling and a hardware
workflow like nothing else out there. Whether you’re into electronic music production or live performance, you’re going
to love working with Maschine Studio.
The Software
Maschine Studio kicks off Native Instruments’ new Maschine 2.0 music-creation software. Sequence virtual
instruments, create drum grooves, record samples, slice up loops, and take advantage of all of your favorite plug-in
processors and effects all within an incredibly intuitive environment. In addition to a slick new mixer, highlights of
Maschine 2.0 include unlimited groups and insert effects plus sidechaining. A tag-based visual browser and total
integration with Native Instruments Komplete are super handy, and as a bonus, Maschine Studio even comes
with four amazing Komplete products: Massive, Prism, Scarbee Mark I, and Solid Bus Comp.
The Hardware
The really cool thing about Maschine Studio is the way the hardware controller integrates with the
software environment. It lets you access your whole library of instrument sounds and effects and tweak
them with astonishing efficiency. All the controls you need are right at your fingertips, including a handy jog wheel,
backlit pads and buttons, and rotary controls. Plus, two color displays give you the visual info you need. A built-in stand
ONLY $38/mo.
makes this hardware controller ideal for any environment,
and thanks to its built-in MIDI interface, Maschine Studio is
MaschStuBK Maschine Studio, Blk......List 1099
the natural centerpiece of your electronic music rig.
Maschine Studio, Wht......List 1099
Maschine Mikro
Create and Perform
Grooves with This Cool
Software/Hardware Combo
A Portable and Affordable Way to Get into Maschine
Native Instruments Maschine is a complete hybrid groove-production
system that’s primed for the studio and the stage, giving you the perfect combination
of software versatility and intuitive hardware control. Blurring the line between
traditional groove box and software DAW, Maschine is capable of acting both as a virtual
instrument within your favorite DAW or as a standalone system capable of hosting all of
the plug-ins and virtual instruments you rely on. Maschine’s pattern-oriented concept
frees you from the limits of linear arrangement. Build scenes by layering patterns,
and rearrange the scenes to create complete song arrangements. Maschine also offers
sampling, resampling, editing, slicing, and keymapping. Best of all, you can access all of
Maschine’s amazing functions from the purpose-built hardware, allowing you to keep
your eyes off of your screen and your mind on your music. And, thanks to the upgraded
Maschine 2 software, this system gives you more production power than ever before!
Available in both white
ONLY $23/mo.
and black.
Maschine, Wht...............List $66900
Maschine, Blk.................List $66900
Whether you’re looking to save space on your desk or cash in your wallet, the Native
Instruments Maschine Mikro gives you a whole new way to experience Maschine.
Whereas the original Maschine is designed to let you turn off your computer’s display
and create music via the hardware controller alone, Maschine Mikro is an ideal fit for
anyone who’s already used to going back and forth between a software music-creation
environment and a hardware controller. It’s also great if you already have a desktop
crammed full of keyboards and other essential gear. Here’s the best part. Since the whole
concept behind the Maschine environment is a hybrid between a well-designed hardware
controller and a well-designed piece of software, you still have access to all of the same
tools you’d get with the full-size version of Maschine, even if you can’t do everything
from Maschine Mikro’s more compact controller. What the Maschine Mikro controller
does offer you is a full set of 16 multicolor pads plus all of the core navigation controls
that let you quickly lay down patterns and beats. You also get all of the same amazing
content and Machine 2 software that come with the full Maschine controller, including
the Komplete Selection
ONLY $14/mo.
suite. Available in both
MaschMik2BK Maschine Mikro, Blk........List 399
black and white.
Beat Thang
All-in-one Beat Production
Create original beats and electronic music, wherever and whenever you want! The Beat Thang lets you choose from its massive
library of cutting-edge samples. Or you can import your own or even hook up a mic and create new samples on the fly. Thanks to the
Beat Thang’s super-intuitive layout, you’ll be making beats in minutes, even if you’re totally new to groove production.
BKE Tech designed the Beat Thang so that nearly every function has its own button or pad — forget about navigating through endless
submenus! Even if you’ve never tried producing music before, you’ll find creating beats and grooves with the Beat Thang
ONLY $27/mo.
fun and easy. This sophisticated machine gives you all of the layering, slicing,
sampling, and sound-creation tools you need to make fully polished tracks.
BeatThang Beat Thang...............................List 1499
Maschine Mikro, Wht.......List 399
Launchpad S
Take Control of Ableton Live
Comprehensive Control for Ableton Live
With your fingers on the APC40 MKII’s flexible
clip-launch matrix and 5 x 8 grid of RGB-backlit pads,
you can easily fire off loops, trigger samples, and play
virtual instruments, all with visual feedback that keeps
you focused on the music, not your screen. In addition to
the clip-launch matrix, the APC40 MKII offers you a full
set of in-line controls including eight channel faders and
a master fader. This lets you keep your eye on your clip
matrix while adjusting levels. There’s also a delightfully
playable crossfader onboard, a real bonus if you’re DJing
with Live. On top of that, there’s a set of eight assignable
endless encoders with LED rings and a master section
complete with transport control. And to get you started,
Akai bundled a sweet software package with the APC40
MKII, which includes Ableton Live Lite and several cool
virtual instruments.
ONLY $15/mo.
APC40mk2 Controller for Ableton Live...........List 499
Genuine MPC Pads for Your Studio
The MPD series offers rock-solid construction and
dependability, as each model features an assortment of
MPD pads — and some with other hands-on controls.
The ultimate MPD is Akai Professional’s MPD32, with
16 pads, eight faders, and nine knobs. It even has a
dedicated transport section for full control over your DAW.
The MPD26 gives you 16 pads, six faders, and six knobs
to control your sound. The MPD18 has a streamlined
16-pad design.
Novation’s Launchpad S controller for Ableton sports
brighter, faster buttons — but the big news is that
it’s CoreMIDI compliant and can be powered by your
iPad. So you can take advantage of current and future
iOS-compatible music-making apps. Even if you don’t
use Live, you can use Launchpad S to map out plug-in
and sampler controls. It includes Novation’s renowned
software, which
helps you control
any plug-in
intuitively with
the Launchpad S.
ONLY $12/mo.
16-pad MIDI Controller...............List 499
16-pad MIDI Controller................List $39900
16-pad MIDI Controller................List $19900
ONLY $10/mo.
LaunchpadS 64-pad USB/iOS Controller.....List 249
Base II
Perfect Pads for Performing Electronic Musicians
Need an ultra-responsive set of drum pads in your favorite DAW? Base II has
you covered, with incredibly deep integration for Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio,
Propellerheads Reason and more. Nine LED touch faders dynamically update
your settings across every channel, handling huge studio projects with ease.
Equally at home on the stage, Base II fits easily into your laptop bag with a
rugged no-moving-parts design.
ONLY $14/mo.
DJ Controller..............................List 379
Guitar Wing
Control Your Software from Your Axe
Hate to take your hands off your instrument to tweak
settings with a mouse while recording or composing?
Put your MIDI control where you need it—on your
guitar! Livid presents the Guitar Wing, a wireless MIDI
controller you can attach to your guitar or bass with
absolutely no modification, and puts a full set of classcompliant MIDI controls right where your hands are.
Push Your Creativity to the Next Level
With a matrix of 64 fantastic-feeling touch-/velocitysensitive pads, eight multipurpose encoders, and all of
the dedicated controls you could ask for, Ableton’s Push
gives you all-access command over Live. Play virtual
instruments, track beats, step sequence, and navigate
with ease. The Push’s multicolored touch-sensitive pads
do a whole lot more than register velocity, allowing you
to control the expression of tonal instruments by varying
the pressure under your fingertips. But playing drums
and other virtual instruments is only the beginning.
Depending on the mode, this array of 64 pads lets you
control various parameters, trigger scenes, launch clips,
and sequence instruments. Push comes in three different
bundles: one including Live 9 Intro software, one with
Live 9 Standard, and one with Live 9 Suite. Be sure to call
your Sweetwater Sales Engineer to get all the details!
ONLY $18/mo.
PushL9intro Push + Live 9 Intro................List 599
PushL9stand Push + Live 9 Standard..............List $99800
PushL9suite Push + Live 9 Suite..................List $124800
A Powerful Creative Performance Tool
The Livid OhmRGB is ready for you to completely
customize to your favorite DAW and plug-in software. A
slew of faders, knobs, and multicolored LED buttons gives
you incredible control options, and not just for amazing
live electronic music performances. This well-equipped
controller is adept at managing large lighting rigs,
mixing visuals, and working in your studio. On top of
extensive hands-on control, the OhmRGB features an allmetal body with wood caps. The OhmRGB Slim trades
MIDI and footswitch I/O for a more compact design.
ONLY $23/mo.
DJ Controller..............................List 639
OhmRGBSlim DJ Controller...............................List $59900
Fueled by a rechargeable Li-ion battery, Guitar Wing
offers you hands-on
access to virtually any
parameter or control
in your favorite DAW,
virtual instrument,
or effects plug-in
software. It also
includes the FREE
Wing FX software in
standalone, VST, AU
and iOS formats for
instant playability.
ONLY $10/mo.
Guitar MIDI Controller............List 199
(800) 222–4700
Trigger Finger
Spark Your Creativity Anywhere You Go
Arturia’s SparkLE drum machine hooks you up with the same awesome groove-making
power as the original Spark, but with a more streamlined user interface and a smaller,
more portable footprint. Fueled by potent Spark2 software and a fantastic soundset,
SparkLE provides you with an incredible range of sample, synthesis, and physical
modeling you can use to create great-sounding beats on your Mac or PC. And thanks to
its smart and intuitive hardware layout, you’ll be laying down grooves in no time. This
hybrid groove workstation gives you the total flexibility of software and the hands-on
control of hardware. It comes absolutely loaded with killer sounds and samples as well
as a library of preset patterns to get you started. Whether you’re into house or hip-hop,
R&B or dubstep, SparkLE has you covered. And, with a near one-to-one correspondence
between its hardware controller and its software, SparkLE keeps you focused on the
music and your hand off
ONLY $10/mo.
the mouse.
SparkLE ....................................List $29900
MPC Renaissance
Great for Standalone
Performances — and
Plays Nice with Your DAW
Packed with all the features you’re
looking for in a pad controller,
the Trigger Finger Pro gives you outstanding performance at a very friendly price. Its
16 illuminated, velocity-sensitive pads give you the responsiveness you need to put your
inspiration to work. This box also comes equipped with the sliders and assignable buttons
and knobs you need to work with and manipulate sounds and create rhythms right
onboard — and inside your DAW. In fact, the Trigger Finger Pro includes Mackie Control/
HUI for mapping. Work with the built-in step sequencer’s 16 backlit keys. Put the 8GB
of awesome built-in sounds to work. Use the included Arsenal software to integrate the
Trigger Finger Pro with your DAW. This amazing package even includes VST instruments,
a drum sample player/editor, and Hybrid 3 by AIR Music Tech.
ONLY $10/mo.
Trigger Finger Pro............List $44900
MPC Studio
MPC Workflow Meets Your Computer’s Processing Power
A Super-portable MPC Hybrid DAW
Akai’s MPC Renaissance gives
you the feel and functionality
of a traditional MPC, plus the
processing power only your
computer can provide. In
addition to a set of genuine
MPC pads, the MPC Renaissance
hardware puts 16 Q-Link
encoders as well as classic MPC
Note Repeat, MPC Swing, and
MPC Transport controls right
at your fingertips, and you can
instantly call up the sound of
the MPC60, the MPC3000, and other vintage models. Even if you’re completely new to
the MPC workflow or groove production altogether, you’re going to love making and
performing music with the MPC Renaissance.
Akai Professional’s MPC Studio music
production system gives you the creative,
hands-on workflow of Akai Professional’s
MPC sampling groove workstations,
plus the power and flexibility only your
computer can deliver. Integrating with
your Mac or PC, MPC Studio combines
Akai’s versatile MPC software environment
with an ultra-portable MPC-style hardware
controller. With MPC Studio, you get the
experience of using a traditional MPC,
the advanced capabilities of a DAW, and
the freedom to work the way you like.
Designed with low-profile knobs, the MPC Studio controller fits easily in your laptop
case, letting you take your beat-creation studio anywhere. Its super-durable brushedaluminum body houses 16 backlit genuine MPC pads, plus a full set of MPC controls and
a large backlit LCD screen. In fact, the MPC Studio controller was built so that you can
create entire songs without ever looking at your computer.
ONLY $27/mo.
MPC Renaissance.....................List 1999
ONLY $15/mo.
Fun Pad Sampler for
On-the-go Producers
Essential MPC-style Control
ONLY $10/mo.
MPC Element.....................List 249
MPC Element
Get down to basics with Akai’s
MPC Element hybrid musiccreation system. Powered by
Akai’s MPC Essentials software,
which operates in standalone mode or as a
plug-in, the ultra-lightweight and totally portable MPC Element lets you
add real MPC feel and workflow to any music rig. This remarkably feature-rich system
includes 16 backlit, multicolor pads that are both pressure and velocity sensitive as well
as traditional MPC Swing and Note Repeat. USB delivers bus power, and special MIDI
cables provide universal hardware compatibility.
MPC Studio........................List $99900
Akai’s MPX16 sampler
builds on the original MPX8,
giving you more pads and an expanded set of
sound-shaping possibilities. Sample anything from MP3s to
your cheering audience easily thanks to the onboard stereo microphone
and external audio inputs, or you can import and export your sounds via the SD card
slot or USB, with drag-and-drop simplicity. A set of 16 velocity-sensitive, backlit trigger
pads featuring onboard effects options with top-panel controls makes performance fun.
And with full MIDI integration, you’ll get serious studio production power with an Akai
MPX16 sampler.
ONLY $10/mo.
MPX16......................................List $29900
Rhythm Wolf
Real Analog Drum and Bass
The Rhythm Wolf by Akai is
an analog drum machine and
bass synthesizer that’s easy
to integrate into any DJ or
production rig. It gives you
fully analog kick, snare, percussion,
and hi-hats, plus an analog bass synth with
your choice of square or saw oscillator waveforms.
Once you’ve got your sounds dialed in, you can trigger
sounds live on the MPC pads, with the built-in 32-step sequencer,
your DAW via MIDI, standard MIDI, or even with the analog gate input.
When you’re ready to sequence, you can play or program them in step-style on the
sequencer. And the Rhythm Wolf packs Akai’s classic MPC swing. On the fly, you can mute
parts, switch between two sequence variations, change the pattern length, and more. Once you’ve got a
pounding groove going, it’s hard to resist
ONLY $10/mo.
putting some hair on it with distortion.
BeatStep Pro
“Hands-on” Has a New Name
If you prefer hands-on hardware sequencing and work with a variety of
electronic music gear, Arturia’s BeatStep Pro is a dream come true.
Designed to play well with MIDI, USB, CV/Gate, and even DIN Sync platforms,
BeatStep Pro offers a combination of two independent sequencers, each
with 64 steps per sequence. There’s also a 16-track drum sequencer onboard
with real-time recording and old-school step sequencing available. Add in
performance effects, a looper, a randomizer, and tactile controls, and you
can see the power of the BeatStep Pro.
ONLY $10/mo.
BeatStepPro Controller & Sequencer..........List 299
USB/MIDI/CV Cont/Seq...............List 129
Rhythm Wolf....................List $29900
RC-505 Loop Station
A Powerful 5-track Tabletop Looper for All Musicians
A powerful loop-creation/playback tool that’s easy to use! BOSS’s RC-505 Loop Station is a
hands-on looper for all types of musicians. Whether you’re a club performer, a singer, a keyboardist,
or a beatboxer, you’ll love working with the RC-505; this is a powerful loop station integrated for
live performance. With simple hands-on control of five stereo phrase tracks and a multitude of loop
playback options, plus effects for both individual tracks and audio inputs, the RC-505 can do it all.
If you’re looking for a loop station that will make your performances stand out, the RC-505 Loop
Station is perfect for you.
ONLY $23/mo.
RC-505 Looper...........................List 799
Analog Four
The Elektron Analog Four is a welcome addition to
any modern production studio. This hybrid module takes
full advantage of both classic analog synthesis and topof-the-line digital technology. From its dual oscillators
to its beefy sub-oscillators, this 4-voice powerhouse gives
you a warm, punchy all-analog signal path. To provide
maximum stability and integration, the pitches are
regulated by robust digital clocking. The result is a real
analog synth that’s extremely tight and musical. But
that’s just the beginning. With infinitely variable wave
shapes and two filters surrounding an overdrive circuit
for each voice, the range of tone you can get from the
Analog Four is simply astonishing. Then you’ve got the
Analog Four’s modulation section, which is absolutely
packed with LFOs and envelopes you can use to add
motion to your sounds.
Here’s an easy approach to on-the-fly sampling. The
flexible Octatrack treats loops with 100% in-sync
elasticity. You can pitch shift them and change the tempo
of the device, but everything will remain strictly in place.
What’s more, you can mold single sounds into practically
any shape imaginable. Assign any parameter you want to
the optical crossfader for precision control.
Analog Four ........................List 1349
This amazing 6-track sampler isn’t just easy and
incredibly fun to use; it’s also totally portable and perfect
for both production and live work. An onboard flash card
gives you massive library storage, and the Octatrack’s
handy USB port allows for fast file transfers. When
you want to take complete control over your sounds
and make your projects come to life, the Octatrack is a
sampling essential.
ONLY $49/mo.
Analog Rytm
Innovative Sampler
Awesome Analog Synth/Sequencer
Octatrack.................................List 1349
Gotta have analog flavor when it comes to your drum
machine sounds? Then you’re in luck! The Elektron
Analog Rytm gives you eight analog drum voices,
each of which includes its own distortion circuit
and multimode filter (both analog, of course). The
master channel even includes analog distortion and
compression. But this box packs all that analog coolness
into a package that’s decidedly up-to-the-minute modern.
You can add samples to your sounds, and Elektron’s
renowned step sequencer lets you build phrases and
manipulate your rhythms. You’ll also love the Analog
Rytm’s 12 backlit drum pads, which are also velocity and
pressure sensitive. Call your Sales Engineer today and
find out more!
ONLY $49/mo.
Real Analog Drum Sounds and Effects plus
Onboard Sequencing — and More
AnalogRytm Analog Rytm........................List 1549
ONLY $57/mo.
(800) 222–4700
Electribe Sampler
Limitless Groove-creation Potential
ONLY $15/mo.
ElectribeS Electribe Sampler.......................List $55000
Electribe......................................List 550
Korg’s Electribe is back and seriously overhauled,
with a new workflow and music-creation options
to go with the matte gray makeover. There are two
models, the sample-based Electribe Sampler,
and the analog modeling/PCM synthesis-based
Electribe, While their sound-generation methods
are different, basic sequencing and workflow are
the same, which makes it easy to go from one to
the other. A 16-part sequencer, 16 velocity-sensitive
pads, and a KAOSS-style X-Y pad make songwriting a
bast. Sync ports let you integrate your Electribe with
your Volca modules, plus both Electribe versions can
run them on six AA batteries, so you can get creative
anywhere. And when you get back to your studio, you
can export your sessions, including all of your sounds, as
Ableton Live Sets for further in-the-box production.
Volca Sample
Sample Sequencer for Modern Synth Rigs
The Korg Volca Sample captures the fun and freedom of
an old-school sample sequencer in a format that’s perfect
for modern electronic musicians and modular synth
rigs. If you’re looking for a great way to take your groove
production out of the computer where you can really get
your hands on your sounds, then the Volca Sample is it.
ONLY $10/mo.
ONLY $10/mo.
Volca Sample................List $22400
Total Groove Monster
The Dave Smith Instruments Tempest is an all-in-one beat-creation machine, capable of synthesizing, sequencing,
and performing pattern-based, electronic music. This fantastic instrument, codesigned by the legendary Roger Linn, is
a studio and stage performer. Whether you want to tweak sounds in the studio or perform live with 16 velocity-sensitive
pads and 90 real-time controls, this is the drum machine for you. The backlit drum pads are arranged in a convenient 8
x 2 matrix, so you can use them for live sound triggering or step programming.
Each of the Tempest’s six analog voices has two analog oscillators plus two digital oscillators. You also get a massive bank
of included samples. The Tempest includes analog low-pass and high-pass filters, five envelopes, two LFOs, and incredibly
flexible modulation routings. You also get complete access to analog effects and processors, including compression and
tube-style saturation/distortion.
Tempest...................................List $219900
Korg’s Volca series takes down-to-basics, old-school
analog synth designs and delivers them in small, portable,
and utterly addictive modules that any electronic music
producer can appreciate. Drums, bass, and leads — the
Volca series has it all covered. Each module comes
equipped with detailed controls and a simple 16-step
sequencer. Best of all, you’ve got MIDI and Korg’s
pulse-based Sync I/O, making it easy to integrate your
Volca series analog synths with the rest of your gear. The
Volca Keys is a must-have 3-voice synth for any analog
synthesizer fans. It lets you stack notes to create chords
and offers very cool onboard effects. The Volca Beats
gives you the rich, powerful sound of analog percussion.
And the Volca Bass analog synthesizer is an ultraaffordable bassline synth that’s super-easy to program.
VolcaKeys Poly Analog Synthesizer..............List 224
Volca Sample comes loaded with 100 killer samples that
you can tweak, sequence, and automate all on the fly, with
cool functions such as reverse, swing, and reverb to keep things interesting. A custom iOS app lets you capture and
upload your own samples, and Korg’s sync I/O lets you combine the Volca Sample with your other Volca
and Electribe gear.
ONLY $75/mo.
Volca Series
Real Analog Modules Anyone Can Afford
Analog Drum Machine.................List 224
Analog Bass Synthesizer..............List $22400
Kaossilator Pro +
Tons of Music — at the Touch of a Finger
The Korg Kaossilator Pro + puts a synth in the palm
of your hand! Anyone — musician or not — will have
a blast getting instant results from this highly intuitive
and interactive instrument. With additional new sound
programs and drum sounds, Kaossilator Pro + has been
turbocharged to give you even more musical inspiration.
Create amazing sounds and phrases by tapping or sliding
your finger across the touchpad. Deploy 250 onboard synth
and drum sounds, four loop record banks, and tons of gate
arpeggiators for a crazy good time making multi-layered
music in any style — with the simple touch of a finger.
Korg’s KP3 + takes all that is great about the original
KAOSS Pad and pushes right to the cutting edge. Bands
such as Radiohead and Korn used the KAOSS Pad to
inject their music with a stiff dose of KAOSS, and now
(with the KP3 +) it’s easier than ever to integrate
touchpad-generated effects morphing and samples into
your performance. The KP3 effects combinations that
have become
staples have been
juiced, and rad
new features
have been added.
Ratchet your live
effects to a new
level, with the
Korg KP3 +.
ONLY $15/mo.
KOProPlus Kaossilator Pro Plus...................List 569
KP3 Plus.....................................List $48900
Flexibility for Your MIDI Rig
Thanks to iConnectivity’s MIDI interfaces that offer tons of flexibility
and routing using the Port Manager software, you get complete control over
routing MIDI data and audio signal. If you use a combination of an iPad, a DAW,
and outboard sound modules, then you need the networkable iConnectMIDI4+’s 64-port
USB MIDI interface for Mac, PC, and iOS. The iConnectMIDI2+’s 2 x 2 interface configuration is
perfect for using instruments on your iOS device and bringing MIDI and audio signal right into your
ONLY $10/mo.
DAW simultaneously.
iConnMIDI4L 4x4 MIDI Interface........................List $24999
2x2 MIDI Interface.........................List 99
Strategic Command over Your MIDI Rig
Backed up by the same innovative technology that powers the acclaimed MIDI Timepiece, the MIDI Express XT USB delivers the kind of top-level performance and fast speed you’ve
always wanted in your MIDI rig. A combination of eight inputs, eight outputs, SMPTE read/write, and 128 MIDI channels
ONLY $14/mo.
gives you the power and flexibility you need for the most demanding applications. Don’t need the synchronization or the
MIDIExpXTUSB 8x8 MIDI Interface....List $39500
standalone mode? Choose the MIDI Express 128.
8x8 MIDI Interface.....List $24900
micro lite
Works Great with All Your Gear
Built from the same technology found in MOTU’s flagship
MIDI Timepiece, the micro lite is a professional
MIDI interface that provides portable plug-and-play
connectivity to any USB-equipped Macintosh or Windows
computer. The micro lite takes full advantage of USB,
giving you high-speed MIDI throughput, sub-millisecond
timing accuracy, support for hot-swapping, and plugand-play expansion.
ONLY $10/mo.
5x5 MIDI Interface.....................List 149
MIDI Solutions Thru series of MIDI splitters give you
the fast, easy, low-tech way to configure your MIDI rig.
Simply plug your controller’s output into the Quadra
Thru splitter to send your commands to up to four
different MIDI-enabled devices at once — the Thru
triggers up to two. And there’s no routing app needed to
get your signal where you need it to be!
Simplify your rig with one of these Merger MIDI
combiners. It is your quick and easy way to send multiple
MIDI sources to the same MIDI input. Just plug the MIDI
outputs you need to merge into your Quadra Merge
or Merger. The advanced merging engine interleaves
all incoming signals, including MIDI clock and MIDI
timecode, without any noticeable latency.
Easy Solution for a Cleaner MIDI Rig
Quadra Thru.................................List 59
Thru..............................................List $4900
ONLY $10/mo.
Quadra Merge.................................
Merger..............................List $7900
One MIDI Interface for All
Your Gear
Bus-powered plug-and-play
convenience! The Uno in-line
MIDI interface comes with
its own USB and MIDI cables
built in, so you’ll never
lose them, and its 1-in/1-out
configuration gives you quick access to 16
MIDI channels.
1x1 MIDI Interface.......................List $4995
Quadra Merge
Low-tech MIDI Splitting
iRig MIDI 2
Handy In-line MIDI Interface with
9-foot Cable
Quadra Thru
With an IK Multimedia iRig MIDI 2, you
can add MIDI in, out, and thru capability
to your Mac, Windows PC, or iOS device. Just
attach the appropriate cable to your device,
and you’re good to go. No drivers, no special
voodoo, just pure class-compliant MIDI goodness. From
keyboards to control surfaces, the iRig MIDI 2 gets you the
reliable MIDI you need.
1x1 MIDI Interface.....................................
(800) 222–4700
Free up your
foot space
with extreme durability and robust
construction, the Omega keyboard stand
provides you with the rock-solid platform
your rig deserves.
Stacker for
Omega Stand
Is one keyboard
platform not
enough? You need
a Stacker for
Omega Stand
expansion. This sturdy
second-tier stand attaches in
minutes and gives you a wide range of
configuration options.
APEX® AX-48 Pro
The AX-48 Pro Plus 2-tier stand features
special end caps that provide storage for its
arms and legs during
transport. Cable channels
keep your keyboard
cords tucked away
during use, and it
includes a vocal
mic boom arm and a
carrying bag.
Stand out onstage with the AX-48 Pro!
You’ll swear by the easy setup, stability,
and lightweight, sturdy construction.
Rock two keyboards
without feeling like
you’re hiding behind
your setup, and it has
easy-storing arms and
legs for worry-free
APEX AX-48 Pro Plus
Workstation System
V-Stand Pro
Step into the 21st century with the
V-Stand Pro from Ultimate Support.
The V-Stand® Pro is
the next-generation
standard for live and
studio keyboard players
everywhere. With a
150-pound capacity, the
V-Stand Pro is perfect for
holding anything from
keyboards to mixers —
and much more.
You can trust Ultimate Support’s
heavy-duty IQ-3000. With its 300-pound
capacity, the IQ-3000 won’t flinch
while holding up your
heaviest stage piano.
With its patented Memory
Lock technology, nine height
positions, leveling end caps,
and reinforced struts,
this stand puts your
keyboard exactly where
you want it — and
keeps it there.
If light weight and a low profile are what
matter most about your rig, then you’ll
be hard pressed to find a finer 2-tiered
keyboard stand than
the IQ-2200. This
double-braced X-style
keyboard stand is
solid enough for your
heaviest keyboards
and easy to adjust to
suit your playing style.
A Frame
Keyboard Stand 2-tier Heavy-duty
Do you use multiple keyboards onstage or
Folding Z-Stand
in the studio? Put them exactly where you
Support up to 400
lbs. of sheer keyboard
rig with On-Stage
Stands’ mighty 2-tier
Heavy-duty Folding
Z-Stand. It’s ultrastable and folds up
small for easy transport,
yet it provides you
with enough space to
protect your knees.
need them, with this
A Frame Keyboard
Stand. Each of the
three tiers on this
stand holds up to 88
lbs., so you can easily
have three full-sized
keyboards at the ready.
And this all-aluminum
stand is both sturdy
and lightweight.
Ideal for keyboards, mixing consoles,
and project-studio setups, the Total
Workstation System houses all your
gear neatly and professionally — and
it’s height
for sitting
or standing
Heavy-duty Folding
Deluxe Doublebraced X-Stand
The single-tier
Heavy-duty Folding
Z-Stand from On-Stage
Stands makes setting up
fast and easy. It offers a
wide range of width and
height adjustments,
accommodating even
the largest keyboards
or digital pianos.
Constructed from solid
1.2" steel tubing and
capable of supporting up to
320 lbs. with ease, the On-Stage
Stands Deluxe Doublebraced X-Stand is one of
the sturdiest stands of
its kind on the market. Its
spring-loaded ERGOXStdDbl
LOK system also makes
setup a breeze.
Keyboard Stand
Convenient Platform-style Keyboard
Stand collapses for easy set up, tear
down, and storage, and you can use
the leveling
feet to easily
adjust for
any surface.
It’s ideal for
mixers and
other gear
The 5100X gives you
room to rock two keyboards
at once. This highly
adjustable, double-braced
design has rubberized
leveling feet and a
heavy-duty steel frame
that locks closed for easy
transport and storage.
The sturdiest X-stand
you’ll ever own!
The 2000X’s
double-braced design
holds your 88 weighted
keys or cool analog
synth, and can be
used while seated or standing thanks
to its easily adjusted
steel construction and GFWKEY2000X
rubberized leveling feet. $
This ultra-lightweight
X-stand 1-tier stand
can easily handle
keyboards up to 200
lbs., yet it takes up
virtually no room when
collapsed. That makes
it a solid choice for any
mobile rig where space
could be an issue.
GKPE Series
Gator’s G-Tour rugged tour-style
keyboard case features 5mm plywood
construction, with a tongue-and-groove
extrusion aluminum valance. This case
offers maximum
protection, with
ball corners,
recessed latches,
and more. Available
for 88-, 76-, and
61-key keyboards.
GKB Series
GK Series
Gator’s GKB Series cases are made of
durable 600-denier nylon, with plenty of
padding. Each case features adjustable
padded straps to keep your keyboard
locked in place, plus a large storage
pocket for all of your peripherals.
i Series
Gator’s GKPE Series cases are rugged
but light enough to make it easy to take
your keyboard on the road. TSA latches
keep these cases shut tight. Available for
88-, 76-, 61-, and 49-key keyboards.
As light as a gig bag yet rigid like a
typical hardshell case, Gator’s GK Series
softshell keyboard cases offer you the best
of both worlds. Inside, your keyboard is
cushioned by heavy padding. Outside,
there’s a large zippered pouch for cables,
a pedal, and other essentials.
Molded Cases
SKB’s i Series hardshell cases offer
military-strength protection for your
precious 49-, 61-, or 76-key controllers.
This portable
keyboard vault
won’t just keep
out moisture
— it’ll keep
out a flood!
SKB’s rugged Molded Cases feature
molded carry handles, fiberglass-reinforced
latches, and an integrated valance design.
Rollerblade-style end
wheels allow for easy
and a set of
locks take the
fuss out of flying.
Available in 88-, 76-, and
61-key versions.
GKC Series
Not just a case for your keyboard, the
Gator GK-LT-25W is a complete system
for transporting your entire keyboard rig.
Between its spacious main compartment
and its multitude of peripheral pockets,
there’s more than enough
space in the rolling GK-LT25W case for a 32-key
controller, your laptop,
and all your other
must-have gear.
No one can deny the nasty effect dust can
have on the health of your keyboard. Don’t
put yours at risk ­— protect your keyboard
with a Gator GKC Series dust cover. These
pliable soft covers are available in 88-, 76-,
and 61-key versions.
Deluxe Laptop Bag
Deluxe Overnight Bag
This weather-resistant Sweetwater bag
is ideal for mobile recording. You get
plenty of room for your interface, your
laptop, extra batteries, cables, and
even a
or two.
Haul your gear and show your Sweetwater
colors! This rugged bag safely carries
your gear from gig to gig. The exterior is
constructed of high-impact nylon material
with super-size zippers and web handles.
Deluxe X-Style
Keyboard Bench
A top-of-the-line portable keyboard
bench with no equal! The Deluxe
X-Style Keyboard
Bench combines
a 3" cushion,
which provides
exquisite comfort for
hours of play, with a
spring-loaded doubledeadbolt locking
system, for maximum
safety and total peace
of mind.
Economy Keyboard
Gig Bag
Zippered gig bag for keyboards,
controllers, or whatever else you need.
Rugged nylon exterior and padding resist
dust and damage.
The RB1 features high-quality wood
construction with a stunning rosewood
finish, offering
solid support
for years of use.
Its thick padded
seat includes
hidden air vents
for comfort and
long wear. With
its elegant design,
the RB1 is a
first-class piano bench. RB1Bench
Throne with
This padded Throne with
Backrest is great for
drummers, keyboard
players, and guitarists.
It’s lightweight for easy
transport, and the seat is
covered in rugged
vinyl to stand up to
touring needs. This
throne is handy in the
studio as well.
Compatible with all Yamaha keyboards as
well as other keyboards that use normally
closed polarity, the FC3 damper-style
keyboard pedal gives you natural-feeling
control and expression. It even supports
half-dampening when connected with
a keyboard or a digital piano capable of
half-damper pedaling.
Small, square, and totally portable, the
Roland DP-2 keyboard-style sustain pedal
is compatible with most Roland, Yamaha,
and Kawai keyboards and pianos, as well as
many others.
(800) 222–4700
Rotary Vibe Without
the Weight
Using a real rotating horn, the compact Pro-3X provides that true
swirling tone where it’s most critical: the mids and highs. You can also use its adjustable
low-rotor simulator with an existing keyboard amp to create a rich sound experience
without the cost and the weight of a large cabinet system! The Pro-3X includes a FET
preamp with variable Class A, AB, and B modes, for great tubelike sound that can range
from crystalline to gritty, and its rotating horn includes a treble and a middle EQ. A fast/
slow/stop speed control lets
ONLY $30/mo.
you manage horn speed.
Complete Dual-rotor
Mechanical System
Today’s software simulations are
fairly convincing, but when it
comes to ultra-realistic rotary
speaker effects, there’s really
nothing like the real deal!
The Motion Sound PRO-145
serves up that classic, swirlicious
vibe in a powerful, versatile package that packs 200 watts RMS: 70 watts for the rotary HF
horn and 130 watts for the rotary bass drum.
The PRO-145’s preamp section boasts a 12AX7 tube with adjustable bias trim for tweaking
your overdrive, while adjustable front-panel fast/slow and acceleration/deceleration
controls make the PRO-145 one of the most flexible rotary speakers available.
The PRO-145 delivers the ultimate organ sounds, but it’s also fantastic on synths, guitars,
and just about anything else you’d care to put through it. If you want the ultimate rotary
speaker experience, there’s only one way to go!
200W, 1-ch Kbd Amp...............List $199500
ONLY $64/mo.
2101 mk2
Leslie Sound in a Compact Unit
Want that unmistakable Leslie rotating
speaker sound and character but need a
compact, stage-friendly solution? Plug
into the 2101 mk2! You get genuine
Leslie rotating speaker performance, while an array of input and output options make
the 2101 mk2 a very flexible performer. Adjust speed settings and save them. Choose
combinations of this amp’s rotary and two stationary channels. You can even use this
amp’s MIDI connectivity to control several of its functions from your keyboard! There’s a
50-watt amplifier for its rotary section plus an individual 75-watt amp for each of its two
stationary channels. Its onboard tube preamp and overdrive circuit give you everything
from thick warmth to
ONLY $68/mo.
classic grit.
200W, 3-ch Kbd Amp...............List 1995
Perfect Amp for Your Keyboard Rig
Genuine Leslie quality — in a stationary
keyboard amp! The 200-watt 2121 features a
3-channel mini mixer that’s perfect for running
your keyboards, synths, or MIDI rack through.
This amp’s 15" woofer and horn tweeter give you
full sound, without sacrificing detail; you’ll get
the most out of your keyboard when you plug
into this amp. Sculpt your sound with a 2-band
EQ and add your favorite external effects via
the insert jack. A sturdy cabinet and heavy-duty
casters make the Leslie 2121 a real road warrior.
200W, 3-ch Kbd Amp...List 1495
ONLY $49/mo.
45W, 1-ch Kbd Amp...................List $99500
Get 3D Sound in a 500-watt
Stereo Combo
Give your keyboard the kind of lush
dimensional amplification it deserves!
Modern keyboards are capable of
creating big room-enveloping stereo
sounds; what they need is the right amp. The folks at Motion Sound created the
KP-500SN to give your keyboard real three-dimensional sound from a compact
combo. Thanks to its angled cabinet, powerful 500-watt output, and stereo preamps, the
KP-500SN delivers true stereo sound with plenty of depth. The onboard proprietary 3D
expander control expands the stereo image into a fantastic 3D sound that you just have
ONLY $49/mo.
to hear to believe.
500W, 2-ch Kbd Amp...............List $169500
Studio 12
Portable Leslie Performance
The 100-watt Studio 12 gives you the great
sound you expect from a true Leslie speaker, in
an enclosure that’s surprisingly compact and
easy to move. Equipped with a rotating horn
and a 12" woofer, the Studio 12 gives you that
unmistakable swirl and beautiful depth that
made the original so sought after. Designed for
keyboards, but with a 1/4" input for virtually
any instrument, the Leslie Studio 12 combo
amplifier is the most gig-ready Leslie yet.
100W, 2-ch Kbd Amp...............List 1795
ONLY $57/mo.
Tap Into That Unmistakable Leslie
Rotating Vibe
Enjoy the Leslie legacy! Leslie’s 3300 provides
that legendary rotating speaker sound, in an
easy-to-transport single-channel package that’s
designed to take the rigors of live touring. The
3300 includes a 2-speed horn rotor plus a bass
rotor with a 15" woofer powered by a 300-watt
solid-state amp with a real tube preamp. You
can connect this amp to most current electronic
organs and keyboards for classic room-filling
Leslie sound.
300W, 1-ch Kbd Amp...............List $279500
ONLY $94/mo.
Spacestation V.3
Spacious Stereo Sound, from a Single Great Combo
For more info call or go to
Plug your keyboard or other stereo source into the Spacestation V.3 and experience an
immersive sound you — and your audience — will fall in love with. This tri-amped front
co-ax combo uses patented Center Point Stereo technology with a front woofer, a midrange driver,
a side-mounted speaker, and a tweeter to deliver all the fullness and detail you demand from your
live sound — in true, wide-ranging stereo. The Spacestation V.3’s ultra-wide 300-degree dispersion
maximizes your sounds and effects. By encoding the left and right signals and turning them into mid
and side signals, the Spacestation V.3 gives you a stunning 3D sound experience you won’t believe is
coming from a single enclosure.
The Spacestation V.3 works incredibly well with keyboards, stereo synths, electronic drum kits, and a
wide range of other instruments. This ultra-portable combo also includes a subwoofer output, so you
can expand your sound further for live applications. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today and
take your stereo sound into a whole new dimension.
ONLY $23/mo.
Spacestation3 280W Stereo Amp........................List $89999
Performance and Versatility
The KXD amps join the Ultratone
line, providing powerful 700-watt
sound and onboard effects in two
sizes that are perfect for gigging
keyboardists! This versatile keyboard
amp is bi-amped and comes loaded
with Turbosound speakers — a 12" driver in the KXD12 and a 15" driver in the KXD15
— and 1" high-frequency drivers. But you also get a 4-channel stereo mixer with a
7-band graphic EQ, the Behringer FBQ feedback detection system, and a professional,
studio-quality Klark Teknik effects processor with 100 presets, giving you amps with
great sound and full PA functionality that is perfect for your rehearsals and small gigs.
600W, 4-ch Kbd Amp.................List $52499
700W, 4-ch Kbd Amp..................List $67499
Find Your Perfect Multichannel
Keyboard Amp Here
40W, 3-ch Kbd Amp...................List $44400
30W, 3-ch Kbd Amp....................List $46900
65W, 4-ch Kbd Amp....................List $56100
120W, 4-ch Kbd Amp..................List $70300
180W, 4-ch Kbd Amp..................List $90900
320W, 5-ch Kbd Amp................List $139350
ONLY $10/mo.
KC Series
Ever play a gig where the stage area is
too small for everyone to bring amps, or
even too small for a full-blown PA? The
Behringer Ultratone compact amps sport
onboard mixers, and deliver full-spectrum
sound for everything from bass to keys to
guitars and vocals. The 45W Ultratone
K450FX and 90W K900FX each have three channels
and 5-band EQ. The K450FX rocks a single 10" woofer, while the
K900FX sports a 12" woofer plus a 1" tweeter. For larger gigs, choose the 180W
K1800FX or the 300W K3000FX , each with four channels and 7-band EQ. The
K1800FX is fitted with a 12" woofer; the K3000FX a 15" Both have 1" tweeters.
These KC keyboard amps are rugged,
awesome sounding, and affordable!
The 3-channel KC-60, for example,
includes a dedicated microphone input,
an auxiliary (RCA) input, a 2-band EQ,
and 1/4" line inputs. Its 10" speaker and
tweeter combine to deliver full-range
40-watt sound. We offer a wide range of
KC combos, in different wattages, speaker
ONLY $14/mo.
sizes, and feature sets.
Call today to find the
one that fits you best.
Ultratone Series
ONLY $14/mo.
45W, 3-ch Kbd Amp...................List 299
90W, 3-ch Kbd Amp....................List $37499
180W, 4-ch Kbd Amp..................List $44999
300W, 4-ch Kbd Amp..................List $59999
KB Series
These Keyboard Amps Also
Make Great Mini PA Systems
Need a quality keyboard amp that
doubles as an ultra-portable PA
system? Take your pick from this pack
of Peaveys! The KB1 pumps 20 watts
through its 8" extended-range speaker.
The 3-channel KB2 doubles the
wattage, providing 40 watts via a 10"
speaker. The KB3 delivers 60 watts of
clean power through its 12"
speaker with tweeter. Need
even more power? Choose
either the 75-watt KB4 or
the 150-watt KB5.
ONLY $10/mo.
20W, 2-ch Kbd Amp...................List 169
40W, 3-ch Kbd Amp....................List $32999
60W, 3-ch Kbd Amp....................List $39999
75W, 4-ch Kbd Amp....................List $56999
150W, 4-ch Kbd Amp..................List $77999
We’re the Source for All Your
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• Over 1,000 high-quality cables from 40 manufacturers.
Go to
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cable you’re looking for.
Select the first connector for
your cable.
Sweetwater is your one-stop source for all of your cable needs.
We carry a huge assortment of the cables you need for your studio
or live rig, ranging from guitar cables to mic cables, stage snakes to
digital cables. Even hard-to-find cables are usually in stock and ready
to ship, with cables from over 40 manufacturers such as Mogami,
Monster Cable, Pro Co, Hosa, Planet Waves, Apogee, and more! Our
knowledgeable Sales Engineers will help you find the cables you need.
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