Self Defence With a Stick

Self Defence With a Stick
Self Defense
with a stick
R&M Michael
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The techniques described and illustrated in this manual
represent the authors personal preference for the use of the
walking stick or cane for personal self defence. The use of
these techniques is completely at the risk of the user, and
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any event that may result from their use. The manuscript
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This small volume was originally published under a different title. The reason why it
was changed was because it became the subject of attacks by cyber-lunatics, who being
the only and final arbiter of all things, objected to us referring to ourselves and other
oldies in a wording they decided was demeaning to us( its for our own good, accept it
or be punished). They objected to us passing comments about their beloved socialist
politicians and their social engineering of society to favour the guilty over the innocence.
Oh yes, and they don’t approve of humour either! We have not made any changes to
please them, simply to make it more difficult for them to trawl the web looking for
words they do not find sufficiently pious within their objectionable religion of political
correctness. And if they ever do catch up again, we don’t believe in Global Warming
either, so there. Although we have to agree with the phrase we saw recently, “Save the
world, it may be the only planet with chocolate”. To those who have already read it
under its former title we apologise for the inconvenience, but hey, its free anyway.
Why this was written
After 40 years of being a karateka, that is to say someone who practises Karate, not a type of
parrot. (I am not an expert, there is no such thing, it is a constant process of learning) and like
most who follow the martial arts, have added on odd bits of other disciplines such as Kung Fu
and Aikado. Because of this I have always felt secure within myself and confident physically.
A few short years ago, ( and they are getting shorter, the weeks certainly are, we seem to move
from Monday straight to Friday missing a whole lot of days out in between and then its the
weekend on us again, and nothing worth watching on the television) I suffered a number of
health set backs, including several operations on the legs, and suddenly I was too stiff and slow
to feel confident of taking on anyone physically. This can be quite a downer, a change in self
image from not having anything to prove, able to say to anyone, “go ahead ,if that’s what you
really feel you want to do”, knowing that the next stage of their aggressive behaviour would be
enacted from a position somewhere on the ground. Change this to a situation where any girl
guide appearing on the doorstep waving some sort of sponsorship form, coupled with the threat
of kicking my lights out if I won’t sign and cough up, could be absolutely sure of winning any
altercation we may have about the matter ( if you think the girl guides around here are pushy,
you should meet their mothers).
After seeing a news item on the television about pensioners being taught to defend themselves
with walking sticks I decided to do a bit more research. I had done a bit of baton training
some years ago ( yes I was a cop at one time, back in the days when serving the public and not
persecuting them was the central core of policing, and before upholding at any cost, the human
rights of a miscreant to terrorise the public, would have got you a well needed rest in a mental
asylum) so I was not entirely without some knowledge in the subject area.
The Current state of Self Defence for the Elderly
The more I researched self defence classes, videos on u-tube books by Barton-Wright , Lang,
Cunningham and others, the more it became apparent, that to complete the moves suggested a
person would have to be fit and well trained enough not to require a stick to have to defend with
in the first place.
Example: Thrust your stick between your antagonists upper arm and body, move around to the
side of them, hooking the crook of the walking stick around the arm. Now raise the stick so
that it moves their arm to a position behind their back. Now grasping the crook of the stick in
one hand and the other end in the other, apply forward pressure to force them to their knees.
What they do not mention is that the protagonist would have to be very patient to be be
prepared to wait while you insert the stick between their body and arm, then wait some more
while you move around them and lock the crook of the stick around the arm. Oh and I almost
forgot a bit slow witted as well as being a bit puny. It is rather cruel to take advantage of this
type of vulnerable person and their good nature, not to mention that they were probably fairly
inoffensive anyway. If it is really urgent that you get rid of them, you could say that you are
David Beckham’s Grandfather and offer to sign an autograph if they promise to leave you alone.
Other equally improbable moves involve reversing the stick, hooking an ankle and suddenly
jerking it upwards to send someone sprawling, it is a fact that a persons leg is much stronger
than their arm and unless you have the strength and speed of a well practised athlete with very
strong arms you can only hope that your opponent does not flex the hooked leg and send you
Self Defence with a stick for Seniors 1
sprawling instead. Yet another fallacy is that kicking someone in the testicles is easy, if that were
the case then the kick with the instep would be the main karate kick - it is not. The favoured
kick is to various targets up the front of the torso and delivered with the ball of the foot and the
toes flexed back out of the way. One of the suggested strikes with the stick is slip it in between
the legs of an opponent (willing to stand still long enough) and flick it up into the testicles. In
actual fact this works well only if you don’t really want to hurt him much, it may annoy a bit
and cause him to start swearing at you and want to know what the hell you think you are doing
you mad old F**T, but sorry to say you probably can not work up enough momentum to do
anything disabling, even if you could get the positioning and placement right, and use a levering
action as I have seen suggested.
Most stick defence demonstrations in systems like Tai Chi and Kung Fu cane are nice to
watch but not very practical for most people, what is needed is to be able to learn something
that doesn’t involve enormous leaps, kicks and a speed that if you had you wouldn’t need a
stick. ( Also we older people would have to beware of spontaneous human combustion when
performing some of these vigorous moves. It has started to worry me quite a bit lately, that’s
why I sit in a chair, watch Television a lot, and try not to move unnecessarily) Something is
needed that doesn’t involve learning a lot of routines and attending endless classes. I am not
knocking the classes they are quite often a good social occasion. Personally I would prefer to
learn something that became effective straight away and allowed me to beat the living bejasus
out of anyone threatening me, make his day at least as miserable as he would have liked to have
made mine. For this reason I have picked out just two moves, and two retrieval methods should
you be unfortunate enough to have your stick seized by an antagonist, and really would like it
back before he takes it off you completely, and wallops the living daylights out of you with it.
Self defence and the Law ( for what little there is left of it)
Let me first cover a few legal points and a little bit of history. Firstly you must never admit
that your stick is anything but an aid to balance and walking. If a member of the police force
ever tells you that it is an offensive weapon, point out that an offensive weapon is where it is
constructed or adapted solely for the purpose of being used as offensive. Anything that may
have another use, that happens to be used or could be used for an offensive purpose, can at
best be classed as an offensive instrument not a weapon. It may even be that a pen knife or
table knife may actually only be classed as an instrument and therefore be perfectly legal to
carry on your person. It comes down to intended purpose. I have had people say to me that
they have been thinking of getting hold of a sword stick, nay and thrice or even more times
nay I say to you, for that is an offensive weapon even if you state to whoever is just lusting
to arrest you that it is just for defence. The offence is to be in possession of an offensive
weapon. You are however allowed to use anything that comes to hand to defend yourself
if you are in fear of your life or in fear for someone else’s. If your stick is handy and by
coincidence you get in a couple of lucky blows purely by accident then all well and good you
are a plucky hero pensioner. Never be tempted to go in front of a television camera or speak
to a local reporter and tell how well you were trained for just such an incident as this, and
that young louts in the district had better watch out, you will be looking for them. Better to
say that you were in the catering corps and that you were trained to kill, using only your bare
unwashed hands and a dose of salmonella, you are in fact a second grade black ladle.
2 Self Defence with a stick for seniors
When you see a city gent (unless that is a contradiction in terms these days) with a rolled up
newspaper you may be looking at a most potent weapon being carried right out in the open, it
should be used for a hard jab in the gut, it is very effective, anyone being on the receiving end of
that will be lucky to avoid emergency surgery for peritonitis. Think for a moment, the walking
stick has a much smaller end profile than the rolled up newspaper and therefore will have a
correspondingly greater pressure in pounds per square inch when it strikes. Think about the
damage a stiletto heel will do to a wooden or lino floor when compared to a normal heel. The
rule is, for a given amount of force the greater will be the pressure in PSI the smaller the area of
If you do get accosted by a uniformed representative of the nanny state who wants to take your
stick away from you, inform them that it is an essential aid to your stability and deprived of
it you would most likely fall over and hurt yourself. If they persist, then I am sure that as you
have only been telling the truth, you are more than likely to actually fall over and start yelling as
loud as possible, and of course any attempt to move you before the paramedics and ambulance
get there will put you in danger of greater injury. You should always inform everyone who will
listen including the misguided enforcers of the will of the all powerful state, that you have the
intention of not only suing, but also that your human rights have been violated, you consider
you have been assaulted and discriminated against as a disabled person, not to mention illegal
seizure of your property. Remember that the political correctness, so beloved of those who have
brought about the situation where you have been forced to look after your own defence, and of
those who happily serve them, is two edged. And whatever you do never accept a caution from
the police so they can give you a criminal record, without bothering with the inconvenience of
going to court, giving you your legal rights and perhaps not having sufficient points of proof
for a conviction. Nor let some lazy incompetent of a lawyer persuade you to plead guilty of
something, just so he can collect his fee with minimum effort.
Its Nothing New!
The situation where the law is no longer being applied because some people who have taken
charge have their heads mounted on back to front is not new. It seems to run in around about
100-150 year cycles. The last two occasions occurred in the 18th century and again 19th
century. I have a gentleman’s dress cane owned by my great grandfather. I gather that he learned
to use it at a self defence school formed by a Mr E W Barton-Wright and was instructed by a Mr
Pierre Vigny (both famous names). The cane itself has a light but strong shank made of malacca.
It originally had a steel ferule and a bone handle. The handle started to craze and the ferule
somehow got lost. I replaced the head with one I made out of iroko (An African hardwood
from completely sustainable sources, felled by native peoples using only blunted stone axe heads
so they can’t cut themselves, who are part of a fair trade agreement and fed entirely on organic
and non genetically modified muesli, and suitably patronised at every opportunity, and no extra
carbon footprint was produced in the making of the head. I just thought you would like to know
that.) The ferule I was able to replace without difficulty. I can only trust that it was made from
recycled non nuclear submarines, and everyone will live happily ever after.
Like most other people I assumed that this stick was just a fashion accessory of the day and a bit
of an affection. Not so, I eventually discovered on researching the matter, that the lawlessness on
Self Defence with a stick for Seniors 3
London’s (and probably every other city) streets was created by the same type of wrong headed
attempt at social engineering as we have today, and was out of control. The authorities either
would not, or could not enforce the law and chose, just like today, not to do the job they were
elected for and being handsomely paid to do, and chose instead to follow an agenda of their own
which involved preventing people who were not being protected, from protecting themselves.
This was a direct repeat of the situation that prevailed in a part of the 18th century. In both
situations people were prevented from carrying sword sticks and such was the alarm of the
authorities that people were attempting to defend themselves, in the 18th century they tried to
even ban walking sticks but settled for just insisting that anyone carrying a walking stick have a
permit. Something similar happened in the late Victorian period but such was the outcry that
they were forced abandon plans to ban or licence walking sticks.
During the late 19th century, stick self defence schools sprang up all over, some better than
others and some even catering for genteel ladies of good quality and using umbrellas. Although it
has to be said that the methods shown were very much the type of defences that involved ankle
and wrist locks and various throws which would have only worked if the assailant were either
drunk or so taken by surprise they were unable to react, and the lady in question was perhaps
the all Japan Ju-Jitsu ladies champion on a good day. It’s interesting to note that an unbreakable
umbrella is now being carried by a number of security men who are trained to use them (and
not just to keep their charges dry) when visiting countries where they are not allowed to carry
more obvious weapons. They don’t have an excuse for carrying a walking stick (who’s going
to believe that anyone employs only disabled bodyguards under some sort of mad diversity
considerations) so a brolly does just fine.
Getting back to the late 19th century, even a light malacca cane like my great grandfather’s,
in the right hands would be a formidable instrument. It is probable that far less people were
trained in the use of the stick or walking cane than actually carried them, but in the mind of
the miscreant the uncertainty factor would have come into play. If you were, what was termed
in those days a ruffian, are you going to risk accosting someone carrying a cane when it was
common knowledge that a lot of people had undergone training, and find out too late, that you
have just made the worst decision of your life by betting everything on the possibility that your
victim really was one who hadn’t any training? A well handled cane or stick will break an arm
or a leg and is almost as effective as a sword. Drive a malacca cane, steel tipped, with some force
into someone’s stomach and it will in all probability penetrate quite a way through. The message
then is this, forget sword sticks and samurai swords (even kept in the bedroom and claiming
that you only had it there to keep the wife in line) A stick is an ideal and legal instrument of self
defence. In the book by H G Lang he says that weight should be sacrificed to speed if weight
will affect manoeuvrability, and I have to say that having used both a stick and a baton, a stick is
actually a more effective weapon than a heavy riot baton. OK I know you probably think I am
rambling on a bit and not getting to the meat of the subject, old people are allowed to do this,
and if you are not an old person yourself, what are you doing reading this, go away.
What type of stick
I have found that the best type of stick to defend with is either a ball or knob end stick ,or one
commonly called a crutch head ( the knob or ball end is not for striking with). Whilst the
4 Self Defence with a stick for seniors
derby style head is more attractive to look at, and hangs on things well, including an arm, the
hook at the end of the handle can get caught on a the hand or a sleeve. Many people will go
for a hooked or widened hook cane for defence because it can be used for hooking around a
protagonists neck to draw them into a chop, Kung Fu short punch, leg hook, elbow thrust,
spectacular throw or wrist lock and controlled take down , and it seems to be the favourite Kung
Fu cane. All very impressive indeed, but if you are that good, you don’t need a cane. In a real
situation because you don’t need it, you would probably not have it with you anyway, and have
available a whole series of conventional moves you have been just dying to try out. My advise to
a person who actually needs a cane or stick, forget the stick with a crook, it only gets in the way
when used for defence. What the stick is made of is of some interest also and is discussed later.
Some points to bear in mind.
Try to always keep your stick out of the reach of your opponent, having to re-take control
of it wastes time, and leaves you vulnerable to the attacks of others just waiting on the sidelines
to show how brave they are.
In a Karate or Kung Fu strike, speed is what does the damage, the same applies for a stick.
Try to use subterfuge or distraction. Give the wrong signals. It actually takes a longer
time than people realise to anticipate an action and form a plan. Psychologists play pointless
little games to determine response times, which they usually find is about half to three quarters
of a second, however these times relate to a person wound up like a spring, ready and aware of
exactly what is about to happen, and how they are expected to react. In real life it is usually over
2 seconds, and if a game plan has been formed by the mind, even in the subconscious, it takes
time to realise that it is the wrong plan and substitute another. This can take up to 5 seconds or
cause even a complete freeze up. There is a lot of good hitting time in five seconds.
Keep it simple, and really mean it, never bluff. If you are squeamish about hurting
somebody who is trying to hurt you or yours, forget it, hire a bodyguard, or hand over your
possessions, take your beating and pretend you are being very noble, and liberal.
Try to keep your mind calm, and control your breathing. Don’t get over exited, try to
view things as dispassionately as possible, you will make mistakes if you do not. Watch a couple
of street brawlers, they swing a lot of punches, but very few of them actually land with any
success. It is usually just one lucky punch that eventually ends it. A trained fighter stays calm
and focused and finishes it with the first one.
If it is obvious that violence is going to happen, have your game plan already pre rehearsed, try to get in the first strike, make it as dispassionate as possible, and make it a really
good one.
In any group or gang action there will be one loud-mouth leader, he usually has two
less brave henchmen,( this is a well known group dynamic for gang structures) the rest are just
hangers on. Floor the leader before he is ready for it, by this time you should have been able
to pick out the henchmen, go for the mouthiest or most senior in the pecking order next, his
mate will generally not be a problem. The things which give him authority in the group have
been removed he is now a nothing. Then pick on individuals and offer them some of the same
if they would like it. Turn your attention very quickly on one after the other, at the same time
advancing on each individual. They are not brave and by isolating them one at a time, by
making them the subject of the moment, you can start the herd panic type reaction and they
will probably just melt away. Recheck at intervals during this time to make sure that if the
Self Defence with a stick for Seniors 5
leader is not still down, or already run away, he is not trying to get up, he may try to salvage
his lost control. If he is getting up, don’t hesitate, hit him again. This will also reinforce your
standing as being much more ruthless and tough than they believe their leader is, if they fear
him they will fear you this will probably lead to a complete rout
If you are attacked by a gang all at once, remember there are only so many that can show
their courage and manhood at one time, this is a limit imposed by space available at the tearing
apart of the prey. Some will dart in, try to strike and then withdraw. The actual limit at any one
time is about 5 but they will be getting in each other’s way, so that comes to a more practical
number of about three. Watch one of the videos made on CCTV and shown on TV, and study
the attack pattern, after all, they say these are shown not as entertainment, but education, use
them as such.
The Circular strike.
The position to start for this move is either Figure
1 or Figure 2. Raise your stick up to one of the
positions shown. In any case if you are starting from
figure 1. you will be passing through figure 2 as the
sweep continues, it just gives extra distance and speed.
(These positions were originally designed as upper
and cross guard for those fighting others with sticks
or swords) There are two reasons for needing as much
distance of travel as available. The whole point of the
exercise is to inflict a disabling blow with your first
strike. This is produced from creating as much speed
as possible. People used to ask me what were the
secrets of karate. I used to say several years of training,
making sure to live a good clean life and keeping
your bowels open. But if I were to be pushed into
defining one thing that everything else in the execution of strikes depended upon, the answer
would have to be speed of delivery, as much of it as possible. Speed relies on momentum and
this like an aircraft taking off or vehicle accelerating, is built up over distance. The further
the the distance the stick is allowed to travel the faster it will be moving when it strikes. Mass
is a two part equation, you can interchange speed for weight and at the point of impact the
effect is the same. A fairly light stick moving very fast does the same, if not more damage than
a heavier stick moving slower. Personally I favour the best of both worlds, a reasonably heavy
walking stick moving very fast. Fibreglass or carbon fibre sticks are very strong, but not heavy,
so would require a lot more speed to compensate, perhaps more than you can provide to be
really effective. Wood is best, to mention just a few, blackthorn, hickory, oak, beech and Ash
are reasonably sturdy with sycamore being a bit lighter . Basically choose something that you
can wield without being awkward for you. The second advantage these starting positions give
is deception. Most people will assume you are going for the head, but a head strike would not
have gained as much momentum, and it would also make your stick vulnerable to interception,
and you have already alerted your protagonist where the blow is intended to land. Instead we
take the stick in a circular trajectory which not only carries it well out of reach to the side, but
allows speed to build.
6 Self Defence with a stick for seniors
Look at figures 3 and 4 these represent the stick building up speed
on a circular and slightly diagonally inclined downward path. In fact
if you are applying the build up
of the strike correctly the stick
should hum or whistle (if it starts
to sing or tell jokes, you would
be advised to sober up before
attempting to beat the crap out of
The target should be the side of the knee joint, seen
being struck in figure 5. Properly struck it should break
or dislocate the joint and seriously take the attacker out
of any future contention. If he is only slightly out of it
and attempts to get up, don’t hesitate, it is you or him.
Use the same strike a second time. You could go for the
neck, but beware this strike can be lethal. The reasons
why we should regard the side of the knee joint as a
primary target are several. Of course the best method for
both surprise and speed may be to simply take the stick from a rest position, (held in the right
hand resting the tip on the ground) and bring it up in one movement so the hand circles the
head building speed all the time until it impacts with the side of the opponents knee joint. Just
make sure that you do not accidentally impact your own head.
The Knee joint is very vulnerable to damage when struck with a side on force
Damage to this joint is very painful
No one will seriously consider trying to do anyone damage after suffering anything from
dislocation to fracture of this joint
To intercept your blow, your opponent will only be able to do so at about the point of
impact, and by bending slightly, the stick has been well out of his reach and building up speed
on its circular journey. If he tries to intercept, by this time it is practically all over. The hand
and wrists are more vulnerable to injury than most people realise. In any case after giving him a
broken wrist or hand, provided you have not been put off by the screams, bring the stick up to
position 1 or 2 and go for the knee again. They say that practice makes perfect, so you should be
even better at it the second time. If a job is worth doing it is worth doing properly.
You want five? Don’t be greedy, you probably won’t remember the ones you already have
You are likely to hear or read about all kinds of strikes against a knife or gun, most are aimed at
the wrist or the inside of the arm. But what if you miss? And in any case it is more likely that
Self Defence with a stick for Seniors 7
you will signal your intentions for your strike set up. Why does it have to be the hand holding
the knife? A good fast moving strike to the side of the knee should be more than enough
encouragement to forget any intentions of knifing or shooting you. As I have said before,
reaction time to form the decision to shoot or lunge or slash with a knife, will probably take
about two seconds or more. The good old knee strike will already be well on its way before he
even starts to comprehend where it is aimed. The shock of a hard whack to the knee joint will
concentrate the mind so well on the pain being inflicted, that I guarantee the only thing on his
mind will be screaming for his mum. Forget fancy, go for effective.
The Thrust
The only other strike you will need is the thrust. A karate or kung fu punch to the stomach can
rupture the gut and seriously injure or kill. The things that produce the effect required are speed
of delivery, and the striking area. The actual strike is made with one or two knuckles. Convert
this knowledge into use of the stick.
There are a number of ways suggested to get into the best position for the thrust, some are very
impressive to look at, and there are also a number of suggested targets and methods of striking.
In fact Mr Pierre Vigny taught students to switch the stick to the left hand at the centre, grasp
the end with the ferule with the right hand and strike with the handle (usually a ball). Then
grasp the centre of the stick with the left hand again and change ends with the right so the ferule
could be used for a jab. This was supposed to happen with great rapidity,even changing hands
behind the back. Its quite interesting to watch and looks very graceful.
May I suggest that the most simple will work best. Go straight to it, starting
as in figure 6 representing a normal stance,
figure 7 shows the stick
being brought up and
figure 8 caught by the
left hand.
Fig 6
Fig 7
Fig 8
Bring the stick back as far as you can as in, figure 9 remember distance
gives speed and speed is what matters.
8 Self Defence with a stick for seniors
Fig 9
Fig 10
Fig 11
Then thrust using both hands if you are close in as in figure10 and if you need extra reach allow
the stick to continue being propelled forward by the right hand and allowing it to slide through
the left as in figure 11 The sharper and faster the jab the more useful power will be generated at
the end doing the convincing.
All manner of targets are suggested in training programs and books/DVD’s, groin, throat,
reverse the stick and strike for the chin, a manoeuvre where the body is moved in a circular
path and stick thrust sideways for the temple. Personally I have always found that a hard jab
in the abdomen is difficult to intercept, and usually ends the discussion very effectively. Of
course if you want to show off, do all kinds of fancy foot and stick work. If you make a hash
of it you could always hope he hands your stick back without too much fuss. However if you
unfortunately have your stick grabbed there are a couple of remedies to follow.
Self Defence with a stick for Seniors 9
Stick retrieval
The fact that whacking people who richly deserve it may contribute to a happier world is all well
and good, but a stick ceases to be your best friend, and becomes a huge liability when someone
manages to catch hold of it and they just happen to be much stronger than you. Lets face it
when you get older just about everyone is suddenly stronger than you.
I looked at all kinds of stick retrieval and break hold methods but most, just like the majority
of strikes, required the user to have at least the same, if not more strength and agility than their
opponent. There were however two that I found on the internet. One of these I had actually
learned years ago as a release for a baton that had been grabbed, and the other was a new one I
found. The one I already knew, was suitable where both persons were fairly evenly matched in
strength and the one recovering the baton had the advantage of training and speed. I looked at
ways that this could be adapted for use by someone weaker than the person doing the seizing
and did not require speed. I further adapted a sting in the tail so to speak, by incorporating an
old Japanese sword technique as a follow through. The other one was also modified with a
follow through.. Each method deals with the most likely two scenarios and both rely on leverage
rather than strength.
Fig 12
Let us suppose that as in figure 12 your protagonist has sized
hold of your stick with two hands. The original way I was
taught was to make sure that your hands were wider spaced
than the other persons to give extra leverage, twist the stick
in a clockwise direction to force your opponent to cross their
arms and release the stick. The problem is that even if your
arms have a slight mechanical advantage by being wider
spread, it is often not enough if that person is stronger than
you, like my wife is stronger than me these days for instance
(although it has to be said that she’s an Australian bush girl,
and used to gallop to school every morning with a sheep in
each pocket for stability and something to have for lunch, and
a horse on her back).
How the recoveries are performed
Fig 13
Stick release method 1
We can gain a huge advantage by grasping towards the end of
the stick with the right hand and inserting the left arm all the
way to the inside crook of your elbow, between the protagonist’s
hands as in figure 13 . Clasp your left arm and therefore the stick
it is trapping towards your chest. Use the mechanical advantage
of the whole body by twisting yourself around in a clockwise
direction until you have your back to him (or the stick comes
10 Self Defence with a stick for seniors
free), and at the same time pulling down with the right hand. You can see the evolution of
this in figure 14 and 15in fact
in the transition from figure
14 to figure 15 you may note
that there is quite often a small
bonus of hitting your opponent
in the face with the end of the
Fig 14
Fig 15
Figures 16 and
17 shows the body
continuing to turn
and act as a lever and
the stick being fully
freed. (Don’t worry
about them grabbing
you around the neck
or anywhere else, they
will have to let go of
your stick to do it ).
Fig 16
Fig 17
When you have gained
control of your stick,
immediately take half a
step forward, and figure
17 shows the stick moving
up under the arm. Figure
18 shows the stick fully
positioned underneath the
arm Figure 19, a hard thrust
into wherever fate takes the
Fig 19
Fig 18
business end. This thrust
technique was borrowed from a samurai sword technique which is probably more effective with a
sword than when used with a stick, but hey its not a perfect world and we can’t have every thing
Self Defence with a stick for Seniors 11
Stick release method 2
In this procedure we assume that the protagonist has
grabbed your stick lower down the shaft, figure 20 We
are assuming they have taken a two handed grip, what
happens if they have only grabbed with one hand ? Use the
same method , life just got easier.
Fig 20
Slide your left hand down the shaft of the stick so it touches
their hand, figure 21
Now revolve the stick so that it
is aimed, with you pushing it
towards them, figure 22 to just
miss their left shoulder, using
your left hand as a pivot.
Fig 21
Fig 22
Follow through and down as in
Figure 23 & 24
Fig 23
Figure 25 & 26 shows the position
12 Self Defence with a stick for seniors
Fig 24
to move the released stick in to
the side and back behind you, to
make sure that they can not seize
it again.
Fig 25
Fig 26
From this position the
follow through should be a step back and a thrust or circular
strike as in figure 27. You will notice that the stance is
pushing away and fending off with the left hand whilst raising
the stick. This is the position that police forces teach prior to
a baton strike or using a pepper spray. You may ask, what if
he grabs your hand? No problems he will soon let go as the
pain of a circular strike to the knee joint reinforces the fact
that you do not intend to be his victim. If he has not already
run away before you can hit him and has tried to grab your
arm, this should quite clearly indicate to you that he is not
going to run away and intends to do you some damage. In a
case like this always follow through with a strike of some sort
after a stick retrieval, unless you have decided to try to hug
and understand the assailant, and what it was in their life that
Fig 27
forced them to go around beating up old people, and perhaps
suggest counselling and a course in anger management, or you could just become a very good
Just a point here, with the mind set of the present police being what it is, honed to a perfection
of hysteria, it is probably better that you report any such incident to the police before your
attacker can go to them with just his side of the story, as the modern day police person probably
has a degree in something like performing arts and drama and fully intends to use what he or she
was taught to raid your home, knock down your door, and screaming at the top of their voices
arrest you at gun point together with anyone else in your house including the cat, and hold you
for 48 hours without giving you the opportunity to give your side of the story. Do the rest of us
and the legal system a favour, if they don’t get a conviction, or just let you go, there are a number
of things you and members of you family can charge them with including wrongful arrest. In
any case make sure that any breach of the regulations and procedures, (no matter how small)
Stalinist though they may be in this day and age, is suitably rewarded.
I am not an anarchist, I am just appalled by the monsters that police have been encouraged
Self Defence with a stick for Seniors 13
to turn into and the people who now occupy positions that decent honest fair minded coppers
used to.
The importance of practice
Try to practice the exercises for a few minutes every day until you can move smoothly and
quickly from one to the other without much thinking about it. The excitement and high
tension of a real situation is not the place to start your patterning. Patterning is what we do to
get the body to learn something that we want it to do automatically, without having to think
about how we will get the muscles to move.
In karate we perform all of our practice movements in what is called a kata. These can be fast or
slow. We always start the learning of the movements in slow motion, to correct anything that
needs attention. In fact that is what we do in any martial art. We perform these forms alone
with an imaginary opponent. Slow and deliberate is always the best way to get the brain to
pattern. Then as we improve, we speed up. Even when we have it correct and can do it at speed,
we still perform the forms slowly occasionally as a regular practice to make sure that we are not
introducing laxness and bad practice into the forms.
That’s it. “ May the twilight path through the rest of your life have many places to sit and catch your
breath and just as many places to stop for a pee”.
14 Self Defence with a stick for seniors
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